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R1448 Ordinary People

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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June 2, 2020 8:00 am

R1448 Ordinary People

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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June 2, 2020 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton
Encouraging Word
Don Wilton

We heard the term that it takes ordinary to become extraordinary and you know that's a scriptural truth discovered ordinary people is today's message from Dr. Don Wilton as we open God's word together. The book of acts in just a few moments and I pray to you, and I would be open to what God wants to teach us through the word itself doctored on Scripture say it's not what he has to say about the Bible, but how the Bible is to become together in our understanding of it to speak directly to us as we talk.

We love to talk with you as well. Right now we've really discovered the opportunity of having a conversation or progress answered over the phone is a blessing. So if you like to have someone pray with you or for you. Call us 866899 words, number 866-899-9673 or now acts chapter 1, I don't know.

I mean not see this many times before but I don't know that God has ever put a more simple message in my heart. What you hear today is not profound. It's not going to be a theological mind being because it's going to. It's a message about you and me.

It's just really as simple as that.

So here in the book of acts. There is something that happened here that I don't want to let go because I see this here today. I see this as I look through the liens of The Encouraging Word Rd. cost ministry. You are listening now and you are one of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people around this country and you listening and you might be in Montana this carefully you you might be in California you may be on a submarine serving our nation listen to this. This is incredible stuff in acts chapter 1, or I'm going to do is look at verse 13 and 14. So I want you to take your Bibles and see what I've seen because every time I open the Bible, most times, at least I see The names of people not going to confess to you today is priestly in the Old Testament. I'm telling you now hard enough pronouncing liens, but many times I just read these names and I'll just gloss over them because they just a bunch of millions, God is not just glossing over a bunch of us here today. Everyone of us is uniquely different. You know how much I love you we we love each other individually like parents love their children, you know, Karen. I'll often talk about our three grown ones around grandkids. They all every one of them are uniquely different. Sometimes you try to figure out absolutely no wind behavior is absolutely and seemingly in bad there's no question they came from their mother when they are just Angel. They obviously came from me. We've got that sorted out in our family, but isn't it amazing how you can have in the same family, not how many of you identify when I tell you you got kids you love them, you know you or your heart but your kids are as different as chalk is from trees right so what should verse 13 of the book of acts, and when they entered they went to the upper room where they were staying.

Watch this Peter and John and James Andrew, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James the son of Althea Simon the zealot and Judas the son of James Bruce, 14. These were of one accord, they were the same heart devoting themselves to pray and they were gathered together with the woman and Mary the mother of Jesus and the church family. By the way that word in the Greek text, brothers, sisters refers to gathering all of God's people together, man, women, boys and girls.

When you study the Scriptures. The interesting thing about it is these people involved fact you can go to some of the most staggering statements.

Luke chapter 16 I wrote a book about the absolute certainty of life off today is the rich man who died and went to hell and he made some wonder go back from the day to speak to his five brothers.

He was still alive and Abraham seek him. They put Moses and the prophets. Thank you very much what he said is my chosen method of evangelism. My chosen method of going beyond the way I do this is through ordinary people so couple of things I want to say to you about these people you just I want to I want to isolate this the first of all I want to say to you right here at the house of God doing something incredible which we are studying about which we know about that. They will ordinary just like us and I want to do something with you for just a moment. I don't think I've ever done this I want to take you just on a little bit of journey through some of these people who were there, Peter. What about Peter Williams a lot we can say about Peter because he was one of the more prominent of the believers and he liked it that way.

By the way he was an alpha male.

He wanted to be first in line all the time. He was brash. I think if if the truth would learn everybody around would've actually said he was a little bit of a lack of bullying and again you know my way or the highway, bully. He was certainly a man who did not Jesus and Jesus greatest hour of need any peters out here you know someone right now who's brash bully ready when the chips are down talks about it comes to church, hold on a minute, God used.

To go beyond and what can be said about and but the one thing you can say about Andrew is that he lived in the shadow of his brother Peter, have you ever looked actual family. For example, and you have, you know all these brothers and sisters. And these at least one of your children that you love just as much as a but they live in the shadow, you know that I've gotten to know some of you so will your precious people. Some of you shadow dwellers, like you always sitting under a tree somewhere without a gun find you not out front smugness is free of negative thing by the way, Andrew is a very simple person.

Whitley was a beauty in his simplicity. What about James.

There were two sons of thunder, James and John. James was the most prominent one known as a son of thunder. I've often said to myself I wonder what that mean it's, I think. I think James is one of those you want a piece of me are you talking to me or chewing a brick that he loved the Lord. I'm just I want you to get a hold of these ordinary people do not one of the biggest. I don't know whether I should say this, you know, one of the biggest challenges any church faces is from a man in a congregation who fancies himself as a son of thunder just very big freeze boots you know some people are so important that they strut even while they sitting down. I wasn't looking at any of you. I'm just saying this, I'm just saying this right James drawn the other one John we know quite a lot about Johnny was larger-than-life, so I think John was somewhat boisterous week. We know that he was very zealous by the way, to be zealous was a wonderful spiritual quality, but man, it can be aggravating. Have you ever had someone who loves the Lord so much. Every time you talk to.

They may feel a need to quote a verse of Scripture's lack. Have you ever met someone all the time. You know you can't talk to what happened. We just pray together knob I was on I was on the phone the other guys driving the motor car somewhere and I was just arriving to where I need to be and I had to stop.

They and I was I was in a little bit of a hurry and I spoke to a friend and we got to the end of our conversation I said I better go now and he said you cannot pray for you, excuse me course pray for me I love that biggest mistake I made 10 minutes later I'm sitting in my motorcar waiting for the sky. Would you say a man would you get this. It's like those people you go to the restaurant you make the biggest mistake you live because you are slim to say grace and I starting Genesis chapter 1 and yet you are you barbecue ribs and my getting cold, and he's praying right through the Old Testament like some of you may not be.

I'm not looking at anyone particular outlook over the side. What about Philip you know Philip was an interesting character because he was very quick to involve someone else.

He first went and found in this case his brother have you ever been around someone in the church you go and wants them to do something in the first thing they do is turn around and suggest you get somebody else's will yourself, but it's a good thing right always very quick to pass the buck so to speak. You know well I need to go and get someone else will. Just wanted to do. These are not negative attributes. They personality things you're listening to Dr. Don Wilton our teacher here on The Encouraging Word and we will be right back with the rest of today's message in just a moment, please don't go away. Dr. Don Wilton remind you of this very unique especially in this season of our lives at 2020 is wonderful resource called faith in the state of crisis.

We also have Dr. Don's defying the odds, but both of these are they right now. It will give you complete details in just a minute. If you're interested, visit and discover more like give us a call about getting your coffee at 866898668999673 back to today's message is these people to go beyond what can be said about Nathaniel tell you one thing about him. There is a real sensing carried a lot of prejudice to any thing you ever been around a Christian man that you can talk to them about the Lord Jesus, and about this about that, but this I think Nathaniel he's prejudice was that we were all prejudiced. You know that all of us. We will battle with every single one of us beckons with prejudice, loving old people. The same equally believing in all people equally. Matthew Matthew excuse me. Matthew was a tax collector in East form a lot. I'm telling you as a believer. Matthew never escaped the fog of superstition. He worked for the enemy.

Given being around a fellow believer that use to and its lack just doesn't seem to leave them so that was like a suspicion related him. Thomas well a lot of Thomas was the daughter just like all of us. How we doubt deep inside I mean even Jesus. I know that I believe that you know I just yes I do. I know he is the crime know that but if we all go through that all the time doubting is part of the fabric of our makeup. It's human this position. Thomas was a doctor. What about James not James was known as James lace LESS, and it's interesting about James because hardly anything about it. I like to call James.

James the obscure. We will see what we would do you know a believer right now I am in units, not about whether or not he will.

She loves the Lord.

But where they where are you are you hiding under a rock or something that's James and God used him to go beyond what about Simon loves Simon because Simon was known as Simon the zealot, and by the way Simon was only mentioned three times in all of Scripture is a word that I think I use.

I hope you will use it. He was the best salted one I mean he just didn't matter what it was I think Simon just don't need wind or not you ever met someone like that doesn't matter what they doing, even if it's for two minutes.

They go all out. That's like when I'm going to just honor the even eat their food like that.

They don't eat food diet. Well Simon the zealot, Thaddeus brought a well-known one of the disciples. Thaddeus EE was seen in many ways, you know many people attribute the book of Jude by the way, the book of Jude 1 of the shortest in the New Testament.

Most scholars believe that Thaddeus most likely was the author, under the leadership of the spirit of the book of Jude and one thing that you can say about Thaddeus is that he had a kind of childlike ability. He wasn't just a humble man. It was almost childlike. What about Mary Madden deleting she was there but we know quite a lot about Mary Madden deleting Luke chapter 8 tells us that seven demons will cost out of her. Some people have suggested that she lived a life of new repute, some of suggested in some of the writings that she was one of the street ladies. Mary the mother of Jesus. I think Mary the mother of Jesus, how much can we talk about Mary the mother of Jesus, humble you not, don't you love when we get to Christmas time and and and the Holy Spirit comes upon her and she's with child and the angel makes the announcement to her and she pondered these things in her heart. It's just so serene.

It's I think Mary the mother of Jesus was just this quiet lovely lady who else was there.

Well Martha was there. We, there is no doubt Martha would've been there you wanted to grab the moth of the one who anointed Jesus humble. What about Mary who was there alongside some people would've said she was the jealous sister you ever met a fellow believer whose jealous of what you do three who doesn't go through jealousy, envy coming deep down you know) your timely like I wish you know you know why did you get to do that job. Ruth commonly called Jesus sister part of the family. There was Rebecca, what about the woman assigned call. What about the woman at Simon the Pharisee. I mean, this is just about a whole chapter of the Bible written about her. What about the woman who touched the garment of Jesus in the crowd who had just such an extraordinary simple reaching out unassuming faith and gentle spirit in many way.

Excuse me, what about the woman caught in adultery. You member how those Pharisees dragged in. I mean, don't kid yourself. Folks, they didn't kinda bring her in. In a motor call someone's fan. They dragged her by the head because they had in mind to executor stone prove a point to confront Jesus and they bring in this moment in life and said we called to active adultery and Jesus write something on the ground and says well who's going to be the first one and all of a sudden Lee's accusers realizing Jesus here. We got the sink demonstration of the power of God's forgiveness and his love and his grace. I think she was there. I think she was right there and God used her to go beyond such important reapers mean ordinary, what about the woman with the spirit of infirmity or what about Joanna you want to talk about Joanna we know about her. She was the wife of Kaser, who was the manager in his household. This was someone who was well acquainted with the evilness of this pain is tighter think she was the I think she was the one about Susanna folks when we stop here. The Bible say is these people gathered together, these are the people that led worship lead these. These were the people that witnessed and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. These were the people who fell at the feet of Jesus the wisdom of these with the people he said Lord, I'll do whatever you want to see not only were they ordinary like us, but they were sinners just like us. Every one of them Bible tells us clearly, folks.

Romans chapter 3 in your own private time read chapter 3 of the book of Romans. In verse nine through verse 24, culminating with a great passage have sinned, have sinned and come short of the glory of God. That's why people are welcome in this place, everybody.

You are welcome here. You know why because these ordinary people us. We ordinary people, sinners just like us.

They were forgiven just like us. They were forgiven just like us. Just something I want you to know about me.

I'm just an ordinary person like all of us and I'm I'm just a sinner like all of us and I'm just forgiven, just like all of us who are willing to come to the Lord Jesus and confess our sin and repent before him. You know there is something about these ordinary people. They were powerfully used just like us. I have noticed I've noticed scores and scores more people right here rising up and volunteering and saying I'll do it God's not asking us to go to this place and that place is just asking us to say I'll do it. I'm willing to welcome others.

I'm willing to pray onslaught.

I'm I'm I'm willing to give. Doesn't matter with you. Have a great deal with you none.

God uses ordinary people beginning with the widows might. I'm willing to do that. You mean Lord you can use my hundred dollars. My thousand dollars. My hundred thousand dollars bond millions of dollars giving you could use. I'm willing to send. I'm willing to be. You know how many people were sending church you know where we send people's of the church to shake hands to one of the entrances to tell someone welcome. So happy to see you today. NetSuite God sends ordinary people like you and me. That's going doing that's giving life group leaders. That's what you do, sign Lord, here I am repeating a powerful message and perhaps right now your little frustrated because you can't serve, you can get involved like a guy using right now to do this. Pray right now. Perhaps you put more than just his wonderful South African bro It's become evident to you the truth. God loves God has spoken. I'd love to help you pray with me and except I know that on this. I know that Jesus loves Satan Pastor Dr. Don Wilton today I prayed let us take it to the next and your life to Jesus Christ or dedicate your life to Christ. These resources today asking you to call us at 8669968999673 remains online as well.

TW discover opportunity to lead man on someone 99 for now. Let's stay connected

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