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The Miracle Is in the House, Part 1

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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May 2, 2022 8:00 am

The Miracle Is in the House, Part 1

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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May 2, 2022 8:00 am

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Sometimes you need to make people say yes when their policy says that you know you know where all you the favor of God is what he does for you that you couldn't have done for yourself when welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California will sometimes God will bless you with something you don't deserve the time to bless you by not giving you what you do deserve. That's his grace, mercy and favor at work. Three. Often work together at the same time coming up next.

A great reminder of what it looks like to have God's favor in our lives with us now or listen any recent message online on-demand and pastor Paul done that's pastor Paul done subscribe to the podcast podcast works, modifying or wherever you enjoy your now with this message. The miracle is in the house appears pastor Paul so a certain woman on the lives of the sons of the prophets cries out to Elisha, who is now the successor to Elijah the Lord, you know that you're serving the Lord. Yet there is a common to take my sons to be a slave before we get into the spiritual stuff in the rest of the passage talk about the way this man left his family and we know fear the Lord some of the prophets.

He's kingdom first love God honoring his father. The prophet now has handed it off to Elisha now.

Elisha spreads her father would age her father who is chronologically younger than you is not about age. It is about spiritual calling and some general even in the Catholic Church. You know that's true.

People sometimes mistake me for being the norm of a pastor or something just was also they see me and that will and so I just roll the correction out in the office of leadership that God bother me when I know who I am so bad she comes to him and said well he has been a man of God who fears the Lord, we are getting spiritual.

We are growing whereon the word of God.

Want to know about your money right here that this man will Lord God is taking good care of his family.

I want to ask all breadwinners which means I'm talking to not only men but women. If you are in a family that depends, at least in part on your money for that family to do well. You need to get your financial act together and I expect but I appreciate your Bible be mad at me packing up the stuff right about now resolve heart and you seem like it didn't start out quick enough probably got your together. Just what you need to stop living like how is all this so you need to prepare for your family to me for a lifetime. Even though you want to be also ready to go with the Lord.

In a moment and give you your money you don't have money in the bank and you don't have that is not going to bode well and so I'm just trying to give you a chance to have a better track record in this man of God who was clearly a man of God he serve the Lord. He serve the prophet he was a godly man the Lord start the prophet so many good spiritual things, but he was. The problem in our day. If your family will depend on you as a true headache with the wives were not working outside the home, making income normally is not normative at all and so forth and check out here tell us why and how old he was like oh that's not the issue is not the issue, which you either and so your families.

Count on your income and you don't have anything you need to get it together.

There is insurance you can buy. I'm telling millennial's very legacy driven these days and I'm thinking I'm in the third oldest generation currently live in America talk about that in there for generations on the me generation XYZ and alpha all younger than me. I will tell of all X, Y millennial Z millennial's mostly all are still in your 30s. Some presently 40, but in your 30s is the perfect time to get ready for the future, even if you access your low 40s and 50s, you still need to get it together because you want. Check out here and shorts and itching for you is used, but you need to get some some count on you need to get to check out here you have insurance and they know that for the next 10 years or whatever it will be financially as if you were still there, wonderful blessing to leave your family several years know you got it, you thought about before you check and is time to do it so you young folk will be no excuse now you get some time, or if you decide to get whole life. I'm not showing seller I can tell you about the products I know about them when you talk to your people and find out what you won't get term or whole life.

I guess that they know when you check out it all is when you leave your loved ones are because because they love you and miss you not called.

I'm telling you right now I feel I have been pretty long time. This will emails coming where Vogel don't rebuke me for not preaching the word about this. I'm not really telling you now I'm not reading them. I got a staff wanted to live as they see you bigger goals right in the trash.

I'm just driving hopeful just don't understand where will they not only assume that the pastor there is more wicked stuff that came I remember so and will pass that garbage and you and you will stop days of Internet trolls and what have you.

People will be in mean for no reason at all just come for you don't know you don't know nothing about you come for you. Let me help you understand some pastor Paul K care about God. The kingdom the flock.

I care about people helping people so wasted time. If you want me. I want you all to leave your loved ones will count knowing your income well so that they can make it for years to come. Go early on plan. I'm trying to hang around but if not earlier than expected and all season. You is not kosher brew mortgage will be covered expenses. Living expenses will be covered. Amen. Seeing only an old man walking around there all will become around my house is so no big role don't come dwelling is covered by come in and help out with the bills like the moon listening to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California in the second half of today's message comes your way.

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The App Store and download it today for the Lord blesses you in some way. He isn't going to be fair he's doing it to be favorable. Pastor Paul with the rest of today's Destin for victory message. The miracle is in the house. This travel and he says what shall I do for you and then he says what do you in the house what's in your house so we took care of the housekeeper getting insurance and saving some money and stuff like that go to the financial ministries that help you get all the talk about your your house when you are in need of whatever you're in need of. Here is a principal. You gotta understand.

There are times when God blesses us by bringing a resource from outside to us many times got some real.

When you win me God just showed up and got shot and you just God can save the songs and the old saying things but they lived that stuff when they say God can make a way out of no way. No man can shut, but don't know how to create a way no way create God make make make showed up and made sure that the need was met. Whatever the name was financial or emotional. Whatever it was that you needed sometimes and sometimes you need him to make people say yes when their policy says the tell you know how she wants to get a job.

You were supposed God no fair all to know you deserve some I know is not fair. No, just make a way whether you've been away from somebody's heart, they say your name was given a job making the decision and I don't know this person's application.

But God told him to go and I'm telling you you need to walk in favor just please the Lord just do his will and just know that when pop-up crises pop up situations pop up like this. God sees the difficulty and he's gonna look out for you just like he looks out for this woman through the prophet in the profits it first thing you gotta do is let's talk about what you already possess God to bless you. From the outside. Like many of us, but other times here's the point of this particular part of the series, God will bless you, by using the seed of something you already had the seed of what you already have. So if you need this financial business see that only the name of the scene is to be eaten.

See this to be so. Probably some teachers see this teacher saying instead of so when you see you saw what you say, God, I'm going into the ground of obedience listening to you when going when and what you tell me to do. And you gotta understand God has a way of doing the impossible out of what little bit you all ready so I was about to begin looking before I developed this in the next message I want you to begin looking at the sea already look at how God is best to say what she said. She said I don't have much. She said your maidservant have been in the house but a job nothing but a durable job. Is that what you will hear the job you needed me.

God is asking me what I got what I do. What should I do what the Lord took me about some of you need to stop comparing yourself looking across the street looking for people who have what you wish you to make what you don't know what people saw this in Psalm 37 when he says because of evildoers. When you see people who don't and do the right thing all these about that topic way don't somebody's work just so what other people do or don't do don't have all my life.

I will look at what you have been the miracle is already in the house and bring her from outside the burial was in the house. Let me just mention his assessor found that out when even in his own ministry time.betting at a Brooklyn Lager member Lodge about a group in first Kings 17 for by drinking the brick and then supernaturally fret about having Raven bring him food and you know Raven is a scavenger bird this for so those ravens were instructed y'all not believe the thing to give my cervix and phone measures. All those ravens finding their drop him off. God is good going so bottom line is the day came when the Raven stopped flying in and was this, don't sweat it when you're close if you're serving the Lord, doing his will. All you gotta do is tell him of the book Drive playing sanctimonious prayers.

I came in last time I played thou in their king.

Like I can afford to language help me right now. When you met somebody like, and so the Lord spoke up to Elijah and said yes you season is there. There's a widow there. What's this I have commanded to feed you. She's on the orders just like the ravens were they could meet you now going through her human caused the same thing applies. I want to bless her what I can only bless her. If she takes what's already in her house and gives it to me and so he headed his predecessor Elijah headed for when he got there he saw her gathering sticks. She only had one more meal that she could prepare and she said to him, my son and I going to eat this and was going to die what you think God sent the man for all you do is look at what you don't call it show. This is to take us to see and seek God create a harness that will feed you for a long sometimes God will ask you to give what you can afford to give so that he can bless you with more than you had before you gave it to always show his faithfulness. But first he may ask you to show your faith.

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We are to believe God bless and prosperous people but don't go to extremes don't want to have trouble is not trouble and that's tomorrow and Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message. The miracle is in the house until then. Remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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