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R1588 A Christian Response

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 29, 2020 8:00 am

R1588 A Christian Response

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 29, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based printing of Dr. Don Wilton and this message. Christian response is responding. It's what we do. A lot. No way. I know we want to be active and would be intentional and we should be but they're part of our lives. That system is our response to what's going on around us. Our response to our own loved ones, our response to the people we work with go to school with.

We have recreation with today. Dr. Wilton's message a Christian response will help us gain some insight from God's Encouraging Word about what we know to be true in our head, but how can control our emotions and help have that Christian response in every way possible.

As we study the word know that were available for you connecting online at large EY you're there, sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don G. Now today's message for just a few moments. I want us to consider Christian response foster wrong through God's word is my very clear, this is what God said Jesus save this love God, love others in a very personal note, most of you know me I grew up in Africa. I've been a United States citizen for maybe 40 years lived here longer than that I'm a Christian man, Jesus changed my life. I'm not a perfect man, how could I be on the Christian man Christ lives in me and I have to ask myself in today's world, and in light of these deep issues that we face. What is God saying to me what is my response.

What is your response. I'm inviting you to give your life to Christ today when you give your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Greater is he that is in you. Then he that is in the world you have no measure of response outside of the Lord Jesus Christ. But in Christ. I dropped by the Holy Spirit, and by his Holy Spirit is going to do for me what I evidently cannot do for myself. One of the man that I respect greatly in the United States of America. One of the great African-American pastas in our nation.

Dr. Tony Evans' great oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, a man that I've had the privilege of sitting alongside of listening to of learning from Dr. Tony Evans said and I quote don't try to change others. If God can't even change your heart.

Unit D starts with you. Each of us plays a part in healing our racial divide. He went on to say this. This is a powerful quote from Dr. Tony Evans.

This he said just the other day is a defining moment for us as churches and as citizens, whether we want to be one nation under God. A divided nation apart from God. We dined on so the question right. And if we don't unscrew quickly. We won't be much of a nation at all. Another man brother in Christ fellow citizen of my city in Spartanburg, South Carolina is our current police chief chief Thompson.

He is a wonderful man and I quote I mean you and I pray all the time. As long as I'm praying I want you to know I pray without ceasing, and not because God that you do the same and that you install to heal our land.

Where do we go. Thank you chief thank you pasta Ron, thank you, my beloved fellow Christian men and women. Thank you, brothers and sisters in Christ in our community are called upon all believers in the United States of America at a time like this to awesome God to do for us what we cannot do for our souls. I'm going to read to you two verses from Psalm 139 and verse 23 this is David, the king, this man had a relationship with God. He was personally known by God. He was appointed by God.

This man was God. And yet he soon was ever before him, he was faced with every predicament and every circumstance from the racism of these diet to the separation among the tribes. The meaning of one another to the manner with which people responded to each other and the very expression of the true meaning of the love of Christ through his own heart and life at this is what David said search me oh God, and know my heart rate and note my anxious thoughts. What you see if there be any wicked or offensive way in me and leave me in your way everlasting. What is the Christian response involved. Well beloved friends.

I believe it involves three things. First of all, as a believer it involves looking up pasta Ron, my brother in Christ and my friend, fellow pasta just a few moments ago reminded us of that bright imperative when those Pharisees and Sadducees. The rulers of the Lord, the governors of the state. The people who claim to know that I had every solution to every knee and I came to the Lord Jesus Christ and I tried to testing that try to trap him that try to put them in a corner by try to prove to him what they determine from their own human disposition. And Jesus said I want you to know that the greatest thing that you can do is to look into the face of Almighty God, see my friends when you look up into the face of God we see the true meaning of Christian love.

Jesus said love one another and Bob shall all men know that you are my disciples, you love one and when you look into the face of God. You see action. The very mirror image copy on parallel indeterminate people, creation of time. I'm so lost love of God in Christ Jesus, that with such compassion. He would reach down from heaven and he would give Jesus and Paul so long I love so deep and so rich that it's a positive human understanding. I don't know what it was about the psalmist about David but I submit when we look up into the face of God.

You and I as believers in our strife-torn nation will take hold of a fresh meaning of the true meaning of love will understand in a fresh way when we look into the face of God, the true meaning of forgiveness. How can we ever understand that I don't understand that I don't understand how, as a boy in Africa living among the Zulu people on the other side of the world that this God would've reached down from the portals abandoned and that he would've confronted me with my own sinfulness and my own where the unworthiness racial biases and dispositions, my attitudes about selfishness those things which the word of God said Austin and I separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus. But when I look into the face of God are not NEC height true meaning of love, but I kind a fresh understanding of the true meaning of forgiveness in Christ Jesus. I submit to you today.

Just look to Charles, you and I so horrified by the treachery the barbarism of a young man who would walk into a church with precious men and women meet. Praying to seek the face of God and in an active, unparalleled barbarism would kill those people just go to them in cold blood. You know the thing that gripped our hearts was the way in which the family members of those very same people right there in the midst of the courtroom. Yes, understanding that the full length of the law needed to be carried out in this young man's life that he would have to pay the consequences be sin. These people looked across the courtroom and in front of the United States of America said we do this young man doing something so unconscionable America.

We as believers when we look up into the face of God, God will refresh our hearts give us the true meaning of love. The true meaning of forgiveness and the true meaning of reconciliation because when we look into the face of God. He brings that which is separated from him into a right relationship with God and because about vertical relationship horizontally. He parses that on through the lap of every believer so that I could look this way I can look this way I can look behind me. I could look in front of red and yellow and black and white. All people are precious in God's side and… For me what I cannot do for myself because he gives to me. I spirit reconciliation present you America dramatic keyboard of love dramatic devoid of forgiveness dramatic devoid of reconciliation.

The Christian's response harvesting your listing to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word and he'll be back in just a moment to complete today's message called a Christian response. The Lord is stirring your heart and perhaps you'd like to have someone pray with you and for you in this particular season of life. We would love to do so. Our phone numbers 866899673 or, where you discover great resources like this nation is in crisis is working overtime to counteract the people all around me over, we must learn to be quiet for the voice of God. We must thinking oh that's important The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Wilden's timely messages on the teachings of Daniel pages include hearing God's voice in the crowd. The power of obedience in the story of conviction these messages on CD or DVD will be thinking for again for $20 or more The Encouraging Word 99.

Dr. Ameena Perry, The Encouraging Word, anything you are listener supported ministry. Thank you for listening today. Now back to the great teaching of Dr. Don Wilton. How do you respond, my friend. I'm not asking you today how Washington responds.

I'm not asking you today. How does the president respond. I'm not asking you today. How does the civil rights movement respond. I'm not asking you today any other than what God would skip me because he is my Savior and he's my Lord, and he looks upon Maha and he says to are a child of God. How do you respond how do you respond Christian response involves looking up, but it also means that when we look up.

It involves looking in. This is an automatic. It's the very heartbeat of salvation. It's the root of our relationship with Christ as we gather together hundreds of us by way of television.

Maybe you're sitting there today someone told me just recently that they were driving by lost.

We can then motorcar.

I just happen to have a window down and I heard the sound they said hello. What's that, I wound a window down and ended up stopping in the parking lot. Took the time to call me and tell me how that God began to grip the heart, and you might say to me today will pasta what you are asking are you asking that we, the people that we listen to pasta Ron.

No, I'm not asking that I'm asking today that you you listen to the praise team in the Genesis man in this incredible so I'm not asking that you might be saying to me will pasta what you get alongside someone and let them talk to your teacher. Yes these are the things we do, but I'm not asking you to do that because God is not asking us to do that every by looking up into the face of God. We will know what it means to see ourselves as God sees us when we look in the Holy Spirit begins to do his work.

And as we bring this together.

Let me show you what the psalmist said the five things the Holy Spirit will do for you, you're ready is with the Holy Spirit will do you looking into the face of God. All I'm saying to you and I right now. Right now, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. Right now Spartanburg right now believers across this beautiful land from sea to shining sea for just a moment, please get what God says let's draw a line in the sand. Let's stop and every one of us to call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let's look up into the face of God himself and we we look in the price of God. We begin to see ourselves in life of who God is and the spirit of the living God is going to do his work is what is going to do my morning is going to search me, he's going to conduct a mission going to borrow into my meat boat. He's got to get down there and my soul and spirit. He's gonna rock my world. He's got all my perspective he's going to change Maha. The Bible says search me oh God, Holy Spirit, Renaissance rack and on reason and Maha Garlock spirit you not anyone search me, but he will know me. He knows my heart.

That's what the psalmist says in 939. In verse 23. No mom that carries with it an open abandonment of the very reality of what is deep down in my heart, soul, why because God's word says man is so limited. You and I have the capacity only look upon the outward appearance, but God looks upon the heart and he knows Maha because God made me he created me in the image of God he created all people mild and female he created them and he knows us and he loves us and he forgives us and he has reconciled us to a holy and a righteous God and when we begin to look in ourselves the spirit of God, begins to search out bone marrow in our souls, spirit, knowing our hearts and he tests us try me. Oh God, I think America's greatest days are ahead of us. If we parse the taste. Tony Evans said this is a defining moment for those about to believers with them you want to be one nation under God always want to be. I divided nation apart from God. What is the Holy Spirit. When we as believers in our Christian response look up into place about this God searches us knows us casts a pass puts us to the task. The Bible says the Holy Spirit also understands us that may come as a shock to some of you. He understands us.

The Bible tells us very clearly that he understands our anxious folds brought no biggest stipends of the human.

God knows our weakness because of the Lord Jesus Christ, who according to the word of God was tempted in all points.

Just as we are yet without sin. This this spotless Lamb of God who took upon himself our flesh and when the spirit of God comes into our hearts and lives he not any searches and knows and Ted tries and task the understands and the final thing that he does is he exposes our wicked ways. Although now we going to be uncomfortable. Now we going to be uncomfortable. You see, many of us, those of us who are believers, we can tolerate everything accepting being exposed in our sinfulness and that's what God does by he's spirit. He says see expose me to wear them.

The Hebrew text means unravel peel back the outer clothing might know.

Expose me in my heart and soul shown me that filthiness of my son and my degradation.

Expose me. How do we respond people you asked that question likely what's the right Onset to the what is the right Onset. What we say Christian response involves looking up. It involves looking in Jerrod's folks. It involves acting out doing love God, love others would you bow your heads with me today, asking God's people in the presence of the Lord today. What is your response before Mike going not before the Senate before the House of Representatives, not to a friend, family member, what your response to the that's where it begins search me overgrown you and I have one place to go. God invites us says you belong to me. You do you my son, my daughter look up just check me out beauty of my holiness. All we know, we know that great passage of Scripture that is spent four weeks preaching about. Just recently, oh God, you heroes from heaven. Would you forgive Allison overgrown you here now than here's how you do this. Humble yourself before the Lord God before God, pray, cry to him. See God's face, repent pain do business with the Lord today, but if you are my friend, God is calling your name because he loves you saying today what can I do about this. Give your life to Christ and invite you to give your heart to Jesus Christ you say to me how do I do that the Bible says if I confess that Jesus Christ is low and I believe in Maha God raised Jesus from the dead beside when you confess Jesus Christ as Lord you believe that God raised Jesus from the dead. Pray that God that you will will I believe in my mom that you're alive.

You're paying the price.

My sin upon you, so God made you from the dead, so that I can have my real love and understand what it means directly from the others and I can be reconciled in a righteous God so I can be reconciled to my fellow man. You give your life to Christ you prayed that prayer did you just pray that prayer with Dr. Don giving your life to Jesus Christ are re-dedicating your life to Jesus. If so, we are so excited to revel in the new what's going to be next in your life.

All one of the things I hope will be next is that you'll let Dr. Don know about what God is doing in your life you can give us a call and will be glad to deliver that message. Call us at 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 or you can email Dr. Don directly. Don Dr. Don would love to hear your story, but we'd also love to put those resources in your hands again.

Dr. Don is prepared a unique set of resources. As you begin a new life in Christ or rededicated life in Christ. So please ask for those at 8668866899673 also have wonderful resources like the abandoned Facebook or the great awakening message series all the details are that's TW know that we are here to encourage you.

I would love to connect with you this week on the phone or online G6689996

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