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Making the Most of What You Have, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 4, 2022 8:00 am

Making the Most of What You Have, Part 2 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 4, 2022 8:00 am

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You begin by giving and giving generously and generous offering our job on or the child of God.

To say to the Lord. When you are doing that. I trust you hello and welcome to the Monday edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd wherever you are and how you may be listening online on radio and are predestined for victory mobile app were glad you've made as part of your day.

12 tithing and giving are a matter of faith, you will obey God by giving him 10% of your income and by giving generously when you can telling on you trust him you believe in the promises he's made for all those who obey him in this area pastor Paul has more on the subject coming your way next so stay right here. Listen in your recent message online on-demand pastor that's pastor right now with his message, making the most of what you have is best to accept the fly when you get a chance giving they have some great needs among them as people being disowned by their families because they were coming into the family of God and following the way Christian was called away in the early portion of the book of acts following the way and their families would disowning them and there was all kinds of people. But God was blessing the church soever Bible is extremely sacrificial giving people begin to sell the property other than the one with the second third piece of land, property was selling that and bringing the entire and same here use this to bless the lives of other people and the Lord was pleased with what was going on saw this happening and they wanted to share to be part of it, but when they had closing on their property deal and saw how much money they got. They said if you think I'm getting all this got another call coming in. The Bible says they held back some of what they receive and gave the rest pretending that they were doing with the others were doing their hypocrisy caught the eye of God, God sent Peter to their house gave a word of knowledge about what is going on.

Peter walked in and asked one simple question. I'm sure with the hope that he would repent.

Did you get all the proceeds of the sale politically incorrect is that a preacher ask you why because the one about Peter.

This is the Lord's work.

Did you get all the proceeds in Ananias instead think about. After Peter told you lot a man who lied to God in the judgment of the Lord came on and he filled their brothers picked him up catamount.

The Bible says there little bit later so fire comes in I'll with which our company would make these bags and stuff my mind didn't really had it. But you know she came in and had the same did you all give all the proceeds of the sale, yet. And Peter said the same men who buried your husband are on their way back to the house so far as my mind again and she dropped it on the judgment of God. Listen, giving only matter God is not about money only matter you your life is about honoring God only matter that Jesus and offering in one setting. Bible says he was sitting by the place where they deposited the offerings when he noticed that rich people were coming and he watched what they were giving. I'm telling you this is politically imagining we had no fashion basket and I just then and watch what everybody give him an email that would get you need to get about my business as one very euphoric to come there.

But you know what I do. It's only matter the Bible says Jesus noticed people giving and it said wealthy people regarding the gospel of Mark. While the people came on this one occasion and gave large sums and then he noticed the widow come up and put in a couple of coins and go back to her seat and Jesus said to his disciples, who gave the most in this offering that widow people giving out of a lot of resources, and they had much left when they got through giving. But compared with this woman gave everything she had. It was what she wanted to say to the Lord, I'm trusting you for more and she gave only matter the Bible says if you want pleased with the resources you begin by giving first and giving generously the tires and generous offering our job on for the child of God. To say to the Lord. When you are doing that.

I trust you. Tithing makes it so simple yet spooky and subjective. But you know I just believe in just to pray and ask the Lord what he will get every week thinking about giving clear biblical start clear you gotta do is take the money God gave you. Make the pray about that when we went to the household of faith my mother when I was a little boy and got a dollar for allowance. She taught us get three quarters two times a nickel and she said when you go to Sunday school, put that diamond because that's the Lord's taught us that sense was ours but time with the Lord that I did understand then that the 97 of the Lord was he was teaching us the importance of reverencing and honoring God's we went to the store 90 says business would buy the pickup. We had a store in between Sunday school and I grew up in that this will not go to attend Sunday school at 11 o'clock was when Jesus showed up as a church right around the corner from our church was a little candy store run by an Asian man is in Manhattan. For in there and so all you would see Sunday school let out and about to walk down the street around the corner and he opened up all Sunday just do that. Come in and what we had money and go back in that day back in the 60s, PO 0.95 candy then nickel going there and what they call us that belongs to the Lord all you do is move. Thank you Lord you Lord hundred thousand moles now you want to get to the reception You God believe in God believe in God believe you me. Thank you Lord will get the wrong time.

Pray about what did you get out of the 90 that's what you're subjective you want me to bless somebody with and that's the way you honor God biblically pleased to tell you that from this point, all but one thing about God as you can always start here been given years. I can always change now. Thank God for the ability to get in the sin of his will now call the average churchgoer in America gives between two and 3% of his or her income and so understood understand but disobey the principal one God gives you like to walk in the life and here's what you must understand what God is really doing is setting you up to be 16 again. We trust you have my ball and so as soon as I get my ducks in a row. Soon as I get this mess I created will start tithing. No, no, you don't do it that way, you obey God. Now you want to help you get the mission made you do it now feature children all listening to Dustin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. The second half of today's message comes your way.

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It's bona fide wherever you enjoy your programs. Jesus said he who is faithful in little will be faithful in much pastor Paul has more and giving generously. Next, including the story from his early life as a young boy to join him now for the second half of today's message making the most of what you have all get some great my second job I had a paper route 1st paper back in the day you would get a paper route located in you work your neighborhood block the morning papers on the porch of what had to run from the Dalton Col. I had a paper route and whatever I out of commission for the paper route gave God a time in my first job at a store I worked at little neighborhood store in seventh grade.

I think it was in the man was cheap.

I do know that I never had a job so I know in the $0.85 an hour, I saw a bit little more for the W Mike like a good time in there working a little store.

Now remember when I got my first race.

He took me up to a dollar you can tell me anything that up to a dollar an hour tithing all alone so that later on when I had a full-time job at all when I'm in ministry blessing, that there bless the Lord God was setting me up when he would call me to California and had this great salary grade position and associate pastor to be there when my dad retires, and all that but the Lord said no that's not my plan for you. I'm sending you west cell right and I sending you to go study for people to come be there past talk to them as it was the budget like this well budget is $60,000 for the year.

When I got in 1989 at a $60,000 budget we set aside 24,000 for you and want you to be full-time, will want to be by vocational we believe that vision that you stated to us. We want you to be full-time dedicated to just making everything on the glass could not get a second job 20 4K mold to give it a similar note, to say God's goal sin, we will hook you up past the old man's reason against him. God believe that God will provide for my needs and filling but he provided a really good out here and start exploring the trustee board, and they took me to help find a neighborhood I might move my family to remember that exploration day in and around the Bay Area.

There were so many different neighborhoods. I might consider living there and I knew now that that was the 24th. I'm thinking $2000 a month is my hope budget for the foreseeable future, and so they drive me around, and what have you. And I remember hearing about one. I member here in the top but they were asking God to give me a house from the thousand dollars a month so I walked over the correct to solicit over her jaw and listen I am going to buy a house. Eventually I'm going to buy a house.

Eventually, but right now, since the ministry small waiting on God and all that.

I'm just going to rent for now I will buy their concern well until he buys a house, we will believe you will stay here so I thought that they were worried about me staying try to lay their fear.

I said no I will buy house, but for now I just want to rent a house they said that's what we talked about moving from about $200 down later to asking God to give me under a thousand a month. I will pay hundreds of dollars because God had said that prayer my first house was nine $95,000 is going to be a God thing me telling you that right now y'all trust God, the Lord gave me a whole property management place. We went and checked in there and the lady she show to something that will budget and what have you to believe in what believe and we then show to some stuff that was 1212 California can do it just came in 995 address will drive by and we drove by.

Nice went back to the place that we want that one out that they had miscommunicated, or so they thought we told her she had 1400 ft., 12, 1300 like that she intended to limit 12 1250 but somebody in the office thought she meant 995 and gave me the rental agreement signed it was signed when the lady called and found out she hit the ceiling, but it was too late. You said you were lucky, nor was it I was a man who learned honor God. Give him the first fruits look at because when I got to it that you can see I still had to trust God to close or pay estimated taxes.

I estimate that goblins will have to pay them 95 she's mad at the player right on time to get me out of this more on the part of the thousand in the 15th of the month.

She wants my money on the side.that one check out and put it in the bank with her box until the middle of the month. Another thousand roles in thousand five you know the devil was whispering in my ear while bit you will stop tithing now want you just let your life be a time. I said no I'm too stop tithing now Honestly onto trust God and it will be $200 check quickly before the devil told me in the sawmills shot dead in their I got 805 a wife and two kids five and 3 Lisa Good Way to start school. We gotta pay utilities out of that. We got a payphone out that I had a $300 car and the car drove across the country with that got to pay everything else with that got to do everything in the church promised him I wouldn't take a second job so that was too much month at the end of the money because we were in the place of faith and obedience. We said, Lord, here's the rest of the expenses for the month and the judge in a little so we need you to come through and we learned for the first time in our lives. What we always believed we bleated in Philly but now we got to live by faith and we got to see God just send us through various means, in various ways folks show up groceries. Folks send in the mail. Lord put you on our hearts. I'm playing quiet in the office one morning to write or preach because we don't have a weeks worth of groceries at home and is not a pay week and I said what I want to go out him preach the word I want to be distracted by the thought of the fact that we can't eat the rest of this week. We got food to maybe last Tuesday or Wednesday. I said Lord I don't want this way my mind just help me to go on and preach the word and believe you started crying in the little office a little church to got I'm just believing you have never been in this state before, but I'm trusting you what I got through praying and asking God to just annoy me and keep me from being distracted by our financial needs. As soon as I said amen drive not tears. I looked and there was an envelope on the door. I picked it up and opened five $20 bills. God had told somebody in the church, God told somebody in the past means that offering that money that you had planned on going to the mall with the past and don't tell them we all put five $20 bills in an envelope, sealed it know may know nothing is going well.

I'm afraid. Don't tell me God does know how to take care of his children. Thanks for being with us for today's destined for victory message making the most of what you have. You know if you've put your faith in Christ. God is giving you the gift of salvation and eternal life in the hereafter.

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