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R576 True Faith

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 29, 2020 8:00 am

R576 True Faith

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 29, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Welcome to The Encouraging Word, featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton as he begins a new message today call true faith. Faith is something that we understand we have faith in the cars we drive in it to go in faith of the airplanes that are to stay in the air, but true faith when it comes to our day-to-day life is something that is more available than you realize, as we dig deep into God's word today will be headed to Hebrews chapter 11 with Dr. Don in just a moment, but he wants me to remind you where here for you were connecting keyboard keyboard right now on our website,, G, T, E, W This phone number 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 would love to connect with you now. Dr. Wilson. I want us to try laws God what it is that we need to do it we going to discover something with me at Hebrews chapter 11 verse one. The Bible says. Now is being sure of what we hope all and so what we do not see, that's a wonderful statement is yet we all building together and fight that we all we call ourselves a people of faith, yet we are endeavoring to live by faith in God's word says faith is being sure of what we hope and absolutely certain of what we do not see God instructs us at this juncture to be men and women and boys and girls just simply convicted about where we going because we know where we going but we know already where we are going in his name is the Lord Jesus Christ. Verse two. This is what the ancients were commended for that statement says statement just says that God is telling us you want to know what faith is all about. Go back and look at the old-timers. That's right. You not love to do that this morning just come down here little bit and walk around and just spend my whole time I got to be careful.

You're going to the old-timers so I'm not going to do online.

You want to know what true faith as you go around people in this congregation who been made on that what God is telling us hi, I want you to do something even more profound than that. I don't want you to just go back to 1960 and 1950 and 1940. I want you to go all the way back to the beginning. If you want to understand what true faith is all about. I want you to leapfrog over the eons of time into the very heartbeat of the beginning of the ages, according to the sovereign hand of God. And when you go back to the beginning you are going to discover that I had in mind concerning true faith. Lucky enunciates you look at what happens in verse three, he says, by faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible by people from time to time. Come inside me pasta you believe the book of Genesis and I say absolutely. Why is I have played you believe that Jonah was swallowed by a big fish absolutely unequivocably I don't understand the that I believe it because I have complete I'm trying to exercise my faith in God is and so we begin this incredible passage where the Lord uses a number of examples of this verse, Paul Brockway able offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did we going to discover something both of them made an effort at worshiping God one's effort was rejected. The other ones was accepted.

What is it got to do it. It's got to do with what God tells us concerning fight by faith Abel was commended as a righteous man. When God spoke well of his offerings and by faith he still speaks. Even though he is dead. That is just the thing you talk about a legacy I tell you every time I go pasta war Memorial.

I have a sense of incredible gratitude.

I really do you know why because men and women are still speaking to us from the grave concerning the sacrifices they made on the half of a person like me.

God says listen I want you to go into the memorial time itself and I want you to leapfrog all the way back into the very beginning and I'm going to show you something because when I show you what real true faith is all about you are going to be able to examine how you stand before God and his righteousness.

Let's do that. Let's go back to Genesis Genesis chapter 4 everybody turn with me in your Bibles to Genesis chapter 4. This is an incredible story you need to read along with me. Garrett is Genesis chapter 4. Love to hear all those pages turning in that great Genesis 4 verse one Adam lay with his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to claim she said this she said, with the help of the Lord. I have a man not could be just that's the first expression of faith and I'm not even preaching on why you Dr. for a moment that he would've understood all the delicate intricacies concerning conception and birth bugs. We know she didn't have a library she didn't have gynecologists and obstetricians and people love medical profession who were able to explain all the details of the miracle this lady he whom God created was care at this point in time. And like some the sick. She is the most believable expression of how this happened to me this baby boy has come, but I do know one thing that wherever he came from and how ever this happened, it has to be tied into the heart of Almighty God.

That's faith well look what happens. Later she gave birth to his brother Abel and at this point we are going to find it incredible parallel, but we going to see two schools of very crazy simple, not Abel kept flocks, and Cain worked the soil and from verse three way through the rest of the chapter, we have juxtaposed once against the other.

The propagation of the institution of a false religion that lies parallel and side-by-side faith which is in God Jehovah and what God is saying to us at this point. Listen I want you to know that this is what faith is all about. This is what faith is all about.

You need to go back because it still speaking from the grave concerning the heart of a sovereign God who loves you not watch what happens here very interesting. In verse three in the course of time Cain brought some of the fruits of the soil as an offering to the Lord. What's wrong with that skews me that's a jolly nice thing anybody got a guy would say goodness me that's coming this man went to work and he raised crops and fruit in the will could be wrong with this, what's wrong with that well in the next verse, but I choose from some of the firstborn of his flock. Just think of the Lord Jesus Christ that we have a type of Christ, my friends, this is going to be floating. This is the red thread the crimson thread that flows right throughout the Scriptures culminates with the cross of Jesus Christ because the Bible says that without the shedding of blood can be no remission of sin and right chair in the beginning, the expression and the heartbeat, faith in God through Christ Jesus is set in spirit because it is set in the heart of God portions from some of the first born of these crop Abel and his offerings but on Cain and his offering he did not look with favor. So Cain was very angry. You know friends that false religion today gets very angry with true faith, the anger against Christianity and Jesus Christ is only epitomized in the fact that the name of the Lord Jesus is uses a cuss word overtime. Have you ever wondered why I've said this many times why people when they Movies They Always Use the Name of Jesus Christ, You Know That Even amongst Our People to Do You Hear God Listen God That Involve the Next like Have You Ever Wondered Why People Don't Say Son Young Moon. Have You Ever Wondered Why Don Wilton Why Do People Use. Why Do People Not Use. I Mean Why Doesn't Anybody in America Say All Mohammed It's Tied into the Faith That God Has Placed in the Eternal Part of the Sovereign. This Comes from before the Foundation of the World Folks Go Back to the Beginning… Look, I Can Hardly Stand Myself. Cain Was Very Angry down Because Then the Lord Said to Client Why You Angry Wise Your Face down Cost. Listen to This. You Do What Is Right, Will You Not Be Accepted.

In Hebrews Chapter 11 What God Say about Able God Said He Was Counted As Righteous.

The Word Doesn't Mean My Conscience That I Do What I Consider to Be the Difference between Right and Wrong to Be in the Sight of God Means That in the Expression of My Lines up with What God Has Told Me to Do and Decided to Do. He Didn't Want Was Right. If You Do What Is Right, Will You Not Be Accepted. But If You Do Not Do What Is Right.

Look at This Personification Look at This Incredible Image That Is Presented but If You Do Not Do What Is Right, Sin Personified Is Crouching at Its Desire to Have You but You Must Master It.

Now Cain Said to His Brother Abel. Come on, Brother.

Let's Go out to the Field and While They Were in the Field, Cain Attacked His Brother Abel and Killed Him in Your Own Private Time Your Own Private Study You Read the Rest of the Chapter. It's Remarkable. These People You Know That God Is Asking Us to Go Back to the Interesting Three Common Features about the Number One They Were a Very Simple People Just like You and Me Only People Simple People Going about the Costs No Different to Ourselves. Number Two, They Were Researching People They Were Trying to Look for Something You Can Done Study All the Patriarchs in the Might Go Right throughout Scripture.

Look at the Leaders of Even Our Own Generation People Searching from without the Context of Their Simplicity As Human Beings Searching for Meaning, Trying to Fill That Gap Trying to Fill That Void in Their Hearts and Lives People Turn to Drugs and Alcohol. People Turn to Immorality People to People Trying to Find an Answer to the Last Predicament.

Jesus Said Excuse Me I'm the One I'm the Only One Who Can Give to You Abundant Life. I've Given It to You Because I Died a Point across Your Listing to Dr. Don Wilton Your Courage and Word Back with the Rest of Today's Message of Faith in Just a Moment That Concept of Finding Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places Looking for the Answers to Our Predicament, Whatever They Might Want Places to Think No One's Experience. The Struggles I'm Afraid She Has It All Together.

She May Have a Great Together. She Probably Has a History As to Pass to Dr. for You Would Let Us Walk a Little Bit Further down the Road Were Not Maybe Miles Ahead of You, Maybe Just A Few Steps Ahead of We Can Help. As We Pray Together Connect with the Smart Phone Line at 866899 Word Anytime Day or Night Disconnects Are Perching with the Right Person. If You Call 866-899-9673 or Me This Online Online Online Activities Message. Can We See These People Were Simple Searching Different from Ourselves and You Just Imagine Adam and Eve. They Just Been Thrown Out Of the Garden of Eden.

Can You Imagine the Memories the Grapes. I Can't Even Imagine What Was Going through the Minds and Hearts and the Lives of Adam and Eve.

Can You Think There Are Some Interesting Things Here about True Faith That God Is Showing Us Number One God Is Trying to Show Us That Faith Is Not This Is Not Distracted. This Couple That I Was Telling You about. And by the Way of What Wonderful News about the That Was a Couple Years Ago.

The Marriage Is Just Bubbling on Me and I Just It's Just so in Love Folks in This System Is One the Most Wonderful Things I've Ever Seen. One Minute It's All on the Rocks of Me Wanted to. Now They Just Back in Love Again. They Went Back to Their First Love. They Rekindled That They Re-Examine Those Things That Came Together in the First Place.

They Went Back to the Beginning. You Know, One of the Things That Again and I'm Not Just Picking on the Man but I Am One of Them so I Have To One of the Things She Said to Me While We Were Tricky and She'd Written It down and Puts. She Said You Know Pasta. She Said What Just Really Upsets Me Is That My Husband Year of 17 Years Doesn't Give Me Any Attention Anymore.

I Said What You Mean by That. Let's Talk about. She Said All Back Then When We First Got Married When We Were Dating. She Said I Was Just the Same Time, of Everything in His Life. I Mean There Was Nothing That Was Too Much Trouble. He Would Drive for Miles to Come and See Me Stay up All Not in All Kinds of Clocks All around the Country Do the Most Incredible Things You've Ever Seen in Your Life, and She Said to Me We Could Be like with Skype, Liquid Became Thousand People Lay around Us, and yet I Knew That His Eyes Were on Me. She Said We Would Be in Gatherings and Meetings with the Church in Solomon They Would Be a Crowded and Eyes Were Just Kind of Catch. Have You Ever Seen a Man Who's Got a Roving Eye Particularly Sad When It's a Married Man. You Have a Beautiful Wife, Their Children and Family and Any Spending All His Time Looking for Other Ladies Distracted All He Still Married. Let's Nightlights to Laramie Nazis Rock That's What She Supposed to Do the His Wife, but He's Distracted. He's Looking Everywhere Else. Trying to Find Greener Postural Disarming Is to the Point at Which This One Is Almost Kind of a Nuisance Is Better If She Would Just Die Home with the Kids Where She Supposed to Be This a Great Distraction Going on That in Our Christian Faith Folks Sometimes We Read It so Long, We Become Distracted. We Take Our Focus off the Lord Jesus Christ and of Who He Is. Buildings Distract Us Home Distract Us Sad. Mrs. Children, Let Us down.

We Filed for Bankruptcy.

We've Got All Kinds of Reasons and We Become Distracted and God Says Excuse Me I Want You to Be Focused What Happened Here in the Lives of These Men That Made Abel so Singularly Significant to the Point at Which His Testimony Still Cries out and Preaches to Us from the Grave Is Not Distracted.

First, It's Not Distracted by Human Effort.

You See Cranes Work and Effort Were Commendable Folks like Well I Mean You Cannot You Cannot Argue with That Was Wrong with These Human Effort. God Said It's Not a Matter of Whether or Not Your Food and Your Crops in Your Human Effort All Things That Are an Abomination to Me That's Not the Point Is That God Want You to Know That You and the Expression Is Not Based upon Human Effort. It Is Based upon I'm Going to Say This Very Lovingly. God Looks at Us and He Says Thank You Very Much for All the Things That You Do.

Quite Frankly, I Don't Believe What You Do and I'm Not Interested in What You Do. I'm Only Interested in What I Want You Folks. You Wouldn't Believe Some of the Things That I Hear from Time to Time Not Only Distracted by Human Effort, but Second It's Distracted by Human Reasoning Cranes Way Was More Crap Now Could We Just Have a Little Survey Not Just a Silencer, but I'll Do the Guys a Nice Online If You Said to Me Would You Want Have Cranes Sacrifice, or Would You Rather Have Abel Sacrifice. That's a No-Brainer to Me.

I'd Rather Look and Be Involved in Fresh Fruit and and and and All the Crops and Analytes of the Stuff I Mean It's Forbearance Looks Better It Tastes Better Than to Have Some Poor Lamb with Its Blogging and Shooting Blood All over the Place, Wouldn't You Mean, Let's Be Real. I Mean Human Reasoning Says What You Want You Shooting out All over the Place and and besides That Little Lamb. I Mean, What's That Lamb Done and and You Signed to Me. We Got Done.

Cut the Throat of a Laman and We Gotta Do This.

And Go through This Execution in Order to Satisfy but If Human Reason Is into the Exercise about You and I Are in Serious Trouble. Because When It Came down to Christ, the Son of the Living God, and Be Executed so That the Bible Says That Shedding Can Be Mentioned That the Gospel Folks Because I like Friends Listen. We Run Great Danger in the 21st Century. I'll Be Imposing Personal Preferences and Personal Convictions upon Everything That God Is and God Reminds Us Time without Number That Neither Our Personal Preferences. Convictions Can Ever Replace or Displace the Absolutes of the Truth of the Word of God through Faith Is Not Distracted. Why Would People Say the Most Unbelievable Things Well Pasta You Know, I Know the Bible Doesn't Teach This, but I Think I'll Just Go to This Church Because Because I Just Prefer Doing It That Way. Excuse All You Know Why You Know, I Know That This Goes on Here and We Do This and It Doesn't Matter Whether We Baptize with the We Do This so Happy You Know You Can Do or How You Do It Just Got to Know It Doesn't Matter How You Do This Christian Thing You Know We Have Our Little Ways of Doing Things and That's How We. And I Wanted to Write to This Preacher of the Gallon. If I Want to Come Face in This Right If I Want to Be Baptized in This Way and Not Bring My Offering, the Way I Want to Bring up to God and God Sees This Offering Is Acceptable and That Is Not the True Faith of Canaanite Was Carrying Was the Founder of False Religion.

Modern Is True Faith Not Distracted. But True Faith Is Not in Competition Is Not in Competition with Other Dogs. God Himself Said, Thou Shall Have No Other Gods before You. God Himself Said Listen, I Am the True God. I Am the Lord Jehovah. I Am the Great I Am.

I Believe That the Claim Was Guilty of Was the Cute God of Human Reason.

Humanism Began to Spring Its Ugly Head.

The Institution of Religion. I Need to Do What God Says I Can Do What Ever I Want to Do Because My Faith Is Based upon What I Want to Do.

Faith Is Not in Competition with Other Gods and It Is Not in Competition with Other Alternatives. There Is No Other Way.

People Say Every Non-Again. While Christians Are the Most Narrowminded People in the World Absolutely Correct.

Yes Sir. Jesus Put It like This. He Said I Am the Light.

Any Questions Anyone Got a Problem with Her.

I Am Any Further Questions.

I Am Life. No Man Can Come under the Father but by Me Any Questions. That's Why It's Very Clear. Jesus Said There Is a Board Way That Leads to Destruction. Many People Are There Is a Narrow Way That Leads to Life, and Few There Be That Find It True Faith Is Not Distracted, True Faith Is Not in Competition with One True Faith Is Not an Empty Faith. Many Religions Folks All Religions outside of Jesus Are Empty Then Kinds of Rituals and Regulations and I Got Absolutely Nowhere. Why Because We Are Saved by Grace through What We Say by Grace through Everybody Say We Are Saved by Grace through Not of Ourselves. It Is the Gift of God Not All These Religions Do. It's What I Do. How Many Times I Go to Church. How Much Money I Give so I Mean You Could Go on and on Lead in the Same Direction What Happened. The Kind He Ended up As a Vagabond Was a Wonder Why Because True Faith Is More Long. Faith Is Marked by True Faith Is Marked by Usefulness True Faith Is Not Peace. What Happened to Clay's Lying Kinds of Uselessness the Religion That That Pain Was Becoming Involved in No Please Cost out, and Jesus Tells Us in His Word Able Has Been Depleted to Be Right Because He Is My Child. According to Faith Powerful and Sometimes Rattling Truth Is We Open God's Word Together Here on The Encouraging Word Floor to Steward Your Heart Maybe Even Stirred Your Heart to Some Questions. Let Us Help You Discover Those Answers Together in God's Encouraging Word the Bible like to Talk with One of Us Would Be Thrilled to Pray with You to Talk with You Connect with Resources at 866899 Word That's 866-899-9673, Maybe the Most Important Conversation to Share with You Next about Just Becoming Honest. Are You Ready to Pray This Prayer with Me. Dear God on Jesus God on Today. I and I Can Give Him a from Your Phone. Welcome to the Family Gauge Together Because We Are Connected Together As Believers in Christ, God's Church Loved the Next Step. You Can Reach Us at 866899. Sometimes Things Are Better Together 86689967 Online so Many Children to Prove Financially Support Us. As You Can Make a Difference in the World by Becoming Part 99 Very Encouraging. No Greater Gift Jesus Christ. The Encouraging Word Is a Newer Ministry Time.

The Most Exciting and Inspiring Will Talk about It Together with Dr. Don Wilton Tomorrow and Study Guide

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