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Making the Most of What You Have, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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April 1, 2022 8:00 am

Making the Most of What You Have, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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April 1, 2022 8:00 am

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Everything you have belongs to God of property.

The parable said that the master called his servants and he entrusted property to them them property interest is the your house, your car, your children, even your own life. Everything you have belongs to God hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard is a sobering thought is that none of what you have really belongs to you is not the end of the story, God is a good God, a loving father who entrusts us with time, talent and treasure, and who gives good gifts to his children. Question is you use those blessings to bless others, or to afford them for yourself.

Today's message is straightahead. Stay with us here or visit pastor to listen on demand. That's pastor and with today's Destin for victory message making the most of what you have is faster than me that's in the devil be so vigilant.

You need to know that you need to know that is like a why line thinking only made about bath in the play you walk in obedience and not do anything to you that the Lord himself doesn't permit you can walk in victory because the greater one lives on the inside of you messing with you and you know you live in obedience. You have already you can tell him all you have power you have three in the name of Jesus. We serve the only sovereign at our place in life is to please him. That's our goal for we are his servants met with that understanding, you knowing that you want God. The Bible says we will give an account for the things in this life, we will give an account with that understanding that you are going to die and judgment constantly knowing that you like to be reminded of that we like to be alive mold, but the only way to truly be a like motive and that one day and you don't know when you are going to check out of this life. When the Lord comes again. Other than that, my friend, you are going to know you try to be healthy.

We should all be doing that with like goodbye what have you best you can but understand that you one day is going to catch up to you one day know you don't understand my family have longevity.

Both all of my grandparents. They didn't die until they're 90 now. They checked out a long time.

Thank God, but they checked out here.

You don't have to be all that you can die much younger guy has great jeans.

We just have a great gene pool and were just fortunate like that. I've never been to the hospital except when I was born wonderful.

Congratulations happy you, but please check out here. One of these day and you don't know when it's going to be that awareness live without awareness and after judgment.

God one day so please live with that understanding that you are going to check out 1.all I can leave here. My family needs me. What would they do without me one day one will find out what to do without you because you will be gone and they will be here and listen don't think they could make it without you.

You to die there.

You die you little to fully yourself that your folks could not make that would be a mess without me saying that they don't love you so love you and when you check out here. There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth Bible. But they are going to make it without you going to make it without you grew up in church pastor went to many of us, all families follow the flow get the casket.

I can imagine a loved one is on this agreement and wailing and fallen out and carried on with those same getting and you drive out to the and and the same thing in a final him and the remains of the Lord into the gray poker spillway Brandon Cryan going back to the cars and what have you back over and they don't want you to see the next move is in there and cover you and you don't want to send them back to the car and what have you thought I might be weeping and dabbing to go back to the house. Go to the charge and if a black amount on the many and afterwards and that was the way that we comforted our families that were grieving and what have you comfort food from that tradition back to the house of somebody's chart and a second you walk in the room and walk in the fellowship hall and the smell would just hit you and not chicken and potato salad, macaroni and cheese, green, and a couple tables and mail slice and found I can sweep by and give it a nice little plate of food you resupply those same go eat laugh and then carry an old cabin so that you won't care for the back of the Pope won't know how to make it without you be surprised some of you spouses who think your spouse could not make it without you, that they would be a basket case.

I dare you. I dare you to die. Could you even see remarrying for the Lord takes me don't get your feelings right quick.

Do not get a question like that you know that's not love you dad. Once you've gone they wouldn't even know how to even consider being with somebody else who truly honestly would not remarry this matter to so enriching them just the best ever. I can't even imagine. And so I think I would just make it the rest of the way just with the fellowship of the saints. I don't see myself as a small person who feel that way but so would loan them. You are out on the town remains out of going back to and you cannot help how can help him now and you gotta get this thing's brother Joan story through the years want to hear it again real quick. You understand that mother Jones was in charge in Philadelphia. Jones had a wonderful marriage. They were just the nicest couple you really saw one without the other. They were just really close and what have you. And he truly is.

Why well, she got sick and after a period of sickness is the Jones die and the saints were out very remains out at the cemetery lowering the remains into the ground of the same single final him. Jones fell on my dad was a pastor so I love her so much as I know nobody knows all, miss her so much on the Obregon will be praying for you. We had the most. I know you were just one the greatest couples and George find another one. He had a great life together.

But now you help a brother out, and he mourned her for some months, but it would know all before brother Joan went to another church visit another church found started talking and you know he brought it back to our church. I remember the day that Brother Jones introduced her to us before long they were married so you got understand we all headed the same way you check out here and the judgment. The only thing that matters in this life is pleasing will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard to listen any Pastor Paul's recent broadcast.

Be sure to stop by Pastor to listen on demand. That's Pastor did you know there's some rather compelling evidence in support of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pastor Paul shares that evidence with you is booklet he's alive. That's he's alive, a brand-new booklet from Pastor Paul in our gift to you by request for your generous donation to Destin for victory this month. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 9453. Stay with us after today's message Pastor Paul joins me from a studio in California the first Western into the rest of today's teaching, making the most of what you have once again is Pastor Paul. When it's all said and done. Life is about pleasing God. We are his servants without foundation.

Jesus then shows a point in this parable is coming back. He is the master we are his servants thing then we learn from the parable is, he has entrusted to us everything you have belongs to God property that the master called and he property to them.

They are property interest to them why because where you service we belong to him and everything about us belongs to him where you service and so you trust this property to us.

Now that's a revelation when you come in the kingdom living understand that that is the revelation to walk into the by no that your treasure your talent and your time are not yours.

They are God's belong to him because we belong to him is to find out how does the Lord want me to use his treasure.

His talent and his time that he has entrusted to me all about learning to be trustworthy to go. That's a journey that will learning to be trustworthy to God because Jesus made it plain that if we can be trust with the things of God, then God will bless us. As a result, I don't know about you but living in the blessing of God. I want God to bless what he wants to do me or he's gotta find me trust worthy.

So the Lord has entrusted to us his treasure.

He is talent and his time. The question then is how do I utilize those things in a way that pleases God begin by looking at the treasure. What do with the financial resources that God has entrusted to me. How can I please have you know most of us before we come to live our lives by biblical paradigm first instinct is to take money treated like it's ours.

We can do with it whatever you want, so most of what we come in the kingdom living, we bring a worldly mindset and that mindset is my money is mine earned a paycheck.

Whatever it is, my money is mine. My portfolio is mine so it is only at my discretion, and most of us then decide that my discretion. What I'm going to spend it mindset of spending first and foremost and then from there we may decide. Some people decide to save some. Some people decide to give some, but the orientation is suspended because it is that my discretion.

What we want to live by biblical paradigm and we want to please God and be ready to meet him one day.

The Bible is very clear that if you want to honor God with the use of his financial resources that is entrusted to you. The orientation have to be switch and the first thing the Bible calls us to do is to give generously what should we do with God's resources. There will be three things I cover over the next couple of messages.

One to give generously to just say strategically to spend sensibly number one to give generously thing the Bible calls us to do when the Lord and trust his financial resources to us.

The first thing 39 for with your wealth and with all your crops well with the fruits being first initial. Jesus said in Matthew 633 the kingdom of God. The kingdom about everything else kingdom along with the firstfruits of your crops and to do so generously 96 that whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, but whoever sows generously will also reap generously the Bible calls us in handling God's resources got financial resources generously as job one. When you receive from the hand of the Lord whether your paycheck or some other means of income. When you received the first thing to do is spend the first thing to do is to do. I'm talking about using God's resources in a way that pleases him. The first thing to do is to give and to do so generously. Now say well what is generous how I know what generous giving as well as a clear biblical pattern that will help us begin the principal generous giving.

That's the pattern of giving tides and offerings Tigers 10% of that which God has entrusted to me are not many but some people in the body of Christ who have a sort of knee-jerk numbers in the tithing because they say well, but that's under the law when not under the law. I beg to differ. Tithing is a pattern of honoring God.

It has nothing to do with a lawful mandate.

It is mandated under the law. Tithing predates the law first time you see tithing is not numbers or Deuteronomy you see tithing is in Genesis beginnings was established. Jacob I to the Lord. Genesis 28, 20 Jacob made a vow and said of God will be with me and will watch over me will give me food to eat and calls to where I return safely to my father's house. He said will be my God, and all of all gives me I will get back 1/10 time means 1/10. This is in Genesis 28, long before the laws establish the grandson of Abraham, Abraham, Jacob is not a matter. Below is a matter of God saying you do is get back to you.

Thank you for being my trust you that you will bless me to have with you. These resources according to what you lead me to do so. That's the first thing to do. I want to encourage any of you who have not practiced tithing to understand that this is a biblical you find it Genesis, you find it later on in the law, you find it all the way to the last book of the Old Testament chapter 3.

Many of us are familiar with that statement through the prophet Malachi, bring the tribe into the Lord's house and I will show you that heaven blessing that you won't even have room to receive yeah but you don't find mandated in the New Testament. One generous giving, generous giving couldn't possibly be less than the gun at me like generous giving you want to give generously.

So what percentage of your docket well look at it this way, what company generous grace given us some call it somehow gets you free from the responsibility to honor God is giving grace giving me that you see in the Scripture is God's agenda to be prepared to answer him one day when we use this resource.

Thanks so much for being here for two days destined for victory message making the most of what you have.

I'm pleased to welcome Pastor Paul back to the microphone now pastor works cited for the opportunities Lord is giving us to expand our ministry this year. This makes the news here though this talk about this new digital platform will be launching later this year.

She was your heart as you look toward the future of destined for victory. I thought way back to the 80s when I was an associate pastor in my dad's church in Philadelphia during those years. The Lord gave me a vision. He sort of downloaded the vision into my heart and mind about the pastorate, I would have when he would send me away from my home church somewhere else in the country. I didn't know where that ended up being Northern California and I went there with the vision to reach thousands and I knew that reaching them by means of media would be extremely important.

I knew that then. But then that translated into. I gotta get on the radio and so when I came to California had a real small church but a real big vision and I said well let's get on radio evincing the Lord bless us to do that and it went from a local broadcast to eventually national broadcast and I was so excited to see God fulfilling the vision in that way. One of these days that vision still lives. I still want to see thousands more discipled and come to Christ. But I realize that it can't just be radio.

I'm grateful for radio. I don't plan to leave radio but I want to reach people by all means possible. And today, that means we've got to get involved with new digital platforms.

I'm excited about what's being developed. The infrastructure were creating were going to have a fresh new attractive presence online were going to use many of social media platforms. Everything at our disposal so I can keep doing what God sent me to California to do back in the late 80s which was to make sure people understand how to know God's on how to apply God's word and how to fulfill God's purpose and I know were going to do that even bigger and better because of the support we are receiving from our listeners and donors.

I look forward to reaching far more people for Christ that sounds so great.

What if God gave us all this technology for the express purpose of his gospel message. What you think that's an exciting thought.

I truly believe that the church has got to become all things to all men by all means we may win some and in today's world of technology instead of cursing that we need to use it for the kingdom of God and I'm excited about those possibilities is what all comes down to reaching as many people as we can with the gospel of Jesus Christ by any means necessary. Our new digital platform is set to launch later this year, so stay tuned. Now is Pastor Paul with a preview of his next message you begin by giving and giving generously generous offering our job on for the child of God.

To say to the Lord. When you are doing that trust. That's Monday. Pastor Paul Shepard's message making the most of what you have until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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