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Making the Most of What We Have, Part 6 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 19, 2022 8:00 am

Making the Most of What We Have, Part 6 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 19, 2022 8:00 am

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You have to learn to say no to people who are trying to dictate to you things that are really not what God has called you to do at this point in time you got be okay with saying no to learn to say no and not feel guilty about saying no say no may not always feel like the nice thing, but sometimes it's the right thing listening to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard and thanks for stopping by. If you love someone, a child or spouse or brother or sister in Christ, if you find joy in helping them whenever they're in need. Sometimes you may face a dilemma is why I'm so glad you've joined us because today's message from Pastor Paul can help.

Stay tuned as he talks about the difference between helping and enabling is always stop by Pastor any time to listen to in your recent message on demand. That's Pastor and with today's Destin for victory message making the most of what you have your nose. Pastor Paul say no and you have relative thing in your house and there contributing and being a blessing and being to help you now.

My job in your life like his influence and what I'm doing right now is rewarding your dysfunction so I gotta stop enabling you and I gotta make a tougher choice.

Love, gotta be tough sometimes have to learn to say no.

Some of you all them babysitters for your kids are grown. You got a reaper that is that working for what God wants you to do with your time. If you say there are certain times and I'm available but I will let you know what happened when our kids were young before we moved out to California. We live right next door for three years right next to my mother-in-law right next door in a home wall. My mother came over and welcomed us kids were very young, and she welcoming us. She talked to us and she said I just want to make this brand-new little right next to I just want to make sure we're all on the same page.

She said there will be times when my husband and I will be glad to have the grands come across the rail right there. We share reports just rail you can hand them right over the will be glad at times, she said, but do not assume that because we are in proximity that we are 24 hour babysitting. She said is not gonna happen and she was right. She was right and some of you have taken a manage of your goodness to your instruction and paying your saddle with something that God doesn't necessarily want you to give as much time to as your giving and you gotta learn to say no use to it now. I created this mess message can be cleaned up so you know what we all created quite a mess here.

Japan and get this straight.

All midnight contract tomorrow midnight. We don't have some changes in here all the ways here is the way we do life moving forward. You have to learn to say no sometimes so that the will of God can be done in your life because remember our goal of the Lord say well done to get just trying to get all your relatives and friends to say well done report card you get your degree of you just changed. I'm walking with Jesus. These change in me exactly right to complement change and I'm becoming more less homelessness from where God is taking me we get to gotta learn to say no, learn to draw the boundaries learn to say this is the way it was, but is not always going to continue to be some changes have to happen here so that you can time God's given you, and do the will of God with it. And so we must learn. We must learn the importance of saying no when it's necessary, and let technology help you maximize your use of time.

One of the things I've learned and continue to rejoice and is that technology can be a blessing. Once you get your body straight already talked about voicemail and answer machine just that simple feature can really help you do the will of God that allows you to get the people here what they say in priority based on what you're doing, you know, one of the blessings in my life this T-ball because I can say there's something I want to see but right now is not a good time for me to stop what I'm doing and try to view something live on you when you get to your time when you sit down and relax orbit something educational I'm going to sit down and focus on this and study will be there now. Give me a cut.

I don't know." But is the kind of thing all day that can help you. You can focus you can get to it when it is time to as opposed to live. No, we go back in the days where you missed that you just missed it that you are no 3540 know we're coming back we were growing up kids. If someone was coming on that you really want to say you try to move heaven and earth, so that you can say it because that was it was all that we have all these channels and now you can sit there and have all the list of give you a headache. Of all the things that are available to you in your city.

That was 67 stations that will live you had an antenna on the top TV cable coming through the wall, sitting up on your house and if you got appointed to this satellite call somebody got all bent did know you got some time. When the picture would only be clear, was all remember that you get all PFP to the FPM class that he used to be settled in football channeling world of sports that will other than a live game itself why what we were to sports you get caught up in will come along with that opening monologue and the man would talk about the victory and the got now were now blessed with technology when you don't have to be there live you have to change your whole life around you can record some things I want to see that later.

Not a good Christian programming on everything on the Christian station. I promise you I seen some of it the best thing you can do is keep TV you mildly confused now when they get what you will be gravely confused, but in the midst of that you can find the right show some of my friends and colleagues have broadcast and I can tune in and let them preach to me.

I'm always preaching and so I can sit down someone the members asked the other day Pastor, how do you get some colleagues.

I make sure to tap in and listen to what God is saying through them sit back and do it on my schedule rather than having to live with the tyranny of the right now of the live moments so let technology help you email can be a blessing if you regulated your regular time instant messaging if you email me one day and I didn't respond within 24 hour period and when I hear back from them to you can read right here in the email to you yesterday now know what your problem is. My problem is I'm doing the will of God, and I read your raggedy email and I couldn't get that day probably won't get to it today because it's in the quadrant you think is what I know is not important. So I will get back to you will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard who is senior pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California listen to any of Pastor Paul's recent broadcast.

Be sure to stop by Pastor listen on demand.

That's Pastor

Stay with us after today's message when Pastor joins me for a studio in California, but first let's tune into the rest of his teaching, making the most of what you have, once again, here's Pastor Paul. And so you have to learn it can be regulated, regulated, what is not. Email when you get back to you single day when God sent to somebody you always communicate focus on one person trying to get to know who you are and you show your paranoid your paranoid just can't even sit down and have dinner and talk and fellowship with you now what did you get some. You can drive doing things in your car when you get the will of God is one thing you're supposed to do. I just, and she wasn't much. Please also let me. I don't like to get around round of drinks, whatever is going Pastor looked over to see if I could, but the problem and the problem that Texan the way the blood of Jesus, my car because you don't know to be driving we get caught up quickly quickly technology for you. So we have to learn to let it be a blessing you dictate to it.

Do not let it dictate to you. You decide how you're going to invest your time to make sure you do the will of God in every area of your life when it is time to worship you worship when it is time to work you work and work again is outside of the home and in the home when it's time to build relationships you build relationship with other people and you give them your time and your attention when it is time to rest or rest when it's time to really ask you doing well. Find the time you will enjoy yourself, and that's not enjoyable unless it is truly urgent and important. You gotta master your own schedule. Some of you the best thing you can do is take a good break good vacation.

Good rest. Get your mind clear your uptight and your NCN your cranky and your nervous and the people in your life. I wonder what's wrong with you, and you need to honor the fact that there is an important thing that needs to happen in your life. Relaxation have some fun. When I see pinup people in the fellowship. I know that is not necessarily need more of the spirit. Sometimes you just need to go somewhere, take a break and give your family upright and find the right ways to utilize your time and find what works for you. Find what works for you. So we all like the mountains go to the mountains. I'm not going which I told you that fills you call to the mountains.

We got campers and people just love that that's what you get rejuvenating all quick and bite me and just go I don't want you can call me to call me to the beach God called me to the Caribbean. Pastor Paul found me somewhere on the will open some bad is really exciting what happy is really exciting where I don't do people get excited about the campground the other night thing which no no you find me at find me on that water just speaks to me when I hear the way I'm on the cruise.

I get a little back and listen to the water and feel the warm breeze and I can get born again you find what works for you and work it baby will get because, is going to call us all into account for the way we use our time did you do the things that please me with your time. Did you make sure you honor the moments I gave you God's given you moments every day.

You can take granite goes one day they will cease. Did you do with this moment maximize your moments in the will of God. Maximize your seasons do the right thing in the right season because it will get to the results that God has ordained for your life. I want to encourage you to understand that we are stewards of God's time. You have no time to waste.

None to waste. Don't let go kill time with you when they called it what you don't. I'm just killing time when I don't feel it, even when I'm relaxing that's not killing that's rejuvenating that's purpose driven. Don't let people drain you if it's not your time to minister. It is your time to be filled rather than drain, then find your fillers. Not everybody look at what Jesus did. He ministered to the masses when it was that time, but there were times you will find in the Gospels when Jesus actually sees the crowd and he withdrawal based on no not Joe today but he and he would due to a solitary place.

There were times his disciples, he sent them away and he knew his primary job was to speak, but he didn't want 24 seven is one occasion when the crossover with them.

The other side of the lake and he sent to you what your goal I'll be all we had only boat were about. Sometimes you gotta send people away. I love you good you know you know we right here but not right now. You learn to learn to do it live like Jesus, so that when you see them you're really there. You're prepared to engage. I'm not a grandfather yet but all the grandparents, a pasty one that sees it because you know when you're raising kids at your job 24 seven 365 366, a leap year. That's your job. Best you can do is get the renowned and other natural they say, but old granny's you send for them when you want and when you throw your send them all back where they came from and i would encourage you do that with every area of your life is your season so that one day with regard to the use of your time you hear the lord say well done good and faithful servant.

thank you so much for being here for today's destined for victory message making the most of what you have always glad to have you with us and are pleased to welcome pastor paul in who joins me now from a studio in california pastor. we are excited about the opportunities the lord is giving us to expand our ministry this year.

let's make some news here, though, let's talk about this new digital platform with launching later this year and share with us your heart as you look toward the future destined for victory. i thought way back to the 80s when i was an associate pastor in my dad's church in philadelphia during those years.

the lord gave me a vision. he sort of downloaded the vision into my heart and mind about the pastorate, i would have when he would send me away from my home church somewhere else in the country. i didn't know where that ended up being northern california and i went there with the vision to reach thousands and i knew that reaching them by means of media would be extremely important. i knew that then.

but then that translated into. i gotta get on the radio and so when i came to california had a real small church but a real big vision and i said well let's get on radio events to the lord bless us to do that and it went from a local broadcast to eventually national broadcast and i was so excited to see god fulfilling the vision in that way.

one of these days that vision still lives. i still want to see thousands more discipled and come to christ. but i realize that it can't just be radio. i'm grateful for radio. i don't plan to leave radio but i want to reach people by all means possible. and today, that means we've got to get involved with new digital platforms. i'm excited about what's being developed. the infrastructure were creating were going to have a fresh new attractive presence online were going to use many of social media platforms.

everything at our disposal so i can keep doing what god sent me to california to do back in the late 80s which was to make sure people understand how to know god's son how to apply god's word and how to fulfill god's purpose and i know were going to do that even bigger and better because of the support we are receiving from our listeners and donors. i look forward to reaching far more people for christ that sounds so great. what if god gave us all this technology for the express purpose of his gospel message. what you think that's an exciting thought. i truly believe that the church has got to become all things to all men by all means we may win some and in today's world of technology instead of cursing that we need to use it for the kingdom of god and i'm excited about those possibilities. that's what it all comes down to reaching as many people as we can with the gospel of jesus christ by any means necessary. this new digital platform is set to launch later this year, so stay tuned for more information. did you know that there is a rather compelling evidence in support of the resurrection of jesus christ pastor paul shares that evidence with you is booklet he's alive.

that's he's alive or bring the booklet from pastor paul shepard in our gift to you by request for your generous donation to destined for victory this month. so, call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online.

you can also mail your gift to destined for victory po box 1767, fremont, ca 94538.

again, our dresses destined for victory.

box 1767, fremont, ca 94538.

i want to help us understand that not only is our treasurer, a trust given us from god to give him a return on that investment, and not only is our time, a trust from god, but we need to see that our talents and our ability also trust from god. that's tomorrow and pastor paul shepard's message making the most of what you have until then, remember he who began a good working you will bring it to completion. in christ, you are destined for victory

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