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Encouraging Prayer / James Banks
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March 28, 2020 12:50 pm

Christian Car Guy & Christian Car Guy Theatre

Encouraging Prayer / James Banks

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March 28, 2020 12:50 pm

Bob joins Robby in the Truth Booth.  Guess what Bob is wearing?  PLUS, Christian Car Guy Theater makes a special return!

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This is the Truth Network 11 ignition sequence Kristin Cargile radio show forever. Now I got home I am that song this tests is just unbelievably rich with what actually Kristin Bush is talking about where he's talking about. So yes to the dress is the actual things he wrote. But the ideas we are going to get some dresses we get dressed up of the weddings over of the feast of the wedding supper. That's what that's kinda about, but today on the Christian card as you like Robbie what the world well here we go so it's really the show is a couple things number one it's my week in prayer that was out of your like me but Jesus just give you enough manna for today and in this we can certainly been a day by day thing and so I thought it might be helpful to kinda take you through, where Jesus took me because I'm thinking some people are afraid the same thing I'm afraid of, and so how Jesus came after those fears this week is kind of where I'm going with a lot of those that rocket man thing. Oh my goodness, what do you find out what that little significant negative. Jesus gave me about rocket man about massive old man were to talk about that but by now we have a gigantic episode of Christian card I theaters actually longer than we ever do. It's two segments long. It is river rock retaliation the finale so excited about that, but I never thought about it but ever since the Garden of Eden. We felt exposed right Bob and I'm sitting at Bob's got a mask.

I'm proud to mother-in-law all right. She mother knows been battling cancer heads finished chemo recently and we just trying to do everything we can.

I'm tenant not take Katie's around there and not technically the sound of my life that might take him to what I all I can do this is what I'm going to day so you know say yes to the dress has to do with getting your nakedness covered up. It's kind of the story from like oh my goodness. We lost the address into your Jesus is gonna find some that for us, and in that hope right at your picture with me Ellen right to share with me this week from Mike's weeks, if not for God at any talked about Christmas day and Christmas day is a feast which love the Bible is full of fees and answer anything about the word hold a lot of us think of like I hope I'm you know little girls and say I hope I get a pony for Christmas. We shouldn't necessarily really think she's getting a pony, but she just hoping that she will, but if you saw her about December 10 and you sorrow running around all excited and you said you know Darla what what are you excited about should say hello.

Christmas is coming and I'm going to get a pony. She's hoping for a pony, but she knows that Christmas is coming.

See that's biblical hope. Hope is knowing that you can get the dress Bob, I mean hope is knowing that you are going to get caught. There is no exposure.

Where were headed so as I've talked about many times.

Jesus just comes after me every morning and I spend time there.

So I thought it would be helpful to go through. You know what I do exactly kind of after I do my daily prayer which I've done on the air before and it's all there.

My website or you can get the podcast of my daily prayer, but part of the prayers I asked Jesus three questions these days, and the first question I asked him after I spent some time in prayer. I see Jesus what are you praying for me today, and this opens up some cans of worms that like oh my gosh, because he knows your heart he he he knows what it is I'm actually you know in and the game plan for today right so Jesus what are you praying for me today than I asked him what's the word, and specifically a word that the work in the years to learn from what is it you are praying for me and then I asked for Scripture that would be applicable to that word. So with that in mind.

March 24. I asked Jesus what you praying for me. He says I'm praying Robbie that you don't lose heart, that you wouldn't be afraid because I've overcome the world.

Now that was really cool because he kinda gave me the fear the Lord. Word the fear which is yar and and in Hebrew, but then he took me to John 1633 which says I have said these things to you and me in me that you may have peace in the world you have tribulation, but take heart, right.

Remember, he said and pray that I don't lose heart. Take heart I have overcome the world. Well the word that went into that and really just wowed me wildly while me is the word tribulation because I packed it in from the subject and back in the Hebrew, and here's what the word is is actually Montessori in Hebrew, probably saying that right but the cool thing is that the translation of it means siege. Now think about what you've experienced this week he eat on Sam Bobbitt you feel like you're under siege as a lot of people fail in that line pay that and you're surrounded but if you look there some beautiful stuff inside that word siege in Hebrew because the word starts out with the man, which is the letter from Messiah, which means Jesus and so the second letter is what I call is that it gets that letter that looks like a tree that he is going to make any did make everything right. By the way on a tree somewhere. Jesus is going to make everything right is a seat.

I mean, think about the tribulation.

He's got everything right.

I mean it's just best to deal and the deal you talk about the beautiful stuff inside and noticed that I have always been the one to look for positive here positives where not many positives where you know just very apparent and just yesterday young lady lives across the street. She supposed to be in a certain part of the state doing her student teaching right now and that name because of the situation. She's at home and her and her father were out there they were doing stuff and it just like wow that just really warms my heart because he got some extra time with his daughter that he went and got without the same thing. My daughters home from college and I and I get to get that and so you like wow wow which has to do with my next day which happens to be March 27 so Jesus what you mean.

March 26. Excuse me. March 25 and the next day was. He wants me to understand the value of the day right any text in Genesis 15 God called the night you know that the light day, and he called the darkest night and in the idea of that was that I heard this podcast from Sam Eldridge who lost his son and when he lost his son. He was really really struggling and he couldn't find any Bible verse that really helped him feel better. But what did make him feel better was to say that there was only one story he actually wrote it on his mere above and out on in his bathroom, and the idea being that nothing is happening. That's random. It's all the story that is coming to Jesus, but it's all the story that you know everything is going to work out eventually. We don't know all the details but Christmas is coming on one story, and all these things will come back together and in the meantime, like you say in that day for today. You know I get to enjoy my daughter. I get to enjoy more time with my wife.

I get to enjoy you know this respiratory to get to and oh my goodness you're get up when you hear about this rocket man this massive thing when we get your really really cool at some of the things it's, but Bob you know a day can change everything. Absolutely. When you mention the gentleman laziness. This really rang my veil and him you know not not been able to find the verse I knew there was no definite answer for me.

Like the end so I didn't get caught up so many people just ship completely down and I just found a way to move forward and know that answer was down a raise side of quite a bit for me one day, cool thing. When we come back with a rock and you're listening to the Truth Network and internal 1211 and nine ignition day on the Christian car guy how Jesus came after my fears in prayer, sort of my week in prayer.

But also, I should mention about narrowing out the Christian car guy theater. Two episodes come in.

That's awesome and the Jesus labor and bond as you can imagine the needs keep coming out as fast and furious had some really generous donations.

I'm so grateful this week for people that chipped in, but the needs are great and and if there was ever timer people needed car to get to the doctor in all this, thanks so I'm thankful for the ministry.

Thankful for a chance to help. Thankful for your prayers as as always, we get we gotta talk about that but you know prayer is, where the rubber meets the road. Bob you see so many people really step in that and on the news this morning they were talking about this one. Given $5 million and that when given $5 million and people just be in so generous and I and that it warms my heart that that people are getting behind this and realizing that and that we have got to all pull together and I and speaking of pulling together so moving on March 26 but let me give you a background why Jesus may have come after this particular part of me. I share a house right now with three women to share. My daughter is home from college is really kind of upset from being home from college and really rather be in college and then my course my wife and my mother-in-law so I got three generations and blaze share how things have gotten a little testy at times and were all counted there together, and everybody's scared and worried about all these different things and and and and and the night before this happened. My daughter came in the room you're very very very mad because my mother-in-law had set the thermostat up and she likes it warm rhyolites cooling narratives and screaming match all the stuff, unless you have that in your family. I'm just just need to I'm just guessing this is something that spits, and she's not talking to me and so the next morning Jesus says he wants me to better understand forgiveness and specifically the word forgiveness you is really cool. This is where you get the rocket man in Hebrew. It's NASA NASA if you would transcribe that in the English which you know is an omniscient analysis but NASA is really how you would kind of say it and how you would kinda spell it so and NASA in Hebrew has to do with lifting a bird right lifting something up so you think a NASA rocket so we had the situation and and for those of us who play football. The best way I know to put this affected Dr. driving said this one time. I've never forgotten.

It's very very helpful for me. It is that what's happened is somebody has missed the block now if you're on that team. You either make up for that person is the block. If you get mad about that person is in the box and you do not do anybody any good. But if you just go to try to help out the guy that missed the block, then all the sudden you know, things become a little bit better so let's look inside that word a little bit, you know, as we talk about in the Hebrew, the first letter is this. None which means faith and at and in the idea actually is that God is going to once again God's got this right and I need to lift up this situation in faith and and there's a fire underneath that thing is called to share in this, like that rocket taken off and that last letter in Hebrew is an out of which means the father so you're kind of lifted this situation up to the father to say Loki you can handle that. Let me do what I can do to reassure the people that are involved, how can I get that you, there's lots. It can be said about forgiveness, but I imagine that a lot of houses right now could use a whole lot of us taking all that stuff that's going on and giving people grace and meanwhile give them the forgiveness that you think it is. You've done a whole lot worse and dismissed the block in art. I've got this point the finger right here where it belongs right like I need your forgiveness and so many different ways so like oh my goodness what a great word that was, and I needed it so bad that they and I'll never forget now. NASA like you got a lift and interestingly just a little side note I find beautiful is that when it says don't take the name of the Lord your God in vain. The word take. There is NASA so the ideas you not supposed to lift up God's name for vain purposes I say more massive forgiveness is interesting and in the Scripture there that he gave me was in a keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving the iniquity that that's it I'm hitting thousands obviously billions right. So while and I must get the 27th of us were working to run out of time, but I don't want to miss what he gave me this morning right and and and and and it has to do with. He wanted to beat me to become aware of what it meant to be exposed and the word naked. This has to do with that Warren Buffett put it like this. If you're not wearing a bathing suit and the tide goes out your exposed the deal. Well if you not wearing the blood of Jesus.

Let me just explain to you that your exposed okay and in the idea of that that you've been getting these wedding close together ever since. You know you were born has to do with how you really get covered so that you don't have to worry about being exposed Bob to any pestilence that in God's eyes skated meaning as were all exposed we think we can have Stephanie I always have the will of God will know about that outline the lyrics bashfully at want to thank you for having me here today.

It's been a really great thing to be straight and back, I've missed you last week, last month is working to get now.

We got it thank you and don't forget the part I theater come up to episode seven.

Oh my goodness to second you're listening to the Truth Network and now the palliation the finale bunch of happenings going on in our town the least of which include the nefarious demons negative on the contrary, Xenia and should on their limping back in after having been driven out by God's angels get totally caught up. Just go to the podcast and get all the river rock retaliation episode. Now the demons were ordered to somehow destroy Pastor Jack's sons Johnny and Joe as well as destroy the mayor and Myra Meriwether's reputation and use the same despicable plot for Pastor Jack. However, they know that there are special angelic agents of God been sent just in case that demonic loathsome foursome might come back to Little Rock last bunch of good angels that fought off the throw them out and assigned to another duty God sent three exceptional not to mention outstanding angels are the names of cargo hold without Johnny and Joey Pastor Jack's sons had the relationship restored when Johnny and into drugs, repented and gave his life to Jesus by praying with Joey. They decided to go fishing and unfortunately the demons overturned their boat.

One of God's heavenly beings who looked at them like Jesus in jeans and a shirt. He saved them. Then the boys ran to the church were meeting was going on. Pastor Jack was telling the members about Johnny being into drugs and Mary Elvira was weeping over being misunderstood about her husband's accidental death. They were both going to resign but the congregation left at that point Johnny and Joey ran into the church with their miracle story, but also get to use this came in with agent can agent can have a real thing against Mary Elvira Meriwether, mostly because she reminded him of his domineering sister who was a real pain in the neck so he was renting Elvira that he was going to try to get her arrested her husband was alive and agent Was going to rest Johnny is used as an agent can target Johnny off to jail.

Pastor Jack Mary Elvira in the congregation prayed, as did the magical car parts, but suddenly there was a shocking shaking. Earthquake sent everyone motion and action. Pastor Jack is at the center jail told the congregation and took off in his car. Jimmy and Lazarus got into Jimmy's anointed off they went. Congregation prayed as the four demons on the roof of the church and senior conscientious gloated over what was going on. We can the structure of the jail to produce death. They were beginning to be aware that all might not be well in the nefarious scheme. The head demon negative, painfully reprimanded her dingbat level going on. Should see this as I can hold up the disk is most noxious nag that the gloomiest ones come up to no good which they they don't seem to have exulted confusion, deception and distraction would melt's we get to this. Meanwhile, Lazarus and Jimmy are headed for the Jeep and the under the hood and team are waiting and praying is the amazingly heard and understood the conversation demon. Jimmy turned the key card receipt loaded with enthusiasm and hope things are looking our prayer every prayer and you can keep away from the meeting because it seems impossible and we put on the right and right can be an 350 anointing with oil and not bragging about hers as well is especially wonderful. Jimmy got in the Lord's to overcome his just as Jimmy.

Whatever happened, Jimmy is was in hell was he doing now Jimmy, one of the rescuers. Jesus is the key for a while as we take the long way to know you know we wanted to hear more. Jimmy is not even worsen. This is my everything we can tell people about Jesus Christ. I remember hearing. I believe what you say I would be willing to will last until someone like me who was the worst salinity issue tortured in every way screeching screens known during the crime told you about Jesus, your life and you were a kid I drew we have to remember the school, the author of confusion pastor friend of mine, the devil offers a better surrounded by the plaintiff. That's what he did in the beginning the first he maybe got told me right now And retaliation you're listening to the truth and Now back to retaliation the finale. Let's listen in on. I justified even by using the Bible to repeat different Scriptures feel that I was doing just fine and I was continuing deeper into the I didn't even learn from experience that I've been catching up wanting to know the truth so it can completely. I know that Jesus Christ is referred to as the rock and he is been my rock in these rocky times. I love that verse in Deuteronomy 32 for he is the his work is perfect for all his ways of justice of God of truth and without injustice righteous and upright is the becomes more real every day to me in my Bible reading today Moses wrote about the stages of the Israelites in the wilderness in our lives upon thought. Yes, it's a process of, and precept upon precept, the Bible says processes like the right writer and brighter day. Jack was right is the epicenter of the one how the pastor was right party standing.

Meanwhile, the magically anointed carports are praying and by the way, God can have in the Bible with attached hand right on the wall or have a donkey speak. Not to mention all the other count was, why not some anointed car park there. So carports team and discussing what you're seeing is the remains racy gas tank explodes with wonder and I will see most murders will meanwhile back at the church. The town folks and listen to Mary Meriwether and she produced records of her exoneration from the court about her late husband's tragic and accidental death. The townsfolk heard the legal proof but even more than that they knew she was utterly trustworthy and now all praying for those in for their little town of River.

Elvira is pray Lord that you work all things to those who he and we pray for all those J can back at the jail and another miracle of sorts is taken place.

Three angels guard over solace and fidelity who are invisible humans surround them pile of fallen beings and run we see Johnny Pastor Jackson uses in his alone to I knew she was, reminded me of my sister to 5 Hz confessions can. This is what has to Jimmy Lazarus just in time to hear about some of the miracles that just then the three angels guard over solace in her head upward to solicit plan to start over green consent can't, you're whispering you need to consider fidelity thinking since Scott and I believe the most high has sent the big guns. Just then the four demons of when to their terrified eyes. Thinking we once again demons are no time to see where God is now in the radiator to the laws rock keep on your listening to and

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