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Pay It Forward (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 29, 2022 8:00 am

Pay It Forward (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 29, 2022 8:00 am

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Tell somebody stop identifying yourself by your worst challenge challenge and look at the goodness of God and realize that he's got a big plan for you. Colossians 3 tells us that we are hidden in Christ that means when God looks at you. He sees Jesus hello and welcome to this Tuesday edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard you sometimes define yourself by your weaknesses maybe you think you have very little to offer you believe your weakness will prevent you from God's blessing pastor Paul wants to encourage you today. Don't buy the line you are not defined by your weakness.

You are defined by Christ right. Today's message is straight ahead stay with us here or visit pastor to listen on demand. That's pastor you can also subscribe to the podcast. It's modify Apple podcasts or wherever you get your programs now is pastor Paul. Today's Destin for victory message. For byway bar is not a place you want to live.

The very name means no pastors, no grazing. Please know where you could raise a cattle anything like that and it means no communication. It's off the beaten path. Nobody forward. Anybody and Lubar. They just over the never seen people just living just over there off the beaten path is not even on the radar and you know if you're hello to bar the enemy wants you to feel like your location and I came to tell somebody even if for this season in your life you live in and load a bar you don't have to act like you live in Lauterbach bar is where my current address is but watching me got another place for me and I came to tell somebody that after this word is dropped on David and he hears yes this man is alive now. He's not five years all at this point he's an adult. We know that because were told he has a son so he but he spent all these years, from five to his current age. Whatever it is he's an adult. He is a parent and at that point, he finds out God did leave him behind Jonathan and his dad's dad saw his grandfathers. But God has a plan for this and I came to tell somebody.

God has a plan for you to I know you feel like all yeah just me and load about we just hang out down there but no know the devil is a liar got a plan.

Look at verse five. King David sent for him. When the for the shift gets there. Watch this he falls on his face and prostrate himself because he can't believe you realize this young man perhaps doesn't know about the covenant between his day and David. He may not know about it all That happened to bring it up along the way but he certainly not connecting any doubts when he hears the king is sending for you. You gotta come with us to the palace.

That doesn't bring hope it brings fear.

You know why because he's gotta load a bar mindset I came to tell somebody load a bar if that's what your address is that can't be way your mind needs you can think I'm not worth anything. I'm not worth any attention.

There's no way I can make a good living here.

This is just a mess that I find myself in the somebody didn't know if Lubar is your current address.

Don't camp out there was no that's going to be your permanent location because God is up to something in your life when he hears from whoever came to his house and said I gotta take you to the palace. I gotta take you to Jerusalem will even load about taking you to Jerusalem where you're going to meet the king that strikes fear in his heart so is he prostrate himself before David the first thing David says is fear. I came to tell somebody, don't fear.

I know it looks real bad in your life right now, but don't fear see most of us have been learning in this living fearlessly series how to not fear you know when the enemy comes against you how to not fear when circumstances get really challenging in your life and all that we covered some good ground on how to live fearlessly, but I need somebody else to know you need to not fear the blessings God is introducing into your life because when you are thinking in a low place like load a bar you don't think anything good is coming to you and you need to understand to be prepared to be blessed. I need to ask you, can you stand to be blessed. Can you stand to be blessed. I mean, can your mind get wrapped around a blessing. Can you let your mind say God's got something good for me. He's a good good father.

That's who he is by him. That's who I am and I am going to receive from the hand of my good and so David says don't fear.

He says I'm going to show you kindness.

What's this for Jonathan, your father's sake.

Some of the blessings that are going to be coming into your life will become an because somebody prayed for you. Somebody spoke truth into your life. Somebody administered to you. Somebody did some good work in someone else's life and they're repaying them by blessing you got some things come in and sometimes it had not do with how do I have some good company grow up in a Christian family that you somebody probably blessings in your life. Somebody called Do some in your life that was super natural and some cases you don't know what you're about to go into that were just exercising their intercession, passion, and that would just pray that walking down the street just plain older people to know who lives there but God gives him an intercessor based on your life. Sometimes you got blessings, and you know what I came from, but God had prepared for you and so he said your father will boys and he's David but I still remember a covenant I made with him. I need you to understand that these men had a covenant in their lives. If you look at first Samuel 20 beginning of verse 14 and this is David talking to Jonathan he said you shall not only show me the kindness of the Lord. While I still live that I may not die. This is David saying he is the covenant I will make what you Jonathan your king son.

You shall not cut off your kindness from my house forever. No, not when the Lord has cut off every one of the enemies of David from the face of the earth, so Jonathan made a covenant with the house of David. In other words, they made a covenant that I don't care what happens in the future.

You always on the lookout for me and my household, and they struck that deal you know you'll get what you deserve, you often get what you negotiate.

I can tell somebody all negotiate too short. I have just what have you got for me is exactly what I want. And Jonathan said I want to make this clear. I know my dad will be cut off. Is he doing your role. I know you will be cut off David but I need you to know even though God will call my father because of his sin and his disobedience. My people because I'm in the line with him, but I will become of him. I want to be blessed in spite of him some folk in your life is a lot shorter want their punishment, but some of your relative will Jesus please not know Johnson said make sure that when my dad's name is cut off that you look out for me, I'm your boy William covenant we've been walking together for these years and after I'm gone. I want you to look out for my folks and they struck covenant made that deal. And so that's what is being referenced here. He said I'm going to take care of you, show kindness because of your daddy Jonathan. Uncle restore to you all the land of Saul what's this you shall eat bread at my table continuously.

Do you know what that is. That's the king's table.

You're going to eat.

You're going to dine regularly in the palace when it is time for me. They don't come get you. Bring you into my dining room and we're going to eat together. This had to be an believable turn of events for this man. Not only does he get to do that but were told in verse 12 that so does his son and they're all there dining continually at the King's table and then the text is and he was laying in both his feet wet.

Gotta stop that second time we go again. You are going to Paris last I came to tell somebody stop identifying yourself by your words challenge beyond your challenge and look at the goodness of your God, and realize that he's got a big plan for you and I know that I tried to mess over you. When I tried to wipe you out. And yes they did you wrong so we all got all kind of stores that we would have a sad tale service that will be a long service one after the other. What you what you hear what happened to me you give your little sad that you passed the mic over that would be a man.

Let them talk about what were some I didn't treat you like what it didn't do right by you, but because God is up to something and enemies are real trouble is God's plan for you and miss you to bless you and the blessings will be so I just want somebody to know your blessed you have a problem with some gospel songs I love gospel music and all that but somebody so I have a problem with one of business on that when it's about your blessed and it's all about.

I got the activity of my limbs.

That's why I know I'm blessed.

Well, we have actually bound them on a thank God for them, but trust me, people who came still blessed. Don't listen to what you can do the activity, I can see people a blast. Somebody believers.

Some people say I need to tell you to read the fine blessed blessed dozen circumstantial left as a result of the relationship I have made blessed women crying broke somebody you want to be but I'm still blessed you are blessed because God said your blessed and I need you to not define yourself another day by your circumstances, I need you to understand God is something in your life and so I want you to know that God wants those of us who are blessed. Then to make sure we turn around and pay it forward you can't pay I will pay you bet you can pay God back, but what he want to do is pay it forward. That's what David is doing the same.

Jonathan blessed me when I needed somebody to encourage me and I got paid a 40 day but I got his son. I can bless his grandson.

I can bless I'm looking for a way to pay it forward. I need somebody to begin to realize God want you to pay for, you know that's what the Bible teaches us when it says in Galatians 6 be not deceived, God's not mock whatever man souls, he shall reap you sold to the flesh will corruption a result of the spirit everlasting life. Don't get weary while you're doing good work for somebody because in, you shall reap still have the second half of today's testing for Victor message with pastor Paul Shepherd, Senior Pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. We want to thank all of you who sustained destined for Victor with your prayers and financial support, gifts, and help Esther Paul share the gospel all over the world destined for victory is a listener supported ministry. So as God leads. Please prayerfully consider making a gift today. You can give your generous gift or on the phone by calling 855-339-5500 will praise is something we owe to God, not because of what he does for us, but simply because of who he is stressed up all the rest of today's message. Forward, we don't get weary of doing well, but we can get weary while doing well. I'm not living right.

But I'm tired while I'm doing what I'm doing live in right still struggling with some things I have to do something you see that if you love the Lord you be shouting and dancing all the time. Now that's not what it is. Sometimes you have to come from your tears always dancing all that does all in the third heaven, but that is when you come through your tears. Joe has taken away. But I still say, blessed be the name of the Lord because he would like to book you see, God is given." All his trouble.

He went through years of misery and heartache. But God turned around and gave him double all the things that he had before I came to tell you, you can never withhold your worship and think you justify, you owe him praise in the good times, praise his name and the bad times. Do the same. You have on this planet. You gotta learn to give the Lord praise and then you get to verse 10. Therefore, as we have opportunity here is what I want to leave you with, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith, do good to all, and especially your brothers and sisters because you want together in the face fine and so expect the gospel put somebody on your heart or your past bar you have on those divine encounters and you're supposed to do something and so you gotta be looking out who is it I'm supposed to bless. It's as important as a financial offering.

Just like so in a financial seed into a ministry that's blessing you gotta be writer so encouragement so prayer so support go out of your way to help somebody, especially those in the household of faith.

But first, he said, look at the Holman we need the reputation of folks who do good when people think Christian that usually don't think they do good. Most of your gonna hang out. That's what they think. Some believe what you think anything I think people who condemn you all the time who pronounce inhalant judgment on your time were supposed to preach good know you have isn't good. No change your life in a positive way to receive that message at my face will now believe all that I'm an atheist, agnostic, okay fine, let's focus on the golf while we we can talk. I will bash you with Jesus. Let's just talk.

Let me treat you some lunch because doing good is part of my pay for goodness of God in my life as a believer you want to be somebody who window unbelievers in your life. See you coming.

A smile you know we got some work to be ready to be honest so we don't want to know Lord will not hit his come is in my life it bad enough. Let's turn that around. Let's say some positive let me ask you not curse you, let me speak what I love you. Let me know how I can support you was going on. Your job site, but we can be anointed to be if you don't believe in the next chapter to the Bible says Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power and he went about doing what healing all who were oppressed of the devil was part of what he did but doing good is what led the way out doing good when he found somebody in a bad way. He said what can I do to improve this in their life is so I discovers what I do to lift them up if somebody broke. How can I feed what you know you need Jesus winding the sandwich right now which you Jesus. So I want to encourage you to pay in full, God's been too good to you for you to sit on the blessings all by yourself. God has done too much for you for you to just ignore the people around you don't pay it Maybe work somebody when I say so you can think about all believers are kooks.

I love Jesus and I love people to I love Jesus I want to do right by people. If you never accept Christ as your Savior. I want to have done good in your life. I'm praying that you get say but that's in my prayer because I'm interceding and you know if you'll be good to people. God has a way of setting up the circumstance. And if all you have the track record of doing good with them when I don't go when trouble comes into their life experience when trouble comes on the somebody and if they think of you and your track record is doing God speaking positive way will save you Talking about was going on in my life. Now you got your opening already paved the way by just being a good deed door. That's what I came to tell somebody make up your mind you're going to be a good B door I'm go spend my life doing good to people.

Don't sit around the people he has to for handouts at the highway ramp. They all just got lots of money. They just stop it stop it if you just say Lord if I'm supposed to bless somebody a hungry. Let's be people that others can say one thing about him. One thing about her. They do good in my life. In light of all that God is done for us. Perhaps now is the season for us to go and do likewise to pay it forward. As Jesus said in John nine verse four as long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me the night is coming when no man can work well.

The last thing Jesus told his disciples was to go out into the world and make more disciples and a great way to take part in this mission with pastor Paul Sheppard and all of us are destined for victory is by becoming a destined for victory partner for as little as $20 a month in light of some of the severe challenges these past two years or so people are eager to hear about the hope we have in Christ, and many are getting that message to the destined for victory broadcast. Please prayerfully consider joining pastor Paul and his mission to share the light of the gospel to all people, even to those who have grown comfortable in the dark is our way of saying thanks for your partnership will send you a few thank you gifts including one of Pastor Paul's most popular CDs.

The best of let my people smile, call 855-339-5500 to find out more about how to become a destined for victory partner make your pledge over the phone or mail us your gift in the snow you wish to become a partner. The address destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 can also become a partner through our website pastor

If you can't partner right now but would like to send a generous one-time gift to the ministry will be happy to send you by request. Pastor Paul Sheppard's booklet trusting God in scary times. That's trusting God in scary times requested today.

When you make a generous donation to destined for victory. God is invested into our lives. Treasure that is financial resources, time and talent ability and we are to give God a return on his investment. That's tomorrow and pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message, making the most of what you have until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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