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R1565 Bringing Back the Ark

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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July 3, 2020 8:00 am

R1565 Bringing Back the Ark

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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July 3, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

God has an encouraging word for you and me today to the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton and a message, bringing back the will be opening God's word, together with Dr. Don and he want to know that were open as well open and a number of ways keyboard keyboard on our website at even connect with us there like you can sign up for Dave Encouraging Word email something that just jumpstart my quiet time in a wonderful way of prayer. Consider signing up that's online at T. W but also during this time.

Conversation a phone call been rediscovered. I think in our minds and we love to take that call from you and pray with you 866-899-WORD is our phone number that's 866-899-9673.

We would love to connect with you Dr. Don Wilton you know in the Old Testament. The Old Testament is just marvelous. You can go right throughout the Old Testament and I have this structure this box. It was called the awk of the covenant, and in the Old Testament before Jesus came and gave his life and became the new cup those people in order to be near to God, carried God with them everywhere they went.

I mean this was literal.

If you study the story of the children of Israel and you just follow the footsteps when God delivered them from bondage out of the hand of Pharaoh, they carried the awk with them and you know you can read it almost if you beg my pardon, almost like a novel. It's just this incredible story about God and he's people and it's almost just guaranteed every time they neglected the awk every time they put the awk in the wrong place. Every time they walked away from the awk they left God out of their lives, and it happened again. It didn't matter how many treaties they signed didn't matter how many battles they want it it it didn't it didn't matter how many nice things they'd been about how many feasts they'd held every time they walked away from the awk they paid a high price. A consequence, because they came to understand that you cannot without God's I want you to just turn in your Bibles with me in the Old Testament to first Chronicles chapter 13. Now it might take some a little while to get there first Chronicles going to be in chapter 13 and I'm going to just read you what happened here because ultimately this is the story of the culmination of the lives of two people to individual people and I want you to really get a hold of something here today because I'm about to speak to you about bringing back the I'm asking God to speak to my heart about bringing back the I want the Lord Jesus Christ in my heart in my life.

His presence and his power. The vibrancy of the Holy Spirit to permeate my heart and my life. I want to be a godly man.

I want to be a daddy who loves the Lord Jesus, I want to be somebody who looks at others and says I love you and that the root of that love doesn't come from my head. It comes from my heart. I want to be somebody who knows about the forgiveness of God in Christ Jesus. I want to take hold of the things of God. If I'm going to do that. I believe what God is saying to me today as I pray for you and each one of us is that I need to bring back all 2,000,001s name was King's soul, the other's name was King David want to read to you ingesting chapter 13 verse one David consulted with the commanders of thousands and hundreds and with every lead.

And David said to the assembly of Israel.

It seems good to you and from the Lord our God lets send abroad throughout brothers remain in all lands of Israel as well as to the priests and Levites in the cities that have posture lands that they need baby gathered to us then let us bring the day in the about God to us full. We did not seek it in the days of soul, and all the assembly agreed to do so with this thing was right in the eyes of the people just consider two men. I don't have time to break down and give you a long, wonderful, exciting background of the lives of these two men, but there are some things that we can say based upon the authority of this word number one.

Both these men Saul and David had God on their side want you to think about that a minute go back and study the life of soul. God was on its side good. David and study the life of David from when he was just a mere shepherd boy God was on the side. Both of these men were without excuse you in many ways and I'm putting a human touch onto this in many ways I I I should imagine that that I can't imagine how many times accepting when we understand the depth of the word of God.

How many times God looked upon the faces of both Saul and David and said maybe you of all people know better. Secondly, they both had enormous potential for the Lord. That was pretty evident that were imminently gifted, consecrated sector part called out anointed gifted.

I have precious friends who have sons and daughters.

I spoke to someone a week ago part of our congregation and the community just engaging in a conversation.

This lady said to me I can't understand it, we all come from the same family in the same background and we run the same word and we all accepted the same Jesus, but my sibling and went on to tell me just the saddest accounts of one person who is so far from God. You know better than this particular person looked at me and said in this sibling of ours has so much potential you ever met someone who just throws away.

They potential just throws it away. You look at them and you say, what are you doing just throws it away. But what about these two men. They both had gone on their side. They both had enormous potential and they both had great support. I love that one. If you go back and study the life of soul King soul coming. Just begin with the sun is beginning with his son and I'm surrounded by such great support. Look at David and his mighty men just consider the passage we just read David consulted with you my friend are extremely foolish if you don't consider those who surround you that God uses to support you and bless you and advise you and counsel you, how much do we not thank the Lord and from others in our father's and our sons and daughters. My oldest son gave me a great privilege that you know the New Orleans Saints are playing against the Carolina Panthers and Rob of course is being chaplain serving them for 10 years now. So despite my interrupting my evening of good bowl games are guarding the motor called my two sons went to go and speak to the New Orleans Saints football team and when my son Rob got up in front of Drew breeze and all those professional players and said this is my dad. When I stood up I said, let there be no mistake. Men yes I am a dad. The tables have turned.

I will try everything I can to bless my sons and my daughter for the rest of my life but I cannot put into words what it means to be my age at my stage of life and to have my two sons sitting right here in this place I hang on every word they counsel me. They advised me they told me they encourage me. They lift me up. They inspire me.

They teach me how you doing how are you doing these two men had great support. They both had basin to deal with. That's very evident. Both of them.

I want you to just think it's seemingly contradictory, somewhat that they would be anointed and called of God and gifted by God and surrounded by such magnificent people who gave them such godly counsel and yet they want in their sinfulness because the Bible says that all of us have soon and come short of the glory of God in the story of King Saul and the story of King David is a perpetual story been doing business with God concerning basin.

They both had choices to all that I have choices, you know, as I began to study this passage bringing back all I thought to myself, wow, I think we could speak for a whole month just on the choices that place to man and at the center of the choice was about. What about this one about the great I am about to deliver the Redeemer given the reconciled back with the rest of today's message bringing back the Dr. Don Wilton just Dr. Don Wilton connecting online. It I just rebroadcast the 24 hours a day.

Right now as we wrap up the month of so many requests for faith crisis and define the you take a look at those right now on our website TW that the message has been just the comforter and the challenge for us in this time of separation and even is still some way severely separated get back together can have that thing in the midst of any prices again. Take a look online right now it TW Discover how you get your copy gives a call that word as well. At 866899 word 866-899-9673 and though we'd love to connect with resources like that message and that book call use that number to pray and talk with you and listen to you again at 866-899-9673 love to encourage you today. Now back to the days message bringing back the ark Dr. Don Wilton one.

His life, joy not in that passage itself.

Chronicles chapter 10 verse 13 about this. Do you want to read reading the Bible say since died reach. Excuse me. That's not a very popular statement today soul died because he had reached his faith he broke faith with the Lord. Excuse me.

Did you hear that he broke faith with the Lord. He did not keep the Kaman of the Lord. He also consulted a medium. God said don't do that. What you doing that. God said don't do, no matter what you think about it usual.

Which of Endor who did you visit yesterday.

Why did you move your to the outside of the building. Glad you made your visit.

That's exactly what sold it. He did not seek guidance from the Lord.

I don't want to tell you this bad news. I just being there.

Do you know what happened to so he was killed on Mount Gilboa but I want to tell you the real tragedy of that alongside them at cost to his son Jonathan his life to.

Can you imagine Jonathan you know how many sons they are in America that pay the consequences of their father's behavior. You know how many of our sons are watching us and our behavior in America today.

They both had choices to make when I began to study this passage and I thought all Lord please help me.

I don't know how many times I've taken all can put it outside the door so I want to do something here very briefly. Lord put this into my heart. How how do we bring the ark back home. As we move into the potential and the promise and the joy of tomorrow I'll I love those statements about making New Year's resolution. Just trust me.

I get up to about 100 and then I bow to start clipping the wings a little bit, you know, I'm just admitting that on Thursday morning I woke up with my family and I made an absolute plate that I was beginning my diet immediately. I did and I said you know what I going to be very careful. I mean, I had the best time. The other part of the week and if you'd been with me you would've agreed wholeheartedly and so we loaded up the kids and the whole lot. I mean it's like a caravan.

We went up into the mountains and went hiking. We just had the best time. When we got through hiking. We said we are starving so we went to trial on side street pizza and we walked in and I said, man, this salad is going to be so good and then they brought out the heart stop pizza and I looked at it. My sons looked at me. We looked at each other and said we'll start the diet tomorrow.

Will that was like Friday. I still haven't, but any right that's not the way not going to get into all of this. It is you ready you're ready for this precious friends, how do you bring your walk back how you bring the Lord back number one.

Consider who you belong to you belong to. I told a group of professional football but it's lots not on I know most of them said I want you to know one thing about me, I'm a Christian man I love Jesus. How about you, you don't need to know Greek or Hebrew to say that you don't need to sit in a 25 hour Bible study with your pasta stressed, Jesus loves me this I know the Bible tells me so little ones to him belong.

I am weak he is strong yes Jesus loves me is the Bible tells me so I'm a child of God. Consider, you belong to number two.

Consider who your friends are. You want to bring the ark of your covenant back home.

Do a reevaluation right now of the people you hang around with. So who did you hang around with yesterday who do you go to to get a really good long drink of freshwater whose whose talking into your ear. Just make some decisions.

Number three.

Consider your commitment to Christ commitment.

When you give your life to Christ following Christ is the essential arm of Christian discipleship you make Jesus Lord he is Lord follow him. Number four consider your priorities. Bring the ark of your covenant just reevaluate. Consider bring it back in line. Bring it into the home of your heart, your priorities, you know my I make a few suggestions if you married start right there.

How's your marriage by the way, did you tell each other you love one another.

This morning was she just supposed to know that.

Are you one of those grumpy old grandpa's the you'd need a crowbar to get your mouth talking to tell anybody that you love them you so full of yourself. You know how far that goes you say thank you to people you go out of your way for others when lost did you do something for someone else how you serving the Lord Jesus. Are you using your gifts for the Lord.

You see where we would you agree with me when we stop where we start to really inmate in many ways, that's just a name in just three.

Order your priorities and God will take something in your soul, spirit, and you just bless you. You are one folks. You are one incredible people. I'm one of you. I'm just calling you out.

That's all I'm doing and I'm not even doing it. God is doing.

Never make an assumption that your team is gonna win no matter how good they are.

Don't start getting all scrappy with God. Just because you know him. Blessings are not an automatic right of passage in the Christian faith.

Saul and Jonathan ended up on a hillside number four consider your priorities. Number five. Consider the choices that you have to make our book choices that I have to make some I can handle some. I don't know how I'm going to handle. I just stand here today with a heart full of love because of the love of God and for you. I look out and I see my my brothers and my sisters and sell. Steve love them serve together for 30, 36 together.

I just love you Steve is not about you know you can take that and just multiply these things over and over, and I look around here coming water.

They just some things folks just it's time to make a choice bring back all your relationship with Jesus Christ, repent before him.

Recommit your life to him realign with him, bring the ark back. David resolve to do that and it's replete with the blessings of God just came pouring down modern young David and on these children. But on the whole nation of Israel came under that mantle of blessing and all he did was got up and said, folks, what shall we do because you know over the last several years. We just let all float down the now like we only bring the ark out on Sunday mornings.

God doesn't do just Sunday morning. He does every moment of every day. And because Jesus Christ came and gave his life for us.

He lives in our hearts we carry the ark of God's covenant in our hearts all the time by his spirit.

We are food vending drill by his spirit. That's why we can say greater is he that in the us then he that's in the world. God does this for us. And when you bring back the ark of your covenant.

It is the place of your commitment to Christ when you bring back the ark of your covenant. It is the whole room of your affection. We gravitate to on Saturday nights we where is your affection.

What's the pool when you bring back the covenant with God you bring back the very of your affections.

You bring back the very beat of your pulse you bring back the very line of your sand you bring back the non-negotiable when you bring back all of your covenant given to us by the shed blood of Jesus Christ, who gave his life upon the cross you bring back into your very disposition non-negotiable when you bring back the ark of your covenant with God bring back the you will resolve serve the Lord to love the Lord to look for the Lord Jesus to make certain that he comes first. I love that verse of Scripture seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things will be added to you. Added, not taken away. You and I love it.

We love our ballgames and now barbecuing our families and friends Christmas trees. I love it I love it love being with you. God doesn't take these things away. He and bring back all your covenant commitment to Christ, folks, you will never find yourself lapsing into a second even though you sign a document in the one that ended all they know the reason. So my prayer drove me to leave me out of place to sign the line so listen to this.

This blessing Dixon from Pastor today. You perhaps reveling in the truth of God's peace like discount. I pray that you understand that could be that if you've not given your life to Christ realized that is only available to children is light his peace blessing is available to you, but you have to take the first and receive just as you'd have to get a Christmas gift.

It was six months old, sitting over there in the corner. You never opened the gift was there and the giver wanted you to have it until you receive it until you open it and take it opportune to say yes to Jesus Christ or purpose. He is the creator he created you for a beautiful purpose. This your heart that open your heart to what Dr. Don Wilton saying that. Are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ wanted to pray this prayer with me right. Dear God, I know that I miss and I know that Jesus died for me today. I repainted my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart in Jesus night, my friend. I would welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting news. What a powerful day and perhaps is Dr. Don was praying. Moments ago as he was preaching earlier, you realize it's time for change for how we love to take you to the next up to pray with you give your life to Christ, let us put these resources in your hands that will help you grow. We dedicated your life again. Call us at 86689 so we can put things in your hand. That's her phone number 866-899-9673 rather connect keyboard keyboard were online as well. nation is in trouble, voices are speaking in our world.

We must learn to apply it will go through the time between now and that's the parts of The Encouraging Word you will receive Dr. Littleton Scholastic in timeliness since the great awakening truths in perilous times include the antichrist' part one and two and one for anything will be sent to you for your dollars or more in support of The Encouraging Word, less 6699.

To request the great awakening biblical truth and peerless time day The Encouraging Word you are in the ministry for listening today it's been a wonderful week studying God's word together here on The Encouraging Word is passed will remind you what your friend's church because this time of disconnected a lot of opportunities to more than one church on Sunday. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with us as well. Online and 89996, determined to me personally have encouraged me and help me in my daily life. God and I know you are making different next year's are now having church family

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