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R445 Assurance

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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November 16, 2020 8:00 am

R445 Assurance

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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November 16, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Do you have confidence in your assurance. It's a powerful word subtopic from Dr. Don Wilton on today's edition of the broadcast. Welcome to The Encouraging Word in just a few moments will be opening that book, the Bible itself, God's Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author evangelism teacher and as we study the word together.

We want you know that we're here to encourage you to be on the phone that 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 or right now. You'll see remarkable book and a message series. Dr. Wilson talking about the confident assurance of salvation. Again, that's call for more information at 866-899-9673 now Dr. Don Wilton going to be speaking to you this morning on the subject that God puts on my very frequently the subject that we do not speak about often, and not from God's word to say to your beloved friends that the subject this morning is why it is critical, you need to pay and you need a pencil piece of paper you need to write some of these things down as so many of you do each Sunday. Nothing gives me great joy when hearing God's word being opened on Sunday morning and sing hymns go down the notes being taken. I want to speak to you today from God's word on the subject of assurance perhaps the greatest struggle that people have today in the Christian faith is there assurance of salvation. There are many, many times that we will wake up and we will struggle every day with the issue about salvation.

The Bible says we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

What God has provided for us in Jesus Christ is one of the most precious commodities that we have one of the great generals and the second will will was invited by Eisenhower and the Allied Kaman to take a position for a strategic battle and Eisenhower Montgomery said to him generally gained offer you 1000 troops in order to accomplish the stocks to which the general replied says I would draw the debt you give me 100 million who know who they all then a thousand men who don't know who they all and I believe that in America today that God is raising up young people and older folks and middle-aged people who are coming to a deep theological understanding of all in Christ Jesus. I'm going to confess to you today.

There have been some times when I have been preaching on the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ on the rapture of the church and I've begun to ask myself what happens if I'm not going to be rapture. What am I going to say to my people, what would I say if Jesus Christ were to come again this weekend. I was to be left behind. That'll be a nice crowd you do, don't you think you see folks bus it doesn't matter if you the posture of the church or whether you're a great student of the word of God the way that you been living for the Lord for many years, I saw subject to the struggles concerning salvation.

This is a subject that I could quite literally preach on for the next five or six Sundays but I want us to take a cursory glance at what God says to us, and I'm praying for you today. Everyone that you would be strengthening your fight that as a result, God would deepen your will in him that your ankle would hold and that because about a deeper understanding of who we are in Christ Jesus, that God would in us by his Spirit because of what Christ has done in us, to enable us to go out and be better servants for him.

I'm going to read two verses of Scripture. The first is in second Timothy chapter 1 and verse 12 gently with everyone needs a Bible in your hand this morning. Second Timothy chapter 1 verse 12 verse 12, kind of picks up in the middle of the discourse that the apostle thoroughly sharing with us. He says that is why I am suffering as I am now that is talking about here in second Timothy is talking about the fact that God has called him truly to be a prisoner of Christ Jesus, and in fact if you go back to verse 11 of this chapter, you deign to see and all of this gospel.

I was I going to be a hero and an apostle and a teacher. And because the apostle had been cleared to be ahead of an apostle and teacher God said to him, I designate you I commission you to be a soldier of the cross is talking about is the cost of discipleship that folks listen very carefully. We must understand this morning that there is a cost involved in following Jesus Christ. And if you follow Jesus Christ.

We are going to be subject to that which comes against the followers of Jesus Christ. You want that shipwrecked.

He said in Philippians.

I know how to be full and to suffer need.

I know how to have this and have not that he said I know not to be in different circumstances but Says that no matter where I find myself no matter how I feel about it. No matter what circumstances I may be subject to want you to know that I'm not ashamed because I know who I have believed, and I am gone. I love that would convince you not convinced means. It means I am positively persuaded that they convinced means that there is no doubt whatsoever means that I believe what I believe say is listen.

He says on knowing whom I have believed I am convinced that God is able to, God agreed to hold me to get the back which I have entrusted him to him for that. I want you to turn over to one John chapter 51 John chapter 5, right before the book of Revelation.

Remember, there are three Johns Jones in the Bible is one John and three little drones will one John chapter 5 in verse 13 the apostle John, here is saying something remarkable.

My friends, we need to take note of this. He says I write these things unto you who believe that is the subject that is writing to busy riding trees writing to people like you and me today who know Jesus Christ to those of us who believe in him, to those of us who have trusted Jesus to those of us who have repented about sin and by faith receive them into our hearts and live said. John says this he says I write these things to you. Those of you who believe in the name of the son of God in that you may know that you have eternal life that we've noticed a number of words yet we notice no convinced. I am persuaded, and John are trying to tell us something under the inspiration of the Spirit of God that folks. I want answer three questions this morning. Number one. What is assurance if I'm being to have assurance department to know what is that what is assurance what is it me what's the significance of assurance second barrel I went on to the question, what troubles my assurance.

What gets in the way closes me to feel the way that I do and the question that I want to ask is, what does assurance mean to me. If I understand what God is saying to me what does it mean.

So let's look at that to give first of all, what is assurance I want to give to you a number of facts based upon God's good first assurance. Is this true birthright of every believer that folks write that in your heart. It is your spiritual birthright. I love talking about birthright folks I want to tell you something assurance is the right of every believer. Why, because God's Word teaches us beloved friends that speech birthright is not only to experience, but it is our speed to leave to enjoy positive possible. That goal went through so much was constantly able to speak of joy. You know why because he understood he's lurching birthright. He understood who he was in Christ Jesus my assurance is my spiritual birthright because I am a believer but number two assurance is a play, or guarantee that's what assurances you can go and look up in Webster's dictionary it's going to tell you that assurance means a pledge or guarantee God speaking in the Gospel of John tells us that the spirit of God is a deposit and I am guaranteed IMC signed and delivered because Jesus Christ is the son of the living God. And because of what he's done for me it's a play or guarantee. It is a state of being set up security on but you know the gospel takes it even further than that. What is assurance, it's the spiritual birthright of every believer. It is a pledge or guarantee, but I'm going to cite in the third place. It is full conviction is conviction" about this repeatedly.

Listen to what Dr. CI Scofield had to say about this, and I quote assurances the believers full conviction that through the work of Christ alone received by faith. The believer is in possession of a salvation in which he will be permanently And this assurance rests only upon the Scriptures promises to him as a believer, we talking about conviction is what Isaiah said the prophet Isaiah, put it like this.

He said the of righteousness shall be please and the effect of righteousness shall be quietness and confidence forever. I love that don't you righteousness we going to discover Justin a little while that assurance is the righteousness of God imparted to us it is God's righteousness and Isaiah put it so well. He said listen, the book of righteousness is peace. The effect the meaning of God's righteousness in us is quietness and confidence forever and forever and forever. Do I hear an amen this morning will love this one so it's what it's all about folks. Do you know what it's all about this here talks about when we take the tumbles of life. Every one of us are prone to taking a tumble.

Every one of us find ourselves right on the edge of the press precipice and we fail and we fail and we full and we drop so far down and we land crashed down at the bottom. Now places and we look up and we say there is no hope. I have no way to turn God's word says wait a minute.

The work of God and his righteousness is peace in the effect of your life is classless and confidence God sees. Even down in the bottom of the barrel you can know that you know that you belong to him.

Listen, is there someone here today, who's in the bottom of the barrel you've given your heart to Jesus. You belong to is your Lord and Savior. He loves he's never left you and he will never forsake you.

But there's 1/4 understanding of assurance assurances the acceptance of the direct testimony of the word of God. Folks listen to me carefully. This is very important. Assurance is the spiritual birthright of every believer assurance is plans or guarantee assurance is full conviction assurance is the acceptance of the direct testimony of the word of God. You know what that means.

It means that I'm willing to take God at his that's what John is saying in one John 538 saying these things are written in order one that you might not that you have eternal life.

So the question is this. Am I willing to accept the direct testimony of the word of God.

Now folks listen the acceptance of direct testimony of the word of God is not contingent about what happened to feel about what God says is not based upon that's why we are a Bible believing church you want to join first Baptist Church of Spartanburg. We make no apology is a body of believers that we accept without question the direct testimony of the word of God. If an issue comes up in this congregation, and we say listen, should we do this or should we do that because it's the direct testimony. It's not groupthink.

Society thinks things will be back with more of Dr. Don Wilton's Bible-based teaching in just a moment. We have a wonderful jumpstart to that quiet time, the Dane Encouraging Word email to Dr. Wilton right now

I pray you consider signing up today. TW Now back to today's message with Dr. Don Wilton.

You see folks, if you want to know that you're saved, I'm going to ask you question today. Are you willing to accept the direct testimony of the word of God or not you got down the word of God.

If you going to play games with the word of God.

If you going to socialize the word of God. If you gonna liberalize the word of God going to cause the world out there is squeezing the world is saying this in the saying that our feelings and emotions begin to play havoc with us, and what do we have to stand on it. We don't have the word of God to stand up. I love that don't you.

Well, we better take it much further than their see in the first place.

Assurance is the acceptance of the divine promises of God. Why because the roots is to receive Jesus Christ will never perish in John chapter 10 that's why because the word of God says that Jesus Christ is able to keep us in second Timothy chapter 1.

That's why because God says that our sins are completely forgiven. In Colossians 2 in verse 13. That's why because the word of God says that God begins Hebrew complete. According to Philippians chapter 1 and verse six. You see beloved friends to talk about assurance we must talk about the spiritual birthright of every believer. We must talk about a pledge of the guarantee we must talk about completes conviction about the acceptance of the direct testimony of the word of God and we must spoke about the acceptance of the divine promises of God himself. That's where our feet was land but that would take further assurance. My friends is the completeness of Christ's atoning work. That's not misunderstand that for one minute. What happened upon the cross.

The Bible tells us my friend in John chapter 19 and right throughout the Scriptures that when Jesus hung up on the cross what he say he said is finished. There is nothing that needs to be done.

Nothing more that can be done.

It doesn't matter how far you are not go doesn't matter what we do or how we do what we do it we also sent the body of Christ and having to leave so I'm to the day of celebration. Amen. Several of us are not only some lost time because of Jesus Christ we all say when we trust him and receive him, but we are continually excited about. So until we coming to the presence of Almighty God is not incredible. That's what the word sees that's what the word sees you see that's what the purging of our sins is all about folks going to the letter to the Hebrews you need to have a fresh understanding of that word to be poor means to be claims completely once and for it is the final act of the atoning work of God in Christ Jesus upon the cross is finished. There is nothing else that needs be done. Christ's atoning work my guaranteed deposit of my salvation. All right, Tori said this, he said it is the blood of Christ that makes us safe and it is the word of God makes us makes us free makes a sure the blood of God in Christ Jesus that makes us, and it is the God that sets us free makes such God's will. What is assurance. It is the intercessory work of Christ.

That's what assurances folks God's nature is imparted to the believer through Christ who has become our life, what does that mean the intercessory work of Christ. It means simply this beloved friends.

According to second Peter that you and I as believers become partakers of the divine nature of all. Now if that doesn't babble our minds. Nothing will. It is unbelievable that God could've reached down from the portals of heaven and done for this Richardson what only God can do you not this does it takes me by the scruff of my neck and it runs me out from the presence of God.

It says take you from the presence of the holy God makes me get on my knees and anything presence and Frank Wadley coming to church and sing praises. Listen, my friend. If you have a problem singing praises to God in Christ Jesus you got a problem with your salvation because folks we need to be praising him. We need to be thanking him.

We need to be up during his matchless name because of what he has done for us what is assurance. It is the Lord's righteousness. That is what assurance is beloved friends. What does that mean it means. Quite simply this, that our righteousness is as filthy rags in God's sight. It is only divine righteousness that can avail on alcohol. That's what it means. Assurance is the righteousness of God in us. I love that you thought it means. It means that we are close to being God's righteousness means that we ought to rest in the character of God means that by the evidence in the path God does for us that we cannot do for ourselves. How can I how can I know that I'm going to heaven one day. It's all gone and none of me that's where the water hits the wheel. So, what troubles my assurance folks. What is what's the problem with this. My feelings get in the way my motion my circumstances soon finds me up and rubs me it distorts me. Excuse my Detroit mall is my vision, lack of prayer, lack of study psychoanalysis on unfair comparisons with others. We constantly looking at other people and saying I could never be as good as the eye could I could never match that therefore I don't know Jesus Christ we not in the competition. You and I get to serve Jesus Christ with all about heart and with all of our soul, and with her about my troubles, my assurance, my personal inferiority complex, mock trials, trouble my assurance, my sickness, my cancer, my heart surgery, my disobedience, I don't like trouble my assurance that get in the way they laid there into my relationship with God and and they despaired me that upset the status quo. They despaired me from having a true understanding of who God is and something gets these ugly head in there and he does everything he can do this is me to doubt my salvation, but never changes.

What is it I wish I could preach on Modernism. Now Modernism today in America is distracting and destroying the work of God in Christ Jesus.

You see friends when we talk about assurance we must not only understand what it is and what troubles me about a quickly misunderstand what it does for me is what assurance would do for you friend assurance will guarantee your salvation assurance will give you a new understanding of your adoption as a joint heir with the father assurance, beloved friends will help you understand the vital nature of union in Christ Jesus.

Assurance will give you a brand-new love other people assurance will draw you into the hall, often to the holiness of a mighty God, the most fantastic basis for contentment right upon your heart. Please, even in the midst of the storm lost people and God has given a powerful message today and I have been thinking about understanding that sense of compassion.

Assurance gives us not only to reach others, but maybe to anchor our own lives in a greater way you would take a moment because there is a initial step of first step that we must take before we can begin to try to help someone else. It's kind like being on that plane and putting on your mask first. Have you said yes to Jesus Christ. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now.

Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart.

In Jesus name, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting new if you just prayed with Dr. Wilton to rededicate your life or give your life to Christ for the first time he has some wonderful resources we want to put in your hands absolutely free.

You need to call us at 866898668999673 Hutchison out of the broadcast 866899673 or is in effect is wonderful resources we can tell you all about right there that TW people around the world are looking for some kind of assurance to be totally secure assurance comes from God.

Serious question to ask you having this month with your gift of $25 in support to The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Wilton's powerful man the company assurance of salvation. Along with these look totally secure. Both of these ministry resources will help answer important questions people cherished unchurched struggling salvation cannot leave my family will I go to when I seen Carl at 866899 word request to the company assurance of salvation along with totally sick here you can find protection, sharing God The Encouraging Word is a dealer and listener supported ministry fairly times gone through David. Let's stay connected online that TW

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