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R1591 Free Indeed

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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October 2, 2020 8:00 am

R1591 Free Indeed

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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October 2, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton in a message called free indeed.

It's a word that tossed around a great deal. The concept of freedom at a moment Dr. Don to take us straight to Scripture to give us some insight that will help us to live out our day in a more free way as we do this you need to know.

Dr. Don is not just a well-known author evangelist seminary professor and pastor but in his pastoral mode. More than anything else you want to know where here for you to pray with you right now at 866-899-WORD 866-899-9673 would love to encourage your email box every single day. Dr. Don sends out an email. You can sign up for G GE W sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email today. Now what you spoke about it finds its way into our politics into our classrooms to not books are history books. The hallmark of who we all and it's simply the values that our freedoms give to us out of the freedom that we have as Americans we receive and we stand upon deep and abiding values. We value our odd bullets complete that just from what exactly is that what do we value so I've done a lot of research. These are not just Michael's.

I'm sharing what I consider to be the perhaps the top 13 values you ready this is what we stand on this is what we believe as a people. I'm just going to give them to you, one personal control that's of value. I am personally in control of my own life personal control. I'm not a collective version of communism. That's why I overtly reject any form of socialism because it's not American it's not American personal control Elizabeth number two mobility.

That's a value mobility. What does that mean the ability to move about to go to be to come into apartment to go to church to go to the beach go to ballgame mobility to move number three time. Time is of value. Time is of value because we value the time that we had. We believe that time is a value to be redeemed.

It's that which is used for the good not only personally about own lives, but for all lives number full equality. We believe that all people are created equal. There is no discrepancy.

Not male-female. That's why we reject slavery. That's why we reject oppression in any kind.

That's why we reject any forms of racism. That's why we reject abuse. That's why we take a stand against the way people treat each other. That's why we stand upon justice, equality, all people are created equal. Number five. Individualism is a value for you.

Individualism, disgruntled all the moms and dads to the about this great freedom which expresses itself in individualism. Do you know that in communist countries, mostly children when they are born. They all get seen at a certain age to the same schools where they become indoctrinated and indoctrination under a communist socialistic system, which I'm very familiar with is designed vertically and intentionally to remove any form of individualism. It's a DNA extracted, they stick a big syringe into our children.

They suck out all the individualism and they make everybody the same number six self help. There's a value that is derived from our freedom. What is self-help. Self-help means that we value taking pride in our own success. We value taking pride in our own success. That's what self-help means as a value number seven competition. We value competition. We give you the fancy word, free enterprise, as Americans, we value that we value that I was speaking to a young man this morning at 8 o'clock that are very value him. I value him as a man I value him as a person what a lot value about it. I value free enterprise competition. I value the fact that he individually as an individual on an equal basis can go and find them succeed and live and soul to the skies number eight.

We value optimism in America. What is optimism of you ever made an optimistic person. Why do we value that is Americans because optimism always believes in a better future. Always optimism. We believe, I know that today in our country we're going through difficult times, but I'm domestic that is an American value probably better future and what that does for you and me as a nation, it causes us to stand up as one and say we can do to try we going to come to be better. That's what optimism number nine what you didn't think God mentioned that as a value you know that value is a work work is I value because we believe that it is moderately right that value translates itself into the fabric about bone marrow because we believe that the right to work is I value that derives from our freedom, and it carries with it an expert edition that all American citizens will at some other label seats often find and go. We believe that that is a moral right number 10. I love this one doesn't value informality, my fellow Americans, informality not identify with that because I came out of a British background. Have you ever noticed that in America in a very positive way. Everything seems to be other than the great British Empire.

We even drive on the other side of the road for crying in a bucket. I tell you we even you.

Do I need to revise what I'm saying you still ruin a jolly good cup of tea and you you put I've seen it and who knows what else and everything else in it. But the thing is about the American person the American person values informality every time the president of the United States goes to visit the Queen of England. That issue, as of value comes to the forefront. Do not touch or do I shake her hand to bow down to sit down before that's British formality, the Americans value informality not disrespect, but informality we get together and we high-five and we say what a man and if we can cite in the right way you're going instead of class I HOW are you. We are very informal in America number 11 honesty that's the 11th value.

We value honesty. Honesty can roughly be translated as truth. Just give me the truth say black. It is we go to battle on that value in America today. Honesty number 12 practicality. We value practicality. That's an American value. What is practicality practicality means that we value applying everything in our head through our hearts into the practical reality about daily living and a dozen work in practice we don't place as much value just simply on honing schools and shopping minds. We want to see it placed in the practical reality and the way in which it's going to benefit us and then one more number 13. We value materialism. Materialism. Now, some to some people that's a bad word. I'm not using that in a bad word since the word materialism as an American value really means that we firmly believe in all convicted that because of the freedoms that we have that rewards are just in other words, when you work hard and you earn hard the reward you received for your work. That translates into the materialism and what you have is fully and completely justify. That's very good were caught and you will be rewarded and we value that reward system, which means we reject that what you do is take away everything from those who have everything and just evenly distributed. That's what they did in the Soviet Union. That's what they do in China.

That's what they do in Korea. We reject that because about value system but I'm a Christian.

I want to speak to you for a few meat minutes on what being free indeed means forgive interruption with Dr. Donald be back with the rest of today's message trust and obey. In just a moment and we will gain more insight on what it means to be free indeed, one hour break Dr. Don Wilton is to remind you that we're here to pray our phone numbers 86689 Chinatown stored in your cell 866-899-WORD 9673 we can connect online and TW, where you find great resources like this spouse can be very devastating and life altering. How do you for word choice Rogers we know of renowned pastor Adrian Rogers has watching the path of widowhood since 2005 being married for years in the race for the widow I journey through the fog of life. Joyce recounts her grief and touching detail on how she called on the Lord's promises from Scripture for strength. This book is filled with encouragement to readers of God's continuing plan.

Those with laughter, spouse grace for the widow I journey through the fog of life is available dollars marketing parenting, life at 86699 N. copy today when quantities are Encouraging Word as a viewer and listener supported ministry.

Thank you for listening today.

I hope you contact us about that. Another great resources but no, they were always ready to pray for you at 866899673. Now back to today's message with Dr. Tom background I want to use Dave King. King David was an incredible man Bible says he was a man off to the heart of the hook, but he was a man who had available to him. All of these freedoms even though he lived back then because he was king. He was not subject to any other. I'm not even for one minute suggesting King David was an American, but if you went to the king. Back in David's day. There's not a single one of these 13 values that would not have applied to him because he was king.

He was top of the train. There was nobody over him but they were some things that David had to understand that not even he's freedom as king could bring.

I want to just read this to you not going to be in second Samuel chapter 7. Beginning in verse 18.

Then King David went in and he sat before the load and he said goodbye, O Sovereign Lord and what is my family that you brought me the skull and as if this were not enough in your side so Sovereign Lord you spoken about the future of the house of your servant. Is this your usual way of dealing with man, O Sovereign Lord, what can David say to you, for you know your servant, O Sovereign Lord, for the sake and according to your will, you have done this great thing you have made this known to your servant.

How great you all, O Sovereign Lord there's no one like you and there is no God but you, as we did with our own is and who is like your people Israel. The one nation that God went out to redeem as a people for himself and to make a name for himself. Great and awesome wonders, but driving out nations and their gods from before your people to be redeemed from Egypt, you have established your people as your very own forever and you will have become very and now Lord God keep forever. The promise you made concerning your servant Andy's house as you promised so that you will not will be great forever, then men will say the Lord Almighty is God of Israel and the house of your servant David will be established before you all Lord Almighty God of Israel, you have reviewed this to your servant, you have said I will build a house for you, so your servant has found courage to offer this prayer, O Sovereign Lord, you are God's trustworthy you promised these good things. Now, be pleased to bless the house of your servant, that it may continue for ever in your sight for you, O Sovereign Lord have spoken and you will blessing the house audio servant will be blessed forever. David was king. He was free in his day is people and free. I would not apply this to the rest of the nation. But David was king. David was so popular he could do anything that he wanted David could order the execution of any person he wanted he could go anywhere he wanted he could buy any condo he wanted, he could spend all the time at the lake. He wanted he could eat all the finest foods he wanted. He was free to move around for everyone to go. He valued everything and he made all those found himself in the presence of a holy and a righteous God, the greatest need in America today is not who we as president of the United States, the greatest need. We have in America is that we free and are being set free by the Son of Man would come before the righteous God, and we would cost ourselves before him, because without God we are nothing.

Verse 36 Jesus put it like this. He said so if the son sets you free. You will be free indeed. Let's take a look at the life of David. In brief, what was it about David as I spiritually free person and yet within the context of the value system that only belong to him that was in the palm B's hand this man had more money than you could shake a stick at this man who had every power this man who had all the authority this man that no one begged the question what was it about David's life, whether spiritually free person like David number one thinks little of themselves. David had to get to the point at which he had to recognizing the presence of the sovereign God that he actually was nothing a person has to think absolutely nothing on themselves in order for God is sovereign Lord to establish himself as God over all the now why because there are four things that no person will ever solve I'm making an announcement to you today on the authority of God's word. There are four things, not one American will ever be able to find a solution to it doesn't matter who sits in the White House. It doesn't matter who is elected to the Supreme Court.

It doesn't matter what values we hold, it doesn't matter how much we appreciate it doesn't matter how much we even love each other. It doesn't matter how hard we work. There's not a single person on the face of the earth. David couldn't do it.

I cannot do it present that would do it. No politician will ever provide for no money will ever pay for it. These four things we will never solve number one, the forgiveness problem number two. The peace problem number three problem number four live off the debt problem. We will never solve that problem. You and I will never solve the forgiveness problem because man and his heart is full of sin and manlift rezone devices that pushes God out that pays no attention to the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ is rendered capable of knowing what it means to truly forgive one another and Jesus demonstrated that upon the cross, when he looked out across and he said father forgive them for they know not what they do and I'm so grateful that today we know that when we think little of ourselves we see Jesus on the cross and when we see Jesus on the cross, we come to an understanding as we confess our sin that, as he is faithful to forgive us for our sin.

So it is that we are able to forgive others the peace problem. We have no peace you really believe that we gonna have peace. In November no matter who wins you really believe that America, do we really believe that we can have peace when ballgames go back to playing ball we really believe that we going to find peace. When we finally able to go back inside and enjoy air conditioning we really believe that we can find peace. The Bible says please please when there is no peace because only God can give us peace and to die. You have no peace. There's a war going on. The Bible says in your heart that in mind, when the Prince of peace enters our heart and he sets us free. He gives us peace. We never going to be able to solve the heart problem. We go to be part problem. Our hearts are far from God.

Your heart is far from God, my heart is far from God and God is calling us back, and God is saying to us. I love you. Jesus died for you, give your heart and life to me, and when you give your parking lot. I meant to change you from inside out from outside in, you better believe I'm going to vote in November.

You better believe I'm going to strike a stand on the values you better believe I'm going to fight for the freedoms of this nation, you better believe I'm gonna wave the flag of the United States, you better believe I'm going to support our police officers and men and women in uniform, you better believe that I'm going to get behind our teachers. You better believe I'm doing everything I can as I citizen but I want you to know that. Ask God to change my heart because when my heart is tried absent free time set free from the course will never solve the life of the death problem never. Death is an ever present reality in our lives. David knew this going. Read his final prayer before he died. Yet peace with God.

He told Solomon he said I'm going where everyone else is gone and he spoke with such peace and such assurance and he's peace and assurance was spoken out of a heart that was in tune with God. This is David thought little of himself. Can you imagine that I wouldn't full certified coming to his presence.

I would've bowed and scraped and I would've been in fear and trepidation because he is King, but not so David how we doing America spiritually free person modern he thinks little of themselves but thinks everything of God, everything of God versus Satan, 20 and 22 we find for characteristic features of the everything God you know that in 1820 and 22 says David David, who was in the eyes of these people.

Sovereign Lord he's crying out and he saying you Almighty God over sovereign Lord who am I lower my in what is called tell us about himself. Why does the spiritually free person think everything of God, because God speaks the future, folks that you notice that in these verses. He's the one by the way can I let you into something today. God's already in tomorrow he is tomorrow.

He knows the future God number two deals with mankind. David said would you deal with us. He deals with us. Can you imagine that that God loves us that he deals with us that little word used in the Hebrew text means he gets involved in our affairs because he loves us so much, you know that God loves you so much. He hears you he sees you he understands you he knows you even understands the struggle of your sin and of your pain number three God knows people. Verse 20 tells us you know your people. He knows me he knows me he knows the things that find me up. He knows all about my ballgames and my favorite teams. He knows all about my propensities, my gravitational pull, you knows about my short fuse along fuse. He knows about my need for patience and endurance. He knows about my pain my hurt, my diagnosis, he knows about the struggle of my marriage.

He knows my about my business that is in trouble. He knows that I'm having to close the doors open. The goals he knows that I'm really worried about all the things that are going on and now he knows that he knows people in him before he acts. Accordingly, I love that he acts accordingly.

In verse 21 says he acts according to his word and he's will and that wonderful God acts sovereign God acts Cody's word and he's will that is just fantastic. Pursuing God's will.

Our time is gone for today but there's more online with Dr. Don Wilton at T. E.

W and before you weigh on behalf of Dr. Dunlevy pray for you. Father, I thank you for your word today for the way Dr. Don has shared more poorly how you have stirred our hearts to your word to your will. I pray Lord, you give us opportunities this week to draw closer to you and in turn closer to those it might be far from God in your life. Pray specifically Lord is you bring people to our mark that we would be loving, caring, we would actually live out our faith in such a way that it would help change their lives change is we love you Jesus your precious time. Remember, if you'd like to have someone pray with you. We love to connect online CDW online

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