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R562 What Angels Do, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 7, 2020 8:00 am

R562 What Angels Do, Pt.2

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 7, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Welcome to the Tuesday edition of The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based bruising of Dr. Don Wilton continued to study on Angels see what exciting time of year. July not December is that sometimes we limit our understanding what angels do and how they in God's creation affects the world around us. You'll discover more as we open the book of acts chapter 12 in just a moment Dr. Don Wilton but you need to know our phone lines are open as well. We love to speak with you. Pray with you connect with great resources like a wonderful great awakening biblical truth in perilous times messages available right now.

You can find it online it TW for coffee or copy at 866898668999673 let's open God's word together now with Dr. Don Wilton at this point in time. What angels want to pick up in acts chapter 12 in verse five nominated you something Rob interesting will beg my pardon this morning. I would like to stop every once in a while because there's so much in this particular passage now before we do.

Read this, I'd like you to just go look at me for a second I want to remind you that the acts of the apostles, where we are about to read has to do with the beginning of the New Testament church. I remember the Lord Jesus came to this earth and administered upon the earth.

Then he was crucified on the third day he rose again and then often, sometimes appearing over 500 people. Jesus rose and he ascended to be seated at the right hand of the father and here everybody had seen the Lord Jesus Christ and they had been in his company and the been such a blessing to them and all of a sudden Gary was he was leaving so he turned his disciples over the period of these ministry and he said let's I'm going to do a number of things for you one of those things I'm going to give you my Holy Spirit in my Holy Spirit is going to come down. That's what acts chapter 2 is all about. That's the whole duration of the Holy Spirit in acts chapter 2. It's cool printing costs when the spirit of God came down and God has given to us in spirit and he is with us today. Another thing that God is given to us in the absence of the Lord Jesus per se given Nazis churches look around. What you see here today is not something that happened by accident. Mankind didn't say you know that's just kind of get ourselves together.

This is the house of the Lord. This is God's church. This is where people come together to study God's word into fellowship with one another and to meet with God in his presence and to be blue top and equipped in our lives as we go about our daily chores and God has given to us, his church, God has also given to us, his angels, and what happens here in acts chapter 12 as it does right throughout the book of the acts with going back to the future which is overriding series. When we got angels. We had to interrupt it and decide what it was that God was saying about angels because the interesting thing is this my friends that angels have a very vital role to play in the functioning and working all the New Testament church.

I'm here today to tell you that God is working amongst God's people like you and me today is working by his spirit is working through people.

He is working through circumstances. He's working through his he's working in so many different ways. But it's interesting to note that at the building and the beginning of the New Testament church that God uses his angels well let's see what he does right here in this particular passage I'm reading from verse five.

So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him alright let's stop right there.

I'd like to preach there for the next three or four weeks. I warned you folks.

They've made so much in God's word is a never ending reservoir of the grace of God, you will never get to the bottom. I mean, the more you dig the more you tap into the word of God, the deeper you going to have to go because you going to be tapping into his eternal grace that the Bible says that Peter was kept in prison. By the way, I wonder how many people here today are in prison. Wonder how many people looking at me this morning by way of television). This beautiful sinecure. Wonder how many of us are imprisoned inside our pasta come on I'm not behind bars. I haven't been convicted of a crime. Nor was Peter. Peter wasn't convicted of a crime. He was behind bars physically, but they many ways in which you will not find ourselves in prison. Physically, we can be imprisoned. There are people who are facing most of untoward circumstances. Sometimes you can be married and be imprisoned.

Marriage can run high wire and get out of whack and can become a very unhappy place to be.

Sometimes our relationships with one another and calls us to live by prison confined existence. Sometimes the worry we have the financial decisions. Businesses even sometimes our ministries can be prison experiences we find ourselves as it were incarcerated and I want to show you something very interesting here because Pete was in prison, and God immediately begins to invoke this thing called the New Testament church to give the church a very unique role to play the seizure, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him not watch what happens. This is just incredible cast Peter each physically, literally. In prison he done nothing wrong. He is imprisoned because of these fight the charges. I began church God's people begin to pray and they begin the site will you do something for Peter folks back there and in Palestine. Those prisons were pretty miserable places. Most of the prisons were literally holes dug in the ground they would default and most prisoners were laid down into these holes by virtue of a rope train. They would talk places they didn't have fluorescent lights. They didn't have computer screens that would provide some kind of illumination they would draw dingy smelly stinky little holes with no sanitation whatsoever at these prisoners were laid down, God would stand on top of these holes, as it were, and many times historians tell us that prisoners were put in prison in the time of Peter. They were already put into those holes, but they were shackled. They had trains and all kinds of things they were treated most barbarous me. I mean, it was just an awful hard type of situation to be in.

You want to talk about human rights, folks, this was the ultimate abuse of human rights. I want you to note what happened here because God's people began to pray and guess what God did God say an angel that God sent an angel that what God had done. God could have said you're outta here and Peter would've been out of the God caused an earthquake, and the place where he was confined could've collapsed and he could walk down fact that happened in other places in Scripture. God could've saved one of the one of the centurions. They are one of the prison guards he could. He could've converted him to the Lord Jesus Christ and that man could set him free.

Just as we read in other places God could've done anything God wanted to do, but God chose to send an angel that watch what happens when the signs will come. The Bible says in verse six that the night before Herod was to bring them to try Peter was sleeping what she's incarceration here between two soldiers, bound with two trains and same tree stood guard at the entrance suddenly an angel of the Lord. And I liked Sean in the cell we going to talk about that later on how to dislike come about in one of the things we going to discover is that angels all bear ruse of life, both symbolically and physically but spiritually just excuse me, by the way, have you ever heard anybody say I saw a light ice seems to presence and there was a line. Watch this watch what happens here. The word says in in the second part of verse seven there, the word says that he struck Peter on the side. Now that something else regarding to get into the design. I need a few goes angel some mornings when I need to get struck Peter on the side and woke him up. Watch what he says quick get up. He said the trains Peter's wrist. Then the angel said to him, Peter put your clothes and sandals on so Peter did so wrap your cloak around you and follow me. The angel told it so Peter followed him out of the prison, but he had no idea what the angel was doing and what was really happening. In fact, he thought he was seeing a vision that's no surprise. If you understand the book of Hebrews like pasta first and the second God and came to the iron gate leading to the city it open for them by itself and they went and when they had the length of the street. Suddenly the angel lifted Don I'm going to come back to this in just a moment and I want to remind you something folks angels operate one job at a time at the express commandment of God as we began to look at this issue of what angels do not shed when you two things. Number one angels give direct number to Angel's wife number three angels follow Dr. Don Wilton back and just more of what angels do on that sense of immediacy, angels respond to God. You and I may not call each other angels that not be an angelic attribute to respond to God.

Situated I hear you got it. I'll do it in a minute you know that's a part of the body have discovered especially in this time of separation having an opportunity to pray with some like to talk with someone pray with someone, 866899 phone number that's 866-899-9673 or on love to connect Today's message angels follow orders immediately, long time now, but I was in the Army and the go to confession to make. You we had iced off Sgt. They in the Army by the name of stop Sgt. Tennyson. He was a Dutchman when we went into the Army boot camp went on for six months. It was a long horrible period of time that I don't particularly like to think about too much off Tennyson is our stop Sgt. who was in charge of our particular Battalion and I'm here to tell you, folks. He was the meanest, ugliest, most foul mouth individual that I've ever met in my entire life. I mean, I've never heard a man that man could pass for what seemed like 10 minutes without taking a breath and without saying anything but a cuss word Army, one of the things that he taught us to do was to obey his commands and I tell you we would be out there on the movers in that Bush and jungle and sauna and he would say to us hit the deck and when he said hit the deck folks to make you hit the you know what I'm saying when he said hit the deck you just say it just a moment if you don't mind we cannot put this thing because going to break my nose if I do it anymore. And these hand grenades for down with these things and so I'm going to just take them off and lay them over here to find myself a nice little piece of glass yeah and let me see this will do think okay. So much hit the deck folks winced off Tennyson said hit the day it meant now you know something about six months later I found myself in a real situation and we used to hear these whistling sound's we kinda know them as ball you know something, folks, I will never forget one day when I was climbing up on my tank and the tank is a big thing and I just got to the turret and I heard a little whistling sound and it wasn't someone playing three blind mice somewhere and I would start off Tennyson Hill hit the deck folks, I hit the deck from the top of the tank turret down to the bottom in one move and so did all the rest of us, and I'm here to tell you something that I really believe that one of the reasons I'm still alive today was that I learned what it meant to obey orders immediately. Angels obey orders immediately. You do not find instances in Scripture where God speak speaks and the angel says now Lord, could we have a little conversation about this and I'm not quite sure whether Steve's ready to hear this year or you know I just don't know whether this is going to be the best they could. We kind of hold for a little while.

Angels play orders immediately. I want you to turn with me in the Old Testament. The first Chronicles in chapter 21. Everyone turned their first Chronicles chapter 21 want to show you something really quite remarkable. First Chronicles chapter 21 I made read to just a few verses of Scripture here. I wish I had time to put this into context this morning because the Old Testament is so filled with the activities of angels with what angels do, but I'm going to pick up there in verse 13 first Chronicles 21 dealing with David.

David St. dad, I am in deep distress member Peter was in prison yet. David is in the streets.

I am in deep distress. Let me fall into the hands of the Lord for his mercy is very great, but do not let me fall into the hands of man. So the Lord sent a plague on Israel and 70,000 men of Israel filled day and gone St. an angel to destroy Jerusalem. Can you believe that the beloved city. Angel was doing so the little soul what was going on and was reading because of the calamity and he said to the angel who was destroying the people in withdraw your hand. The angel of the Lord was then standing at the threshing floor of the Jebusite.

David looked up to look at this David looked up and what EC he saw the angel of the Lord literally standing between heaven and earth with a drawn sword in these hand extended over Jerusalem and so the story goes on and on. Verse 18 the angel of the Lord ordered dad to tell David to go and build an altar to the Lord on the threshing floor of the Jebusite God's angel waiting for express come on from Almighty God to be about the activities that God has in store for his people. Many tell you a couple of things here about this. There are three basic fundamental truth that we need to come to grips with about angels following the orders of God immediately number one what God is trying to tell us here is that angels constantly accompany God. They constantly accompany God that we going to discover this is it's a wonderful thing. It's it's really quite fascinating.

Everywhere we find God moving in his activity when we come down to eschatology the doctrine of lost things as we start eating Daniel as we've studied in the book of Revelation, we will again you find that God is constantly surrounded by truly millions upon millions upon millions of angels company God they are, if you please God's entourage. They are God's heavenly school and they all then numbering the millions we look at that. How many angels they are going to discover you can't number them there so many of them, but millions upon millions upon millions of angels literally surround the throne of God and they accompany God wherever he goes. Now why do the Angels in the millions accompany God when it simply, it's a simple reason because angels are not the Holy Spirit.

Angels are not omnipresent they cannot be everywhere at the same time angels are not omnipotent.

They are not all-powerful. Angels are not efficient. They cannot be everywhere. They do not know everything. Angels serve one function at one time according to the express call of God upon their lives. So it is literally God in his divine wisdom. If he wants something done in the lap of Steve Skinner and it's related to a specific point in time God saves trees Angels Angel, I want you to go down. I want you to minister to Steve I want you to do this I want you to do that and I guess the question is it possible that God sometimes chooses not to do that. Does God always saying he's angels to protect sometimes he chooses not to see friends. That's what the will of God is.

That's what it means to know and to do the will of God.

The whole emphasis is on God.

The whole emphasis is on what God wants about what we want and God works because God wants to work God saying, because God wants the same God protects because God wants to protect God doesn't do anything is God and God's according to God is because God is sovereign God, you can turn on your television sets to buy. I say this most respectfully even a matter of healing folks there many television programs today that it just become nothing but a joke play on entertainment centers, many of them are centered around so-called faith healing that are making some people awfully wealthy and are drawing unbelievable crowds because it is visible because it is void of the expression of the faith of God. Listen to me Frank. The Bible doesn't teach that I am healed by virtue of the quality of my play. The Bible says I'm here by virtue of God is the Bible teaches divine healing not appealing because of my play yet here you have that kind of play because I cannot speak about being given permission by Almighty God in his divine righteousness to approach the throne of grace with boldness, angels well they accompany God, but not in the second place legwork for God laid on any accompany God they work for God. I'm going to say this very respectfully ready for this. Angels are the ultimate gophers for this that I mean they are the ultimate that's what I God's scheme of things they stand there they ready to serve him, they all got work for God cannot just say one word to people here who have businesses you have a business of any kind does matter what it is in teaching will business or industry or accounting all motor vehicles doesn't matter what it is but you have some kind of business. Cannot we just say a word here for a moment.

You want to know what the key is to a successful business a successful business is one where all the employees work for the employer you want to run a successful business you make sure that the people who work around you are working for you. You want to make sure that your business runs into trouble you have one or two people in your business or paddling in a different direction, and watch what happens. You have discontentment you have heard playing you will have all kinds of opposition.

Your profits will go down you will suffer losses will be mount contentedness in this contentedness there will be all kinds of disunity and disruption. I want you to know something friends. It is a basic premise of leadership in life you want to do anything, make sure that you surround yourself with Eagles. You can have in yourself and to all neutral is in a spiritual sense of the word that you're all on the same page paddling in the same direction sitting in the same canoe going down the same river.

What happened be very careful when you hire people to work for you that they don't have their own agenda but have their own agenda you not going to go anywhere in a hurry doesn't work God is surrounded by his angels demonstrate to us the ultimate essentials of Christian discipleship friend listen to me. God's angels are about discipleship, they are about accompanying God. God says that when we belong to him. We need to accompany him wherever he goes.

Number two, they are about working for God. We are the called out ones to work alongside and number three they wait on God. Now what's this works this is incredible. You know what the Angels do more than anything else.

That's what I do Angels wait for God, you know, one of the greatest struggles that I have is apostate Berkeley waiting on God we have cultivated a society today. My friends with busyness as a mark of spirituality, the more busy we are, the more actively engaged.

We are the more spiritual we become God says we need to wait on him. They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. We need to with we need to get alone with God. We need to speak to God. We need to plead with God we need so and opportunity for God to speak to you been waiting on the Lord. That's a mark of Christian is boring signed Lord to me cry out, open our hearts and our minds to spirits. I pray that you would take before we get away and hear this very invitation God has spoken ready to give your heart to Jesus. I'd love to help you write pray this prayer with me and accept Jesus into your thoughts and life go.

I know that on this. I know that Jesus loves me and I like know myself say pray that Craig, we'd love to get alongside literature growth strategy for next steps calling financing 99 online W TW 866-899-WORD 967

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