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God Will Provide, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 21, 2022 8:00 am

God Will Provide, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 21, 2022 8:00 am

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I came to tell somebody you will take care God's business doing as well. God has blessings that are super and actually made sure he will bless you in ways that don't even make. I'm not telling you what I think I'm telling you what I live.

God has a long history of showing his power in miraculous ways. Even in the most hopeless of situations hello and welcome to this Monday edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California were always glad to have you with us all the same God who part the Red Sea inspired Daniel from the lion is able and willing to do the miraculous in your life as well. When you walk in accordance with his will, he will make away even when there seems to be no way today's message is straight ahead stay with us now listening recent message online that's pastor you can also subscribe to the podcast podcast. It's bona fide, or whatever you enjoy your right now with this message. God will provide his pastor Paul got me what you have. You don't need come on important you already got it trying to help us trying to in Jesus name we all have too much stuff just too much stuff I don't care how broke you think you are. Look at what you have and see what you can get rid of them now with the Internet is not just the color system blessed in their and now some sites where you can sell things and and make a profit and what have you and it will help you get where you're going, God provides first by natural means. Look at what's in your hand look at what's in your house look at what's in your heart, look at what's in your sphere of influence and make it work for you. Not only though, does he provide by natural means. But secondly, he provides by supernatural means you say when you get that in the text will notice that when he went by the book, God said, I have commanded to feed you. That's a supernatural blessing because ravens are scavenger birds. They don't see anybody but themselves.

And so when God says I'm sending about a blog where you can get the natural resource. I provided supernatural blessing. I came to tell somebody you will take care God's business doing as well has blessings that are supernatural in nature and he will bless you in ways that don't even make sense.

I'm not telling you what I think I'm telling you what I live what I experience God will bless you with the way things ended right they said not only will he open a door that no man can shut what that means there is a door and God opens that he will literally buy shut it to you. Walk through. But then they have some better than that. They said and he'll make a way out of no way. You know what that means open. That's great, but you would know more. I wish somebody would just realize you would know all know whatsoever. Love to hear this mess I made created this emotional thing I've gotten involved in Lord.

He said if you'll just focus on me to do my will.

I know how to make a way where there is no way for God to get what you said number walls and what God will get you out, make a way where there is no way he'll create the way so that he can get you to the place that he is prepared for you.

The supernatural blessing is a real thing. I will never forget.

There are so many ways so many times when God is met.

My me.

I told you before you got the California 1989 I used to preach faith.

I believe it when I got the Callie I had to limit got out here and I didn't know you like this with the high cost of housing way back in 1989. It was now, but back then it was like wait a minute that's just it would take me around the fire where I was going live with my family and I heard somebody asking God to give me a house under $1000 a month and talking about so I walked over to explain to them yes I'm going to, but to move my family is coming with me, but when I trying to buy a house here. We gotta get moved here and all that. We just want to rent someplace and we talk about what dad did for me. What do you mean y'all pray house under $1000 a month yes and if it happens it will be God you know that feeling.

We bought a little house in the but it was a place to live in a good neighborhood. One book I cross the street was a crack house. We forgot to close that down so maybe we will do that day. They rated it is. Thank you Jesus we are good to go. But the blessing was they said you can behind his house next to your mother little for 200 a month you can see that sound like God and bought that right next door to my mother hello 200 a month we will soon be over here and the people talk about $1000 and I'm taking a pay because I'm making good money at my dad's executive pastor of the church under my leadership hello my dad grow from 500 to a thousand members in the seven years I was the assistant pastor and as a group God finally let the people give me some good money at first he was trying to show them I would go get special treatment because I was his son what he did was practice.

Reverse discrimination is what I had to go through what I had to go through. I remember the day believes that this is the past. The rate he did not close, but he wanted me to prove faithful so I prove faithful and broke Jesus name is God blessed me and hooking me up and I'm in that season will be a blast and got this $200 house now and now the Lord sends me out handy people talk about praying for under $1000.

Y'all paving the best we can do is 2000 month since you told us that the Lord give you vision and the church will eventually have thousand when the thousands come wiggle hook you up. You somebody vision against them will hook you up. Don't worry about it. We got you will give me a thousand, not a talk about praying for under $1000 and the Lord answered their prayer.

My first house with 995 and was boldly the owner wanted it to be a higher price rent was somebody at the property management plays had mixed it up and put 995 and I have some time before they found out what they mixed supreme actually got. And God knew I could lady wanted so he gave it to me for 990. I still gotta believe God see you no matter what situation you so that family 2000 a month, 995 the first of the month goes right out the window so I got 1005 left for the whole month payment ties out of that deficit.

The tie don't you let the enemy talk you out of your blessed. I can tell; your blessing. He said just let your life be a time trying to sound spiritual know all my life since I was a little boy get the doll allowance I been a tiger. My parents taught me the time and taught me gotta do more what was left when you honor him with the time and so what I did was that $200 check quit before I thought about it, they give me my 2200 day, now.I believe God rents paid I've paid now got $805 a month to get me through the rest of the month I got a pay my taxes today. I'm self-employed that when the church came the conforming employee, but self-employment that mean I do self-employment taxes and use estimate of quarterly estimated tax estimated, God will have to pay him how I estimated but I had a car note I drove across the country in a car that was costing me $320 a month so I did. At 8053 20. Now I still gotta pay the utilities in this house. My kids are five and three to get me to start school and we gotta pay for gas and insurance on the car health insurance church could do any of that.

Did you hear what I'm saying every month. That was too much month at the end of the money I had too much and money money gone but mom still looking at you.

Well, this is 27 and this is a 31 day my gotta believe God listening to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard.

The second half of today's message comes your way.

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That's modify or whatever you enjoy your well if you're committed to following the will and purpose of God. He will bless you in miraculous ways.

That's pastor Paul's message to you today and he doesn't just know what he's lived to join him now for the rest of today's message God will provide. So I know what I'm talking about when I tell you, if you take was here because he sent me here, since the matter which you want to a little church in California, when your father's heir apparent, you can just work with him till he retired. You got that charge what you doing out here with these little handful of people talk me out. Driving across the country. Try taught me how to drive them down don't think Katie is West Coast Amy starts all the way over there. I took 80 all the way through, and I want for you for you to shut up God about his speed and trying to get there.

Obeying God places in the country. I didn't know existed.

Just driving through all the various states I'd never been to never forget Wyoming.

I had to get some games. I never forget that because there was a man I had to stop this little wool place man to be more look at me, I what McCullough he wanted to see in a while. Never forget it. I got to the place I had to go inside so I said to the man. Hello I like to get some gas. He would look at me.

So finally I slid the money happened at pump number two and I went out there and I said okay.

I hope this pump, he turned to know he did turn it on pump. My gaze and I will say that Deborah you had to worry about me. I want to be here emoting you want me yes I'm going get out your state as soon as I possibly can with a 2 Way St. You will see me.

I will see you we going across the country to win so obviously hearing what you wanted. Let somebody a while go find me some folk in California. Jesus had made across the country. But walking by faith was a matter of lifestyle and guess what, even now that God is still a matter of lifestyle, even if money is in the. If you have some errors in your life where you want me God supernaturally provide you glad to give you resources you love yourself. I came to tell somebody you will take care of business. Take care yours and one of the ways you supernaturally ravens don't feed anybody but God had commanded them anybody's ever seen God command blessings in your life, because he comes them to be there who can think out. This not only would this money why my blessed with this resource.

With this.

Please enjoy losing my mind. Everything I'm going to be right about now. Tell somebody just look at you right about now you want to be crazy when you just you know something that you can now call snack is about women who just snap and watch and you all would show you where everything will be moving to new and you and Harold goes green and you want to go so crazy not that bad and would show you one more thing happens you go back and said he was on the street years ago, and a man was blocking anyone in the room to get around him and he just blew is no young man you stop talking a little street pullover so you talk to your friend, but let me around. The man looked in his rearview mirror and got out with his and stuck it in the space is going to me, but this one was asked the question you need a job that was supernatural. Visit that God commanded him that Joe ladies people will if you got that means is bringing some Texan doing whatever they doing and just my good upbringing that big a hurry to get out sooner or later about the business of you will do a quick one but don't insult these people on each such that working on.

Just let it be.

It's not that big a deal for a road rage and boldness somebody into your lane supernatural that God give you supernatural.

I got the pizza God that passes understanding on the road acting crazy would show you need to get in this way, and you rest all by what you should turn in your right at the exit and you will cut me off, but when I see that back so we don't you get in front of me so somebody gets somebody in and they would lemon and then they start chasing them and I said when I see what you brought on yourself the way and when you were able to see all your fingers don't think we all watched them prophetic message like this. The Lord would say watch them fingers supernatural means God is blessing you in ways you don't came to tell you he's going to make sure every need in your life by natural means, and by natural means. Thanks for being here for this Monday edition of Destin for victory and pastor Paul Shepard's message God will provide. Listen to any of pastor Paul's recent messages on that's pastor were almost out of time. But before we go I want to thank you for all you're doing to help pastor Paul share the gospel through the Destin for victory broadcast your prayers and financial support are helping lead people all over the world to faith in Christ and in appreciation of a generous gift today.

Pastor Paul will send you his booklet trusting God in scary times when the Lord told Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away from the family home.

What followed was a great deal of uncertainty next. God had promised Abraham that he make a nation out of his firstborn son but circumstantially it looked pretty bleak. You may have times in your life when fear instead of faith tries to take the wheel in this helpful resource. Pastor Paul walks you through Genesis chapter 21 and shows you how to rely on the faithfulness of God in the darkest of moments. That's trusting God in scary times our gift to you this month my request for your generous gift to Destin for victory. So please call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online.

You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

Again, the address is Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Get out of your mind that if I do everything the Lord wants me to do. There will be sunshine every day. You know a whole lot of full-page ad pictures just say you don't have any trouble. All you need is faith well you do have trouble even though you have but the good thing about walking by faith is. Faith is built for trouble. That's tomorrow and pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message God will provide.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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