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When You Need a Favor from God

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 7, 2022 7:00 am

When You Need a Favor from God

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 7, 2022 7:00 am

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Somebody driving a car and is in the whole time looking in the rearview mirror while they are accelerating moving forward. That's a disaster waiting to happen and it as it is in driving, so it is in your life. You cannot spend another day of your life thinking what it forgets or what is God doesn't answer the question. What if, but he will answer the questions.

What now and what next, we'll talk about living life through the windshield and not the rearview mirror. On this Monday edition of Destin for victory hello and welcome to another great day of teaching with Pastor Paul Shepherd wherever you are and how he may be listening on radio online or through the free testing for victory mobile app. Thanks for making this part of your day. Sometimes we make a mess of things. We walk by sight and not by faith.

God is merciful and patient, and if you let him he could turn your mess into a message. Stay with us now or listen to any recent message online on-demand Pastor Paulů That's Pastor Paul. Now with this message when you need a favor from God's Pastor Paul. Genesis 21 verse 17 and God heard the voice of the lad. Then the angel of God called to Hagar out of heaven said to her, what ails you, Hagar, fear not, will cause a reading right there from now.

Now we spent the previous message talking about how important it is for us to note that the Bible says repeatedly to God's people, fear not.

Sometimes it's do not fear.

There are various ways that it spoken, but we are challenged throughout the pages of Scripture to live free from fear and my contention is that this isn't just a nice suggestion from the Lord, but it is really what he is calling us to do to live free from fear and so were going to spend some time looking at some of the key passages throughout the Bible where we are called to not walk in fear and having discussed fear in the opening message of the series. The first thing I pointed out was that before you get to the phrase, fear not, you already see fear popping up in the book of Genesis, Abram got afraid of something, and it was purely a selfish thing he got afraid that as he and his wife Soraya were moving away from their homeland to the place the Lord said he would show them as they came toward Egypt, he realized all my Lord, I am going to run into a problem because I got this fine wife and she was in her 60s. She was 65 at the time, but the Bible says she was so beautiful that Abrams all man they don't kill me and take my wife and he became afraid and I spent last message telling you we got a learn that if God tells you that he's going to do something in your life. You don't have to worry about trying to make it happen. Because if God said as he said to Abram, I am going to bless you to become a father. In fact, you're going to be called the father of many nations. If that's God's word to him. Guess what that means he's going to have to have a child every don't have to have a child.

Guess what, glad to be alive to make the job. Yet, when fear gripped him he did not think about how the promise would be fulfilled. He simply knew.

My wife is fine and I need to jump in here and try to keep this from happening so wanted to do is fear made himself a baby will tell a lie when we get to town.

Let him know you're my sister and that way they're not concerned about what he did know was he put her in serious jeopardy didn't intend to do that, but how many know fear will make you make some dumb decisions. And here's this man called by God but his fear hasn't been done and it took God to bail him out letting God do. He brought plans on them any time day heathens of the one saying God is trying to tell somebody some that's what happened Pharaoh and those folks say wait a minute, called a woman said what have you done this in your sister or else this would be happening to us, Abram yeah and they told them get out of here because we need these play and is not going happen as long as you people around. Fear can make you make silly decisions and we want to avoid fear at all costs. Now I want to move into the passage that gives us the first mentioned in Scripture of the words. Fear not, and let's begin looking at Genesis 21 verse eight so Isaac grew and was weaned and Abraham made a great feast on the same day that Isaac was weaned. Sarah Saul, the son of Hagar, the Egyptian home. She had borne to Abraham's golfing or mocking would be the better Hebrew translation there. Therefore, she said to Abraham, cast out this bondwoman and her son for the sum of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, namely with Isaac, and the matter was very displeasing, distressing, would be the better translation of that Hebrew word and Abraham site because of his son look in verse 12, but God said to Abraham, do not let it be displeasing, distressing in your site because of the lad all because of your bondwoman.

Whatever Sarah has said to you. Listen to her voice all the married ladies had that underlined in their listen to what she's telling you for in Isaac your seed shall be called. Look at verse 13. This is very important in the crux of what I want to talk to you about in this installment in the series. Look at verse 13 yet. I will also make a nation of the son of the bondwoman because he is your seed, let's pause right there for moment I need to understand what just happened so you know Sarah Saul that Boyd mocking her baby now you got it, realized it was a 13 year of silence between Ishmael's birth and Isaac's birth and those 13 years were here is pretty much of silence. Sometimes when you don't get it right the first time God is not in a hurry to give you the makeup exam.

Sometimes you just have to be patient. Learn your lessons as you keep on living and be ready, because the makeup exam is coming in every area of your life when God has a plan for your life.

He is going to sometimes are tested and if you fail the test. All well. God is not changing this plan and so 13 years later they got it right.

And here's the son of promise, Isaac. Now we're at the weaning point in his life typically and that culture was about two years old when the child was weaned from his mother's breasts and so were talking about a two euro Isaac and a 15-year-old Ishmael. Now you remember how you were at 15 and he's over there mocking because attention is not on him. Yet this baby. This two-year-old was getting all this special attention and you know so he did he file whatever little teenage friends and they all messing around in and mocking the Boolean and and all of that, Sarah.

Now you got to remember Sarah at this point is old woman. She is in her early 90s you're talking about a mother or a grandmother and great-grandmother all wrapped up in one, you gotta think the stories you read this passage know those first two years of that baby's life. Good to see the baby let alone hold him Eunice. It was freaking out every little thing you can bring germs around him.

If you call Jeff's accident there. You know how this was so she's super protective and now he's lived two years and he's been on her breast. These two years. You can imagine what this is like this woman is super protective of this child not only physically but in every way. And here he has added two years old, he's alert and able to recognize being mocked or whatever is going on and he would've reacted to it. But she looks over and sees Ishmael mocking her baby she wants to Abraham and she says he got to go. Come on his right there in your Bible. I just gave it the plain way you know this dressed up, cast out, not all he got a go Abraham said no. But does Hagar's child, and we brought them and I'm glad you brought her up.

She got the goal. When him both on the way to go but did not live in here any more. I'm given that Boyd these years in our home. He's been raised for 15 years with them and yet she said his desk at he got ago. His mama got a go to and Abraham said, oh Lord God said, listen to your wife because Annie tells him why he says because the son of promise is going to become what I said he was going to become. And so that was what this whole thing was about the first-place differences.

Had you gotten it right the first time that would be no Ishmael, somebody on the digestive think this through with me. You know Abraham repricing will see if she did have more faith you try to pass the book, listening to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard second half of today's message comes your way.

Next, so stay tuned. Remember, you can listen to Destin for victory wherever you go.

By downloading our free mobile app. The app allows you to select from any of Pastor Paul's recent messages water resources from our online store you can even take notes from the sermon right on your mobile device and the be waiting for you the next time you stop by search Destin for victory in the App Store and download our free mobile app today. You can also download or subscribe to the Destin for victory podcast at Apple podcast that I heart or wherever you enjoy your podcasts with all made mistakes in our past, but the great thing about God is he's not looking for someone to blame. He's looking for someone to redeem this pastor Paul with the rest of today's Destin for victory message when you need a favor from God. She did have more faith in passing the buck is done. I need you to know about some things in your life is no need to.

You going back home and for all the mistakes and who made him and who was responsible. One of the ways the enemy tries to mess all of us up to get us to push rewind when God is saying go forward, rewind, has never helped anybody in their life. What God is doing is always ahead of you remember behind you. You gotta notice your front windshield is a large window. The rearview mirror is a small hole window on purpose. There is no point in spending your time looking in the rearview mirror of your life yet is a whole bunch of junk back then a whole bunch of mistakes whole bunch of things you should never sled should I never did decisions that were not of God.

Even if you thought they were at the moment you.this is so wonderful you ever thought that was a blessing to turn out to be a great big old cars. All I'm glad I got some honest people up in here you thought sure at the time y'all were building this relationship you.this was the best thing all my, this is just answer the prayer answer to the devils. And now that you figured out it's a curse and is a problem you spending your time in the rearview mirror. You can't move forward accurately. If your gaze is in the rearview mirror and somebody driving a car and misprint in the whole time looking in the rearview mirror while they are accelerating moving forward. That's a disaster waiting to happen and it as it is in driving, so it is in your life. You cannot spend another day of your life thinking what it forgets or what if I got that's a word for you right now I could be done so we all got just what you needed to get your what if's, because they are not an issue anymore. You were trying to drop off a spouse who is been think what you have done right by you, but you just feel like you have outgrown them and you need somebody who really understands you and this person on the job when we on break when they talk to me they really get my spirit, and they really understood how I'm reading Mayo I know I'm reading mail and they understand me.

A neighbor is just about.

I'm never quite had an experience like this. They can finish my sentences because they know it's really how I feel. Yeah, I got a you write a meso that one who's been with you so far on this marital journey is the same one useful to take the rest of the journey. When they haven't given you biblical grounds for divorce and you need to quit making up on biblical grounds for divorce such as God wants me happy.

I've been in pastoral ministry since I was in my mid-20s.

He is a 60-year-old man telling you know that's not a biblical ground for the board has to make you happy like they used to make you so you won't drop them off. You'd be surprised.

Not talk about lucky people who don't know where I'm been insured for 1020 3040 here dropping off a spouse would not biblical grounds for divorce.

I never seen such throughout the country is everywhere.

It's epidemic. One of my preacher friend had a guest preacher for special meeting he was having and he brought his wife and what have you. He's heading back years later and he walked in my office with a new woman he said and said who Annie so that is my wife if you got biblical grounds is no condemnation. If you divorced and remarried and you now realize you shortly gotten a divorce. The blood covers that I'm trying to help somebody. Thank God for the blood that claims this stuff you can do even though you would want to. So it's time to let it go look at your neighbor and say let it go dead rearview mirror. Stop looking backwards now, you should never handyman Ishmael, but you gotten now what you do. He said God said listen to your wife's voice. Why, because in Isaac your seed shall be called yet.

Verse 13 I will make a nation of the son of the bondwoman because he is your seed, you know what that means. That means God said I'm so committed to you.

I'm not only going bless your miracle I'm going bless you despite your mistake that God not only will bless your miracle witness will bless your mistake, he will bless your mass after you repair and get in the right place and get your heart and your mind right God will bless what you so I came to tell somebody. God loves you so much. He still got you got you even though you know you been some stuff while he's got to even though you know you have been walking right in some area of your life.yeah when I sent my love on you. It's for ever. I came to tell somebody about that stuff in the rearview mirror. Now you got a look at a new promise.

The new promises of see, so we only think you suppose be blessed when you did everything right. I came to tell you got how many thought would qualify for those blessings all the folk who did everything right, we just think shepherd of my soul and one of the parts of it I will listen for your voice. How many times we would listen to anything but his voice will come I need I need some honest people.

I would listen everything but is that's why you drove off somewhere you had no business.

That's why the GPS being guided by the Holy Spirit, not because he didn't speak against big Mac on the map and you didn't show you but when you stop looking at the map and stop listening to that lady on the GPS. You can end up all the crazy places I never get when CBS's first came out in car navigation first came out in car one time I dropped my first nappy car. I'm so excited going somewhere had never been but I don't need all directions, because the car won't tell me how to get and I'm driving because I'm a musician. I specially love music was not in the car, I can crank it up.

She went with me that day so I headed out I was pastor was pumping, and it would mirror my God, to be just in case you wondered just in case you want is what we all think that though I know your man. I God I know you made man listen and amazing grace. Whatever it was I was enjoying it so much had it cranked up so loud and I'm enjoying the ride in this new car that I forgot to look at the map and I was drowning out the lady lady had told me what time being, but I did look at it.

God is freedom alike to your pain.

You want to live like stay in that book you want to live right.

Listen to the Holy Spirit when he's telling you every day and I ignored it all and it took I'd forget what it was at a certain point I said when I have heard that lady I have heard that lady in a while. That's what made me look down at the map and I looked at the map and it said recalculating you know that me that mean you are somewhere you have no business being in you didn't pay attention to the map and you are God knows where. But here's what I came to tell you.

God is not only the God of people do everything right. He's the God of hope who are so lost they don't even know where in the world supposed to be or how to get there when he's committed to you not just committed to you and your perfect action because you don't have much of that offer. Committed to you with all your junk all your stuff all your decision-making and you will find the word of God telling you here's what you need to do to get out of debt and my God that lady started talking again when I turn my music was talking turning down and she said at the light make a left voice. I know the Holy Spirit.

Thanks for being here for this Monday. Addition of Destin for victory in pastor Paul Shepard's message when you need a favor from God.

Listen to any of pastor Paul's recent messages on that's pastor or almost out of time. But before we go I want to thank you for all you're doing to help Pastor Paul share the love of Jesus through the Destin for victory broadcast your prayers and gifts and help turn this into a worldwide ministry with a growing audience in appreciation of your generous gift today.

Pastor Paul will send you his booklet trusting God and scary times when the Lord told Abraham to send Hagar and Ishmael away from the family home. What followed was a great deal of uncertainty and angst. God had promised Abraham that he make a nation out of his firstborn son but circumstantially it looked pretty bleak. You may have times in your life when fear instead of faith try to take the wheel in this helpful resource. Pastor Paul walks you through Genesis chapter 21 and shows you how to rely on the faithfulness of God in the darkest of moments. That's trusting God in scary times are gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 once again our address is Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Sometimes obedience should obedience will bring tears to your eyes into your heart. You have got on this.

Although you do it anyway. Do not yourself the pain when the team is going to lead you to the blessing that only obedience will produce in your life that's tomorrow in pastor Paul Sheppard.

Here's more of his message when you need a favor from God.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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