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Taking the Time

Encouraging Prayer / James Banks
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March 20, 2021 12:00 pm

Taking the Time

Encouraging Prayer / James Banks

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March 20, 2021 12:00 pm

Sometimes it’s easier to say that something is a good idea, then it is to actually do it. And if that were ever true of anything, it’s certainly true of prayer! Today, James & Robby talk about how we can learn to take the time to pray.

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is good Truth Network encouraging prayer, God offers an open invitation for his people to talk with him at any time about anything on encouraging prayer Dr. James Banks, author of the best-selling and many other books on prayer provides weekly biblical insight help you learn to love and now start with a bit of the story days encouraging prayer. So James taken away. Robbie was an old told about a meeting might a larger number of them are assembled with a mouse with excellent rhetorical skill stands on to and clears his throat, something he says must be done about the cat. Yes, the others agree that Won't stop eating us know he won't response the rhetorical mouse. It is in his nature to hunt us. But the question is will we be hunted all the other mice roar in unison. Possible for mouse to roar something must be done in the mouse goes on what the cat needs Isabel then whenever he stalks us we will hear him coming. Well, as soon as he said it cries of brilliant and inspired rose from the other mice and men. They all began to shout in unison Bell though no go. Silence. The rhetorical mouse responds, lifting his paw. There is just one more thing. He sets who is going to put the bell on the Not a word was heard.

In response, and one by one, each mouse slowly walked away so moral to this story right. Sometimes it's easier to say something is a good idea than it is to actually do it. And if that were ever true of anything. It certainly seems to be true prayer, James prayer may be easy enough to talk about but sitting down and doing it that can be another matter. So today were going to look at how we can actually take the time to pray were going to do this carefully so James, are you put the bell in the gap you call your grade point the rhetorical mouse did agree to do it either. Did he go after this topic today. The last thing you want to, are people who have it all together. Prayer is a challenge for all of us and we have to be real about this much more humble about it. Then you gotta wonder whether hearts are right. When we pray at all looking the Lord impregnating that sounds a little too close to the parable Jesus told about a praying Pharisee and it didn't end well for that kind so as a matter fact, that's one of the challenges of this broadcast not doing acts of righteousness before others you know not just talking about it. What we really want to do is just get down to business with prayer and before this broadcast/podcast is over we need to pray that we can.

That's a great idea. So what you think we can really help us make time to pray, especially when we feel like we don't have enough hours in a day or even in a work time.

I think the best starting point is to understand God is waiting for a seat. He loves us. He longs for us to be with him. So this is actually the greatest privilege of our lives. Think of Jesus words here come to me and I will give you rest. The right perspective isn't all I have to pray, but all I get to pray for. I really like that. It also reminds me the difference praying makes in my day. If I start the day by just jumping him about taking time which actually happened to me yesterday. I can't believe it rarely ever does, but it did happen to me yesterday. It seemed like the whole day was uphill, especially by the time I got done with work. I couldn't believe the difference. I think one of the main reasons for that is Jesus promised that he and the father would make themselves at home with us if we walk with him.

So there is this piece, this order comes and it's difficult to explain unless you're spending time in prayer as you start today and if you don't, it's just like fielding pop fly running from one thing to another and I think it's really important to add that this doesn't have to be hours at a time right being in prayer for an extended time is really good, but if you think that's the only way you can pray email me may never start. I'm so glad you were talking about this because I think a lot of people shy away from prayer because they have that picture in their mind they hear about that guy who got up and spent three hours in the morning with the Lord. I just can't do that. So they never start out thunder young mom this week who was wrestling with this very thing and I think the key is just do it even if it's only for two or three minutes make this a priority of the way you begin the day and one of the reasons this matter so much is its another way of making sure were not just running their own lives.

We need to begin the day by saying I want to live for you today Laura got not for me.

I'm for you so please help me and just starting from that standpoint of dependence makes a world of difference. Really this is something we get to do. God is waiting for us because he loves us our lives will certainly be more at peace will be closer to Jesus and them.

What else can we do to take the time.

I think there were two other really basic things we can do that will help. The first is learning short verse that will inspire you to pray, usually you find its diverse you already know, because God is just use it to really speak to you. You've already taken it to heart when my favorites is Psalm 18, one I love you Lord you are my strength and when I start without one. Sometimes it's like well do I mean it. You know you love him, love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength, mine or another verse could be Jesus words. Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you or come to me, you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest and go over a verse like that in your mind and heart and just let that lead you into the Lord's presence and you'll find it doesn't take long. So what's the second.

The second thing is work on learning to pray spontaneously when someone says to you, please pray for me about something do it right there on the spot if you can even balance a great offer on prayer read about Charles Spurgeon. He glided from laughter to prayer with the naturalness of one who lived in both elements with him the habit of prayer was free and unfettered took that living in both elements, you know that that's a great place to be when we learn to pray in the little things in the moment and I think were getting closer and closer to where God wants us to live. I've never heard Spurgeon so for me I hope it is for a listers today and James before we go to pray about this so want to start my finish. All right, let's pray Lord we cannot do this unless you help us but thank you that this is the very thing you want to do Holy Spirit fill us and help us and lead us in this Lord help us to think clearly and make this the greatest priority of our lives because you are the greatest priority of our lives. Help us to just learn to be more and more sad. I pray that you would bring a reminder somehow say that to our hearts remembered and remembers hear more from Pastor James by visiting the website. James or by visiting these church in Durham, North Carolina. May God bless you and encourage you to pray.

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