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The Flip Side of Blessings, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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May 18, 2022 8:00 am

The Flip Side of Blessings, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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May 18, 2022 8:00 am

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I called the but God things to that of us can love everybody all the way to the point of every maybe the Bible teaches us to love God and love people, but I trust our faith should be in God alone hello and thanks for joining us for today's destined for victory message Pastor Paul Shepherd wherever you are. You may be listening. Thanks for making this part of your day will. If you have people in your life you have shown themselves to be reliable with proven time and again to be helpful when you're facing a crisis. You may be tempted to start putting your faith in them. Today pastor Paul reminds us that even the people who love us best or only a resource unlimited resource God alone is the source. Stay right here or visit pastor to listen to destined for victory on demand. You can also download the podcasts a Google podcast. It's bona fide, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts but now here's pastor Paul, today's destined for victory message. The flipside of blessings all the people normally pray for you. Work with you and how God uses people. They've given me when I was in need and they prayed for me when I was in this and yes they did all that sometime they do everything they always do and is not working body, God uses is a limited resource.

So listen, y'all gotta stop with your man worship and woman worship and prayer partner worship. Yes, let him do what they're called to do what God's body can help you all know that they can solve your problem.

You wouldn't have a problem people in your life could get you where you you know, but God sees to it that of us can love everybody all the way to the point of every need being met. So they say the baby call me no matter where you are, no matter how far will be there in a hurry all that you can never worry. No way, no winters cold.

My goal to keep you, but make sure that the common newborn and they will be on the and they can climb the mountain to get to you takes you from the other side of the map you know I love you you know you my boo. Take care. Send stay focused seated and let her husband seem to let you see the proppants what was going on right. She is like this. Somebody needs to get off in your doing what they can do some people do certain things because if you teaching you how to trust him at another level. Sometimes he will withdrawal that your use dependent on the kind of taken for granted sometime he'll put you in a position with no one but you would little soul. You gotta pursue the possibilities and you got to stay focused you see that throughout the Scriptures.

I'll have time to spend a lot couple couple of you remember that silo. Some accounts: the silo for mission woman to the Canaanite woman, a non-Jewish woman so-called cyber lady who said the meals (woman seen over the long homework I was reading about this and we had a study on the Nielsen Sentinel baby medication okay so patient woman that was and she wanted to see what was when you see so Jesus gave her two quick tests to pass them both. The first was the ignoring test. She came asking please help me please and display no job and he answered her not a word, they still talk in his his disciples, she passed she can get what I'm trying to keep you out of lesson Jesus see past.

Ignoring this, she just stayed there and kept asking, would you help me with you. Second test the insulting test he said was not right to take the children's bread to go with what you said no and pulled all buildings all mothers come home all peer links put Vaseline to go to some Tim's all. So if you succeed, Jesus, where's your help. Here's how she responded to.

Well, you should give the children's bread.

The dog he said let's take what your dog knowledge. She said the dogs get that far from the table when the sloppy family drops it on the floor. She said, so I'm not here to contend that I belong at the table. That's not my point. I readily and I'm not a woman of Israel. I don't qualify to be at the table by traditional thinking, but I'm okay with being a double. Just let me do what the dogs do which is to get the blessings that you sloppy ungrateful children drop on the floor when Jesus heard that the disciples that you all have things like this.

That's all he wanted. He wanted to show them when you need God you don't get caught up in the pettiness to say don't believe the children are our future lead the way. All the beauty they possess inside since the make it easier children's laughter. We used to be long ago. You can control is only taking you what's your name what you need is Jesus so we can learn. Stay focused in the house. Babies okay is time to get pregnant loaded baby kicking just like to know when you want to get some woman thing and it was working.

She was working over but what it had to do she stay focused. She went to the man of God in her day. She had to go to Shiloh and see the man of God, named Eli in the temple and she went there and she cried when she goes to the my helpers from from the Lord. She went into the temple, and she went to the place of prayer and cried out to God, but she didn't want to be loud and so she muttered in her place of prayer, and he so Eli looked over and saw her muttering and all of that but he just looked like this woman, and he assumed I thought you were imperfect here so Mama God, that he was. He said Chuck came up and hit didn't come up in my temple on behalf of an so when he goes to her, he should have done what all of us should do when you see something you think you know what you're saying goal, whether it's what you think that's what we should not Eli most of us coming up next. The rest of today's destined for victory message. The flipside of blessings with pastor Paul Sheppard, Pastor is the place to go hear Pastor Paul's recent messages on demand.

Also find a host of great resources or online store, including books and DVD messages from Pastor Paul and you can learn more about the ministry and about all the great things friends like you are doing through your prayers and financial support. That's Pastor if you love listening to destined for victory. We know you'll enjoy watching some of Pastor's best video clips, subscribe to him on YouTube and find more details and links to all of Pastor Paul social media, visit Pastor You need God to help you through a challenge today. You can't be mad at him about the challenge and ask for his blessing at the same time as pastor Paul the second half today's message.

The flipside of blessings away right first wine away. She hadn't touched the stuff there is a point of possible distraction and making this a blessed season. She could've teed off on Eli, Eli and a husband would both have things they never forgot Hesiod teed off on Eli for the rest of his ministry he was what that lady said to me when I told her she was drunk. She walked on one side of me and down the other. She distracted so she explained to him so I haven't drink a little and she poured I'm asking God for job season is already permitting. I got to live in the same house, whatever else you said was a stay focused. Look at verse 2028. Now this back to mount caramel this additional might. She's at the prophet's feet to his eye has not pushed her way because he likes us to leave her alone. She's in distress but the Lord is not showing me what's going on.

So look at what she says. Verse 20 did I ask you for a son, my Lord did not tell you don't raise my hopes is she is going to let him see no so sick. I let them know I'm distressed because you're the one prophesied a son that nobody was asking for all years ago when I was a young woman and my husband was younger I asked for children. I want to be like most married women of her day and an Lord, you didn't give me any and all of those seasons.

And then this man of God, come along, prophesied, I will have one next year.

She said, look at how respectful she seemed to never going to see point you don't raise my hopes. The application is, why would you prophesy something I'm not going get the raise. It's only been years I've enjoyed.

Here's why would you make me have a child that I can't keep Eli.

She gets it and look at verse 29 he said to his eye took your cloak into your bill. Take your staff in your hand and one don't greet anyone you meet anyone greet you. No answer. Lay my staff on the boys face the boys on the bed, go to her house go up to the upper room lay my staff to contact another possible point of contact.

Maybe this is the way God will do even the prophet doesn't know how guys can do this is where you give us all give all the people you're proud all your body also and when you get there latest staff on and the woman said I love verse 30. She said, as surely as the Lord lives in us.

You live. I'm not leaving you to see him do whatever he will send them to what I need is for the Lord and you are his representative on earth.

You are the prophet he called and anointed.

I'm staying with you.

If you think there was some desire.

I know we got the staff at all but sticking with the man who spoke the word that resulted in that boy being born and I am not a to leave you chasing after his I'm staying right here which you you know why Elisha is familiar with that sentiment because that's what he hated with his predecessor, Elijah shaken I got to go. I got to go to Beth Biagi values about where we both know, I guess there lays the staff on board still did so. Finally, Elisha said, I got to go, and he and the woman go back to the house for 33 women shut the door on the two of them and prayed to the Lord. Mom's okay yeah I'm fine staying outside now not a Jew in there with my son. I'm good. I'm respect you always be with you I needed you to have direct contact with the boys you prophesy to see it and sees outside to his eyes outside of the room and look at the man of God. He got on the bed and laid on the boy mouth-to-mouth eyes to eyes, hands to hands boys younger, smaller but he's just laying gently on top of him and just saying, in essence, whatever God is doing in me. I need to transfer the power that's making that happen into this and he literally tries to do that as he stressed himself out on the boy's body grew warm.

Elisha turned away, walked back and forth in the room and then got on the bed and stretched out on him once more that time the boy's knee seven times opened his eyes. Elisha summoned to Hayes. I said call the sugar might and he did when she came he said take your son came in fell at his feet bow to the ground.

She took her son this last subpoint. After you pursue the possibilities and after you stay focused. You got to push the US H stands for prey until something happens. That's what Eli should be God himself didn't show him at first. When he got there he didn't know how God's will do it later on in the first and work. The staff had worked. He walked around know no doubt just got what you want to hear went back late on the second in the boy's knee seven times in his eyes open. What you doing you don't get to answer the first keep persevering the persistent Jesus told us that parable of the woman who went to the unjust judge and she said I need a hearing.

I know I'm not on the docket for the day, but I made a hearing and leaving your room till you address what I need and Jesus concluded that story because he was teaching us to have faith and never to give up. He said even though the man was even just didn't care about God or this woman, he said if I will have some sanity in my life. I need to deal with because I get outta here. She was prepared to be a nuisance why she needed that judge is just the parable.

What's the story for us just before the one who can make a difference. Take the pressure off the people who can make a difference or who won't gobble allowed to make a different and put pressure if you want to call it on God said, Lord, you started this I believe in you to finish and you've got to learn to play until something you know if you get angry at people when they don't help you overcome a challenge that maybe your faith was in people not God.

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