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R857 When God Speaks About Defying the Odds

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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August 4, 2020 8:00 am

R857 When God Speaks About Defying the Odds

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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August 4, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Welcome to The Encouraging Word, featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton in a message about defying the sea as we go through life. There are times where it does seem like everything is stacked against us and God is for us who could possibly be against us in this time of Bible study today will be headed in Genesis chapter 6 with Dr. Don Wilton well-known author evangelist Pastor the open sore today know that we are open to pray with you as well connecting that's TEW or this phone number jotted down start your cell where here at 866-899-WORD before hours a day. That's 866-899-9673.

Now today's message about defying the odds with Dr. Don Wilton on The Encouraging Word subject buying all you find yourself in a position that you literally wondering if there is any hope when you turned what you do next obvious step out of the hole, lecturing when you go the fine arts to share with you words of encouragement from God's word to the my friend, God is going to bless you and he's going to deliver you and I want you to know that I'm praying for you. I believe God has a special word. I have some friends who have struggled for years you've gone through the most unbelievably difficult times, folks, I identify with things like that. I identify with some of the struggles that people go through. They never you could never shake off something.

There are some tragedies in life that you will experience that you couldn't name a shake off the death of somebody close to you that you love so much.

Perhaps you blame yourself. Perhaps you your your your just stocking the Internet or a of of guilt. Something happened to hear down the road and you just don't know where to turn to.

The odds are against you. You've done everything you've been everywhere you've talked to everybody you possibly can. I want to share with you nine words of encouragement that we got a look at no why do not pick on. No, I don't know because God told me to pick on. No is very pick and I made you look today at Genesis chapter 6 chapter 7 chapter 8 and chapter. Some of you going to say that's impossible for you. Boston we going to look just at if you select versus now folks listen carefully. Noah was a man that knew what it was to defy the odds and everything was against it. He was in the midst of an incredibly evil society. God told him to build the boat for crying in a bucket. They didn't even have running water, little on the bucket, the cry it not. I me that he told him to bring aboard the boat. All these animals. Can you imagine getting an instructor like that go out they in the bush site animals, come on line line, get on board. Think about it the whole thing folks is defying the odds everything is unreasonable.

That doesn't make it a sick. I've never seen anybody on their hands and knees in front of alignment, get on my boat we going to like the soft moon, then this flood comes I mean, what was a flood knife stuck on the boat with all these animals. Everybody oxides dying but God was doing something very dear few verses. First of all, Genesis chapter 6 verse five the Lord saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become God's will that let's go to verse six the Lord was grieved. Watch this that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain. Interesting here about God and the character of God. It's going to verses eight and nine, but found favor in the eyes of the Lord. Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and nova wall with God. Let's go to verse 14. So God said to Noah, make yourself an ark of Cyprus would my groomsmen and coated with pitch inside and out and wallowing on his all kinds of details you and I can ever imagine. Go to verse 18. I love verse 18 God said to him, Noah. I will establish my covenant with you and you will enter the ark, you and your sons your wife and your sons wives with you, etc. let's go to chapter 7 turnover to chapter 7 in verse 23. Look at this talk about defying the odds. Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out from the earth only, no was left and those who were with him ever felt black you're the only one let's go to chapter 8 and verse one but God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock that were with him in the and so God did something about the same to win over the earth and the waters receded. Let's go to chapter 8 and verse 20 then Lola built an altar to the Lord. Chapter 9.

I love chapter 9 and verse one and following. Then God blessed Noah or what a sweet sound. That is, that would place then God blessed Noah and his sons assigned to them, be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth. The fear and dread of you will fall upon all beasts of the earth, and the birds of the air upon every creature that moves along the ground and upon all the fish of the sea, they are given into your hand everything that moves and moves will be food for you. Just as I gave you green plants are now give you everything you know one thing amongst many others that people who are hurting will tell you they will say to you, I've lost it all.

I'm losing everything. My life will never be the same again. I'm going down the drain it so that I can never recoup what I've lost. I could never find wholeness and meaning in my life again.

I brought such good news for you today. Not only can you, but you will, and God will give it back to you 10 times over, and he will give you everything that you've ever had before, and a whole does he do that when the odds are against you, 19 words of encouragement.

God sees look at chapter 6 and verse five the Lord sold this context. What was God looking at God was fully cognizant of the evil of mankind. Bottom line here folks is that God sees. I love that song that we sing. His eye is on the sparrow and he's watching over me. Now watch this.

This is an incredible statement here folks, when you and I find ourselves in the most perplexing circumstances of life that we are in that hospital bed.

We've had that diagnosis we having to go through struggles every time we go home.

It's a war zone sons and daughters of disappointing us were struggling financially. Where in the pit of depression. We got people demonstrating against us trying to demean character and break us down and throw rocks at us.

God is watching watching. If you want to see that in the best expression go to a couple who have little children most precious thing is not awake. What is the number one thing little boys and girls want their parents to watch me daddy, you know those days when you go down to the beach for a week of vacation or you get out the trailer and the chairs and everything else in boards like tearing everything down.

The Entrada walk across the gangplank and its hot pot pot and you running down the beach and find you get down there in your plot your chair and your umbrella and the boys and girls and the children are so happy in my running around and they get the buckets and finds a nice talk to big and the whole time all you hear is me daddy watch me daddy watch me mommy watch me mommy mommy watch me mommy daddy watch me seeing a hole dug in the sand before you watch the little child run.

So why do you watch, listen to this God never has the need to sit in his deck chair, closing his eyes and taken he's always watching you. Not alone. You have been abandoned. He sees number two God grieves a look at verse six of the Lord was grieved the Bible here talks about the heart of God even talks about pain qualifies the content of the heart of God. It's one thing to talk about the heart of God. It's another thing to qualify the content of the heart of God. God grieves down this context, we know that God grieved because of the Son of Man. We tell you how God grieves folks God grieves in three ways not never forget this number one. He dreams with us to write the senior heart. He grieves with us remembered Jesus Christ became man came to this earth, and he identified with us in all points just the same as we yet without sin now because of human life because of the way we are made we goes through all kinds of pain.

Bible says that God grieves with us that points to the nature of the God who loves us with us. God grieves with us. He's right there alongside us. Number two. He grieves for us. God not only Mel might seem so fast and you now agree that he was us, as the God of heaven and his sovereign grace. He breathes down partnership grief he grieves.

But there's 1/3 way that God grieves, grieves, and the consequences of brief kiss and three of the grief of God breathing breathing and grieving because the bottom line bought green forgive the roof back report of Dr. Don Wilton hard to come to understand the creative study were together got questions or need someone 866-899-WORD number and that's real fast. Jot it down, store, use 868999673 title 24 hours a day we'd love to spend time with you before you find all of that and more ways to connect on our that's TEW about today's message with Dr. Don Wilton watch the spokes because this is kind of racial struggles we go through can be connected integrally someone goes through a tough time it's not experiencing great grief mean that I live down in my throat came from and I have tears is an expression of the site is broken. Grief is a broken heart. It's in this itself. That is what not at peace that the grieving heart. It's a fractured heart, so that God here is grieving with me. He's grieving me and he's grieving because of me because I'm bearing in my boarding the consequences of the sinful man that I number three God knows love verse 89 there in the midst of all this.

The Bible says, but Noah found favor in the eyes of God now want you to contemplate this just for second folks here is not in the midst of this mass of humanity back we read in verse five that everyone all the people.

The masses of society were evil today very today.

Cool heat he was. He was lost.

He was a drop in the bucket, but God knows who you are one of the greatest four acts of the struggles that we have is that we psychologically sometimes. Sometimes internally, sometimes unknowingly paying courses us are struggling scores us to arrive at a point where we actually believe that we have been forgotten by God.

Now that is particularly true in the life of people who have gone through years of struggle we have prayer requests, and we know people just like you and me, we talking about many many years of struggle people that are being faithful they tried everything you can possibly imagine.

But it's been relinquished just doesn't seem to go away never seem to get to the point at which you can get it all together. The pain is always there, folks, I'm going to give you a clue here when you allow God to take that situation from your suffered great loss. You've gone through this it separates it when you allow God to do what God can do, and you handed over you always going to remember the event, but you going to remember the event. Without the pain is a big difference. We we've got it all confused beside you and all you know I'm just going to be a wonderful Christian. I'm just got to hand it all over to the Lord and here comes tomorrow and the whole thing comes back to the table. Again we say will watch this. Folks I've never read in the Bible that when God takes over my circumstances that he erases that from my memory or from ever having happened. There are things that happen in our lives. You always gonna remember always going to be there but you going to remember it without the pain, God will deliver you because God knows God sees and God grieves and God knows a number for God direct from verse 14 God gave to him such specific orders. It's an amazing thing here. If I went through all the details God direct's did you know that God loves you so much that he takes care of the finest intricate smallest details.

Let's consider a man who's going to have heart surgery and yeah you are. You're a man or a lady and you've got a heart condition and I've told you that you have to have heart surgery. How do you pray when you go through heart surgery.

Let me tell you how you pray, here comes that cardiologist and that team of medical personnel and they are around your table and you are praying for somebody you praying for yourself. Both how do you pray folks you can pray about the very smallest intricate details of everything that's taking place. Lord, I want to pray for my daddy today. I put my hand on my daddy shoulder because I love it and he's going through the surgery, and as she leaves to go and get prepared for the surgery. I'm going to just pray for him right now and father.

I want to pray for the details.

Every little I want pray for the cardiologist I want to pray for the nurses I want to pray for the people all the circumstances I want to pray Lord that you would get a hold of that surgeon and that you would use his hands in the minutest details that you would direct every instrument that he picks up. You know those little fine things. The doctors and dentist use that are so tiny they are finally chewing instruments that deal with the smallest, most insignificant, tiniest little key components in the human body and they work so delicately. Did you know that God direct the very minutest details of our lives. Yes, what we read in the Old Testament that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. Did you know that God truly knit you together in the smallest detail. He knows everything he understands every spark plug in your body. Every nerve fiber and God direct when he told Noah to build an ark.

He didn't just cite them. Noah get out they you brought a bunch of sons build the boat he gave him the very specifics God direct's credible number five God establishes our love verse 18 interesting statement here that God makes. He says, in light of all of this I want you to know that RCI grieve.

I know I direct that I want you to know that I establish that they is written in the future tense. In other words, what God is saying is that there is a direct correlation between what I am doing for you today and what I will always do for you tomorrow. There is an in there is a connection that is inherent in the establishment of the covenant of God between the heart of man the heart of God and the lifetime of man.

I will establish my covenant with you. In other words, God is speaking about a divine purpose. You want to look at the alternative gun study the numbers of people that disobeying God turn their backs on him see what the reverse looks like number six God follows through chapter 7 verse 23 gets all over me areas in the midst of the flood and things are not going well. Everybody's dead but no was left and his family gone always follows through. You know that. Did you know that he loves you that much. He's carrying to completion all that he's put in front of you all the requests that you have gone follows through. Number seven God remembers this is the seventh word of encouragement, God remembers a love chapter 8 verse one, but God remembered Noah goodness me talk about casualties about predicaments is think about Job in the Old Testament. Can you imagine all those calamities coming up on Job how easy to come to the conclusion that we actually believe that God is forgotten.

Did you know that God never forgets that we cannot understand that because we are living Alaskan. My wife and I better catch a plane in a little while to fly down and join teenagers down in Florida then we've got to be a person then you got to do that, then you got work to get to and you got a message to preach and your children to take care of, and we already forgetful people and we got all the reasons and when we come to God with our petitions with the things that are problems to us. The struggles that we have and we present these things to him. He always remembers God doesn't need to be reminded so widely reminded because he's our heavenly father and I don't need my wife to tell me that she loves me and she doesn't need me to tell her that I love her so why do we bother saying that to each other because we love one another. What a time we parents have when our children are growing up we give them an ice cream and we say and and I look at us and we look at them and we say and you know that fearful and that we have here.

What's missing.

I alright well then I'll just eat your ice cream thank you daddy me tell you something. Folks sometimes God will take ice cream away because he remembers but he still wants to be reminded we confuse that we got it all mixed up. We think because God remembers he never needs to be reminded mix those two issues we confuse that with our children will of course they thankful I still want to know for me know yes but also for them because I don't want my children to grow up a selfish Embassy restructure life getting everything and never sign.

Thank you so why am I teaching them to say thank you. I love that by grateful, but it's my responsibility.

God will take ice cream away. He remembers number eight. God expects God expects again. I love verse 20 of chapter 8. The Bible says, then Noah built an altar to the Lord now friends could we just be on the label with one another today. It runs along the same theme that we've been talking about God did all of this from Noah God understood taking care of business, even direct and him gave him all the details, but folks don't ever forget that God expects us to build an altar. What is it mean to build an altar.

It's coming back to the old theme means that we are willing to do whatever it takes to let God know what we think of him. You know every time you do not build an altar to God in response to what gold God is done for you. You are telling God that you don't think very much of him.

He expects us to follow through. If you forgive me for the stipend for our side of the bargain, folks, not God's mercy and God's grace is available because he is rich in mercy and grace.

God does for me what he does because he's God, he is not the premium on me to do what God does.

But because he is God. And because he is my heavenly father God expects me to do my part. Have you might've deal with God as God delivered you. Has he set you free. God expects you to build that altar to go back to the place of your first commitment to give that gift to offer that blessing to travel that distance to give up your life. God expects that and then finally, God blesses all of this lost point God blesses chapter 9 and verse one Lynn God blessed Noah that were David Blair's is the same word we use for happiness and that would happy there is not a shallow label of walking around with a smile on your face.

No, he's talking again about the quality of our hearts to be blessed of God means that we are complete in him. We offer we have been made because of all right, what loves you and I want to make a declaration that I your circumstance will always be just paying 10 how we revel in the fact that the struggle is sometimes we know that with their heads, but her emotions are struggling to catch up with that. I pray that you would allow us to encourage you will be on the phone or online TW is the way we can connect keyboard keyboard that's TBW Feel free to call. This phone number anytime 866-899-WORD is the phone number that's 866-899-9673, but we get away closing thoughts from Dr. Don Wilton you pray this prayer with me and escape Jesus into your heart and life. Dear God, I know that Arneson I know that Jesus loves me and died from the cross. Right now I repent of my sins and I confess my sins coming tomorrow for Satan today. Give me for my sin. Jesus name I pray, amen. If you pray that prayer we love to get along side of us in the right seeing some literature help fusion grow if you prayed that prayer. Welcome to the family. If you're ready to have more questions answered before you print the call.

Let's talk about it.

866-899-WORD number 866999673 would love to connect with you if you'd rather do it online that's been on a TW that's T he devil is also a great place to discover who we are to say thank you so many are becoming principles of finance we call you about how you join us by becoming 99 where your brochure. There is no greater spending time in the world for Jesus ministry that phone connect with resources to help become the phone at 866899 word 66899

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