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R1483 The Promise of Salt

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 22, 2020 8:00 am

R1483 The Promise of Salt

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 22, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

Welcome to the Monday edition of The Encouraging Word featuring a Bible-based breaching of Dr. Don Wilton at a message on the promise of salt as you may remember, the idea that were called to be salt were called to be light in the few minutes were spent together studying God's word will discover how today, we can adjust our flavor to be even more flavorful more beneficial to the world around us for the cause of Christ as we open God's word together know that we here for you is a matter that were connecting online right now in G if you haven't visited our website lately common joint and see the new changes were making, including the easier way to sign up for the daily Encouraging Word email from Dr. Don. It is a tremendous blessing again easy to sign up for absolutely free online right will meet you online about today's message. The promise of salt with Dr. Don Wilton. I want you will open your Bibles to Matthew's gospel is really going to start we going to be in Matthew and chapter 5 Matthew chapter 5 you going to need your Bibles to share something with you that the Lord has put in my heart that runs deep because this is a promise. This is a shatter proof truth that God gives to us, something that we've talked about many many times.

I want to do is I'm going to connect some dots today on a subject that we know so very will. This is what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 5 Jesus said, I didn't say this I didn't say this. You didn't say this Jesus said this in Matthew chapter 5 in verse 13 he said you excuse me, you may before I read this. He was talking to people who know Jesus Christ. Christian people, believers, someone might look at me today and say to me what exactly is a believer.

What is a Christian the Christian is a man or a woman or a girl who has put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has repented of their sin acknowledge their sin, confess that sin to Jesus why did Jesus because Jesus is the one who paid the price for us. He went to the cross.

He took my sin upon himself. That's God's plan because of my sin. All of us of sin and come short of the glory of God and the Christian person is a person who has confess they send in Jesus Christ and by faith trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord. So I'm a Christian man and when Jesus see what he saved you in Matthew five in verse 13 he was talking to me. So now what did he say to me if you're if you are a believer today… Put this to the taste. If you're a believer if you're a Christian man, a Christian lady and I just raise your hand around, put it down again. Now watch this. So now this is for you. Very personal.

Jesus said excuse me, you believer Christian, you are the salt of the earth.

But if the salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled on the people's feet. Jesus was talking to me and I bought a real problem with what Jesus said, I do as he told me on the salt of the earth.

My problem in your problem is we know how jolly difficult it is to carry out being what Jesus said we all I'm going to just connect some dots you dominant start out by making a statement to you parents parents do make a difference in their children's lives so with everybody listening appear right now. If you are a mother or father today. You had better watch yourself the way you act the way you talk where you go and some of you are destroying your children you are apparent you love your children but you doing everything that you all not to be doing and it isn't going to impact your children. Some of you are going to leave your sons and daughters with a bag of dirt to carry around for the rest of their lives because of your behavior. Some of you are sponsoring them you're pushing them in the wrong direction. You think you such a wonderful dad because all you do is wrong with your sons and daughters about things that don't really matter. Your priorities are all mixed up and some of you your behavior the way you speak to their mother.

You gonna pay for it. You don't talk to their mother like that and expect your son to grow up and respect woman in the way they should respect they are learning that from you.

You are teaching them by virtue. Now you still the parent, you can't lose your parenting. You never gonna stop being dad you never got to stop being mom but you've lost your saltiness man I want you to hear what Jesus was saying to me. He wasn't looking at me and saying you gonna lose your salvation over this, but he was saying, listen, just because you're a Christian, don't go around instructing yourself. Let me tell you there many Christians in today's world that are bringing more discredit on Christianity than non-Christians right just because you're a dad. This is my son doesn't mean that your behavior is what it ought to be that these are hard truths.

Being a Christian parent is not just been in alienable right well on his dad what, dad, all you this is what Jesus was saying to us, mom, I tell you I am so I'm so proud and so grateful to be in a community like this because I I'm just one you teach you've allowed me to be part of a community in which I am a sharpening iron where we as moms and dads and grandparents in their faith community.

That's what churches we help each other because we're in a life where it's jolly difficult to be everything God wants us to be.

You know it's jolly difficult to be the model dad by what ever we would define that it's it's very difficult to be the mother that you know God has called you to be that you know you need to be because we've got all these things, you know going on in us just what Jesus said he sent you the salt of the earth you are. He designates us in terms of who we are because of Christ in us, and it's a it's a it's a have you ever used that word when you go up to someone and you say menu just the salt of the earth.

You know it you're saying to him just to jolly very thoroughly decent human being. That's what you told you the salt of the earth. I look around him and they just thousand of you could walk up to you rock nouns that you and I just want to thank you you not known you for many of you, just the salt of the earth. What what I might actually sound saying you know what you just a thoroughly totally you just a decent person, just a lovely person. What a great complement Jesus. Jesus looks into the heart of us believers and he gives to us the most wonderful statement I mean it's just rich and then he lowers the boom and this actually is a warning. You are the salt of the and I'm going to give you the promise of salt. What this means but I'm also going to tell you what happens when you don't measure up to what God's intended purpose is for you. Now you know we can talk about salt you know in all different kinds of ways didn't. Did you know by the way that that little phrase salt goes back you can go and study the ancient Greeks, Roman times get out the history books going back as far as when they first began to read and write.

I'll bet you find it in hieroglyphics. If anybody here can read that stuff salt was always very important.

The ancient Greeks. The word was the on THE like the on fee on and it was it is salt in the ancient Greek world represented divine.

The ancient Greeks used the word salt and applied it to divine.

In other words, they said this commodity this thing called salt was more valuable than any human expression that's going back into the into the ancient Greeks and Romans.

During the Roman era used to be read in salt.try that on me is about one work with me. Did you know Roman soldiers were paid in salt. That's how valuable it was. And that's when they avoid that phrase first came on. He's not worth his salt you're not with your salt water goes back a long time resident was a mark of friendship back in the early days they use to throw salted each other when they agreed we needed coming to church or one day with bags of salt just whip some salt around, you know, but that's what they it is. Some people have even suggested preceded the handshake. You know, today we shake hands, which is the open hand but nothing in my hand. That's where the salute came from the British salute block this we Americans salute block that but the salute originated. Listen button open hand about nothing in my hand is no weapon, I salute you, give you an open hand.

That's what I'm doing. I'm respecting you with nothing that frightens you, I simply submit to you the beautiful expression you know back in second Chronicles.

You might remember David's kingdom that God Jehovah second Chronicles 13 verse five. If you want to go and see it sometime second Chronicles 13 five God made his covenant with David and his sons concerning the kingdom and future kingdoms, and he made the covenant with salt to an amazing, it's amazing story line is folks think about our world today.

The world needs salt the world is corrupt.

I'm not preaching on the world needs lacked because the world is dark I will needs salt your sons and daughters need you dad. One reason why we are so passionate about this church is just one church with just one drop in one bucket in a huge ocean I'm on passionate about First Baptist Church on passionate about tomorrow. I was to stop at anything on passionate I'm passionate about our grandkids folks on passionate that they have a church like this, 35, 40 years from now. I'm passionate about being a father and grandfather on passionate about being salt, and the problem is it's a real battle which dad among us can claim perfectness which which one amongst us, who's going to get up here and throw the first stone biggest joke I have a here is when people say all the churches just got a whole are hypocrites.

Of course what you talking about man who had been in the sand. Somewhere life is is is the biggest challenge ever is a war going on in our spirit in our soul, that old devil is like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Just one more.

I just go to read this to your account and I need to read second Corinthians chapter 2 you Mark Warner you might want to go to this and take a hard look at this cytology has a parallel text okay so yes Paul writing to Christian people in the church at Corinth and they probably just like you and me. They were in the world.

That's just filled with challenges and confusion and issues in trying to make a living and ins to meet and they also dealing with their own personality dispositions you notice you heard it said many times, the biggest challenge facing a church like this you know the biggest challenge in this church it never wanted. What's the biggest challenge in this church is that it's filled with people have listen listen to what Jesus says about us. People those of us who know and love Psalm in second Corinthians 2 verse 14 but thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in a triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.

For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing to one a fragrance from death today to the other a fragrance from life to life is sufficient for these things, for we are not we are not like so many peddlers of God's word but is men of sincerity as commissioned by God in the sight of God, we speak in Christ is beautiful, wonderful Encouraging Word for people like you and me. So here's the question that I have found myself asking that I just parse on to all of us today, why, why did Jesus say this to us. Why did Jesus tell us to be sold because we are so you are the salt of the why you're listening to Dr. Don Wilton here on the Encouraging Word broadcast back with the rest of today's message on the promise of salt diving first into that question. Why breakaway doctor with other questions. God stirred to your heart and mind as were starting to work together would love to help answer those questions in God's Encouraging Word like to speak with one of us pray with you connecting right now as well as 24 hours a day at 8668998668999673 or online GW would love to speak with you. Pray with you, maybe connect with resources that will help. Just know that today's message the promises Dr. Don Wilton well, among many other reasons I the Lord just directed my thoughts to three very deep reasons.

Number one because salt speaks to every human need to bring back the analogy of being a parent, God gave you this wonderful gift of being a parent because God knows that parents can speak to every human need in a child's life.

It's really just a beautiful picture God is looking. Jesus was looking at us and you sign in or something. Your complex person not died for you and you gave your heart to me and you. You you the salt of the earth because I am going to use you to speak to every human. I'm gonna let you be the fragrance, the aroma of Christ with every human need, the need for real love you. Now many people need to know what real love is for for real grace. You know how many people I know that like all of us have have sinned against garden.

I just want them to know that God's grace and his forgiveness is real.

The need for real humility, the need for real forgiveness. Where does that come from comes from the Lord Jesus, the need for for real hope.

You hope you know in our world where we people search they want something more. And this is a need for real hope. Why did Jesus say you are the salt of the earth salt speaks to every human need and so also provides a plan. It provides a plan because of its makeup nap if I was gave I was a chemist scientist you know I could try and break down the ingredients of salt we could be talking about iodine.

For example, salt is got quantity of potassium, most certainly, sodium contains a lot of sodium has a we do know this. If you break down salt into its ingredient. It has an anti-taking compound in it it it breaks down things that are crusty and hard in the sense in up in a non-professional way. It it softens, but it it's it's it it it's part of God's plan because it because of its makeup because of its purpose. Salt has a purpose and when Jesus looked at us and he said you the salt of the you know in a say in essence he was saying to us, you know you normally belong to me but you belong to me according to my purpose. Jesus said you you the salt of the earth.

You are just just be careful how you speak this business of you flying off the handle whenever you feel I could just cut it out man is language that you using would you using in your home. Of those things you watching the places you going you better just you better check yourself some I don't care what Pres. of what organization you might be.

God gave you those children. Jesus, I wish that I could sit. Oh, this is just wonderful. I'm salt.

Jesus didn't just stop there because he loves us. He gave us the biggest challenge salt speaks to every human being.

It provides, it provides a plan according to God's purpose. Just one more thing I gotta put dystonia salt produces a wonderful result woman to show you what salt produces so if it produced the wonderful result why someone because it covers it covers unit spreads itself number two because it engages salt engages and you know in that passage and second Corinthians, when Paul said that he said listen you got understand something as the aroma of Christ, the fragrance of God you going to touch everybody number one. Those who know Christ you're also going to touch those who don't you want me to tell you if you've got in your home in your home. You've got some behavior that's not good just be salt. Don't just be so be salt in its definition. Because salt engages.

It exposes salt saturates it works its way in salt healings got a healing component. It heals salt flavors. This gives flavor so preserves, preserves, that's a beautiful word.

I think I think when Jesus looked at us and he he looked at believers and he said you know you the preservation of all that is good in the world made good by me and then just one more just dropped the sin they salt attracts you know when you go in and and you eat something and it's it's it's just salted it not only makes you want to eat some more, but it's is have some I don't know there's something delicious about it. Don't you don't you love to be around people ever been around people and of course we have this place is filled with you know what I love most of all about our church back you just love to be around you, you the salt of the earth. Jesus looked at us and said you the salt of the earth, but if you blaster saltiness think your children and your grandchildren in your community and your will to house the will going to get along. If you lose your saltiness that if you stop being bad what's gonna happen to your kinsmen.

You are the salt of the earth. You know, because Jesus say that to me. I'm going to just ask him to help me every day just to be better salt every day are needing to help me do that you value hit me from Dr. Don's about to play with her friends in the congregation.

I pray that you would open your heart to a time of prayer as well to talk to one of us. You can pray with us right now at 866-899-9673 the first pray that you open your heart to what Dr. Don Wilton to share next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me today.

I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my heart in Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting news. I pray that the Lord is Sterger hard as he prayed with Dr. Wilton know that we love to take you to the next step of growing in Christ. Give us a call at 866-899-WORD. That's 866-899-WORD 9673 or me this online. There are number of resources at G that will bless you, encourage, especially in these times. One of them is called faith in the midst of crisis is lives with the details on how you can get your copy right now you may be driving your car or sitting in the comfort of your home immediate work or listening to let in the present where ever you are Encouraging Word that we God is in cancer plan for your life remains intact and he has not changed right there this month. Your support Encouraging Word. Dr. will think you two powerful resources in the midst of crisis a new message available on DVD along with a copy of his book buying the you will be deeply encouraged strength to fight anything 99 along greater meaning I can think of writing ministry only number again that your copy of the blind faith crisis is 899-868-9979. We love your encouragement. Dr. Don Wilton remaining 20,011 30 2 AM and online as well.

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