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R616 Removing the Handcuff, Pt.3

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 22, 2020 8:00 am

R616 Removing the Handcuff, Pt.3

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 22, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today. The Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton on a message on removing the handcuffs. They were just getting started with multiple part message on breaking free things that we know have have grifters have slowed us down have put us in handcuffs, there's a way out the way through praying with you about it. We're here in 24 seven.

As a matter fact at 866899. Word got that number down stored in your cell 866-899-9673 will always connect with what I was happy to talk the listener pray or connect with resources that will help you grow daily Encouraging Word Bible guidance absent free for the asking passport when you call 866-899-9673 and now continuation of today's message with Dr. Don Wilton on all of us struggle with many complex problems are we not life does not always do you friendly to everyone. Many of us about it now Scripture for life during these days.

We are looking at something that is just remarkable. I'm going to tell you something friends. I hope and pray and trust that my children.

My two sons and my daughter already growing up adopting many of their fathers good habits that they adopt some good habits.

I hope that in my fatherly exercise that I am tossing onto my children, things that would bring great joy to the heart of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is true. All of us received wonderful things that I handed down from our parents and from our grandparents and from generations before us, but there's something that we have to be confronted with and that is simply this, that the Bible teaches us that the sins of our fathers and generations before us are handed down to and that we are going to be handcuffed by the sins of our fathers as much as I am always proud when someone comes and complements me on something says to me pasta you know you do that, just like your daddy and if it's a good thing.

I'm very glad but I don't want to have to be handcuffed by the things that my father struggled with all my grandfather or my mother or my grandmother. I don't want to be handcuffed by selfishness or by pride will black anger. I don't want to be handcuffed by the physical things that have been handed down to me all the talk about hereditary that is manifold lead to.

In fact, the number one issue.

The doctors deal with is this matter of physical things that are handed down from one generation to another.

Whether it's kidneys or heart to whatever it might be.

We know that family history is very very important. But here God calls upon us to take spiritual inventory. Now let's read about this to get there. In Exodus chapter 34 the Bible says, then the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with Moses and proclaimed his night not want us to just stop for a month because I want you to see something here. Can you just imagine there is Moses, a man imminently educated someone who had grown up in the court of Pharaoh someone who perhaps knew a lot about geography and history. The man who probably had studied psychology. A man of influence a man of authority and God comes to pay him a special visit on Mount Sinai and he causes Moses to be in this place and there is a meeting between God and one of us and God walks up to Moses he takes him by the hand and he says let me tell you about me I am who I am. You got that.

He says listen I attention I want to tell you something about me. I want you to pay attention. You understand me. I want you to listen to who I am because if you don't know who I am. You don't have a hope because you nothing. You are absolutely nothing you are going to be in so much trouble. You will never be able to overcome. You will never cope with life. You certainly will not be able to lead other people through the wilderness. You will never be able to break the cycle. I want to tell you about me.

So you listen up you understand me now watch the spokes. It's real. The confrontation was let's go back carrying two Exodus chapter 34 God appears on Mount Sinai with Moses walks up to Moses and he establishes a spiritual criteria God puts in place.

His theological order.

Let's read this again verse five then the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with Moses and proclaimed his night proclaimed his life. I want you to understand what happened here folks, this in counter is within itself God saying something to the heart of man about where we to begin teaching his children that it's not what you my children can do for me. It's what I am able to do for you because of who I all right now watch this watch this blog says as he calms down and proclaiming my name and I am who I am.

Verse six and God paused in front of Moses, just in case Moses missed the point and said again class and by the way, the word, the proclaiming is the word from which we get word to gospel lives or to Cheryl it means to make a public announcement on God's public address system means that blogs student.

It will love his righteous glory and forth from the very heart of the amounts who he is. He let Moses know in no uncertain terms, he proclaimed. I am the Lord. I am the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in love and faithfulness, maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness and rebellion and sin, and I can just see Moses standing there struck in the Shekinah presence of the glory of God. And at that moment God drops a bomb on him, yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished. He punishes the children and their children for the sin of the fathers to the third into the fourth generation, how do we break the cycle. How do we remove these handcuffs. How do we draw the line in the sand. We sold first of all do it three weeks ago. By accepting God's foundational principle. A week ago we saw in the second place that what God was teaching Moses here is that we remove the handcuffs and we break the cycle by knowing who God is and last week we looked at the first three attributes number one that he is a compassionate God number two that he is a gracious God number three that he is slow to anger. That's what the words say is right.

In verse six he says I am slow to anger and God is slow to anger, it means that he is not any me that it means that he is generous to me. God's generosity which flows his goodness is granted to me by his regal declaration by the right of his royal throne, God speaks Maha gives compassionate, he is gracious. He is slow to anger, but let's look at the fourth attribute. God is love.

God's love, not friends. This is a remarkable statement that God saves to Moses and shares with us the Lord God Almighty Jehovah God Yahweh announcing to Moses for all earrings pages.

He says I am who I am about being in love and I want you to note in verse six that would abounding in love that word abounding means my love is so deep that it cannot be measured. It is so wide it cannot be described. It is so cannot ever be reached. I am talking about, and abounding love that the five human description when one of my sons was just a little lead. He was about to bricks in a techie. Heidi was a small fellow took us up to about the and I can't remember which one, about two boys I'm talking about, but I do remember that he barely had diapers on any kind walking into the kitchen one day. There he was walking to the kitchen and mom and I was standing kind of member in the dining room just to one of the doors and we spotted him a very kind and he looked around and evidently he was thirsty. He wanted something to drink and so he looked around the kitchen and then he walked over and he looked up on the counter and all the countertops were about way out of his reach and folks. Lo and behold, on top of one of those counters was a big jug of orange juice and he looked up and you could just see it all over his face, orange juice, he went of a character way. He knew he could go. He found himself a mascot. He put the cup on the counter and mom began to get restless. She said I'm going to help him. I said no, hold on. I didn't know what I was letting our sinful. I said let's just watch this.

I wish we had a video camera than cannot tell you that little chappie went up the heat orange juice. It was the biggest job orange juice. It was far bigger than he could ever hold. He picked it up and he began to turn it over like that to pour himself a glass of orange juice. Guess what happened folks all orange juice in the jaw decided to get into this one little cup. All the same time and I want to tell you that just food it flowed over the edges. Orange juice began to go down in older knives and forks in the company down onto the floor.

It was all over the floor and that little boy stood back and said all then another little spark went over in his mind, he said. Boy is this people got into the orange juice. I mean, he sent me a put orange juice every moms having a heart attack and we've never forgotten and you know, somehow, in that illustration I think of the abounding love of God. God trying to say to Moses evidently within the pitiful understanding of these human limitation that Moses I want to establish something that love is not just loving his and abounding love. It is an overflowing love. It is a love that I'm able to bring him and within your being. You never going to be able to play in the love of God and when power and presence of mine abounding love you and I'm going to fall into everything that I might say Moses I'm going you mean to tell me that God loves me that Mike forgive the eruption will be back with more don't let the reply to that truth. God loves you that much could be the most important thing you break free of some of the lies that you perhaps even told yourself God prayed he would let us encourage you in any way possible. Your online online. 66899 word title 24 hours a day, 866999673. Today's message out means first of all my friends. The meals with loving it means that God deals with me. I want you to listen very carefully done Christmas because this is the best.

You could ever hear God deals with me lovingly out of his righteousness. This is what it means. It means first of all that he still condemns my sin.

If he deals with me lovingly, and he is a righteous God. It means my friends that he still condemns my sin.

Second of all, it means that he still punishes me because of my sin, but all it means my friend that he still may do this as soon not listen carefully, listen to what God is saying God is standing here before Moses and he is declaring himself. I am who I am. He's talking to one of the initial representatives of the human race. God is writing these things down as the law of God, these are the fundamental truths which I span this is where I go because I mouse needs depend upon the grace of Almighty God in Christ Jesus, and he says to Moses. Moses my love abounds and I want you to know that that means that I'm going to deal with you lovingly, but if he loves me that much.

It also means in the second place that he's going to provide for me completely. Someone who loves to abounding not only deals with me lovingly, but provides for me completely and that means that God is promising me here because he is the God that his provision for me is not only going to be complete in terms of what he gives to me. It is going to be complete in terms of what he might be me. I am complete because of the righteousness of God in me now you with me this morning God speaking God writing these upon the tablets of our hearts. God declaring to you and to me in the midst of our handcuffed predicaments. I would love I'm going to deal with you lovingly. I'm going to provide for you concretely, and if God is going to provide for me completely. He's going to provide for me in four areas of the completion of my life.

Someone is going to provide for me physically because I have physical needs much of my physical need is handed down. I have inherited that I visited upon the sins of my father's and by the way, my friends, let there be no mistake that the physical ailment and the death of the body is the consequences of sin we die because we have soon there is no other way. Bodies are mortal because we have certainly against the righteousness of God. We are sentenced today God provides for me completely in that he provides for me physically.

Number three provides for me but terribly my material needs nonmaterial bondage.

I've heard people say and I believe that person there is in a cycle of poverty, preaching Naaman and claimant. I'm not even going to suggest to you one minute that just because you love the Lord Jesus Christ that you're going to be wealthy. Absolutely not. I don't believe that for one minute. I'm talking about people that are caught in a cycle of poverty and there are people today who are caught in a cycle of poverty that has been a cycle of poverty for generations to come, and friend. I don't know these things, but says the sins of your father be handed, how do you break that cycle God provides for me completely because of these love he provides for me physically, he provides for me materially. He provides for me emotionally.

Emotional bondage is a huge subject. My anger my heart my disposition my personality trait.

My pride my hostility my silence. You know how many wives they want to bake existing in marriages in which their husbands have resorted to silence you know how many men they all who are grown man you can scream murder at a ballgame, but they resort to silence at home. Basically, they never say anything that have no communication. They do not share their lives. They are close completely and they are giving so much grief and anguish to their wives and to the children and the classic explanation of that as well. He's just like his daddy. You can break the cycle because God loves you abounding. He provides for you concretely, physically, emotionally, terribly, but above all, he provides for you spiritually God's goodness is his own Godhead is saying to you and to me and I want you to know that if you understand who I am.

If you make it your business to know God is your on your own, you are locked in. Listen to me friend, I will is engaged in a search for significance. We have announced to the world how brilliant we all we can send spaceships up to the moon, we can invent every kind of invention.

One could imagine.

We can put computer systems together, we can design missiles verified from ships in the Arabian Sea to hit the very topic that they are designed to we can do incredible things, but God is warning you that your search for significance will never have any significance outside of God's. It is a meaningless exercise our own human brilliance is a dead end road" in infrastructure and in today's day and age we are running around chasing one another for brilliance and for excellence. Termites is in the quest for human understanding and God stands before Moses and said these things on the tablet of your heart. I am who I am because I am the Lord your wow wow what an incredible thing. God is love. He deals with me lovingly. He provides for me completely. Number three. He identifies with me objectively. God's love is abounding, it means that he identifies with me objectively. What this means is that because of his love. God brings me into a covenant relationship with him.

That allows me to know him and to enjoy him this is God's divine mission God's love is God's divine mission based upon he's keenly regal invitation to become part into the sovereignty of God's love is abounding and who knows no God.

Richardson God is love. But then he takes her to another height, and he said he is faithful, he is faithful. Look at verse six as he paused in front of Moses he said I am the Lord. I am the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and abounding in faithfulness, God, David Bentley determined that if it was anything we needed to understand concerning his active mutes. It was his faithfulness and it will gain understanding is faithfulness.

We go to understand three or four things which I will not complete but I want to begin by saying to you we going to understand the faithfulness of God.

We've got to understand that what God was saying is that God's life does not change his life. You go to Psalm 93. In verse two. The psalmist says your throne was established long ago you from all eternity. And if God's life does not change. It means four things. My friends write these things down it means number one that he is position has not changed. These life present trades because his life is his position.

God's existence has not trained because the question when did God begin. Well, he began at the beginning what way is the beginning it's in the beginning, trying to get giddy when I start talking about the existence of God.

The Bible uses terms like Christmas from before the foundation of the world will my human limitation cannot stretch that fall I can know will no longer even contemplate what it means to be in the beginning and what God is saying is when he says I am faithful in my faithfulness abounds and that you need to know this. I want you to know what I'm telling you is my life was.

Not change my position does not change my existence does not change my list does not change because I am God has a purpose from before the foundation of the world that I am the son of God secure the purpose of God in terms of old the Holy Spirit of God has come down. God placed upon the security of Jesus Christ and so people who love him. God is saying here.

My life hasn't trained in my life is my habit is my position. It is my existence. It is my purpose and it is my creation and am continued, today's the day for you to break free and start the most important decision decision to follow Jesus Christ just to say yes so many of many years of my life I knew about Jesus, but it didn't give my heart to him, ready to do that today. Are you ready you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Jesus loves me that he died on the cross for me today. I repent of my sins and I can face my sin to not give him a call. Jesus and I pray, amen. If you prayed that prayer from your phone giving your life to Christ, welcome you to the family of brother and sister in Christ, it's getting gauge together as we all connected together for ever as believers in Christ during the Dr. Don Wilton meeting that gave life to be dedicated your life to Christ so excited to see how God is changing. It's just beginning could be that their situations and circumstances would like to have something for you, especially in the next benefit we let up its resources in your hands and help grow your faith. Call us at 866899967.

Let us know you gave your life to Christ dedicate your life's mission right away. Wonderful packet from Dr. 86689967. This online discover great resources like this this month at The Encouraging Word like to spotlight a new ministry resource to help my heart and soul and your millennial child banding why millennial walking away and how you can filing will provide in real life, millennial 99 wearing $20 for listening today my time. Let's stay connected online 86689996

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