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R861 When God Speaks to a Nation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 7, 2020 8:00 am

R861 When God Speaks to a Nation

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 7, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton in a message, when God speaks to a nation in just a few moments Dr. Don Wilton well-known author event pastor will take us to second Chronicles chapter 7 talk about this when God speaks to a nation message reopen the word together. We want you to know were open to talk and pray together as well. We can do that on the phone 8668 numbers 866-899-9673 or email us at You can hear not only today's message but any of the messages week in this when God speaks series that's TE W why you're there, sign up for the day mail from Dr. Don be glad you did. Now it's open our scriptures to second Chronicles chapter 7 and our hearts as well. That question was simply stated, if God himself in person in the flesh could stand here today, what would he say to all nation.

What would God say to America so wonderful thing to think about the fact that God still speaks to us. This means of communication is so vital and so essential all of us understand what it means we are talking people in factors foster of a local congregation. It's my distinct honor and privilege to spend much time with people in different circumstances of life.

I would say to you that many wives will say quite regularly that the one thing that bothers them.

Most of all about their husband is that they just don't talk and that they would wish that they would just speak to them. It's a very special thing to have those who love you.

Speak to you and that means that verbal communication is very important what you suppose it is the God would say to all nation if God were to be able to stand in the flesh in person and speak to us on an occasion such as this. I want you to open your Bibles this morning to second Chronicles in chapter 7, because I believe that there are some raw the remarkable parallels that can be drawn between God's relationship with his people Israel and without so now want to make one thing very clear from time to time I have heard of people who have made raw the Orinda statements that sound something like this. Well, the United States of America is God's modern-day Israel. In fact, God has saved America apart, to be his chosen people.

As grateful as I am for the sentiments that are expressed in a stipend like that. I'm going to say to you that we have no biblical authority to make a statement like that. I do not believe that we as a nation can claim to be the chosen ones of God anymore then can the English or the European or some other nation the Australians the New Zealanders. There is no biblical justification to say that but I do believe that there is one thing that we can say and that is that God has placed all nation and that there are some remarkable parallels in Scripture between the things that God has seen fit to allow us to do and to be and the things that God writes about and dude related to the children of Israel. So let's try and put this into context, I like to read to you from second Chronicles chapter 7 and beginning in verse 11, when Solomon not Solomon was the president of Israel. He lived in the White House. He was the one that God gave specific instructions through concerning the government's of God's people and we going to discuss this matter of spiritual leadership in just a moment, because I believe that it is very significant for all of us.

I believe America is a leader among nations, and so are our leaders. Bible says that when Solomon had finished the temple of the Lord and the royal palace and had succeeded in carrying out all he had in mind to do regarding the temple of the Lord and his own palace that the Lord God appeared to him at night and he said God spoke through Solomon to the nation of Israel and this is what God said when he spoke.

I have heard your prayer and I have chosen this place for myself as a temple of sacrifice. Now watch this. In verse 13 when I that is gone. Shut up the heavens so that there is no rain.

When I that is God. Come on Lucas to Duvall, the land or when I that is God seem to plague among my people. I do so with a purpose in mind, so that if and when based upon Kohl's and effect my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will I forget basin and then will I heal their land. As a result of that in verse 15, my eyes will be open and my is will he. They will be attentive to the prayers which are awkward in this place from the hearts of my people who are cool by my name is right was a special nation to the heart of God. There was no doubt about that. We understand the covenant relationship between God and the nation of Israel, which I believe continues to this day. Solomon was their leader.

There was a unique relationship that was established between God and the nation of Israel and the leaders that God had raised up to lead the people of Israel. In fact, when we understand this text a little more closely, we can begin to understand that God had last people of Israel in a very distinctive way and I'm pleased to tell you today that I do believe that these three can easily find a route in a parallel example in the United States of America.

I have no problem whatsoever in drawing a parallel between the blessings that came upon the people of God as a nation under God and the blessings that have come upon the United States of America.

From the time that our founding fathers arrived in this beautiful land until this very day. What were those blessings well when we study the life of Solomon. We first discovered that houses of worship had been established. Beginning with the temple of God. That's what the Bible tells us when God began to speak to his people, and when he commissioned these people and when he raised up her leaders. The first hallmark of the blessing of God upon the nation of Israel was the establishment and the raising up of houses of worship of the tabernacle of God. I believe that that point is so true today in America. Did you know by the way that in the United States of America that there is a church behind every bush that you know that is hardly a person within the sound of my voice has to drive probably more than 1 mile before you run headlong into the door of a wonderful church. Such was the same for the nation of Israel under Solomon's leadership by established the temple of God, they were given adequate opportunity to come together and to gather together and to worship God and offer him praise and thanksgiving. Modern he had houses of worship in established but if you want to really uncover the true blessings of Israel, which are no different to our own homes had been built for the people down Israel's time they would tense they were nomadic people. That's how they lived. In fact, you might be interested to note that that's how the ark of the covenant moved around the temple was picked up and wherever the author the covenant was that became the tabernacle of the Lord. Solomon began with the zone means you want to have an interesting experience get on an airplane that 9 o'clock at night in the summer and fly from here to Atlanta and back. You would be amazed how continually you will see an array of lights you know what the majority of those lights represent at night as you fly over South Carolina and Georgia hello houses that everywhere we've got homes in our neighborhoods and homes on the lakes and homes on the beaches. We got homes to go to and homes to visit, we got sober I had and God has blessed this nation houses have been disturbed, houses of worship been established have been built for the people we got a place to live up folks.

You think I'm kidding. Come with me to Africa where I grew up, leaders land where I was born. Come with me into some of those Zulu hats. Among those find people where Zulu have to wrong goblets gold made out of town on with the facts roof is probably no bigger in circumference than this page and I'll have as many as 25 and 50 people living together in one facts roof covered with a fire in the middle of it to keep them warm water near the house of worship been established in homes being built for the people, but hearts desires had been accomplished. The Bible tells us in verse 11 that he had succeeded in carrying out all that he had in mind to do the Hebrew texture talks about the fulfillment of one's heart's desires. Sounds like us doesn't not any of houses of worship been established and houses have been but the hearts desires of the people of God have been fulfilled.

God spoke in the middle of these blessings. I'm going to submit to you, my friends today that when God speaks to a nation number one.

He works through selected people. Now this is an interesting thing to understand from God's word. All of us on the standard Solomon was go back into the beginning of Scripture and you going to discover how their time without number, God spoke from the heavens and the selected any cold individual people from amongst these people to rise up and be the spokesman for him for himself time without number.

This something unique and raw the significant week in name. The great heroes of the fight from pole to Stephen the people in our own day and age that God has used so mightily and so abundantly.

But I'm here today to tell you my friends that this holding God places when he uses selected people speak to his nation is a very it is, I call number one give up everything to do what God wants you folks when blog equals specific people need to give it up, but to stamp out staying in the same seat when God has given you an assignment to continue business as usual and that specific call is not any of the pool to give up and step out. It is like this how God is convicting every time we open it together. Every time Dr. allows the life change state business as usual respectively are excited about something you like to have someone pray with you and encourage you here at 866-899-WORD number is 866899673 find that on her website as well. At TW a number of ways to connect. As a matter fact that's TEW hope you drop by and you're there, sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don you'll definitely be glad you did ballots go back to today's message when God speaks to a nation with Dr. Don Wilton my say this with all the love in my heart as I studied this passage of Scripture is God began to group my own heart even I realize the fresh this probably capture light. The three greatest challenges facing Christian America today, notwithstanding our own nation. I believe that the greatest challenges facing us tomorrow is give it up.

This speak Jesus Christ come with me again. I do not wish to pick on my own species but gentlemen, we become such a cheering section in America were so quick to go to the ballgame as I do. We so ready to fly the flag. There are some of us they don't get on a jet ski and children will love it will burn chicken better than anybody else in the neighborhood will be the center of the universe and I've seen grown men even in the church problem cheering on everybody, including his son, but as soon as it comes to the things of God. The silence is speak speak up, speak up America.

I wouldn't be surprised if he is a man. Even here today within the sound of my voice and I love you with all of my heart my dear brother you're the same for a black when you're driving the van, you're the focus of attention at the birthday party. But when you come into the house of God like you recovering from treatment worms all but I'll tell you they open things what you suppose God would say if he appeared in the flesh right now and could speak to our nation.

Does he have a word for our president.

As you have a word for those who been placed in positions of authority through politics and elections or inheritance. Does he have a word to the chairman of the board, does he have a word for that mother that father does he have a word for imposters who stand up as I do and proclaim the unsearchable riches of God in Christ Jesus.

Same thing to give up steep speak speak when God speaks to a nation. Not only does he work through selected people, but second he unleashes his mighty power. I want to warn you, as we look at verse 13 that this will rock your theological disposition.

This will defy the public opinion polls. It will compound the complexity of your life because according to the word of God. When God speaks to a nation he unleashes his mighty power. We also ready to get into the boat with the Lord Jesus about the theological significance of our Savior standing in the bow of the boat and saying with the clarity of Almighty God bestowed and then we read further on in the Bible says even the winds obeying his voice, but we're not prepared to actually believe that it works the other way to this God is Creator of all and he combines the winds and the waves to obey his voice.

This God is deep, choosing just because he is God. How did God do this. Number one, according to this text. God unleashes his mighty power, deliberately this text in verse 13 is abundantly clear. I've struggled with it because it rocks my theological world turns me upside down. I hear the voices of America, crying out, saying, surely this is not the God that I know there is no way that God would ever allow a drought to happen. There is no way that God is a God of grace would ever say in the locusts to the bow the harvest field. There is no way that God loves us so much that he gave his only son, Jesus Christ, that he would love a play to come.

The parties people. God says God does what he does and he doesn't. It is a deliberate act.

I'm going to submit to you today my friend that that is an increasingly unpopular statement to Mike there are synods and gatherings of congregations of religious peoples meeting across the world taking erasers and eliminating the authority of the inerrant and infallible word of God and saying we cannot accept what God has to say. Therefore, we will eliminate it and erase it and impose our basic presuppositions upon the text of the word of God. My Bible tells me that when God speaks to a nation that he unleashes his mighty power.

Not only does he do this deliberately. He doesn't directly purposefully.

You see my friend if we don't understand something here we not going to understand what God is citing to the nation, God did not do this for the benefit of everybody. He did this for my people that begs this question. When God speaks to a nation if he unleashes his mighty power in order to get the attention of these people what you suppose God has in mind for us. As long as we continue to turn our backs on him. God speaks to a nation. I'm convinced in my heart, my beloved friends that when he speaks as he did to the nation of Israel that he works through selected people of which you and I are numbered. Number two.

He unleashes his mighty power.

How does he do this he doesn't deliberately and he doesn't directly but number three when God speaks to a nation. He lays out his nonnegotiable condition. Once you get into verse 14 of this passage.

It is remarkable how cold is in effect begins to take place.

The plan and the purpose of God. Yet we find the message that God is working together all things for the good of those that love God and to those who are the called according to his purpose. Who are those who are called according to his purpose. They can only be the people who are called by his name, and God teaches us in relation to the nation of Israel, but I believe an application to our own lives in our own day and age within the context of the magnificence and the blessings of our lives that when God speaks to a nation. He lays out his non-negotiable condition.

I wish that I could tell you what some of them were.

I wish I could tell you that one of his conditions would be that you would preach another server or that you would sing another song. I wish that I could tell you that one of God's nonnegotiable conditions is that you would go on a mission trip or that you would be a good Boy Scout or that you would give your money to the poor folks. I wish that I could lay out some nonnegotiable that in America we have become so comfortable in the context of our culture that we raise does not hold long gone up on these people. When God speaks to you. Should he lays out full non-negotiable conditions. Yet they all number one humility number two prayer number 30 in the heart of the things of God and not a repentant heart toward God because about one God rocks the boat he confronts us within the comfort zones about own cultural superiority. He takes historical context, and he wraps it around our heads and he throws it into the deepest sea. He types our sense of superiority and Matt Simpson sense of well-being and the things that God has given Dawson.

He says my sons and my daughter. Those of you who are called by my knee from the heart of God as you all, Christ died their negotiables number one humility of heart because if you have no humility you could never serve God. Number two prayer in spirit, because if you don't talk to me you will never hear from me. Number three longing in your hot off the God who loves you because without it you will never grow in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ and number full repentance for sin because without repentance.

I cannot forgive you for your sin, for nonnegotiable God speaks to a nation. He works through selected people. He unleashes his mighty power. He lays out his nonnegotiable conditions, but not before he stands by his unchanging promises. Verse 14. The second part and through verse 16 barrel five promises here that are written in the heart of a God who loves us despite ourselves.

One of God's unchanging promises.

We have a phrase today you can take it to the bank.

Friend, you can take this to the bank number one that he will hear us number two that he will forgive us. Number three that he will heal us.

Number four that he will consecrate us in number five that will think of America, do we need God we need to be forgiven. We need to and the things we need to be healed of our races about this position. We need to be because about this, we need to be consecrated, laid aside by the grace of God I guess we knew we need to be in, we may be) because we yes we do God yes we do as we move through the Scriptures today and we understand the conviction of our own hearts. As followers of Christ.

Perhaps you are sensing some conviction as well about the need to use a yes to Jesus Christ. Perhaps you've heard Dr. Wilton before. And if you've ever heard. And you know he always talks about the importance of giving life to Jesus Christ taking that initial step.

Say yes to him. If you've not heard them sure that before that, I pray take what… Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right.

Dear God, I know that on and I know that Jesus died for me today.

I repainted my friend. I would welcome you today into the family of God. This is exciting welcome way to rededicate you welcome Christ, not just that church. This church my church which is dependent God calls us to love him. One of the ways we love to have some pretty 689-966-8967, just let us know so we can send 999673 email us at Many folks are signing up to the furniture's reign world we would be coming in during your scene partner 99 word brochure. No greater gift that you get everything you need and The Encouraging Word learning is ministering and you can remember me online GW on this phone number 866899967

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