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When Opposition Comes (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 25, 2022 8:00 am

When Opposition Comes (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 25, 2022 8:00 am

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I'm not Mad but I am real estate in the alley. I am going through and I'm on the that I came to tell somebody opposition sometimes comes in multiplication but you gotta know that God is going to get you out why because your story can you are a child of God hello and thanks for joining us for today's destined for victory message with pastor Paul Sheppard will the valley of the shadow of death is something were supposed to move through. Sometimes we linger. We set up shop and allow fear to paralyze us as you see today opposition can at times coming from all sides and overwhelming sometimes it even comes from people you've always treated well. Today's message is straight ahead, stay right here or visit pastor to listen online on-demand that's pastor and you can also listen or subscribe to the destined for victory podcast. It's bona fide podcast or whatever you get your peers pastor Paul.

Today's message when opposition comes. I grew up in different days so you're going to do that Christmas time.

You just load them all up, no matter how they mind you, what you say you're just going to give him everything all the expensive shoes audit you go right on. I grew up in different days. I grew up in days when you could come with your Christmas list all you want but you will list on the fridge. Later, these are my reason for regulated children and all you know what now we all believe in fairness in the week when you come would you say this week. What do you ever now and then you get most time you didn't you come with all that would preach a message that was your Christmas present. Preaching a sermon. I know that's abuse. Now this is emotional abuse you're robbing them of their sins different days I just lamented and I worked out and preaching some time and I get back to the message I just can't I just start scratching them that even if I see these people got children getting trophies and anything gotta help me get a trophy for now okay is participation. Everybody made it great, but should be put to the base and that's a nice little thing little couple and I want to get the big that's what I like my guy got down here, God is not into everybody get the same thing. The Bible is real clear. If you do hear the blessings that come with and if you don't do them. Don't expect the blessing of the and so you got understand when opposition comes against you. You have to be prepared to deal with the fact that it might be hard for a season night can be a whole season night can be sometimes. But what is God gives you grace to get through it so we all can't testify right now that my trouble, but you can't testify but I got grace God has given me all night But I am real estate. I am going through and I'm know that I'm going to prepared table and I came to tell somebody opposition sometimes comes in multiplication but you got to know that God is going to get you out why because your story can end in defeat. You are a child of God just always going ending. Somebody needs a grab and you'll sell.

I know I will have one. I will have one. I am not going to be defeated by this time tomorrow. This will all be taken care of tomorrow is coming is not necessarily a 24-hour event, but it is a reality.

God's going to bring you through one more point. I'll let you go, number three, sometimes opposition comes from people you've only been good to. I can tell somebody who is trying to figure out how people took good care of our treated me like garbage like that sometime they treat you like you do well and if you don't think this is a Bible based point you to read the story of David.

David did nothing but serve us all well. In fact, he started serving Saul before he was in his service, his father sent him out to the battle line to bring supplies for his brother's army was too young to be an army that was supplies and while he gives them to his brothers. He looks out and he sees this giant named alive standing out there to find the Army of the Lord, seven swearing, cussing God out and all of these people and that he's given a misapplied skater skirt.

Sometimes ignorance is when you get the most truth because you don't know enough to let fear grab you and Davis are white. Just because God is called all the old mama some and like back home she could take care of it was so troubled by.

He said to the king Saul tell you what I need to go out there and fight that giant natural.

That's just dumb but how many know when you're walking in the spirit. When you listen to God and the people not listening to conventional wisdom. Sometimes God will say something that sounds dumb you, but because it came out of the mouth of God's power and he said to the king need to go fight the war, he said no, no, I need to go I can take because of the God we serve. The more you need let me go like you have a choice and so figured out you know you got a point to try to give him his armor. You gotta learn from this part to put on the king's armies and I can't go with this. This is you, this is not mine.

God gives you be somebody you're not some live busy trying to take that which God can't be done, you know.

And David said I'm going but what I'm used to with my slingshot.

Now that sounds real sophisticated but in his day, it was probably more like a red rock just wind it up and let it go some nice real simple sling, but it could've been a red rock. Whatever was he said just the way God uses me give you my track record. I was thinking that a sheep and a day okay after the sheet killed a lion today after the sheep killed Jesus. I next on the list to stupid to not have faith that God will that sometimes looks like what he said you and I'm doing it in the name of the God you just got through cussing me cool that God is going to give me take you out any going use a little boy doing well.

I've got a piece something any cut some more. And David said I will take your hand off your shoulders. That's what I'm here because of the language that you wouldn't believe it but when you walk by faith when you're believing God.

God has a way of showing up and you know the story he killed Goliath.

Now I say that just to tell you. From there he goes into the king service and he ministers to the King. I love the fact that God didn't make David the king of Israel until he was a servant of the king of Israel. I love that about God. God takes us the right route to promotion something honest with what you are now so you'll do the work and your supervisor gets the credit, but don't sweat it, because God is seeing what you're doing.

Sissy Dolores is bleeding, take a stand justice issue and you feel like you should take a stand.

That's fine, but I just came to tell you there are times when God says no. This is your battle. You just keep being faithful.

I've got this battle I got this one covered and so what does David do.

He serves the king and because of the anointing owners like Benny becomes a warrior for the King and all of that and she will leave you nor David got recognized by other people, so one time is coming back from a battle and young women watching them come back from the battle start singing a song they made up.

Saul has killed his thousands but David his tens of thousands. So like your thing about him and I'm looking and you compare an hourly killed thousand and he killing tens of thousands all that will fly in a spirit of jealousy and envy got a hold of that man and refuse to let them go.

He set his eyes on the young man who had served him well when he was overtaken by an evil spirit and would be in all kinds of torment David would grab his heart and began to strum and minister in music and sing the songs of the Lord, the king of all it got to the place where the king is up next. The rest of today's destined for victory message with pastor Paul Sheppard.

We want to thank all of you whose prayers and financial support help Esther Paul share the gospel all over the world for donations to make a difference. So as God leads prayerfully consider making a generous gift suggestion for victory today. Of all the weapons of mass destruction out there.

The human tongue might be the most deadly of his pastor Paul with the second half of today's message when opposition comes, you know, there are some people who would rather see you dead then to give you what you do and if they can kill you physically acute influence was killed on the job you have somebody talk against you and I grin when they switch you, but in all the meetings that talk against you and the fact of the matter is you got to learn to give that to God because you serve him and so here's the king trying to killing and to the point where eventually David is on the run.

He's a fugitive from a man he did no wrong to so I came with a word for those of you who are finding that opposition is coming from people you've been nothing but good to. Don't sweat it okay to put it in commandments language Township not sweating because God is watching you and got to the place where there were times when David could have killed Saul Reed for Samuel David go to kill Saul on two different occasions.

So, bearers his Secret Service sleep on the job that you could walk right up and killed him. Both times, look at the man's mobility. He said I dare not touch the Lord's anointed is not active anointed know he was anointed to be king. Even though these actin like the devil and I have to respect the anointing and he said I won't touch in and when Saul found out he could've been killed right and I foresaw Bill all bless you Monsanto are been so horrible to go before too long. I'm acutely God took him through all of only to get to the place where he had to actually time. David had to work for the Philistines. You read about it for Sarah to begin adverse chapter 27 he aligned himself with the closing. I tell him I'm not come against Israel, which all but if you find any of your other enemies. I'll help you.

All you have to do give me refuge and king a kiss read when you get a chance gave him a place in Cycladic, so I'll give that to you and your men. All you have to do is fight with us against our other enemies besides Israel did that for a while and then some of the Philistine princes say wait a minute. We don't like him being on our side because it's only mad time he will turn on us and it will kill us and they forsake us the force David out so by the time you get to for Samuel 29 exam and you gotta go. Appreciate all you dumb but you you out here piece deuces read your Bible writing about. So first Samuel chapter 20 David and his 600 men come back to the glad which they been given and they get back to find their wives and children have been carted off. The city has been burned there supplies their stuff is been taken and their families have been taken is why I'm bringing this up. You got understand that the enemy can become close to you when circumstances go wrong for 600 men who were his warriors, his fighters, they came back and along with David. They all have lost their kids in their in their lives. They all cry. The Bible says in first Samuel 30.

They cried so hard until they had no more strength to cry. They cried themselves literally out of strength, but when you get to that place of being that depleted emotional you have to be careful because that's when the Rall stuff comes to the surface now. David lost everything that you lost when I got the crown he said what you know what this is David's fault.

He's the one to have us out here fidelity people.

We could stay to protect our family and one for him left Kelly people who love you try to take out bad enough that the Philistines don't trust. As always, I get that, but not a people I been going been fighting the wars with their talking about killing me and David is I may talk about at the point of utter despair.

His feelings could've easily had him there, but I want you to see one verse and then I'm done verse six of first Samuel 30 but David strengthened himself in the Lord his God, please cure what does that even mean that means that I can find all the wives and kids are gone there is nothing that will strengthen me that I can look around him and say my is faithful and he is available for me and he's drinking himself in the Lord. That's what Ephesians 6 says be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

When you can find strength anywhere else find it in Lord, the Lord, I pray in the Holy Spirit. I pray until I remind myself of the goodness of God. I pray until I remind myself of the promises of God.

Remember who God is very good but my God is a good God by him. That's who I am going through hell going through this experience happens when gasoline drove myself all going through hell you know now because of you double I'm still standing.

You want me to be cut by now you don't care I'm not going anywhere. God is going to get his hands in the Lord and because he strengthen his hand and the Lord God was able to say I tell you what I'm going to ask the Lord. Should we pursue the enemy the Amalekites came and took our wives and kids. Should we pursue. I'm glad he has God he didn't just pursue in flesh. He said I want to see what God wants to do about this, and the Lord said pursue and they took off. He told both what we can to kill him. Tell you what you will see your wife and your kids again. You better come with me QuickTime by killing me knowing all my life and you follow me, we all go get a recovery and they quit killing him and got back in sync and they went pursue and look at what the Bible says for Samuel's 30 says and they recovered at all.

Because God was with God is against you.

You are you able live above all that we can ask or even imagine the victory yourself in the Lord. If you are a follower of Christ. Opposition will come. But if you strengthen yourself and God.

If you walk by faith as he told you he will take you through the problem and into the promise in Christ, you are destined for victory. If you need prayer today. If you're facing a challenge. It seems impossible to overcome the destined for victory ministry team would like to join you in prayer on the homepage of Pastor use the contact feature to let us know how we can pray for you and while you're there, be sure to ask for pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement. Yours, at no cost or obligation.

And here's something else for you in appreciation of your generous gift today. Pastor Paul will send you his booklet trusting God and scary times when the Lord told Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away from the family home.

What followed.

As you know, was a great deal of uncertainty and angst. God had promised Abraham that he make a nation out of his firstborn son but circumstantially it looked pretty bleak.

You may have times in your life when fear instead of faith tries to take the wheel in this helpful resource.

Pastor Paul walks you through Genesis chapter 21 and shows you how to rely on the faithfulness of God in the darkest of moments. That's trusting God and scary times our gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to destined for victory.

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You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 again that address is destined for victory 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 I came to speak to folks who feel like life has dealt you all the I came to talk to people who feel like I don't know why other people are having a good.

I don't know how this happened to me. I must be cursed must be something wrong with me. I came to tell you the Bible isn't just for the and in the Bible is for the down and out. That's next time it Pastor Paul Shepard's message pay it forward but until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for Victor

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