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Taking Care of Caregivers, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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May 12, 2022 8:00 am

Taking Care of Caregivers, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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May 12, 2022 8:00 am

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Solomon, who was the wisest man other than Christ.

Solomon said wisdom takes time and builds on a strong foundation of seven to make sure you in every area. What are the seven foundational pillars find out next on this Thursday edition of Destin for victory hello and welcome to another great day of teaching with pastor Paul Sheppard was senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California was glad to have you with us can be neatly divided into seven distinct areas you want to successfully carry out God's will for you on earth is critical to be balanced in each of today pastor Paul takes an in-depth look at the seven tellers in order to help you identify any areas that have gotten out of alignment. Stay with us here or stop by Pastor anytime you're in a recent message on demand. That's Pastor Paul download or subscribe to the podcast at Google podcast it's modified or wherever you enjoy your caps blistering. Pastor Paul and Elsie shares today's message taking care of caregivers is as a boy. When we were young people can save insights to learn devotional and what was that mean you gotta read something some some Scripture chapter whatever like to read the Bible and pray that's a devotional life is only taught us the practice but we didn't understand but why do I have to do that. I'm saying that after Lord in my life was that about, I never really fully understood, but as I began growing in my faith I understood why it's sharpened the salt spiritually. You gotta stay spiritually sharp.

You're fighting an enemy fighting the devil fighting demons that are sharp at what they do. Their attacks are sharp. Their lives are sharp the things I want you to do. I told you when you feel yourself in the grips of strong temptation because the enemy done the same generic temptation. Do you he been watching you studying you their familial spirits never read about familiar spirits. What is that mean their familial. That means they are based on part of their assignment in the Army is the study you and your family familial. They study all day know we all they know your triggers. They been watching you know what sets you off hand and so the reason why you had some temptation is because it was customized to send you some music please you all send you some really better than this. You know you want to sharp attack was you gotta stop right so low you gotta stay sharp because the taxes familial spirits know you and they bring customized things to you and so regular two-way communication with God is essential to Stacia every day you gotta say Lord I don't know what's out ahead of me today but you know you know I'm good right face. You know who I'm generally the deal went on the job.

I'm going to run into at school or whenever I'm God you know, you know, God knows the set up. When the enemy has set a trap, a snare for you. God already knows and if you're in touch he'll say aboard that and you know why sometimes the Holy Spirit can be very you don't go to and you know you should know there going to go and some they are waiting for you so you got to Stacia so any Yahoo struggling with how you know how to build spiritual life. Just realize it's staying sharp read the Bible say Lord speak to me out of the word and whether the passage the chapters we read. I teach my people read if they don't have no reading plan to chapters a day. One New Testament, one Old Testament that five days a week and that's been our practice for years just to get them in the habit and I don't always think you sometimes as you read in your rent. Okay for me today. That's one of the days is coming and I needed that. And then it is two-way and then you listen. Lord speak to me Lord revealed to me not only adding a word about your spirit.

Sometimes you whisper you something and you don't even know where I come from. He knows so just follow him, so that spiritual sharpening is hospice relational invest in people who pay more than they cost. Invest in people who pay more than the cost see as a caregiver, but also cost you, cost you time cost you energy there drainers and don't resent drainers there in your life.

You will what God puts in you that's meant to help them grow. What you learn to do is make sure your drainers our redemptive lien using what you're giving. In other words, if I have somebody who tried to drain me financially and they're not doing the right things with money. I can't keep providing that's not good doing them a service. Sometimes you have to say no because they're not ready to learn, to grow, and so don't resent drainers all your parents of dependents there drainers on purpose their God ordained drainers kids need parents.

I know the society is now moving toward an independent just just give him hand and let him go for himself.

Risk ridiculous.

We got PhD's. People who otherwise a smart say some of the dumbest of them are heard in my life. Children don't need that made on the Disney don't need no need to tell them when they could smoke it with the candidate and what they can do on crack are you kidding we were raised by people who said I will tell you what to do to you, leave this house and when you legally call me. I'm a tell you what you need me going over there when you one little lady not will be your mother.

The longest that you live Loaded I Will Be Your Mother Every Day of Your Life How to Work Myself Out Of Certain Parts of the Job, but Does Not Apart When I See You Still Underdeveloped Will Still Be Parenting Because You Where My Main Know Most of Us Were Raised by Pope, Who Would Take a Fit Said You Where My Name When You like This House.

You Represent Me and We Think Is Kevin and Not Delmon but You Kept That to Yourself. You You You Did That I Was Raising Daisy. I Know It's All It's All Abuse Now, but We Were Raised in Days When It Was Not Called Abuse. It Was You Got It. So Let Me Tell You Something You Got Invest in the Right Colors to Help You Have Enough for Your Drainers so We Only Relationships Drainers Responsibly to Them What You Need, Fillers, People Who so with You. People Who Feed You Is Only People with Activities. Find Your Filler People and Your Filler Activities That Don't Cost You, They Pay You Your Mutual so You Bless Them to They Give You so Much. The Men in My Life. Give Me so Much. That's Why They're in My Circle and I Told Him Years Ago. I Never Knew When I Met Pastor Jenkins Three Months after Meeting Him in 2005 and I Met Him Because He Hosted a Radio Rally I Had. I Was on W ABA in the DC Area and Is One the Largest Christian Faith in the Country.

I Had One the Most Popular Broadcast on One of the Largest Stations and I Need to Do a Rally to Meet My DC People and That Station so We Got the Perfect Person and That Night I Did My Rally at John Doing a Search.

I Didn't Know Who He Was Known about. He Sent Me.

I Was Surprised That I've Never Met a Pastor When I Do Radio Rally.

The Pastors Rent Us. The Church and Then They Leave They Gonna Do It and Did Some Broadcast Coming to the Church, but He Was Sent Said Is That the past He Yeah He Wanted to Say I Was in His Pool for for the First Time He Will Hear What I Will Say in His Pool. And after the Round I Met Old People Do What We Do Raise Money and Develop the Product and All That Stuff after That He Said Now When Your Team Is Done.

We Have a Meal for Your Upstairs Food Waiting for Me. We Try to Get to McDonald's before the Cold Don't Give Me a Player for Go Away. The Second Half of Pastor Paul Shepard's Message Is Coming Right up. We Want to Take a Moment and Think All of You Who Support Destined for Victor with Your Prayers and Financial Support. Those Are Gifts That Help Pastor Paul Share the Joy the Gospel Message with a Growing Audience Destined for Victory Is Supported Entirely by Friends like You. So Please Prayerfully Consider Making a Generous Gift Today. Give Online Safely and Securely from Our Website.

Pastor or Give Us a Call at 855-339-5500 and the Numbers 855-339-5500 the People You Know Can Be Divided into Two Groups. Pastor Paul Calls Them Trainers and Fillers and Unity, Both in Your Life in Order to Do God's Will Join Him Now for the Rest of Today's Message Taking Care of Caregivers Stand All These Uniform People Gloves on This Walk down the Whole of People Who Were Present for His Baptism Has Sold TD Thinks That This Would Where Am I Went and Had a Good Fellowship with Him and Talk We Got No Body in That Conversation I Said to Him, I Need You in My Life, and He Said Yeah. I Feel a Kinship to Mets Let's Be Intentional and Not Start Our Relationship in March 2005. Three Months Later He Was in the Hospital of Bishop Clark One Another Coveted Brother Told Me That Pastor Jenkins Who Knew, I Just Met with in Hospital Said What Hospital to Give in the Cold.

I Just Going for Three Months Called It Put into the Room He Sent You Calling Me Let Me Help You Understand What I Told You in Your in Your Church Need You My Life When Planning Said I Said so If You Are Planning to Die. You Need to Change Your Plans Is Exactly What When I Called. If You Using to Change Your Plans Because I'm Not Having You Got to Find Your Fillers, the People Who Are Going to Pay You More Than the Cost and You Got to Invest. You Can't Just All Given No Receipt. You Got a When Asked, You Can All Receive and Give It's Neutral You so We All Gotta Stop Telling Lies Christian Women That They Were Women Because They Designate Some Lumbar Yeah but God's Got Some of the Ones That You Mean You Need to Quit Writing Them off Right off the Whole Gender of Which Your Part Just Fine. The Brothers Albeit Women We Better Start Dealing with. That's What MOD Is Your Man, Get Your Butt in Here Because Women Can Teach You How to Be a Man and We Gathered and We Talk Real Shop We Go over the Life Application Outlines I Write Every Week and Then We Talk about Men Disgusted and I Make Them Intensely Practical and We Get in Each Other's Business. Talk about Each of His Relationship with Say MOD Is the Ultimate We Have the Ultimate Dynamic That They All Celebrated Years Ago with the with the Advertisement about Vegas What What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.

That's the Way MOD Skulls. We Talk We Do Life Together and When I Do Life Which You and I Ask You for the Real Deal and I Make a Commitment. I'm Getting That from You to Help Sharpen You. You're Supposed to Help Sharpen Me and We Don't Talk to Third Parties about. So You Gotta Build Got Invest in the Right People Financial Images Quickly Went to the Rest of the Financial Not Everything You Have Now Is for Now. You Keep Your Finances Sharp.

I Know You Walk by Faith.

But That's Not an Excuse for Being Broke. You Have Enough Faith to Put Away Some of What You Just Made.

Not All of What You Made Some over This for Later Put It Away and Don't Put in the Account That Your ATM Card Is Tied to Come on I Got Money When These Online Banks Because I Don't Need to Have Access to Them While I'm out at the Bowl. See Incisor Say Everything Must Go and Mustn't Go to My House.

So You Gotta Tighten up Your Finances, Sharp and Physical. You Can't Burn the Candle at Both Ends without Rest, Relaxation and Enjoyment Summary.

All Are Just Burned out Just Flat out Burned, Always Tired Every Day of the Week You Woke up Tired Woke up Tired Your Body Is in You, You Are Not Sharpening Your so You Need Proper Rest Problem Relaxation and Proper Enjoyment Summary All Got a Busy Loud House. You Gotta Go out As They Lay. It Is My Bedtime.

In Jesus Name. Keep It down, but We Had Fun My Bedtime. I'm Prioritizing Sleep Bombs As He Gives His Beloved Sleep. You Gotta Given the Wherewithal so He Could Give It to You Need Rest You Need.

Relaxation Summary Only to Wound up I Meet You I Hear You with. I Hear the Wound in Your Voice, Frustrated, Just like Summer.

I Know You Say Safe. I Love Jesus and You Frustrated and You Need to Chill out and You Need to Enjoy a Life, What You Do Enjoy Yourself What You Do to Just Have Fun Just Laugh. Just Enjoy Just Let It the Experience. Whatever It Is Speaking to Somebody All Enjoy Yourself in Your Garden. Go to Your Garden Wherever Your Place Is to Enjoy Yourself. Wherever Your Fine Where's Your Wound That Really Builds Me up If You If You're Not Social, Then Your Stuff Is Unsocial.

Find What I Was You Know When We Were Younger Nuts Present My Bills Pram Years Not Building This Large Ministry.

All That I Don't Care How Many Services We Had after after the Services Want to Go out and Socialize and Have Fun Been Given All Day. I Will Go out Next so I Had to Find My Stupid Crew. Not Everybody in the Garage and Find People They so Glad That I Would Pastor in the Home and so Did Mina Talk to You When the Milk and Animal Sin. No, but I Can You Get My Point. Gotta Find Would Feed You and I Will Get to the Other Pillars, but You Get the Point. Fine. What's Going to Help You and Sharpen Your Soul and You Gotta Make Sure That You Are Not Constantly Operating Out Of Your Reserve Tank. Gotta Have Some Some Fuel to Get Somewhere in Your Life One More Thing and I'm Done with This Part of the Series Don't Turn down Help from Those Who Want to Bless You Why Because Their Blessing May Be Tied to What They Are Called to Do for You. Keep That on the Screen Could Show Something Only to Write That down, Don't Turn down Help Those Who Want to Bless You Quit Being so Spiritual Quit Being so Falsely Humble Need Anything Now, and Shut up. I'm Sorry That Things Are Spiritual. In Jesus Name, Shut up Don't Turn down Help from Those Who Want to Bless You Their Blessing May Be Tied to What They're Called to Do for You Customer to Get That. Remember, the Widow Observed That in This Man's Predecessors Life When God Stuff.

Even by the Raven and Feed Them by the Brook. He Said Now Will Feed You by Having You Go to a Widow Husband, David, No Source of Income. I've Commanded Her to Feed You Think about Politically Incorrect As a Preacher Walk up to a Widow.

My Gossip for Me Way What God Was Testing Her Obedience As a Result of Her Don't Shake Her Child and throughout the Whole Salmon Because God Can Supernaturally Multiply until You Walk in Obedience Somebody All Your Obedience As You Gotta Be Humble Enough to Let Somebody Help Somebody on the Private Mess You up and Is Gone Mess up Their Blessing If I'm Supposed to Be Blessed by Helping You and You Will Let Me Help You. You Fully with My Blessing, Hurt You Somebody Don't Make Me Come Mean You to Let Me Do What God Said so That I Can Get the Release from Heaven That I Well I Hope These Last Few Messages Have Help You Understand How Much All of Us Need Help from Time to Time. If Your Giver by Nature Especially Need to Be Aware of the Times When You Need a Break and Get Reenergized and Keep Your Soul Sharp. Now If You Missed Any Messages from Earlier This Week, or If You like to Hear Them Again Visit Pastor Look for Pastor Paul's Message Taking Care of Caregivers. Keep in Mind That for Your Generous Gift This Month We'd like to Send You Pastor Paul's Booklet.

Caregivers Need Care to. As We've Learned. Everyone Needs a Little Care from Time to Time, Even Those You Least Expect in Caregivers Need Care to Pastor Paul Reminds Us That Caregivers Are Often the Last to Receive the Help They Need.

In His Booklet Goes Hand-In-Hand with the Message You Heard Today Exploring the Life of the Prophet Elisha to Show Us How to Find a Healthy Balance between Giving and Receiving a Balance That Caregivers in Particular Need to Practice and Maintain. That's the Booklet Caregivers Need Care to from Pastor Paul. Our Gift to You by Request for Your Generous Donation to Destin for Victory Call 855-339-5500 or Visit Pastor to Make a Safe and Secure Donation Online. You Can Also Mail Your Gift to Destin for Victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 Once Again Our Address Is Destin for Victory Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. If You Find Yourself in Need of Prayer. Today the Destin for Victory Ministry Team Would like to Join You in Prayer As It Pastor and Use the Contact Feature to Share Your Request with Us. And While You're There Wanted to Sign up for Pastor Paul's Monthly Letter of Encouragement. Yours, at No Cost or Obligation for Your Friendly What Have You Done for Your Parents like What Have You Done for the People Who Got You through the Toughest Time of Your Life to Turn around and Say Hey Thank You That's More Than Verbal and That's Just Part of Living Responsibly When Reciprocity Is Possible We Should Practice It. That's Next Time It Pastor Paul Shepard's Message. The Flipside of Blessings. Until Then, Remember He Who Began a Good Work in You Will Bring It to Completion in Christ, You Are Destined for Victory

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