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R859 When God Speaks to the People of God

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 5, 2020 8:00 am

R859 When God Speaks to the People of God

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 5, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Welcome to The Encouraging Word, featuring the Bible-based printing of Dr. Don Wilton in the message series on when God speaks right in the middle of this wonderful series about when like today God speaks to the people of God.

Tomorrow we'll talk about when God speaks to children.

Then on Friday when God speaks to a nation. Here is the good news. God is ready to speak to you today through his word and through the power of the spirit working in Dr. Don Wilton, our pastor Dr. Don Wilton is well-known author evangelist. Many of you know him because of his involvement in Dr. Billy Graham's funeral. He was his pastor for 25 years. Today, let him be your pastor that's open God's word together first Kings chapter 9 is well ahead in just a minute. Let's open our hearts as well as our Scripture asked the Lord to speak to us if you need to speak with us where DEW that's our website, but now Dr. Don Wilton all focus our mission to refocus all-purpose fresh understanding of who we all as the people of God. Solomon was one of those people undoubtedly one of God's servants. Solomon was an extra ordinary individual. He was a man who had a lot of money.

He was blessed God.

In fact even gave him wisdom beyond himself. Solomon was extremely wise and he became a leader among men. God had blessed Solomon because Sewall was one of the people of God and get the same man who had all lost little what happened to Solomon is that God could speak to us about even today, let alone across the United States of America, but in our own churches.

I want to read to you from first Kings chapter 9 Bible says that when Solomon had finished building the temple of the Lord and the royal palace and had achieved all that he had desired to do that old appeared to him a second time. Just as he had appeared to him at Gibeon. If you give me your attention for one minute. This is very important to understand this was the second time that God came and visited Solomon in person. First time was at Gibeon and you can read about that in chapter 3 I'll go back and refer to that a number of time between the first time that God visited Solomon in the second time was simply in what happened in the last visit, God invited Solomon to make a request of God. He said Solomon here I am cost me anything that you want. I like that and you imagine God coming to you and sign like any request that you would like it you but the second time that God came to visit with Solomon, he didn't give him permission to ask anything you ever found yourself and that got a position principal calls you in the office and says to you why my proud of you. You've done so well. Way to go but the second time equals NEC is sitdown about something to tell you boy, I do beg my pardon. The second time God came to Solomon, God laid the smack down. I mean, God sent Solomon down and he said to him, time for you to listen up. I'm not interested in what you got to say anymore so it is. The Bible says in verse three. At the second time the Lord said to him, I have the prayer and the plea. There is, you have my boss stands to me. Remember what you lost me the first time I came to see that what is God doing result of that he said I have consecrated this temple which you have lost chance I put my name there forever.

My eyes and my heart will always be there. As for you, I could just Samson see what happened here between Solomon and God Jehovah and now Solomon. You lost me these things.

The first time I came by because invited you lost me.

I've done what you lost me to do. I want to talk to you about you highly person I want to have a word with you Don Wilton that's what he says to me. As for you, if you befall me in integrity of heart and uprightness, as David your father did is a wonderful word for fathers. We thank God for godly fathers who have say for example for us to follow and if you do not come on and observe my decrees and laws will establish your royal throne over Israel forever as I promised David your father when I said you will never fail to have a man on the throne of Israel but oh sitdown Solomon. Now I'm going to put the smack on you, but if you or your sons turn away from me and do not observe the commands and decrees I have given you, and if you go and serve other gods and worship them seven then I will cut Israel from the land I have given them and I will reject this temple. I have consecrated for my name, Israel will then become a byword and an object of ridicule among all peoples, and even though this temple is not imposing on Main Street all class by will be pulled and scoff and say why has the Lord done such a thing to this land, and to this temple people onset because they have forsaken the Lord their God who brought their fathers out of Egypt and have embraced other gods worshiping and serving them and this is why the Lord brought oldest is lost on them. The people of God does God have a word for us today.

Is there a relevancy for every individual congregation in America regardless. Seems to me that this encounter with Solomon raises critical issues that Aussie applicant at the highest spiritual level number one. The issue, although I'm obstructed access to God. Now folks listen to me back in first Kings chapter 3 in verse three does what the Bible says. The Bible says that Solomon did all that God wanted him to do expecting accepting. One thing he worshiped at the high places I say to myself what in the world is wrong with that while the high places would literally hilltops they were mountaintops that the Israelites had inherited from the Canaanites. The problem with those fireplaces was that they became associated with pagan worship. And God forbid any kind of worship amongst the people of God from taking place on these high places because God will not allow his people to become fused in with pagan worship. And God said Doug Solomon did everything that God lost him to do.

Accepting that he disobeyed God and ascending God's eyes and 12 years later, God still came back to Solomon and gave him I'm obstructed access.

Now folks listen to this. As I began to study this word. I began to think of ourselves. All of us as sinners is not one of us listening to the word of God today that could stand up and say you know I don't send any more. Every one of us have fallen short of the glory of God. And if you talk about unobstructed access, my friends, you talking about the grace of God you talking about the mercy of God, and you're talking about the practice of mutual forgiveness among the people of God, I'm going to submit to you today that if you and I and our families and in our churches and in our denominations do not have. I'm obstructed access to God when dad you like our conversation with God.

All the mainstream of the house of God, and we got to go because we got to listen to what is it rain we go to take a new understanding of the grace and the forgiveness of God done pre-but we've also got to come to a fresh understanding of the forgiveness of God which is made available to us in the Lord Jesus Christ. We go to do a whole lot of forgiving we go to forgive ourselves. We go to forgive one another. We go to get back to basics folks. There is so much forgiveness in the house of God. Today it's abstract out access to God. I've shared with you before when you look at the functional workings of the local church that there are three critical issues in every congregation. If you haven't heard these, you need to level on the issue of absolute truth. You might say to me, will foster what is absolute truth absolute truth begins in Genesis 1 goes right through the Bible, Jesus Christ is absolute truth. God is absolute truth. Forgiveness is absolute truth, reconciliation justification is absolute truth. Sanctification is absent or truth, the resurrection of Jesus Christ is absolute truth in so far as I am able to do so in one congregation.

I give my people permission never to compromise on the issue of absolute truth. That's nonnegotiable folks but the second issue is the issue of personal conviction. All of us about personal conviction. Personal convictions are fundamental they come of absolute truth, but in so far as I'm able to do so as' the local church. I do not give my people permission to ever impose their personal convictions on the local church is absolute truth no matter how convicted I am about what I believe what I believe can never take the place of what say even though I'm a man of great conviction. But there's 1/3 issue that's the issue of personal preference. Folks, we will personal preferences.

Every single one of us. I'll guarantee you some worshiping today preferred to sing hymns and others preferred to sing. Some people prefer the preacher to be loud and say positive just turn it up a notch week on here, and others are saying they please, could you just turn it down. The second, some people love for the preacher to walk around the pool but like a caged line of the site. Man, I just love it when he stands behind the Pope and you know that across America today more and more churches are being absent, but on personal folks listen go and if you are not going to run errands's sense, forgive this interruption. Dr. Don is challenging us all and I pray that we voice of God through Dr. because we want to build grow be part of churches that are built absolute truth or personal preference. Such conviction as we study were together sometimes were having folks would you pray for our church. We would be thrilled and we connected either on our or on this phone number again the websites TW or phone numbers 86689 were again before the day is out.

866-899-WORD 9673 but know that we look for study the word of God together and pass got to change.

Now back to today's message when God speaks to the people of God Dr. Don Wilton second big issue in the life. Solomon was the issue somewhat interesting subject.

If you going try to study it some interesting things in my 966 it was completed in November of 959 God came back to Solomon in 946 just seven years boss 12 years. I beg your pardon was between the time of his first visitation, and he's requested on and the actual completion of the assignment God gave Solomon a period of time. Solomon accomplish anything on this.

Your company's three things. Number one he accomplished the gathering of the people what the pixies in chapter 9 he accomplished the gathering of the people think about ourselves folks. How long about churches being around when when we established just think of that accomplishment the time God is given to us congregations like cows that all meeting we've accomplished the gathering of the people, but number two he accomplished the comfort of the king the comfort of the king. The Bible says he not only the gathering of the temple and the people in the temple but he booty's own royal palace. He took care of his own personal comfort.

Sounds like us, me tell you my friends, in case you don't know. We are very comfortable people just think about how God has blessed us in America today.

Why don't you come with me to some other parts of the world like Africa and India subplots in South America to come with me to downtown rescue mission and just see some people rarely all wanted Solomon accomplish the time God gave to him.

All he had accomplished the gathering of the people no truer in the United States of America.

There's a church behind every bush you and I don't even have to get in line to go to church anymore. We got the pick of the crop we can put our personal preferences to work and nobody seems to mind. Number two, he guaranteed himself his own comfort and number three the fulfillment of these hearts desires. That's a Skype that sounds like me. I can honestly tell you today my dear friends the fulfillment of my desires. God has given me everything I desire beautiful wife and children. Daughter-in-law, I bought a dog named Leon to sit on about I'm surrounded by the people there already is in trees and glosses everything that I read every dream and yet God came to Solomon and said so you think you got unlimited friends. There are some incredible issues that come out of God's encounter with Solomon. The issue of unobstructed access. The issue of unlimited time. Number three the issue of God's undeserved presence. God's undeserved presence.

If you take a hard look at this passage. The Bible tells us in verse two and following that God did something that was remarkable, based upon the dispensation of these grace when God showed up the first time in chapter 3 verses six through nine. He said to Solomon Solomon.

You can ask me anything you want. Solomon had six requests number one.

He thanked God because God was the one who had gone before him through David number two. He acknowledged God because God was the one who had placed his hand upon him. Number three. He recognized God because God was the 1 Who Would Pl. them on the phone number for Decon fast to God. Interesting to note in that particular request there my friends that he confessed.

He's immaturity to God. It was great Solomon. This was a king. When God said to him, Solomon, you can ask me anything he confessed he got all things lofty throne what he can face.

He confessed humility and he confessed a listening lock so necessary in order to lead God's people. If you don't have teeth, and a listening heart for Jesus Christ number five you observed with God.

Solomon looked around over the shoulder of God, weeping into the heart of God as you observe the crowd so necessary to note in the see the fields which are ripe on the harvest we become too cushy on our padded cruising Spartanburg, South Carolina where sitting back and we doing nothing when noticing the crowds anymore. Not only thank God and acknowledge God and recognize God and confess to God and observed with God, but he requested from God. In verse 91. Incredible thing to note. Just amazing God were to come to me right now and say to me, Don. You can ask me anything you know I'm sure that I begin to line up my requests. What would you what would you request to go. Solomon requested two things. Number one.

An understanding heart and number to a discerning heart. Why did you request an understanding heart because Solomon in all of his glory and splendor new that if he didn't have a spiritually understanding heart. He's money would amount to nothing if he didn't have compassion.

He would know what to do with it. He'd keep it tucked up under his own armpit number two. He requested a discerning heart wide discerning heart because you and I cannot serve the Lord. Unless we are able to discern things that are of spiritual value, and the only way to discern things of spiritual value is to see through the eyes of a God who loves us despite asset ask a discerning heart.

So I guess Solomon Kings. This lofty man this important man.

He requests an understanding heart and a discerning heart but God here was raising the issue of his undeserved presence because right day. He switches gears when he shows up. The second time and when he shows up. The second time he looks into the heart of Solomon and he says I don't want you lost me anything I want you to sit down and listen because I'm about to show you for things that God's people cannot do without. I'm no longer interested in hearing your whims and fancies in your request. Not that there was anything wrong he theme he made the most incredible requests of God, but he wasn't doing what God wanted him. God sent him.

Solomon listen the second time he showed up. He said Solomon there are four things God's people cannot do without number one you cannot do without the guarantee of my presence.

You cannot do without the guarantee of my presence. Chapter 8 Chapter 3 Chapter 9. The Bible tells us over and over again that when the people gathered that God would present himself in a cloud and when he came down upon them in a cloud. The people were rendered speechless by the presence of the holy and a righteous God. I say this with all the love and respect of my heart. Folks we cannot do without the guarantee of God's presence. Can we can you not do without that and you know the interesting thing about God presence is you don't even have to budget for it. Never has to go to the finance team church never has to vote on you not have to raise money will send letters out encouraging the congregation.

What is it cost to get the undeserved presence in the guaranteed presence of God and God.

Solomon many since I you might be a long time. The temples that I want to know if you have my presence in your heart and in your life. Nothing number two. Second thing, God's people cannot do without is the placing of his name placing reason I am God said I'm going to put my name down. That's what I meant other said I'm gonna write my name on the temple of your heart. Why does the Bible talk about the name of God, because the word says blessed be the name of the Lord grantee's name upon your heart. Many of us are trying to serve God without names written on the holds about Roman temples and God looked upon and he said cannot do without my presence. And you do without my written a question can guess what folks, the placing of the name of God is not a budgeted item either number three third thing God's people cannot do without is the conferring of these grace according to chapter 9 and verse five that word to establish that word that literally means to confer just like we do. When students graduate from college and we confer a degree on them. God God's grace is God confirming himself on a people when we say by God's grace be upon you with signing out God. Would you would you place would you put your grace upon the people and what God is saying to Solomon. He does listen number one you cannot do without the guarantee of my presence. You cannot do without the placing upon the but you cannot do without the conferring of my grace and number four.

You cannot without the days of my eyes and my heart what God is talking about here is the love affair that exists between God and God's people. And when God says that you are my people gazes upon you with a spiritual action with a dynamic that you are not cannot even begin to imagine. He doesn't want to type these eyes all possible. And God says you don't have to budget for things like this, you need to get up what you say I cannot do without the guarantee of your presence in the placing of you and the conferring of your grace and the gaze of your is in your heart upon. There was 1/4 critical issue not just a matter of unobstructed access and unlimited time and God's undeserved presence, but there was the issue of unapologetic warnings friends. In this passage. There are five warnings that God guide to Solomon number one the warning of generational decline. So grateful for our young people number two there was the warning of a lack of focus.

He said focus on me because I alone have given we call it keeping the main thing the main thing I saw at first Baptist Church and in all of our churches know Jesus Christ is not to be about the business of the color of carpets. We don't need to waste 30 seconds trying to determine what this is all who that is.

Our focus is not on the stained-glass window. It is upon the person of Jesus Christ is taking the gospel to the south and east is West. It's going to Brazil and in Germany and he dropped back streets and neighborhoods focusing on Jesus Christ.

Somebody say a man that's what it's all number three there was a warning of disobedience related to keeping the commandments of God, number four, there was the warning of the word of God relating to the statutes of God number five. It was the warning of idolatry.

He said if you worship any other God chose what I'm going to do. I will contact you to imagine that in verse seven. I hear all this, covenant theology, which I believe in implicitly God made a comment, but notwithstanding. He said if you my people sin against me. I am going to cut you off That turns your theology upside down, so be it. That's what the word of God says that's what the word of God says how will he do it. God made disgrace. They people, God will default their priests, God will destroy their houses of worship and God will demean their witness and the text just say that people buy on Main Street. When I see his travel around our community.

One time I remember how you access in the Scriptures today in the teaching Dr. Don Wilton. May we who follow Jesus Christ be more committed than ever to be the kind of men and women God calls us to for you. Perhaps you today are being called to become a part of this family of God to help us be the minimum of God, take a moment and hear these close intelligent Dr. Don because today could be the day that you say yes are you ready would you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Jesus loves that he died on today. I repent of my sins and I can face my son and I give him a name. If you pray that prayer from your phone. I welcome you to the family of eight skating games together as we are connected together ever. As believers in Christ prayed to receive for you. Let us take you to the next step encourage you to give you some resources. The doctor done.

Once you have all is right.

866-899-WORD let us know what your life that 866-899-WORD 9673, and a force more than just giving you resources for connecting family something or someone. We're here for you 24 hours a day nine tomorrow when God speaks to children is an exciting one same time tomorrow… When God's tomorrow.

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