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R876 When Your Life Needs Adjusting, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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September 3, 2020 8:00 am

R876 When Your Life Needs Adjusting, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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September 3, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton as we continue to adjust our lives in me, that are always ways we adjust when your life needs adjusting part two Dr. Don Wilton is on that day that I will be headed to acts chapter 9 in just a moment, but another number not action. I'm another series of nines 866-899-WORD to our phone number. I will connect with one of us 24 hours a day.

Happy to talk a listener prayer connects with great resources, 866-899-9673 especially excited about this wonderful resource about Daniel. Take a peek right will give more details later pallets open our heart and God's word together with Dr. Don Wilton on the message about adjusting our you know folks that when Paul was persecuting the Christians he was counted among the popular I should imagine even the chief priests and the scribes they would've saved matinees boy at this this guy Manny can pack a punch. Now let's give them authority listener needs a household life but you know the moment that pole made Jesus Christ and adjusted his life spent the rest of these life doing two things carrying the message and suffering for Jesus Christ and read about it when he got to the enemies light listen was preaching and then being shipwrecked then maybe drowning, then being whipped to the point of his life with entity end up limited, will culminate with Paul being crucified upside down. That's how they executed Timothy understood that because school came to my fianc came to see me Damond Josh July to the point at which you all this would Jesus Christ but that you are willing to suffer for the cool of the cross that you become into the suffering of our Savior, for it was Jesus who said if anyone will come after me, you must deny himself and take up and follow me.

For any who will save his life will but anyone who's his life for my sake will save make the adjustments. It's an amazing thing lost without the Lord made by the Lord changed by the Lord directed by the Lord provided for by the Lord, chosen by the Lord, number 70, was empowered by the Lord. It's an amazing thing. In verse 19 he regained his strength in verse 22. The Bible says he became more and more powerful, but number eight. He was used of the Lord. I love verse 31. There were four byproducts of coal's willingness to adjust his life and to meet God. When God is that you note those four byproducts piece, strength, encouragement and growth). The word I want you to know God would be so kind to me it means that I'm willing to adjust my life and God would just drawn to me those thing in my community and amongst my people, and together as we so bold that we would be a people who would know an unprecedented piece which is all understanding that we would be strengthened by the power of the Spirit in the inner man that we would be in our hearts and let the numbers come to love Jesus Christ would increase will do what you want me to do and make whatever adjustment is necessary.

That's what God did for Paul. Could he do it for you and me, but adjustments had to be my it seems to me, my dear friends that there are five key moments for adjustment in life. I want to share these with you five key moments that I believe God causes in our own lives that we just if we are going to experience the riches of his grace number one your conversion, your conversion my conversion when you made Jesus Christ when I made Jesus Christ see the Bible says if you are in Christ, you become and what a new creature by the way, that word conversion want to convert means a complete change. You cannot be converted without reprinting in the workgroup means a complete turnabout it's going in this direction and turning in that direction. In other words, what the Bible is saying. My friends is simply this, that it is understanding the theology that which is all God and about God concerning this article that takes place when you and I are born again of the spirit of the living God, that as a result of Persian that you and I can never be the same again.

It doesn't matter how many times I've raised my hand how many crusades I've appeared in how many times I've preached how many times, now or how many mission trips I've gone off.

The Bible says that the greatest moment of adjustment is inherent in the ER snap which is about God that when I come into the presence of a holy and a righteous God is adjusted not because I will because I decide to but because I couldn't be this day when Jesus Christ is in my heart. That's what salvation is all about its man adjusting man is to meet with God is number two.

The second key moment for adjustment.

Visual commission my commission did you know folks that every person who is being converted by the spirit of the living God is given a commission by God. It is your purpose in life. Let me try to help you might even understand better if I use the word mantra. I know what Paul's mantra was for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. What a purpose. Wonderful organization all across America is an organization called the navigators not they mantra is the purpose statement they commission is to know him and to make him known. I what about our church. We are one church of thousands.

There are so many wonderful churches like this just here in this fellowship of encouragement. We comprise just one body among millions of others. This place called First Baptist Church what sound mantra what's commission just read purpose statement that our church decided on 10 years ago.

What is it that we as God's people in this place one to share the gospel I'm summarizing.

We want to tell people carry the good news of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by making disciples not only here in Spartanburg but am beyond that sound mantra that's out commission. This is what God says to us. Yes, I have converted you I've given you forgiveness I mean dwelling you by my spirit, your whole life is adjusted you cannot stay where you all. I'm giving you a commission. This is your purpose, what ever you do, continually, consciously and deliberately.

That's how we experience God. That's what we need to be praying for.

That's the expression about willingness to key elements to key moments. Number one, your conversion number two commission number three will conduct your conduct. Now watch this.

Folks, when God calls us when he converts us when he indwells us watch this now stick with me when he commissions us. I look in the quiet boy. I see some men and ladies who served so faithfully and deliberately in our Armed Forces. Man, I just cannot get over the faithfulness we tell you when when you look cool when you win you a commission to serve the United States of America friend and you got on that ship you adjusted everything accordingly you did it because of your love for the United States of America and the flag of the Republic should and you've so gallantly but then God looks at our conduct behavior. Now what happens. Why is an opportunity for all to meet God to adjust our behavior because frame when use in when you make those mistakes and you choose badly when you when you do things that are not of the Lord Jesus Christ yes what you do and what you've been involved in is sin before God.

But it is the greatest opportunity God gives to you. Trust your life and you'll be conduct to the point at which you the greatest opportunity to make those adjustments to know that God gives us the second through the 10th whatever it is, forgive the interruption. Dr. Donnelly back with the completion of today's message when your life means adjusting just a few moments.

Dr. Don Wilton remind you that the Lord stirs your heart. Let us pray with you about that next adjustment and perhaps we have some resources and help you as well. Like our daily encouraging spending time each and every day the greatest help us continually find those adjust everything. But if we get too far down the road without the need for adjustments. Then we can avoid major calamities so on a daily basis. We encourage you to spend time in God's word with this particular resources the daily encouraging word Bible guy available on our website at or the hard copy. It's free. Of course, you can sign up for email to Dr. nonsense out every morning online TW today's message you know that every time you sin against God allows you to test every time you like a mistake and you gives you an opportunity and if you believe your testimony and become the kind of wants you to be like adjustments can no longer hang with the same people do the same things speak the same way carry the same attitudes you've got to it. Just will behavior and focus our conduct as Christian people never goes away.

There is never a time in our entire life that conduct is not out there for everybody to see number one your conversion nonmaterial commission number three you will conduct does 1/4 key moment your circumstances.

Someone might say to me today.

Pasta what you mean by circumstances and why would that be an opportunity.

God given opportunity to adjust to God, while we could talk about a lot of things with circumstances goodwill your job, your home finances. Folks, we got circumstances all around us, people have circumstances develop every day. People lose loved ones are not diagnosed with sicknesses and and find themselves in the situation of that situation.

Circumstances are everywhere.

You can't escape circumstances, but in the life of the believer. God calls upon us with every circumstance to adjust ourselves to meet God. When God is you take someone like David Livingston.

Most of us have heard about David Livingston that great explorer who did so much in Africa.

Maybe you didn't know that he was a medical doctor in Scotland you know that history books tell us that David Livingston, a man who was converted commission's conduct was one that was being adjusted to do what God wanted him to do, who found himself in circumstances that the wanted. He make adjustments. David Livingston obeyed God laid down his instruments of medical practice boarded a ship off the monthly fees family, etc. went into darkest Africa folks lived in the worst kind of poverty. There is not one record that you will read about David Livingston standing under a tree getting eaten by line sign cannot believe I did this I could be sitting in Edinburgh right now living off what I had done,.doc could be doing a lot better where I am.

There's not a single record in all things of David Livingston that there was any time at which he is circumstances the coolest thing to do anything.

Alas man just to God and not just toward himself not pull new about that.

In fact, Paul said it better than I can. He said I have learned that, in whatsoever state. Excuse me, I have learned that in what ever circumstances I am there with to be contained both.

That's a tough one. I'm telling you is gonna maddening see folks we find those things hard it's it's hard to adjust your behavior to God when you lost your job and to be faithful when when you got a problem when there's of this diagnosis. So when you run out of money when you loan video.

When God is told you to go and do something and the things are not going so well. I cannot think of Jonah.

You might've heard of him. God kind it was a drone.

I want you to get up and I want you to go to Nineveh and I want you to carry the gospel. Jonah said that I don't think so. I don't need to be making that adjustment that's too much of an adjustment for me. So I went, boarded ticket when in the opposite direction. Watch the spokes God closed circumstances to happen that the mom did that an adjustment he made yes Jonah.

Suddenly a storm comes up I gonna lose everything. Jonah looks around, I come him, citing Jonah, what's going on. Who are you he says I mama Hebrew men serve the Lord.

Amen. I refused to adjust.

I just would not address you better throw me a lovable, so they threw him overboard and folksy ended up in a pool of vomit. But when he got out of that pool of vomiting, dusted himself open God who is rich in mercy, kind him a second say to him now.

Jonah, are you willing to make an adjustment go to minimum. Like I told you to. Yes, Lord. What's his folks, you know that sometimes I truly believe God needs to have me thrown overboard because of my unwillingness to adjust I'm telling.

I truly believe when I look back over my life. I'm just one story, which leads me to the fifth and final point this morning.

Key moments for adjustment. What about you'll coal you'll coal I'm so mad you and me went out the same every one of us individually what is God calling you to do. You know folks 14 years ago nobody was happier in New Orleans and preaching around the world and I want something to say. How can you be happy in New Orleans. I will let New Orleans man and the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints.

I love it all came to me and to my wife and said we want you to go.

I remember arriving at a McDonald's in a place called spot. We didn't know a single person we know where the laws we were strangers in a foreign land all over again. When I stood when my wife ingested and family adjusted. That's just me look at my friends to the book where I live today. It's God calling you to do sing in the choir will not a lot tell you those Wednesday nights or that's inconvenient. Adjust under God calling you to play for something write out a check to something. Why haven't you done it well. Larger adjust do without some watch what God about, you know, I know that I bought a big bus driver's license, and I know that I can drive buses but man if I let myself drive buses around you. Eddie Robertson's gonna bother me today start driving the box. What is God going to tell you just meet God when God is you say, but I don't have the time just was already there, doing whatever it takes. It's worth well. The Lords called me to bake bread for people who don't have enough to eat want you breaking bread. You know the Lord impressed on my heart that I need to join that incredible group of Sunday school teachers at my church in and teach a Sunday school Clawson and and to help even though I'm not so good. I just know that I need to do, it will want you doing well you know I just don't know that I've got the time, folks like the adjustment your ministry team at this church.

We been sitting around tables, crying out to the load.

Load where you moving in.

We want to join you, then God, citing, yes, will you going to have to make some adjustments your plates to fool you. To this, are you locked in a traditional Lord we we just never got that way before. How can we possibly do this but just like the adjustment folks. What happened to my frame preacher pool here for things piece strength, encouragement, numerical growth you know if just in a fraction of the way God would just bless my life with one of those boy are greatly thank him with what is God calling you to do what see what's he telling you to do telling you to give some money telling you to start a business telling you to bake a loaf of bread teach Sunday school because drive a bus sing in the choir.

What is gone telling you to do that your cool friend. When God speaks, he demands that we make an adjustment.

You cannot be the same again.

Around the Lord, you cannot interrupt it on the service. Prior to this one and it happens from time to time. One of the greatest difficulties I'm having in this church is the fact I get to the end of the service before this one and I know that some of most precious people on the lost standing out there in the Cardinal like everybody comes on the sidelines as you know, I just can't wait to go and stand out in the Cardinal let me tell you something, folks. You can stand in the Cardinal for the first five months you do something out of necessity, but offer while it grows whiskers while we kind the end of the lost service and Steve Zepeda and God's just working I'm saying to myself in my heart, watch the clock time to close up late these people coming man got people standing out your we need to get out the way you come somebody else.

I wanted to say excuse me, would you go and sit back down you not come down him and we go to close out with good people standing out your blog. Don't you know I can't do this somebody might start grumbling. I haven't had a single person room, but somebody might. Somebody might say mom they were going to go back to that church again because I had to stand out of the Cardinal you know even this morning folks God began to speak to me God was saying to me.

Excuse me I'm day here to try and interrupt me like God was looking into my heart is your pasta this morning and I'm marching up and down his sign she ran by prayed long enough and we need to get on out you and God saying to me, my son make the adjustment your school?

I think I know the onset. What if the previous service only got out it 1120, would you still be standing out. Waiting would you come in and join in or what would you do would you be willing to make an adjustment. See folks God is at work is any. Sometimes on Monday morning, sometimes on Tuesday and then sometimes it seems like he takes a nap for three full days and then sometimes God does what God does because he's God right God works anytime he wants to all the time anytime and all he says to us like an adjustment. You just meet me because it's the best place to be.

Would you pray for me as your pasta that I would be willing to make whatever adjustments are necessary because of what God speaks to my heart. When we pray for one another. Would we pray for our families, track children. Someone once told me they say that a man a woman who refuses to change and make necessary adjustments to the journey of life is usually a very unhappy person I we got names.

We say all he's blue headed go to fix call never met such a stubborn man in all my life folks. God doesn't accept those things that we do to ourselves because he's our Savior. III seen since we experience God that right out here that God is God. He's got so many one things in school across the board. All of us individually, as a community. I think even as a nation, but in order for us to experience God's will. My we have to make adjustments to meet God Rapp Has a closing for just a moment you would like to have a conversation about what you whatever prayer team. We would love to speak with you and pray you pray you through the adjustment are numbers 866899 word Chinatown stored in your sellers be contacted yours, 866-899-9673 meters online.

It EW that's a large know those thoughts those closing thoughts. I was to conduct are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. I'm so happy to hear that wanted to pray this prayer with me today. Dear God, I know you love me very, very, and I know that the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross so that I might be forgiven of sin. Today I repainted myself I can face my sin and I invite you to come into my Jesus, if you pray that prayer may be the first one welcome to the family of God. This is, I hope that you know how much I'm going to be praying how very important so we can make you like place you can begin this wonderful welcome to some of you like to Jesus Christ in some cases for the first time in some cases it is a return dedicated. We want you excited about what God is doing in your life excited about resources we can put in your hands that help the next give us a call.

Let us pray with you. Those with these resources in your hands. 8668 words.

The phone number that's a 69967 EW W OIG discovered how God called us and perhaps you would like to friends in the world becoming 99 word and encourage your brothers know you can get the world around me gone telling a ministry time always available today 66899967

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