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R456 What Can We Say to God?

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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November 23, 2020 9:19 am

R456 What Can We Say to God?

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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November 23, 2020 9:19 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Surprise you to know that God wants to talk to you. The Bible itself, God Encouraging Word and see what I'm talking about. God wants to talk to God wants to hear from you. This point of connection is what Dr. share with us in the message today. Call what can we say to God, this is not God wants to see you in the principal's office know this is a loving God created you for fellowship created you to be part of his family having these next few moments we open Matthew chapter 6, together with Dr. Don Wilton will gain insight from the Bible itself, as we do this, where available for you talk on the phone spray on the phone today 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 or let's connect TW now Dr. Don Wilton it's not just coming to pray. But there is an important question that I think about struggle with and it's this we say to God when we do pray to him about how do we say what we need to say is anything okay got about. I want to speak to you this morning and on the subject of what can we say to God, you turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew chapter 6 great passage of Scripture we well we know this so well in Matthew chapter 6, otherwise known as the man's prayer. I want to read it for you. Matthew chapter 6 in verse nine.

This is what Jesus said this man is how you should pray our father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth just as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our dates as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the evil one. Why because yours is the power and the glory forever and forever. Amen. It seems to me that there is a missing link in our scheme of things and it's simply this. Can we say to God what is God permit us to say to him that this prayer is a remarkable prayer the Lord's prayer we know it will most of us have grown up reciting this prayer. There's nothing wrong with reciting the Lord's prayer, but thanks. I want to show you something this morning that it runs contrary to the will of God to worship God and God by reciting prayers.

If you are in the habit of just repeating the prayers the same phrase over and over again. You are doing something that God expressly says we must not do. There might be some of this morning worshiping with us recited well. We can only worship God. If we repeat the Lord's prayer every Sunday.

Moser, if we do that every Sunday we are running. Follow what Jesus Christ teaches that may shock you that there are whole denominations that are built around repetitious prayers saying the same thing over and over again.

There are some the nominations if you want to be forgiven of your sin, you can go to the preacher, the preacher will not only tell you what you need to do. But even say if you want to be forgiven of your sin, you must also play certain prayers runoff to the other that he is in violation of Jesus Christ has commanded us to do. Jesus had a real problem with that now want you to know as long as we are Bible believing church. We will not allow this church to get into the habit of reciting prayers that we will say the Lord's prayer together. I think it's the most beautiful prayer that Jesus ever guide to us. We will repeat it. We will have opportunities to do that. There is nothing wrong with that but it cannot become more we say to God. So what is you see beloved friends. Jesus had a real problem with analyzed mechanical repetitious pricing and hearing the spray we find from Ross is an incredible mandate of Jesus Christ, the disciples came to the Lord Jesus and basically they said to him, if I can summarize it.

They said to him, Lord Jesus. We have with you. We have seen you here. We wants to teach we been amongst you we been in the hills we've written in boats on the Sea of Galilee with you, but we know what to say to God when we talk to him. How can we speak to you. You are so wonderful.

You are so awesome you are so mighty you are so magnificent. Can we speak to you in a manner that will be well pleasing in God's side and Jesus Christ waved to his dislike fire by which God's people can pray in a way that is pleasing to God say frames this morning's prayer is the mastermind of Jesus Christ and by virtue of the Lord's prayer Jesus Christ was waiting for us. This theological foundation which conversation with God can be constructed.

I've said many times that I believe that the Lord's prayer is one of the most incredible doctrinal statements about anything you want to know about God and his relationship with man you going to find it right here in the Lord's prayer. You see when Jesus said in verse nine.

This then is how you should pray saying to them was this, you see, the disciples were not asking for I prayer to pray disciples were asking was how should we pray we say to our heavenly father.

And so Jesus was saying by saying his name is how you should pray he was really saying to them, trying these lines. During the following manner. You need to use this as the framing announcement to God.

This is your foundation upon which you stand when you converse and when you dialogue with God infected you go back to verse seven of chapter 6 look at it with me. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of the many words Jesus told us not to pray with meaningless repetition and in fact beloved friends.

This morning I'm going to tell you that there is not one instance in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, where we have any prayers that are written in teach us to pray repetitious me.

There's not one in Scripture. Jesus never did that spread the loans prayer is this, if you please, on which to place the meat of it is God I for the prayer life of those who love Jesus Christ. This is in no uncertain terms masterpiece the mind of Christ and receive an issue in man is compressed into these verses remarkable.

It's absolutely mind-boggling effect on data say to you this morning that the service and morning you may incur in mountains of substance pertaining to the heart of God in his relationship with man can be weaned and gleaned from the Lord's prayer.

I'm going to tell you something staggering this morning. There is literally a sense in which you and I could preach and study Lord's prayer. Until this time next year. This particular prayer is so action-packed, I want to give you a couple of examples just await your appetite.

Consider the festival as an example, our relationship to God.

This prayer is about man's relationship with God. Remember now the disciples came to Jesus and said, Lord, teach us how to pray, we don't know what to say we don't know how to. This is about man's relationship to God, considered father, on the one side you have father and on the other side you have the child. This prayer is about hallowed consider the statement, hallowed be thy name. On the one side you have deity. On the other side you have worship thy kingdom come, one side you have the salt ring and on the other side you have is subject consider the phrase, thy will be done on one side you have master and on the other side you have the server consider the phrase did not give us this day our daily bread.

On one side you have the benefit and on the other side you have the benefit of beneficiary. Consider the placement give us dates on one side you have the Savior on the other side you have the sooner consider the phrase and do not lead us into temptation. On one side you have the guide and on the other side you have the food all we could camp there for years on in our relationship to God, we could consider for example attitude in an spirit of prayer. How do we come into the presence of God considered the phrase deals with selfishness, doesn't it gets rid of selfishness because there is no exclusivity as far as God is concerned.

Consider the word father talking about attitude deals with family devotion, hallowed be thy name deals with reverence. Thy kingdom come, I will be done. Submission about bread deep payments. Ask for our sin. Penitence and penis. How do we come about that. How do we get around this issue of telling God that was sorry for what we've done. Do not lead us into temptation deals with the attitude of humility design is the kingdom deals with every patient and forever.

We have given through the launching. I wonder what Jesus had in mind when he said the Lord's prayer with his disciples.

You see it's in the spread that we see that wonderful balance between God's glory and our need for Jesus was saying is I want to give you an insight into the threefold purpose for pray you see friends. A people without a purpose or bank to be an aimless people without purpose is going to be shameless church that has no purpose is not going to know where they going because they don't know where they come, they don't understand why they exist and so people begin to run open all kinds of tangents that's what happens today in churches that have no biblical basis for the purpose they begin to run open this tangent and that tangent and personal preferences and personal convictions begin to get in the way and they begin to move away from the centrality of absolute truth which is Christ Jesus. What is he saying maybe the Lord Jesus Christ was trying to teach his disciples that is all believers threefold purpose for pray number one. To hallow God's name. That's the first purpose for pray number two to bring in his kingdom about that later on. And number three to his mood. That's a three purpose. For purposes of what Jesus was saying is listen. I want to show you how to cope interaction. There's more great insight in Bible teaching Dr. Wilton just a moment all I pray we realize that Jesus is reaching out to us to help us cope with anything that's coming our way today. Nothing is given to God by surprise. We are to pray with you, pray for you at 866-899-WORD and every single day more and more friends are signing up for the daily Encouraging Word email if you haven't, you can do it right now on our I can sign up today about today's message with Dr. Don Wilton, you know, if I was to take a survey of this morning.

We will talk about what it means to try and cope to try and deal with life we go through different phases of life we experience joy we raising our children we would going about business.

We will being diagnosed with diseases with going to the hospital we going to school how we cope with all of this well Lord Jesus Christ said the Lord's prayer because he told us if we want to be able to understand how to we need to know how to go and so he deals with what it means to cover how to cope with the present dominate Oscar real dumb question here. Nobody respond this morning. I wonder if there's anybody right now in this place has got a need that you need to talk to God about you got something going on today. Well, what did Jesus I give us this day you get cannot run that by again. Give us this day our daily bread. He shows us how to cope with the present.

But then he doesn't believe that they Jesus also showed his disciples how to cope with the cost us about a cost for us column dates for us soon.

Most of us are carrying huge baggage loads of junk. Most of us are struggling through life straining under the stress and strain of accumulated sin and the cost. Most of us are dealing with failed marriages, and with with sharp tongues and with character assassination and things saved and unsaved and broken this and broken and physical problems and sin against God, and we we live and Jesus said listen when I show you my prayer when you pray to God I'm not anything to show you how to cope with today but I'm game to show you how to you can forgive us throughout this you see, he shows us not only to cope with the present and with the path but he shows us how to cope with the future, he says, and please prevent us from being led into temptation.

That's future tense. I haven't been tempted I am at this moment in time but on that tomorrow I am going to be tempted because the table is as a going line he made about his venting onto my knees watching me pennies on the pennies going to get any and spit me out, and the only hope that I have for tomorrow is to say, Lord Jesus, you prevent me from being lead into temptation. What hope can you imagine what can you we can leave yesterday knowing that is taken care of tomorrow has been put behind us is genocide. Amen to that.

That's what it's all about folks.

This is what Jesus was doing prayer. This was in some little itty-bitty little song that he was giving to them to Trenton. Every time they came to church when I went to a British building school. It was like clockwork would stand up in the morning. Father taught him how to be on and then we'd sit down out graces were the same.

We just went over. Listen folks, I was one of those very proud I could recite it backwards. At one time I prayer in Greek.

I mean you can do it upside down any which way you want to listen. We did the whole 9 yards. We've taken the world's prayer, and we have a used you know why because Jesus Christ took something from the very heart of our Savior, and he said to his disciples, my beloved, this this is how you should pray.

I want you to know that when you talk to my father which is in heaven that you have such a lost endless will of endless joy you are able to tap into the sovereign grace of an unbelievable God, and I want you to know that when you talk to him Cheryl. Some of the things that could be real pleasing to God. When you talk to him about. Let's look at the number one we must his paternity PTER in TY that is the first thing God tells us that we can do and that we must do when we talk to him.

We must draw the.

That means that we must his fatherhood us. Are you with me. I paternal instinct is a father's instinct like a maternal instinct is a mothers instinct the word of God.

Jesus Christ is when we talk to God. It is a character that, in the scheme of things we need to as father Russ does this mean you see the unbeliever. God is create terrible he is father to the believer dominate on certain very difficult question here.

If the president of the United States this country to pray there was a disaster will guide you in a hurry criminal. You can attack and the president said I want to allow people to have a national day of prayer. Does God listen to God listen to everybody closer does God listen to someone down the road. Yahoo rejects the name of Jesus Christ to someone who's never trusted God cannot hear that.

Pray listen to what the Bible says. The Bible says that God's is a nonstop truck that he cannot hear desires are not blinded that he cannot see his mouth is not shut up that he cannot speak. These alarms haven't been amputated that he cannot embrace his heart hasn't been plucked out that it cannot beat for us, but it is our sin which has separated us from God.

Sin has affirmed a dividing we conceived in sin and the cost to have access to the father is through Jesus Christ. Jesus upon the cross, they were that area because Jesus Christ has paid the price for us and God says that Jesus Christ is the truth is the access to the means by which we are able to come into direct communication and be all by heavenly father, not folks listen to me. I believe one of the reasons in America today why there's so much problems in America is that Christians have talking to the heavenly God is here, Jesus begins the spread of his disciples. He says I want you to begin by affirming the paternity of your heavenly father you know what Jesus said to the Sadducees and Pharisees. He said this is not John chapter 8 and verse 44. If you want to see for yourself. He said listen you all all father, but he's in acts chapter 17 in verse 28. He said my offspring to be joined into the family of God.

Those of you outside of God and he is your father folks. That's not popular though so there's some people get awfully upset about that. Say what you mean about wanting to God. Anybody can talk to God, love the first and only prayer that God must hear from anybody is the prayer of repentance and and once he is the prayer of a sinner. You can talk to God. In other words, you must give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ you not right throughout Scripture. Jesus used that word, a DBA sounds like a sonic dozen sonic is a 14 line poem young people ABI BCD CD year. GG remember elect stuff. Jesus and his father Abba, a DBA, always remember that from the sonnets i.e. BBA ABB ICD ECD and I would always think of God, our heavenly father. When Shakespeare wrote the sonnets about the magnificence of mankind and the metric pressure and the different kinds of things that we study the genre of literature, but on day to say to you that I heavenly father has taken us the me American man pennies into the very mighty and a loving God already said, Abba, you not the word Abba means means that that Jesus said to his disciples. When you talk to me you need to affirm guards fall the ship he's fatherhood. He is your daddy say anything more special. What a privilege to be dead.

You know that when Jesus spoke to his disciples.

He said I want you to begin by affirming the paternity of your heavenly father. When you talk to him. Jesus said I want you to remember that he is your daddy and because he's your daddy he is going to help you to absorb pain he's going to help you to have security. He's going to be. He's going to be a strong all these kingdoms he's going really is that simple. God is using even this broadcast to let you know he loves you but you take a moment and here is Dr. Wilson comes in the studio. Perhaps the most important thoughts of his heart today. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now.

Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today, I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart. In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting news. God stirs your heart if you been praying with Dr. Wilton right now and you want to start a new life with Christ. When we look to put some resources in your hands that will help you do that there actually free. Give us a call at 8668 and tell us about your decision for Christ. That's 866899673 or meet us online at T. W TW also a great place to discover resources like this people around the world are looking for some kind of insurance to be totally secure.

Total insurance only comes from God. Serious question to ask you if you were to die today having this month with your gift of $25 in support The Encouraging Word receive Dr. Wilton's powerful methods for copying a series along with totally secure both in ministry resources will help answer important questions people charts and checks struggling. Salvation cannot leave my foundation will I go handing when I call, I sent 866-899-WORD to request the company and assurance of salvation along with totally secure and you can find taxing sharing of God The Encouraging Word you are in listener supported ministry. You are listening to join us on tomorrow's edition of The Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton will continue in Matthew chapter 6 join us and invite a friend. Till then, let's say, connected online that TW

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