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Felt Needs Can Be Tricky!

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 9, 2022 7:00 am

Felt Needs Can Be Tricky!

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 9, 2022 7:00 am

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I don't care what your appetite is when you called eyes about what you think they all say these are essays for reason. They're not real it's a fantasy it's a façade of all the decisions you've made based solely on emotions. How many of them were good decisions hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California where ever you are, how you may be listening. Thanks for making this part of your day.

Emotions can often lead us astray. We feel angry or lustful choice and in the end and regret that choice today. Pastor Paul cautions us against the dangers of giving into our emotions and our appetites and shows us a better way to live, stay right here or visit Pastor listen to Destin for victory on demand can also download the podcasting Google podcasts or wherever you subscribe to yours right now. Here's Pastor Paul would today's Destin for victory message felt needs can how many of you heard yourself, your mother or father said to you is not that you intended to be your mom and dad and your kids life is just that it came out but when you stop and think all that's what I heard all growing up and you just pass it on some things are caught not taught as the best way for you to think of some things are caught not taught. Nobody ever taught you a cold. If you ever got a cold is because you caught it. How did I catch it because the germ was exposed to me somewhere in my movements. It was a contact issue and was in a deliberate and intentional choice. It was contact. That's why you gotta watch your environments all the time because you can You Never Intended to Take with You. That's Why You Gotta Watch Who You Hang with Because I Don't Care How Much You like Certain Aspects of Them If They Are Diseased in Their Spirit and Their Relationship If They Got Shot Going on in Their Lives and You Get Too Close to Them.

You Can Kids Bear Stuff and so Somebody Alden Custer You Got with Certain Full and Make Us so Much That It Became Part of You Because You Hang with Them All the Time. Next Thing You Know That You Go withthe Blankety-Blank and You Caught It You Pick That up so You Got the Deal with Your Issues Properly. Esau Made the Mistake.

First of All, of Selling His Birthright What Happened.

One Day He Comes in the Esau Was a Man of the Open Country. He Comes in Family Steve Been out Hunting and All That. It's a Hot Day He Comes Back Famished and He Says Hi I Need Some of That Food, and His Brother Jacob Is Cooking Right When He Comes Home Famished.

You Know What You Gotta Be Careful Because Just When You Feel a Felt Need, There's Always Somebody Cooking. We All Know What I Just Said I Didn't Speak in Tongues You Know Exactly What I Said Watch Your Appetites. Watch Your Desires Because There's Always Somebody Cooking When You Have Often Felt Need in Your Life and Just When He Comes in. Families Feel like I'm Not the Time. There He Smells This to an Mayor of His Brother, Cooking, Stew, and He Says I Look, I Need You to Give Me Some Still and Jacob Said Sure, Tell You What I'll Trade You Some Post to Do Your Two Moles of Incident. I Just I Give You All You Want If You Give Me Your Birthright Was the Birthright Was the Birthright in Bible Times, the Eldest Son Was Given the Birthright by Virtue of His Birth Order Being the First Male in the Family and That Patriarchal System. He Was the One Designated to Carry the Family Name and the Family Enterprise into the Next Generation.

The Other Kids Had Their Gifts and Abilities Fine, but They Don't Get the Birthright. Only the Eldest Son Gets the Birthright. He's Gotta Carry Dad's Name and the Enterprise of the Family into the Next Generation and What the Birthright Means It Means If You Have Two Kids and the Father Would Take What He Is Worth Divided by Three and Give the One Who Gets the Birthright Two Thirds the Other One Gets One Third Get That. So the Birthright Kid Always Gets Twice What the Others and That's the Way You Make Sure That the Birthright Is Carried on Esau, Their Twins, but Esau Came out First Because He Gets the Birthright. Jacob Never Forgot That I Was Second in This Two-Man Race Never Liked It and Here's His Chance. Now I've Got Them Right When He's Hungry and Becky Come and Talk about I'm about to Die, Watch Your Appetites Because They'll Exaggerate on You. Now We All Know What It Is to Be Overheated on a Very Hot Day. Having Worked Too Hard to Walk Too Long or Whatever Didn't Hydrate Enough. You Know That Feeling We All Know What It's like to Feel like You're about to Die. That's a Feeling That Is You Not about to Die, You Need Shade and Water Shade and Water Will Get You Where You Need to Be. Then, If You Really Need Food after You Get in the Shade and Water. Now You Can Take Your Time and Eat Some That Mean He Is Not the Same As the Appetite Presents the Appetite Says I Will. The Need Is What You Must Have in Order to Survive. I Came to Tell Somebody Here Who Is Smelling Some Stove Somewhere in Your Life. That's Why the Lord Told Me to Come Here Today Because Some of Y'all Are Slipping Away and and There Is Some Still That Is Only When Short Nostrils, Please before I Sit down.

Some of Y'all Came Here You Are Aware and You Know and It Smells Just Right. You Have Something You Just Thought It Was the Best Ever One That That Was the Best Ever Is Just That You Hate It When Your Appetite Called Forward so Strongly in the Matter Is Something You Will Listen to This Message Because the Enemy Is Cooking Started Right Now and You Talk about Will Need Somebody Who Understands Me Somebody All Married See My Spouse. They Work in My Last Nerve. Just When I Need Some Items for the Most Difficult Phase of My Life and They Don't Care They Just Insensitivity but All Is Something That She Was and the Mayor Setting You up to a Lifetime Provision for A Few Moments of Satisfaction.

I Don't Care What Your Appetite Is Telling You It's a Lie Because Whoever You're Fantasizing about Is Not What You Think They Are to Seize Our Fantasies for Reason. They're Not Real It's a Fantasy It's a Façade If You Don't Believe Me Ask All the Second Married People All the People on This Second One Dropped off the First One, They Weren't Doing Everything They Wanted Him to Do and Look at the Rate of Divorce Second Time around.

And If You Want to Do a Study on Third Marriages and What You'll Find Is If You Thought You Were Getting Your Fantasy. You Were in for a Rude Awakening Because Fantasies Are Just That Fantasies Let Me Tell Some of You Were Sniffing Stew in Terms of an Illicit Relationship, the One You Got Can Never Compete with a Fantasy Because the One You Got Deals with Reality, and the Fantasy Never Gets Compared with Reality Just Because They Treat You Nice on the Job. See This Person When We Have Lunch Together and the Body Can Blow Your Mind over Lunch. Not Hard to Go to Lunch You Can Be Suave You Can Be so All Lunch Bulges Look like My Seat When I Need so You Got Your Nasty Goals and I'm Not Looking Good Smelling Good on the Job Come Back to Me.

All I Came to Help Somebody and Me Is That You and That's Was Going on with This Boy.

He Feels like I'm about to Die. Truth Is, You Need to Get in the Shade You Need Some Water. And Once You Recover and You Can Get Something Else and If You Don't Want This Tricky Cost Way Too Much Stew. Now You Got a Chance to Walk in the House Because You Get Yourself Back Together and You Can Callout Your Mother or Somebody to Help You and Get You Some Coming up Next.

The Rest of Today's Destined for Victory Message Felt Needs Can Be Tricky with Pastor Paul Sheppard.

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I Invite You to Do so Would Have Some Time to Find All of Pastor Paul's Recent Messages on Demand Plus a Host of Great Resources That Are Online Store, Including Books and DVD Messages. You Can Also Learn More about the Ministry about All the Things Great Friends like You Are Doing through Your Prayers and Financial Support. That's Pastor and Be Sure to Watch Selected Video Clips by Subscribing to Pastor Paul on YouTube for More Details and Links to All the Social Media at Pastor Paul Next There's a Time for Studying God's Word.

There's a Time for Praying and Fasting and There's a Time for Running Away Is Pastor Paul with the Rest of Today's Message Felt Needs Can Be Tricky and so You Gotta Learn That If You're Going to Be Serious about Equality Life. You Gotta Watch Your Appetites and Desires Momentary Satisfaction Is Not Worth Years of Loss, Heartache and Pain, Grief, Money, Etc. Have Any of Y'all Found That out. Whether Was Getting into a Relationship.

You Ended up Having No Business Getting into or Whatever It Is, Have You Ever Found out. Sometimes You Can Pay Years for Something That Only Took Moments Later Child Was Somebody over Passion and so While You Had a Passionate Moment, There Was More about It Though Thereby Looks Great Moment. I Don't Care If in the Mountains Quite. I Don't Care If You Had a Moment of My Never in My Life Had an Experience like I Don't Care If You Think It Was All Just What It Is Now over, and If This Is Somebody You Have No Real Relationship Where It Was Just but We All Felt Passionate at the Moment Was on the Radio and You Just Went and It Was Just All Laid on the Come Back Now It Was Because You Now All 18 Years of Your Money.

Hopefully You Hard Earning 18 Years.

That Was Not the Product of a Loving Couple Committed to Each Other for Life. It Was the Product of Lust God to Give You Grace to Get but You Gotta Understand This. So You Tell Your Children Some Things Are Worth It to the Child.

I'm Glad I Get to Raise You, but You Gotta Make Sure You Don't Have To Make the Choice Because What the Truth Is That There Is Nothing That Can Happen in a Moment of Passion That Is Worth the Price and I Came to Tell Somebody Is Time for You to Take a Look at the Stew That Your Smith Close Some of You All on the Birds, but Thankfully This Message before You Make Your Final Decision. But You Know We Now Have This and I Feel in Them and They Feel in Me That's Feelings. You Can Walk Away with Feelings.

You Can Walk Away Feeling You so Bad All I Want You so Much by Her Pastor Paul Pastor Paul and He Talked about Know It Must of Been Sold out a Heart but No Go and Listen and You Don't Have a Long Conversation, the More You Talk the More You're Being Pulled Some Time You Got to Be like Joseph Remembered How His Wife Was Looking for Him to Seduce Him and Once He Turned down the First Time about a Day after Day Some Relentless. When You Turn Them down to Integrity All Yeah I like Some Integrity That Give Me a Chance to Break It down Better Quit Acting like You Don't Know What I Just Said I Love I Love a Little Test and They Start Working at Wardrobe and That's What This Is the Part of What Was Going Day after Day. The Bible Says He Can't Turn within the House, Cozies a Head Start of the Gotta Be There. That's His Job. But He Heard Another Part of St. Joseph and He Somewhere Had Some We All Got to Learn You Know You Got. I Do… I Wish I Could Just Stand up to Her and Said No I'm Not Going to Sometime a Good Run. The Best Thing You Can Do in the Way and Things of God in Jesus Name.

Have You Ever Noticed You Are Mentally, He Said You Lust Say Pray and Fast That You Might Overcome You for Lust.

He Says Son Ron That He Not Born yet, but by Faith. You Need to Become Forrest Gump Came Itself. Let Me Know That I Will Get the Priest.

The Whole Message I Do That Next Time. Today the Relationship or Illness Is Moneymaking Set up.

If It's Too Good to Be True Is True All You Want Whereby Working on Low Income Job God You Didn't Do This You Can Make All Kind of Money That Were True They Would Be Telling You to Be Making It Look behind the Thing Because Usually It Is Not the Thing That Gets You with the Thing behind the Thing. I Just Got a Look Deeper. If You Want to Live a Life of Integrity.

You Got a Gold and Look at What's behind What You're Being Offered and Sold This Boy Sells a Lifetime, a Provision for a Moment of: Mary Satisfaction Now Is a Limited Time, You Will Be Hungry Again and You No Longer Have the Inheritance You're Going to Stop Believing Lust for You Is Yours, Was for You Can Be Robbed. People Make of These Low Theologies If It's for You This, Nobody Can Know You Can Get It for Moment, and You Make a Dumb Decision like This Boy Made and You Handed off. Now We Serve a God Who Is Able to Get You What You're Supposed to Be.

Despite Your Dumb Mistakes and by the Time I Preselect Part of This You'll See God Bring Think about in the Wonderful Plates and Some of Us Have Been Brought out in One of the Places, but That Never Means What You Did. Should I Happen to Know People Who Have Wonderful Ministries Reach so I Know Who Can Minister so Well to Abuse People and Different Breakthroughs in Delivery, but When You Noticed Already Know Something about Sister in a Certain Church I Priest and She Was so Powerful and Anointed Minister Another You Know How She Got There Because She Married Somebody She Had No Business Marrying and He Beat Her within an Inch of Her Life for Years. She Badly Asked What Her Life. Massive Minister of the Folk and Helps Them out, but You Don't Have To Get Beat up so That You Can Help Other People. That's Not a Trade-Off. You Should Be Excited about Where You Know Experience Is the Best Teaching Experience That You Look at Somebody Else's Experience Essay. Okay, That Happened to Them. They Went through All That Hell Now They Powerfully Anointed Anointing without Going through All That Him When I'm Interested in Some Trials, but You Have To Get Beat All the Way up to Be Able to Help Other People Get These People Back Some of the Stuff You Can Learn to Keep You from Taking the Same, so I Need Somebody to Know Your Smith in the Wind Being Set up and Your Despising and Mishandling What God Has You Don't Have To Touch a Hot Stove to Learn That It Will Burn His Pastor Paul Said Today Experience Can Be One of Life's Best Teachers, but It Doesn't Have To Be Your Experience. Thanks so Much for Being Here for Today's Destined for Victory with Pastor Paul Sheppard Tierney Recent Message on Demand, Including Today's Teaching Felt Needs Can Be Tricky. Visit Pastor That's Pastor and Remember Destined for Victory Exists Only through the Faithful Prayers and Financial Support of Friends like You and Appreciation of Your Generous Gift Today Would like to Send You Pastor Paul's Booklet Trusting God and Scary Times When the Lord Told Abraham to Send Hagar and Ishmael Away from the Family Home.

What Followed Was a Great Deal of Uncertainty and Angst.

God Had Promised Abraham That He Make a Nation I Was First Born Son, but Circumstantially It Looked Pretty Bleak. You May Have Times in Your Life in Fear Instead of Faith Try to Take the Wheel in This Helpful Resource. Pastor Paul Walks You through Genesis Chapter 21 and Shows You How to Rely on the Faithfulness of God in the Darkest of Moments.

That's Trusting God and Scary Times Our Gift to You This Month by Request for Your Generous Gift to Destin for Victory.

So, Call 855-339-5500 or Visit Pastor to Make a Safe and Secure Donation Online and You Can Also Mail Your Gift to Destin for Victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, the Addresses Destined for Victory Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 If You Need Prayer Today. The Destined for Victory Ministry Team Would like to Join You in Prayer from Our Homepage and Pastor Use the Contact Feature to Let Us Know How We Can Pray for You and While You're There, Be Sure to Ask for Pastor Paul's Monthly Letter of Encouragement. Yours, at No Cost or Obligation. If You're Going to Be the Man or Woman, God Has Called You to Be. He Will Not Allow You to Merely Sweep Unfinished Business under the Raw You Got a Deal with What You Did Wrong and Here Is Why. Because There Is No Statute of Limitations on Properly Addressing the Wrongs We've Done to Others. That's Tomorrow and Pastor Paul Sheppard Shares His Message Handling Your Unresolved Conflicts.

Until Then, Remember He Who Began a Good Work in You Will Bring It to Completion. In Christ, You Are Destined for Victory

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