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R905 Ultimate Prayer

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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October 30, 2020 8:00 am

R905 Ultimate Prayer

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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October 30, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Next level thinking that's right ultimate prayer not disparate ultimate prayer is what we study today in the book of Matthew chapter 6 this is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton well-known author evangelist and pastor and today ultimate prayers were talking about. Now we all understand prayer. But how do we take it to a new level and next level will open God's word and discover that together today the figure for another were available for a would love to pray with you and for you anytime at 866-899-WORD. That's our phone number 866899673 or and why. On her website, TE, W Be sure to sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don will bless you relatively God's word together about ultimate prayer.

Dr. Donald we gotta be considering ultimate prayer. I want you to turn with me in your Bibles to Matthew's gospel in chapter 6 when we find Jesus in his life and ministry gathering his disciples around a lot. The sermon on the Mount, as we call it. And one can just imagine was Brandon and Brandon gentleman who gathered at the feet of the Lord Jesus. What was he going to say to and Jesus gave them a prayer. Most of us are familiar with this prayer. But Jesus knew the end from the beginning and you see Jesus knew that man had a limited capacity, and that you and I can only look on the outward appearance, but God looks upon the hall and Jesus was standing there as God, looking upon the hearts of these two had come to believe in his nine and Jesus knew that he was going to go to the cross and Jesus knew that he was going to suffer and die and be raised on the same to be seated at the right hand of the father.

Jesus knew that believers would not see him in person in the fresh all yet he knew that the Holy Spirit was going to, who is God who is here today, but he understood the predicament of those who call upon his name. He looked into the prisons about my youngest that people like you and me as much handcuffs and chains around our hands and our ankle bones on the outside is McCarran on the inside, my beloved friends I made people everywhere. I know you have that seemingly have everything all three Americans honestly have more freedom than anybody else in the whole world.

There are people like you and me everywhere. No matter what freedom we have, no matter how many choices we have with bound we restricted when incarcerated in our hearts, how you doing today and Jesus looked into the hearts of these disciples and he said I want to give you something that you can have and you can take with you and can live with you and be with you all your life upon this earth.

I'm going to give to you. One of the most precious commodities that can be given to any person at any time to read about in Matthew chapter 6 and I begin at verse nine, Jesus said this thing is how you should pry our father which art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your whole kingdom, you'll will be done the same as it is in heaven. All will hold on a minute, you mean to tell me that Jesus is telling me that the things that are important to God that God is dispensing and dispatching and doing and experiencing clearing heaven can be applied to me upon the Jesus I am whatever you loose in heaven will be loosed on the you mean to tell me that all that is being made available to the son of God is made available to me. Truly not there, I'm wallowing around in my own struggles and people today are struggling with marriages with sons and daughters who are disobedient, in sickness all the loneliness of life and the incarcerations of our hearts and souls and and Jesus gathers these people and says to them. I want you to know that it doesn't have to be this way because you have somebody you have made available to you the very power and presence of God. He says give us today our daily bread and forgive us our debts, by the way, we call this the Lord's prayer known. I have no argument: the Lord's prayer, probably until the day I'd grown up holding this the Lord's prayer but it's actually not the Lord's prayer because Jesus didn't need to pray this, Jesus didn't mean to pry, forgive me for my sin.

He was sinless. How could he have prayed that this wasn't intended for him. This is the disciples pray he was giving this as a gift to us as a patent as a skeleton framework to try and help me come into the presence of the God who is so awesome and magnificent and wonderful and beyond any human understanding and Jesus said this is how you communicate with God and hear from God.

Give us today our daily bread and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation.

I love that word there because it actually means Lord would you prevent us from being laid by the evil one when we get to John chapter 17, just before Jesus goes to the cross he prays the Lord's prayer and one of the things that he prays for is for the protection of people who have believed in his life by the way, do you know that you know that you can talk to God and God gives to you protection. I want all the moms and dads to look at me. You know mom and dad. You can pray for your sons and daughters from the moment that they are born, God would protect them and he'll do it, and folks let me tell you we live in a day of my age where we are. Pray for the protection of our teenagers.

You just think about Internet pornography. Just think about what the intimate is doing just the intimate to future generations folks the laptop is going out of the eyes of our students. The availability of those things that break down the human ability to relate to one another are just being ripped asunder, and we will do in the name of freedom of speech, where Americans that's how we live.

We've got the right to cite everything we wanted to watch anything we want to, and party has the right to tell us what not to do and the apartments in Washington together and they little enclaves inside when it did not want to watch it, just turn it all in any hotel and tell me you can just turn it all.

Bible says that the thief is coming to kill and to destroy. But Jesus said I've come that you might have life, moms and dads. What we do without sons and daughters. By the time they begin to walk down the as blushing brides. The glasses gone. The spice of life is being sucked out of the soul will Americans today.

Our young people are fooling like dominoes stacked up once again. The other is offering everything the devil is alive and well.

Seeking reminded about how we do about it says bring it to me in prayer. Greater is he that is in you than the one who is in the world what a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and griefs to bear. What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer is not wonderful. I want you to know something when Jesus gave to his disciples this ultimate pray. He said let me tell you the authority upon which I can do what I'm telling you I can do is because Miami is the power mime is the glory mine is the kingdom, Miami is the helper and the Omega, everything belongs to me and God. And when you think God I'm able to do for you what you cannot. Well, I'm just introducing the subject that will never get to the end of but I want us today to start out by thinking of 10 reasons why Jesus taught us how to pray and gave us this ultimate pray cannot be a little cheeky if I was sitting there on the mountainside and I was one of those boys.

They and Jesus was telling me now look you and you and you and I was one of them and said look I want you to know that you can pray you can talk to me.

I already believe.

I probably win a time to question Alonso time.

I probably would've saved to the Lord now now Lord what's in it for me.

I don't mean to be cheeky by saying that the folks I'm about to show you something that is to magnificent prayer is something that has believable ramifications for people like you and me you cannot afford not to listen.

All right, let's just have a look at this one.

Why do we pray why why why was Jesus giving to us this ultimate pray aright watches number one to be obedient exit by the layoff notice.

This I've gone through some of the other Gospels alive. Try to find a place they with Jesus and I'm not trying to be facetious about when Jesus gathered the disciples around and said, now let me see boys.

I know that I'm going to go to the cross and I'm gonna leave you in the flesh, and you gonna be on your own and you know, good luck to you, you know, but I'm gonna tell you I got a couple good ideas and if every year you know if you get diagnosed with cancer or your marriage is in trouble, you go through divorce you run out of money. You know or you have anxiety attacks or your suffering from depression or your tingle all you can't lose weight and you you you all wanted it doesn't matter what is coming in your life will things that afflict us as people are not a good suggestion for you if you got the time off to the ballgame in a you love you just take a little breathing in between your television program.

Maybe you know if you could just kind of get out just every now and again, just try this out because it you know if you want to do this now. If you'd like to do this. I'm just liking is available and and try this out sometime you play this might work for you. If it works for you to you you plan as I would sign the prison living with the gravel. Let's get down with the stuff I mean this is something you could just use you not know Jesus didn't do that.

He said pray to this. In fact, folks. If I can cite this way Jesus was saying to people like you and me you cannot do without this you cannot survive do it. It's an imperative. So why pray to be obedient just because he said if I had any reason to pray to Wanda pray to discipline myself to pray to continue the awesome God to give me the discipline the pride when I failed so many times on the deck to pry for no other reason just because Jesus said I must number two. Second reason why I need to pray and I love this is to experience logs fullness. Now watch this.

This is wonderful folks. The reason Jesus gave this to us was to invite us to tap into God's fullness give you an illustration. By the way this applies to everybody when you are born when you are conceived and you grow up in your mother's Tommy and then you are born about nine months later you have a little something that is attached to your mother's cold and I'm biblical record boys and girls.

That's the bellybutton right. Everybody's got one.

By the way you not you, not special. Everybody's got this is kind of a common thing here all right if you don't have one. Please come and see me off bridge. We need to talk about this, but every baby that is can see just what happens when you growing in your mother's Tommy you actually off feeding off your mother's life and that umbilical cord is the means by which the life of your mother is poured into you now when you're born and you coming to the world. One of the first things that the doctor does slip he cuts the umbilical cord is you can't go through life, be attached by string to your mama. Otherwise, you'd have a real problem. So now you're on your own. You know what I'm sign I mean now you got a kind of have your own life giving you life you know the Bible tells us that when we are born we are born with our umbilical connection to God already snipped the blood flow between us and our heavenly father has been savored by arson and we run out.

And when Jesus died upon the cross. I watch this folks, there is a sense in which Jesus died in order to reestablish the connection between ourselves and our heavenly father. Listening to Dr. Don Wilton and will be back in just a moment please forgive the eruption we hear the completion of today's message ultimate prayer in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton to remind you where connecting not just present this message. But to start a conversation to be a part of building a relationship to go through life together as we connect both on the phone 866-899-WORD and online it TW every single day were seeing God use us to encourage one another to a deeper walk interface, and to that concept of even deeper more ultimate prayer that you like to discover more, visit our while you're there, sign up for Dr. Don socials can also sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email.

I hope you will do that that's but as we speak about prayer if you like to have someone pray with you, call us at 8668 is the phone number that's 86689673 compacted today's message with Dr. Don Wilton and when you get to Jesus in the sense you all read into the God and his last blood flow into you and you receive the life of God in Christ Jesus and the Bible says that when you pray ultimate pray gives to you and to me the opportunity to establish old fullness of God, our heavenly father. Everything that God is, becomes mine because I'm in Christ Jesus. And when I talked to him and when I prayed to him.

I am reestablishing that the phone blood flow with my heavenly father and I am tapping into the very nature and the character of a God who loves me despite myself. That means I'm energized and I'm strengthened and I'm given nourishment, I mean courage because I've been to my heavenly father. Greater is he that is in you. Then he that is in the world. The reason Jesus told us to pray in such an ultimate fashion with such ultimate results was to experience the floodgates of blessing while love this one.

These all my favorites. Now watch this. Folks, God's word tells us that when we talk to our heavenly father we tap in to the floodgates of God's blessings. The floodgates of who God is, opens up and flattens us and when he flattens us with his blessings he gives to us a strike and an encouragement on this is to live knowing what to do. Way to go, how to handle things. All those things. The decisions that we have to Mike because he opens the flood gates. You see, the Bible tells us that when we give our hearts to Jesus. All God has in store for his own son.

He gives to you and me, we become adopted to become joint is with the father and the Bible says that when we pray and talk to our heavenly father, we are adopted and when we are adopted into the family of God we become the sons and daughters of God. The floodgates open and we receive all the blessings that God has in store for us, full Bible says that we can when we pray this ultimate prayer that we glorify God I love that we bring glory to his name.

We honor him by the way, did you know that probably the greatest purpose for which Christ died was that you would glorify the father which is in heaven that you know that some of us might say you know what is the purpose of boldness to bring glory to the name of God, our heavenly father to glorify him go right through Scripture right throughout Scripture with tort that some of us say, well, I've come to know Jesus. Because of this reason, and because of that reason because the next reason very important extremely relevant most wonderful blessings, but I'll tell you the absolute all reasons why we come to know Jesus Christ is to glorify God and when we pray to him and talk to him. We bring glory to his name. Number five, to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and not on how soon I tell you that's an amazing amazing thing. Many will ask you a question what happens when you hurt just on so that in your own heart. If you going through marriage trouble right now what what's happening to you. If you been diagnosed with cancer or some sickness. You gotta go to the doctor tomorrow. You don't know what it is what actually takes place.

If you're concerned about your Osama your daughter and your heart is heavy you going through a decision you having to decide to make a decision. What happens folks tell you what happens. Anything that we go through an experience all the attention turns on ourselves doesn't. That's what happens in life. Everything becomes centered around us because what prayer does prayer takes the attention of ourselves and it puts it on to our heavenly father. Now watch this. When you take your eyes off yourself and you look into the face of the Lord Jesus Christ. Guess what happens the whole perspective changes. That's what happened to Peter. He was on the Sea of Galilee, and went walking. Jesus said, come on. He said okay on coming, but on the water cookies eyes of Jesus blown down.

He went how was he saved. How did he not drown.

What was seen drowning in folks he was drowning in the waves of these on critical self he was drowning in these own self-sufficiency in his own ability in his own sense of helplessness.

These own discouragement.

These own despondency he was trying to do it his way. Jesus said excuse me Peter looked up and looked into the face of the Lord.

And Jesus reached down and pulled him up and he walked safely to the show because he was in the hands of a loving God. It is an amazing thing.

Number six reason why we pray, is to acknowledge God's sovereignty to acknowledge God's sovereignty.

I've screamed the better part of my Christian life talking about how wonderful God is. Jesus said when you pray, you put that into practice, not from your head, but from your heart. I meet people all over the place that in a heartbeat. They'll go to church and I will sing about God I meet people in a heartbeat. They'll even acknowledge God pray is a practical means by which you and I acknowledge who God is. Because what happens when you pray is your timing to him and you are saying, in essence, Lord. I'm nothing. You are everything.

You are the Alpha and the Omega, you are the first and the loss to the beginning and the it is, you knew that I live and move and have my being. Bottom line, Lord, I cannot do this.

Paul put it like this. In Philippians, he said I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. What old things. That means everything in life.

That means my marriage and my finances and my home and my decisions and the ups and downs in the Hudson the planes. There is no exception to that rule.

But how is that accomplished in Christ Jesus.

And when Jesus gathered his disciples. He said listen, you better do this because if you don't, you're not acknowledging who God is, every time you and I pray we are submitting costumes to a God who loves us despite our soups, we shift the attention. We look upon the face of God. Let me tell you something, folks.

What ever your circumstance. I've been in all kinds of circumstances. I can't tell you the numbers of times no matter how many people are they what circumstances. All I have to do is just take one look at my wife. I can't describe it to you. Sometimes you will have just little smile on her face. Sometimes you just nod and sometimes she wondered anything, but I tell you I just look at and all of a sudden it begins to happen. God does something God does some.

What about you today my friend. You tap into what God alone can do for us. Have you given to him because he alone is the one upon his face.

We need to look Jesus really is the answer to every question, including the one you may be struggling with right now. I pray that you would take a moment you've listed Dr. Wilton as his teaching and preaching you listen to The Encouraging Word of God right now Dr. Wilton has a challenge for you to open your heart to this. Are you ready you pray this prayer with me right now.

Dear God, I know that Jesus loves that he died on today.

I repent of my sins and I can face my sin to the Lord and I gave him my heart and in Jesus name I pray, amen. If you prayed that prayer from your heart, giving your life to Christ.

I welcome you to the family of you, brother and sister in Christ, meet skating games together connected together ever leave his powerful week of studying the word together coming and praying together, and perhaps moments ago is Dr. Wilton with praying.

Prayer of salvation you gave your life to Jesus Christ. Or perhaps you've given your life back to Jesus Christ. You realize you needed to rededicate your life. I pray that you would know you're here with you and for you to help you take the next step.

Matter fact, if you gave your life to Christ to rededicate your life. Dr. Wilton has some free resources he wants you to have just call us let us know 866-899-WORD is the folder 866-899-9673 or you can connect online as well. TW that's TW great place. You also discover things like this safeguards safeguards of our faith.

We are living in a rapidly changing world. New believers will firm out safeguards of our history of God's faithfulness in your heart and spirit boldly and exceedingly next trouble proving with your support to The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Wilton building for message that we stand firm on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Any normal day 866-899-WORD guards of our pain or DVD to The Encouraging Word is a newer and in ministry are listening today as we wrap up this week broadcasts were looking into the weekend. Wonderful opportunity to join us on television, TBN, DayStar and more.

You'll find those ways to connect on our website. TW John is there. That's TW no would be happy to print anytime at 866-899-9673

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