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R1553 You Ask, Gods Answers

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 19, 2020 8:00 am

R1553 You Ask, Gods Answers

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 19, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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God has an encouraging word for you on this very special Friday addition of the word. Take your questions and discover answers. This is The Encouraging Word featuring the Bible-based preaching of Dr. Don Wilton over these last weeks we just received an enormous amount of questions whether it comes in via text or email. Just know that we near appreciative of every question that we have July contact to question right now you can do that at 866441487. Slow down for you jot it down stored in your cell 866-441-4487 that we can get them to express an answer on this program the next question answers you hear your answers as well. So let's open our hearts to what God wants to do as we discover God's encouragement in the Bible itself. Dr. Don Wilton on today's message you ask God answer you know I'm just so thrilled that we can spend time together like this through The Encouraging Word bold cost. We received tree scores and scores of letters and emails from every source all around the country are asking me questions. Important questions about spiritual matters that really matter. I'm locked onto some of these for you today.

I bought a smattering year in my hand. I don't even really know where to begin but I will just give you a snippet of of what I believe God would say in response to some of these great questions that you seem to meet you and I got this letter actually not too long ago and it's it's a dutiful leader dear Dr. Wooton, and this precious person is just talking about adopting her faith you known and saying to me. We living in a in a world where so much to so many people in the media and places from schoolrooms to courtrooms of casting doubt on our Christian faith and she quite honestly says you know I'm quite depressed about it and sometimes I wonder even if I just talk to God exist. You know, I can understand that you know life is is so food with the difficulties of life.

You know, being sick in your body can course, you to start doubting God.

By the way pain hurts doesn't sound want you to think about that very good friend even as I speak right now using terrible pain. It's very difficult to be in pain or to be confronted by docking will the skepticism and yet be strong in your faith. That's why we will not faith not by sight.

I want you to renew your faith, trust God, believe God just take God entities would go back to the source of your faith, and he will in able you to overcome your doubts left is a question that that the that we get caught quite often hear this writer wrote to me and said, would I explain what the meaning of believers baptism is all about and I thanks for right?

That you know I love people from all walks a lot, but so many friends who Presbyterians and Methodists and Baptists and Episcopalians and people from every walk of life. This will let me tell you. The bottom line is, do you know Jesus. That's the bottom line. It's all about Jesus. But you know every time I talk about baptism.

I go to the Bible. The Bible is our source, our authority, remember what happened to Jesus. Jesus went to the river Jordan and Austin John that he be baptized.

Remember that now why would Jesus be baptized, I mean offer what he was God. Everything Jesus did was a picture of what he expects of us.

Everything he did on the slide. Everything he said was designed with you and me and mine.

So, consider the baptism of Jesus. He stepped into the water.

John took him placed him under the water, having placed him under the water. He bought him out of the water again. That's very important to notice that the picture that Jesus was giving to us is exactly what happens when we give our lives to Jesus. We stand with Jesus, then we are buried with him.

Remember, Jesus went to the cross and was buried for arson, but all we left in the grave was Jesus left in the grave. Was he left under the water. No, he rose again by the power of God.

Jesus was brought back up out of the water, and God spoke from heaven, and since this is my son in whom I am well pleased that my friend is believers baptism. I encourage you to be baptized according to what the Bible teaches related to what Jesus did and God will bless you yet because another one. All right someone wrote to me and said said to me, Dr. Wooton, how do I witness to other people. Don't you find that a constant challenge. I do know you just a few minutes ago before I sat down to talk to you. I ran into a young man by the name of Matt who gave his life to Jesus Christ. I was talking to him just a little while ago and you know one of my good friends Colby led Matt to Jesus. That's what I want to. And I know that's what you want to do. How do you become a witness. Let me give you the biggest thing I can tell you invite people to give their hearts to Jesus you say to me now wait a minute what you mean by that Austin would you like to give your heart to Jesus.

If you ever thought about that.

Think about what we are's people, most of would you like to go to church good thing to ask them would you come with me to drink great thing. Don't ever stop upsetting them that we all his people. Would you like this. Would you like that. The one thing we struggled off people as we do like to give your heart to Jesus you know that I've discovered every person is ever given their heart to Jesus won't tell me on oh I've done that. Why know exactly where to go next.

But you know when people haven't given their hearts to Jesus.

That's not the easiest question the onset is then you know God will tell you and when you know it's as simple as saying can I help you to give your heart to Jesus today wanted to just prior loss Jesus to come into your heart you not inviting Jesus into your heart is not about how well you say that prayer just think about it. People who don't know Jesus, how they supposed to know what to say. But God knows because he made you and he loves you and the moment you give your life to Jesus the spirit of God takes over, be a witness share Christ. Invite people talk to them and Austin Christian hello there. I'm so glad to meet you soon. Would you like to give your heart to Jesus today. Now what is the worst thing they can do to you while I'm not even going to go but what's with asking them that Christian you know what it's worth, the angels in heaven rejoicing and God is going to use you to be a witness.

I'm praying for you as you do so all right. Let's go to another yes this is a trait I got this question from someone said to me now. Dr. Wooton, what exactly is original sin while Original Sin let's go back to the word original the word original comes from the word origin what is origin mean it means back at the beginning right so what is Original Sin, where did it originate from sin why you gotta go back right there into the book of Genesis. What happened in Genesis chapter 1 God created Adam and Eve. How did he create the in his image. What is that mean the image of God. When God created Adam and Eve, mankind, he created us to look like God to love like God and to live with God. That's exactly what happened in the Garden of Eden.

It was an Jesus came, God did. He was there, and the spirit was there living with them fellow shipping with them, and all of a sudden, here comes that slimy, almost like the devil and basin.

What happened this is the Original Sin. All of a sudden separation came in they were thrown out of the garden they hid from God. They cover their nakedness, they became aware.

They all of a sudden took on the mantle of sin, and from that moment on, mankind would being created for ever in the image of God could no longer love like God could no longer live with God and could no longer look like God. That's pretty evident when we look at ourselves notably Original Sin goes back to the beginning. It all happened right in because Adam and Eve sinned, so it is the mornings Jesus went to the cross, gave his life and died on that cross taking upon himself. My original sin. My presence in my class and my future sin and he would and Mary and by the power of God. He was raised from the date and he's alive. So when I give my heart to Jesus, my Original Sin, my parson presence in an ever is lifting the gray and I am given the right question. What a powerful day of questions and answers will be back with more of your questions and Dr. Don's answers from God's word in just a moment the doctor done woman remind you that were always available to talk with you. Pray with you and maybe discover the answer to your questions are prayer line.

It's 866899 word that's 866-899-9673 touch base with you. Maybe there's some things that have been tricked in your own heart teachings of Dr. today.

This question we love to hear from you again. That's 866-899-9673 or you can submit your questions online at our website as well., G, T, E, W online O RG now back to today's question-and-answer time with Dr. Don Wilton here on The Encouraging Word. All right for hello thank you for writing this to me.

What happens when I pretty know death is so it's a fixup and could we be honest with the children really like about and just judging by the way, we set ourselves up, take care about looks, take care of our bodies we try to do everything we can stop ourselves from dying to know it's not something we gonna be able to avoid because all of us gonna die someday. All of us. Let me tell you what happens when you die and you giving your heart to Jesus. You know what the Bible says.

The Bible says in second Corinthians 5 in verse eight.

Paul put it like this. He said I would much rather be present with the Lord Jesus then be in this life and what he was talking about is that he would withdraw the be with the Lord Jesus because being absent in other words, dying means that I am immediately in the presence of Jesus. So here's what happens when I die one day and it's going to happen.

I want you to know something about me you can read it somewhere you going to see it somewhere.

Maybe you gonna watch The Encouraging Word and they gonna get up and say you know Dr. Wilton died but you not like I quickly say again to say he went straight to be with Jesus. Because the Bible seems to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord is what the Bible teaches. When you die you close your eyes you stop breathing you not even gonna know because God is going to Sandy's angels to pick you up and transport you into the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of lords. You see Paul again writing in first Corinthians chapter 15. He said they has lost its sting.

The grave no longer has victory. There is no power over you. You going to be translated into the presence of Jesus. Do you know Jesus.

When you give your life to Christ, you are immediately transported by the angels into the presence seated at the feast table of the King give your heart to Jesus today. Thank you for this question. I know it's coming from the heart of someone who knows and loves Jesus just like me.

And because you've given your heart to Jesus. You can have confidence today, that all that fears removed.cannot be honest with you I I'm not ready to die just yet. I'm I'm praying that God may be so good as to spray me for many more years. I love living I love my children, my grandchildren and I most certainly love my wife. I love the ministry I love The Encouraging Word cost ministry and you helping us to make it difference around the world. We've got work to do.

Folks, this is about Jesus and our world needs Jesus Judah something God somehow has put joy in my heart because whether I live or whether I die, I would because Christ one. He gave his life for me and as in Adam we all die, but in Christ will make alive. Thanks for a great Christian heart. Let's go on here is another one is a good one.

This is fantastic to so how do we know God's will for our lives. That is, that is a colossal subject.

So you just gotta beg my pardon right now because how can The Encouraging Word board cost ministry in 30 seconds and I've already taken some of that time have you not knowing and doing God's will. The word of God is replete with that is with it. There's so many passages of Scripture that I wish I could take you and by the way, you can write to me and asked me to send you a lot of passages email us here at The Encouraging Word go to our webpage. By the way you love it The Encouraging Word used UCS they talk to us getting touch with us correspond. Let us know and and we can send you the details here because you need to get the Bible go to grips these passages in Isaiah. This passages in John's Gospel there passages in the acts of the apostle. I mean we could go all over Scripture right now but let me just say this to you. When Jesus comes into your heart immediately. He engages you in the face and the heart of God himself. The spirit of God in will you and by his spirit. He empowers you and he begins to speak to you and show you so this is how he does.

He speaks through his word. So I brought my Bible sitting right here next to me, this Bible is so beautiful and and go on from Genesis to Revelation will speak to Simon to tell you now make certain that your reading God's word being church being that Bible study being that black would be in the Sunday school group said the feet of those teachers those bosses keep listening to The Encouraging Word. I try every time and you know this. I try every time you open God's word. Every time I preach around the country and we try to sightless.

This is what God's God speaks by his word. God speaks by his spirit, the spirit of God who lives in you. Do you know Jesus you do the spirit of God lives in you and the spirit of God knocks at your heart's door.

He guides you he inspires you he fills you with joy, he gives you peace. He speaks through your mind. He speaks to the spirit of God takes control and fills you with his presence and will show you. I'll tell you I'm just telling you this guys listen carefully when you let the spirit of God speak to you think you dealing with apples and oranges getting placed. You say how did that happen. God knows everything about you and he knows your right hand from your left hand. He knows what you need when you need to be where you need to go the decisions you need to make speaks to his word.

He speaks through his spirit he speaks through people like right now you listening to me people like me people like your mother, your father life group leader that wonderful coach that based frame.

How about your wife, your husband maybe your son, your daughter, your grandchildren, your next-door neighbor popped her head over the fence the other day and say that this and she thought she was talking about the apples going on the tree down the road but God center to send you a message to know his will in fantastic. That's how God works in our lives. That's what he does for us.

He speaks to his word.

He speaks through his spirit he speaks through people but he also speaks to circumstances, you know everything you do is ordered by God.

God never makes mistakes. Think for a minute.

We make mistakes.

He doesn't. And God orders our footsteps not know this is going to come across like Dr. William. You say that I'm going to go inside, sometimes even the things that we don't fully understand God uses to show us where we need to be. He does sometimes it could be through surgery.

Sometimes it could be a heart attack. Sometimes it could be a wreck, sometimes it could be a tornado that calms and destroys our home in our life.

Sometimes it listen circumstances or circumstances and the Bible says in Romans.

It's a wonderful passage. This is what God says God is working all things together for the good of those that love God, to those who are the called according to his purpose. So thank you for that wonderful question about about the will of God has another one on this one is doozy every time I would try my best. Dr. Wooton, what does it mean when the Bible says from dust to dust.

Well, you know, when I sold that I went back and that's actually in Genesis chapter 3 in verse 19. This is what the Bible says.

I wrote down here, so let me read by the suite of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground since it is where you were taken from. For dust you are and to dust you will return.

Now that's God speaking to Eve ultimately to Adam and Eve because of the sin that had come into their lives so first thing I want to say to dust to dust means that because of our sinful nature we are going to return back to the original form from which God made us to begin with so what was the stuff that God used to make us in his image. We will form from the dust of the earth right that's God's original creation and the means by which he chose to create his father who owned the dust God dust is not, like nothing God made the dust.

Dust is something it has value in God's economy and evidently it has so much value he made us out of the dust of the earth.

That's the original creation of mankind form from the dust man sinned. The penalty of sin is the real creation of God by his spirit. We are being re-created and when we die we go back to the original form by which God takes the origin of who we are in his original creative sovereignty active which we are now re-created in our immortal bodies. That's why in first Corinthians 15 and verse 51 and follow just read the perishable is now made imperishable mortal is now translated into immortal with taken back to the dust of the earth and we are re-created into the perfect image of God, we once again are able to live with him forever and ever. Thank you for such a great question. Keep them coming.

Keep them coming. Just put it on me. I love questions like this and I don't know all the offices but God surely the well this Friday tradition has gone so quickly your The Encouraging Word, I can assure you will do this again soon for the time of question-and-answer by now. We want you know that we are here to answer some of your questions directly with us on our phone line at 866-899-WORD talk with his keyboard keyboard on our website at T. that's where you'll find everything from text lines talk lines the opportunity to connect with us at T.

E. W is available 24 hours a day rather than talk to us right now. Would you open your heart these last few moments with Dr. Don Wilton are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that on the center and I know that Jesus died for me on the cross today, I repent of my sins and by faith I receive you into my heart in Jesus night, my friend.

I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting news. The Lord has touched your heart and you give your life to Jesus Christ in these last moments with Dr. Wilton. I pray that you would let us know about it.

Let us encourage you and put some free resources in your hands.

Dr. Don has prepared a special packet for you if you give your life to Jesus Christ. We dedicate your life to Christ he wants you to have those as soon as possible so call us and let us know 866899 word is the phone number that's 866-899-9673 this online TW that's TE W right now so many folks on talking about this faith crisis.

Now more than ever call us to faith as we face the crises around us is more information about how you can get right now driving your car sitting in the comfort of your immediate work for listening to wherever you are The Encouraging Word that we need for your life remain unchanged. Dr. available on finding strength filled with 48 999 jumpstart online TW online margin

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