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The Miracle Is in the House, Part 3

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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May 5, 2022 8:00 am

The Miracle Is in the House, Part 3

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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May 5, 2022 8:00 am

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Natural you gotta stop with mundane people about God. God can work your life and your life they'll send you away from faith hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd. Sometimes you've got to shut a few people out because they're keeping you from letting Jesus in today right here on Destin for victory pastor Paul Shepherd help you learn to determine the kind of voices you need in your life and the kind you don't join him now for today's Destin for victory message. The miracle is in the house. Second Kings chapter 4 verses three through seven. Here's what it says. Then Elisha said to her. The woman go borrow vessels from everywhere from all your neighbors empty vessels do not gather just a few. And when you have come in, you shall shut the door behind you and your sons then pour it into all those vessels, and set aside the full ones so she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons, who brought the vessels to her and she pointed out. Now it came to pass, when the vessels were full that she said to her son bring me another vessel, he said to her there is not another vessel sold the oriole ceased. Then she came and told the man of God, and he said go sell the oil and pay your debt and you and your sons live on the rest now.

Last time we began looking at the first of three instructions that Elisha gave there in those verses we just read and I entitled the first instruction request.

What you need from goals willing to help. I want to pick it up there say a little more about that and then talk about the two in other instructions. The first is request.

What you need from those willing to help if you recall I said when Elisha told her to bar roll vessels from everywhere, from all her neighbors and don't borrow a few whole lot of them. That meant she had to go and make request the people, many of whom I'm sure she had some sort of acquaintance familiarity with, but perhaps some of them were not familiar with her, but she obeyed what he said and she made those requests and one of the points I was making as time ran out last time was that sometimes we think were walking by faith and were really walking in pride. I need to pick it up because that is certainly true of many of us in the body of Christ today.

Sometimes we say well you know I'm I'm walking by faith. And that's why you know I don't I don't tell people anything about what I need whatever I just trust God will trusting God and requesting help are not mutually exclusive. Now there are times when the Lord will specifically tell you to not reach out in certain ways to certain people. I know that I've experienced that in my own walk with the Lord.

There are times when the Lord will shut the door and not allowed you to mention certain things or to make certain request that is absolutely true. So don't write me email saying I yeah I did and I know that happens sometimes. But as a general rule, the body of Christ is designed to advance the kingdom not only personally but collectively, which means if you want to do the will of God.

Sometimes you've got to engage other members of the body of Christ in order to do it and we need to be willing to do that now. Specifically, we need to be willing to let folks know hey here's what I'm going through and I'm just asking you to be a prayer partner in and just join your faith with Mike of the Bible says of any two of us will agree as touching anything on the earth shall be done for the mark father in heaven.

So sometimes you need the prayer power of other people to push it through a certain crisis and there is no need. I feel like I have always been. I do pray for myself. Yeah, but the Bible says, getting agreement. There is power in agreement. There is power in letting other folks know. Here's what I believe in God for Stan with me in faith and let's believe God together and so I need to encourage some people to not deny your self a blessing because you won't let other members of the body know that you have made where our body body parts were collectively you stop your tall in the middle of the night at the foot of a bad the whole body gets it on that call somebody you stop that will baby and so does it make it all away around the foot of the bed and night and all that it you haven't had that happen in the payment. The bright lights come on in the body gets in your body.

Your mouth is open jump in what the toll cannot say the come on down to about negative glare and one grabbed the towel, and leave no boys my help in trying to be a heartening toe and not tell anybody, and I just want to let you know the body is supposed to support now. Yes, if others Told you the story of how we finished the last $300,000 of fundraising for this worship center. We have raised so much we had done $2 million to get us into this building.

During the 44 months that we were in hotels and we had gotten it to me about we needed another 300,000 and we were just a couple of months out less than three months and we needed 300,000 called my brothers not totally know I said I might my spiritual partners in a company brothers and all. I was hoping they would go comfort with some to lend us while we could finish this off and then we pay them back, but they didn't even offer they offered but it was fine because the Lord and tell them to help us. Some say that not all the time. Should you feel obligated to help somebody. You gotta be prayerful and deserted. But what I did learn was that God had set me up and I told you that weeks before I had gone to this pastors conference in one of the sessions I sent through. They started talking about raising money to help with some of the kingdom projects of the kind of milk was in the house theme in and they said, you know, sometimes the help you need to raise the funds is right in your house, and I thought waffle could have given $2 million.

I know that we've done this real good but I still need some more money and they said sometimes you can ask the people of already given to lend you the rest and then you pay it back and I remember thinking sent to the session on the lime in this session I will need this.

We just raised $2 million, but I needed it after after I realized we were 300,000 short and my brothers just prayed for me. Then I said okay. Maybe the Lord had me in that session and I told I told the story last time how I got our best givers here are destined together brought them into this unfinished sanctuary and some of the parts were unfinished. We already announced we were coming in for Sunday of June 2014 and we were just couple of months out from that and the contractors that we love the fish for you, but we may some and so I told them the story.

Long story short, within a week I had $300,000 from our Saints said we will lend this to you and will believe God all well last time you brought $300,000, which is a promissory note. That's how we did that. I wrote him a promissory note, I promise. Definitely don't get you your money in 12 months. The accountant told me later, they got a charge you some interest in what had insulted finance charge whatever they would do whatever it takes and we got it don't came in for some introducing and shopping unit know how much I but we got in here and God was glorified. Listen if you are a part of the body of Christ. Sometimes you've got to trust that God is going to help the Saints bring you through. Remember, Elisha could say this with authority to this woman because he was taught by his predecessor, Eli, Joe, who had to trust God. Remember when Elijah was by the book and for while God had a drink in the book and the ravens were feeding them. One morning we woke up. The book was dry and the raven one fly in it. Sometimes gotta switch up the means by which he blesses you and look at what happened. His predecessor said that the Lord spoke to him and said now you gotta get up and go to zero if that because I have commanded a widow to feed you and so I want to see how this happened.

So his predecessor and learned how to humble himself and not be so prideful and he had to go to a window woman whose husband died in a day. That means that was her support source of income was gone and she was down to her glass and God tested her faith by saying feed this profit and the prophet had to have enough humility and trust and obedience to go ask a widow I can even imagine forming my lips to go to the most hurt person in the church say Garcia media what you got the I can imagine that but that's what he did know what the Lord had already put that in the heart of the widow she know that somehow Michael get the last meal, but I know that because God said he had commanded.

He spoke it in our heart when the prophet showed up to let me know that surprised and he said well here's what the Lord says take care of me and you eat throughout the rest of his family and she had to obey and he had to obey what is that you need to obey in order to experience the miracle that God has for you so request the help that you need now is point number two of the three instructions he gave remove spectators and commentators from the situation. We talk about how to believe God for the miracle. And if the miracle was in the house as is the case for many of us.

You gotta follow these instructions. You gotta make sure not every body has something to say or something to see. When you believe in God.

For the supernatural. Look at verse four. When you have come in. Elisha said, you shall shut the door behind you and your sons, then pour it out into all those vessels, and set aside the full ones. Now remember, she's starting with just a little bit when she described as a flask of oil to maybe make a meal or two, but that's all. She's got a big task here to gotta figure out how my sons and I are going to make it and the creditor is on his way overly say he will soon be here to take my sons as slaves and they will be forced to work off their dad's dead. So what is he, tell her you gotta make sure you believe in for this miracle that you make the request she's done that. Now you gotta go in the house and shut the door so nobody can go away were only about halfway through today's destined for victory message with pastor Paul Sheppard was senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California now. Be sure to subscribe to pastor Paul on YouTube to watch some of his best video clips for more details visit pastor that's pastor and there you can also listen on demand recent messages or find a variety of resources in our online store you have anyone in your life would take you further away from your faith in Christ. Instead of helping you strengthen it. It may be time to close the door behind them, at least for a season is pastor Paul with the second half of today's destined for victory message. The miracle is in the house. Some of you all have some some looking lose in your life that are preventing you from getting where you are supposed to be looking lose and commentators folk who always got something to see and always got something to say.

I know y'all got some in your life and you gotta understand. You cannot allow that. If you believe in the supernatural. You gotta stop hanging out with mundane people.

People only know the Monday and supernatural power of God. They don't know how God can work make a way out of no way. No man can shut and if you look at your life and speak into your life. They'll send you away from faith and so you gotta learn that when you need a miracle don't get a proximity to people who walk in doubt and unbelief walk in carnality Walkin only their brainpower, their whole folks who all what they can understand what we, God, if you're stuck on your understanding you're already a lost cause because you serve a God who does the supernatural, and so you can't put your break. My father called it you can put your brains in God's business. You gotta learn to just believe God and so you run the risk of letting negativity influence you when you let the wrong people see what you're doing or speak to what you do remember locate one you have to turn to it.

Remember gyrus. We are the leader of one of the seminars.

He came to Jesus said, my daughter is sick. Would you come here is why they stop the minister restored to the woman would be additional blood.

And then he was going to go back onto gyrus's house and someone came and said oh it's too late.

Don't trouble the master now because she's gone from sick today and Jesus said don't worry. Just believe in capital and going toward the house.

But when I got to the house ring when you get a chance and locate verse 51. When they got to the house you'll see that Jesus shut the door. I came now to not only heal. I came to this girl. In fact, he spoke something outside before you shut the door which you got to pay attention to outside.

He said she's not dead she's just sleep and the people started laughing so we all got full-court going to happen in your inner circle, but they don't know how to believe God they know how to crack up.

They know how to call you crazy, but you gotta understand when you do.

God you cannot be persuaded or dissuaded by such people. So Jesus was in the house and tells us exactly why people were allowed in with Jesus, the child's parents, Peter, James and John. Why because they were being tutored. They were learning what miracles look like that were learning how God operates. So Jesus wanted to expose them, so he took with him and the parents were there all the aunties and uncles all the laughing people. All the neighbors all the people got some to say outside sales that no income. Then when the seal and anti-coal and woke her up from that death sleep when God says this is not benefit sleep. You gotta believe God and so they learned Peter James and John learned in that moment you can't keep everybody around when you're doing the supernatural you gotta limit your company when you believe in four things that are extraordinary. If you do when ordinary people you can't get extraordinary things done ordinary people only. No ordinary and they speak what they know John three says, testify to what they've seen stop when I don't have faith for miracles on one amaretto breach or more with lots of our pastors all all different shades of the body of Christ. I'm always some that are high hyper faith and hyper charismatic and I'm always some that are anti-charismatic and anti-sign gifts their call cessation as they don't believe that the sign gifts still exist in the body of Christ today, many people on many of my broadcast colleagues are cessation as they don't believe that those gifts exist in the body of Christ. Now they feel like they went away when the canon of Scripture was close. So by the end of the third century, fourth century A.D. they believe there were no more of the sign gifts and some of them proclaim it loudly and that's their right.

That's what they believe they speak what they know, testify to what they say and so when I get on saying I still believe in miracles. I still believe in the gifts. I still believe in, so I guess I'm easy going debate with people over if you don't believe in tongues all speak don't believe America is planning don't believe that God will heal the sick, supernaturally that's fine though… And God use as medical science, but he is said by medical science uses them healing processes will I get surgery that I'm not happy things called it going under the knife.

Pray for me. And when you need to believe God, believe don't believe for bulimia. Hello know God is still a miracle working God so you need to understand this process. This this thing that God does where he/she causes us to shut out certain people remember he was building the wall and Michelle to try to get him away from the good work Sam ballot and a guy name Jim came in the sixth chapter. They sent a message we want to have a meeting and they were trying to set them up. The killing. He started right up on the wall talk to the messages that every light means that people know the good work. You gotta learn when send out is trying to get your attention.

Ignore pulse enforcement is 1533. Don't be misled.

Bad company corrupts good character. People will take away your very character, much less the good things you're doing if you fool with the wrong people. So if you believe in God for move of God. You gotta remove your spectators and your commentators is that in fact, let me tell you this remove the whole Taylor family. Yes, I just got back spectator will only government commentator I was tall, but they got some siblings you got remove will rotate it does the same thing over and over again member changes you got remove hesitate or is never going pull the trigger on anything good, you got remove retainer but gets on your last nerve. Remove Angie's trouble everywhere she goes.

Finally you got remove Dick dictator want to control his life and yours and you will have to give it all the wall with people who know and they know how to confess what God is going to UK let them hang around their mess around and get that big brother You and then cut you off from your faith and your belief and your purpose in God. Thanks for being here for today's destined for victory message. The miracle is in the house.

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Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 coming your way tomorrow. Pastor Paul takes a brief one day hiatus from his current teaching series on Elisha to share a special Mother's Day message so here's a brief preview.

The bottom line. My friend is whether you had a stellar mom a rockstar mom or whether you had a disappointing mom, you owe her honor because here's your goal. Your goal was to hear the Lord say well done good and faithful servant. That's tomorrow and Pastor Paul shepherds message when moms disappoint.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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