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R1586 The Greatest Sacrifice Ever

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 25, 2020 8:00 am

R1586 The Greatest Sacrifice Ever

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 25, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Perhaps never happened.

Someone actually sacrifice some of you could get something else really have welcome to The Encouraging Word, featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton in just a few moments will be going to Hebrews chapter 4 Dr. Don talks about the greatest sacrifice.

Sometimes we don't understand our worth and R-value. God loves you so much is willing to sacrifice the most precious thing in all of your talk about it. We discussed that maybe Yorty think you know the answer, and you probably do, but you will discover more insight begin in Hebrews chapter 4 verse 16 in just a minute with Dr. Don Wilton while were doing so know that were available for you love to connect online and

He is also a place you can sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don that CDW I want to read to you from Hebrews chapter 4. This is what the Bible said their full. Since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the son of God, let us hold lead to the faith we progress. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we all yet without sin led us there full approach the throne of grace with confidence so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need five things about the greatest sacrifice ever number one. The greatest sacrifice ever is singular. The word singular means one how grateful I am for the countless thousands upon thousands upon thousands who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms that we enjoy today but how much more can we be grateful that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ loved us. To the extent that he sent his only begotten son singular, the Lord Jesus Christ who came down to this earth, and took upon himself my sin and your sin and then he went to a Roman cross where he died upon that cross taking upon himself the sin of the world and was buried, and on the third day, by the power of God.

He was raised from the dead, so that you are not today through the singular sacrifice of Jesus the son of God, you are not can have eternal life in Jesus Christ. Would somebody say amen today I want you to note something that the writer to the Hebrews as to tell us he calls Jesus. Jesus the son of God uses both of Jesus titles you know when I was in the military will lead titles we were corporals and majors in Sgt. Majors and we were everything you could possibly imagine. And we understood our rank.

So does every single man and every woman who puts on the uniform of the United States of America. What God wants us to know about the singular sacrifice of Jesus was that he grain he went to the death upon the cross that he took with himself everything that he is and was, because this is the way God intended him to be when you bring trees death as Jesus took with himself the title of his humanity, while his humanity because Jesus who is God took upon himself our flesh out human flesh, and he took upon himself humanity, so that when he went to the cross. He took upon himself the title of his humanity having been tempted in all points. Just as we all yet without sin, and he took humanity to the grave buddy, not any took humanity to the grave.

Jesus was not just Jesus the title to be humanity he was Jesus the son of God. That was the title of these deity God wanted us to know that this was God in Christ Jesus reconciling the world to himself, so that when Jesus this singular sacrifice went to the cross. He took with himself. Not only that certain other world, but he took upon himself. He's very deity as God.

This was God doing what only God could do on be half of all humanity, because it's only God who can set us free, and he did so through the singular sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is an amazing passage just in case we miss it. This Jesus in his humanity as the son of God in these deity. The Bible said, having paid the full price for our sin tossed through the heavens because he now became a high priest, the one who is the intercessor between man and God is see my friends this is not work before Jesus came the high priest once a year would make atonement for the sins of the people and so the high priest would go to the temple and he would pause through three phases.

In the temple.

First of all, he would pause through the outer court then he would pause through the holy place, then he would enter through the curtain, through which no man could pause, but the high priest into the very holy of holies and right they having paths through the three spheres all levels of the temple court into the presence of God. There, the high priest would make atonement for our sin, but the singular sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who died in his humanity, and who died as God because God was in Christ reconciling himself to the world plot the spheres of God's domain and took hold of the very sovereign act of God who loves us so much and gave his life for us. This is Jesus. The greatest sacrifice the sacrifices singular. It's not any singular, but it's binding.

I love that statement that he sees there in verse 14. On the basis of the fact that Jesus has gone through the heavens, the curtain has been torn into is now no need for a high priest because Jesus is our high priest. He's the one Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. My friend are you looking in all different places to find peace and joy in forgiveness. You need to stop your search because we have found him, the Messiah, his name is Jesus, and this one repaid the sacrifice. The Bible says because of that singular sacrifice. What he did for us is binding. The Bible tells us we cannot hold firmly to the faith we profess.

I love that statement we can hold that being said, I can take hold of Jesus Christ and that he will never leave me, and he will never forsake me. You know that when you give your heart to Jesus he takes you in the palm, hobbies, hand, and he will never let you go. It doesn't matter what you going through.

It doesn't matter what circumstances you find yourself in. It doesn't matter what pain you endure. It doesn't matter what going on in your life you can hold because it's binding because what Jesus Christ has done for us has been signed, sealed and delivered in the very heart of a God who loves us beyond reason this great greatest sacrifice.

There is not any singular and binding, but it is sympathetic. I love this verse.

15 for we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses. Did you know that this the greatest sacrifice ever presents to you and me. The Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the living God and the Bible tells us that Jesus because he took upon himself the sin of the world, even though he himself knew no sin is unable to sympathize with us.

Did you know that. Did you know that because Jesus sympathizes with you. It means that he is in one accord with your struggle. That means that he responds with you and to you. It means that Jesus Christ shares in your struggles, it means that Jesus Christ expresses everything necessary for you to overcome every circumstance of your life. He is in sympathy without weakness and without sin. God knows about us because Jesus Christ took upon himself the sin of the world became even though he knew no soon Dr. Don Wilton reminder as we are sharing powerful message.

His term as we want this to be a conversation not just a presentation presenting Scripture and reminding us of that wonderful gift Jesus even though it was sinless nice person so that he could offer us at the end of the progress Dr. Duncan talking about giving your life to Jesus Christ. Why wait for the Lord is stirred your heart.

Now we have friends would love to talk with you and pray with you right now at 86689. That's 866899673, and we would love to be a part of encouraging in the next steps. Perhaps on this Friday edition of The Encouraging Word all week long you been listening to Dr. Don speak yet now you know to be a change. Either way, maybe the questions that Haldeman had been stirred because of Dr. Don's preaching. Let us help discover the answer those questions in God's Word, the Bible itself, God's Encouraging Word beginner numbers 86689967 communis online as TBW also placed discover great deal about the latest research, Dr. Don Neeson is working overtime to counteract the little writing Dr. Daniel hearing that voice in the crowd in the story. $20 or more Encouraging Word 99, where Dr. will teachings on Daniel Nina Curry's conviction movable The Encouraging Word anything you are listener supported ministry.

Thank you for listening today. Thank you. Visit the powerful resource. The book of Daniel to find many resources on our website TBW and my personal favorite is absolutely free daily Encouraging Word email Dr. Don Wilton can sign up for it again. Online T. W launches about 6 AM every day in his field insight from God's word. Application of that scripture to our lives by Dr. Wilton. I believe it will definitely encourage you sign up for it online got back to today's message with Dr. Don Wilton. Did you know that Jesus simplifies this with you. It means that he is in one hold with your struggle. It means that he responds with you and to you. It means that Jesus Christ shares in your struggles, it means that Jesus Christ expresses everything necessary for you to overcome every circumstance of your life.

He is in sympathy without weakness and without sin. God knows about us because Jesus Christ took upon himself the sin of the world. He became sin for us, even though he knew no soon. You know that God sees you knows you and understands you in your weakness. Today I had someone say to me recently. Pasta are: stop going back: stop going back lost week I had the privilege of preaching a message based on the prodigal son inviting people in the name of Jesus to come back home. One man from another state sent me an email and he said to me he said posture. I when you ask people to stand. He said I felt the whole time. As I watched listen to that worship service on television you lost us to give our lives to Christ and I stood right there in front of my television set. He said, but I know when I stood that in my heart I don't know how I'm going to stop myself from going back Jesus sympathizes. He knows that's why he gives to us everything that's necessary by his spirit to fortify us in all the Bible say is greater is he that is in the and he that's in the world don't do this alone.

My friend, Jesus. The greatest sacrifice ever singular. He's the only one binding you'll never leave you nor forsake you. Sympathetic, he shares in your struggle and weaknesses. He understands us. That's why he loves us like he does this greatest sacrifice ever is approachable, approachable. The Bible says they couldn't get over this, verse 16. Let us then approach the throne of God lead us then approach that you know something you know that God tells us that we can approach him. You know I've had occasions from time to time to be around very important people I have.

I will tell you that there was a time some years ago that I even went into the Oval Office. Can you believe that you know you can walk into the Oval Office. It's an incredible place and there is the president of the United States. If you ever tried to approach important people you not tiptoe around the tulip. Sometimes we stopped her and we stammer when my kids were coming up.

I love basketball, so we would go every now and again watch game.

I remember going to Charlotte one time to watch Michael Jordan all how badly my boys wanted me to go and get an autograph of Michael Jordan. I tried, failed miserably, but didn't really try because I just couldn't bear the thought of him looking at me like that, especially for a man of my caliber. Just think about God. Just think about God Almighty God, how great and wonderful garden because of the sacrifice of Jesus. The Bible says he paid the price latest in approach the throne of grace with confidence right now you can come in approaching because he's approachable. Which brings up that for thing about the greatest sacrifice when you approach them. You find out the greatest sacrifice is complete. Complete Jesus is complete. He's all you need. He's all I need.

Because of his sacrifice.

The Bible says so complete we receive mercy and refine grace. Just think about that. How about you today.

You know, I don't mind telling you my whole life changed when I knelt down there alongside my wife and settled the issue of my relationship Jesus. Up until that point, I kind of I don't if this comes across in the right way. It's like I was playing with God. I played when I came to church. Church had to suit me to go and I was a preacher's kid accommodated church accommodated Jesus I could talk Jesus because I grew up in a very fine Christian home. I could even sing most of the songs, but then approach the throne of grace with boldness.

You know what happened. I found Jesus found gone to be so approachable because he's my heavenly father, not came before the throne of grace and all of a sudden my soul complete whole. There I receive mercy as I knew I was a sinner. I was separated from God and it was there that I found grace is never changed. Would you bow your heads with me for a moment today just going to ask you just just for a moment.

You just bow your heads with me or you. Perhaps, like me, looking maybe today is we find ourselves worshiping the Lord Jesus like this. Deep down in your heart you know, saying yes I know it's me, me, Lord. I'm the one you know maybe you you're married to a wonderful person you been placed in so many ways, but these just that proverbial is going to be more to life is going to be more friend, God loves you so much you really gave to us the greatest sacrifice have gone so love mitigating Jesus the son of God in all his humanity as God. He reconciled the world to himself, you know, it's very profound but it's very simple. A B, C acknowledges believe in God can face another way, putting it is a CT take action acknowledge her son confessed to Jesus, trusting you pray this prayer with me today and receive this Jesus our high priest greatest sacrifice seven. I want you to know you. You complete your life presents in him that you will find receive mercy and find grace. You pray this prayer with me. Dear God not know that you love me, I hear you. I see I repainted my son today and I can face my son not trust you as my Savior and receive you if you prayed that prayer say wait a minute, fosters it as simple as that. You see through the complicated sacrifice of Jesus. The simplicity of our salvation was its justness. Believe Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved while Jesus took care of all the complications so that we can just simply receiving pain if you prayed that prayer today. You made a decision for Christ in your heart today would you do something you allow me to just pray for you before we go not be so honored to pray over you if you prayed that pray to give your life to Christ today. Maybe you have another decision that you made as a believer you know that. Maybe as a father is a husband and wife. Maybe as a teenager I don't know but gardeners doesn't you've approached the throne of grace tonight. My pray for you when you just stand right just stand I'm asking you if you write God wish you my friend just to go ahead and stand right for you. Just go ahead and stand all day. There are people standing here today with scattered because with trying to keep ourselves the right distance was sitting in family groups you see possible Lord we can't get over just how wonderful you are to us this amazing love this the greatest sacrifice.

Thank you Jesus I pray a prayer right now, Lord, in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit. Every person who's made a decision for Christ upright Lord. They would go to one of blue top, connect, change and share the decision upright Lord. People would go to the wave and connect with us because we are family together. We are a family with children of God know today as we honor those who have sacrificed for our nation. What we do today as we worship Jesus. The greatest sacrifice, URL, life, and we worship you today with Thanksgiving and out in Jesus name. I don't want to say I know why I feel like this and I stand here and I feel like crying. Honor what this is then to look upon your face is like this just love you bill to worship the Lord.

Thank you for being here. Thank you. If you've given your life to Christ in this moment of praying together with Dr.I pray that he would let us step into the path with you to walk alongside you in this process of growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Dr. Don has some wonderful resources prepared just for you if you just given your life to Jesus or we dedicated your life to Christ and he wants you to have them so call us and ask at 8668. That's 866899673 below to be a part of encouraging you in this process is as a matter fact, Dr. Don would love to encourage you if you like to let her know what's going on your life. Your story if you want to email them. You can do that at dawn, DO, that's right, Doc's first name, Don Dio and Pat large. I can guarantee you get that message will be able to pray for you and in he'll make sure that we send you the resources that help you grow in your faith that you can be certain of any and not just about this moment today, but if you're interested in having someone be a prayer partner with you. We are here to do just that. We do believe in the power of prayer time just about gone before we get away docs will be back in just a minute with a closing thought, but I want to remind you about something that has become a vital resource for many of us in our discipline, our discipleship of Christ and that's a jumpstart to our daily quiet time, spending time in God's word every day is mission critical to our strength and our health.

As followers of Jesus, and we have a wonderful email. Dr. Don sends out every morning you can sign up for it that's TE W sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email and I assure you it will bless you, encourage you, challenge you, and no doubt help inspire you to live your best day for Jesus before you wake closing thoughts from Dr.okay just before you go today. I just want you to know how much I love you means so much to me and I just want you to know that with all the things that we've talked about the way in which God is speaking to your heart right now, we all the Encouraging Word and we are available to you 24 seven, morning, noon, not you can call a friend one of my friends right now and they will encourage you pray with you, listen to you is the right to have people around us really care about us. You are not alone place you in the

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