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When Fear Takes the Wheel (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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March 4, 2022 7:00 am

When Fear Takes the Wheel (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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March 4, 2022 7:00 am

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You know what happened. So I said well baby the Lord clearly has allowed me to have a child. What she should've said is he has allowed me to have a chow yet yet so we all got together yet in your vocabulary.

Just because God hasn't done that doesn't mean he's not gonna do it. They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall walk and not be wearing. They shall walk and not hello and welcome to this Wednesday.

Addition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard will fear and doubt don't want you to wait on a time schedule right now scheduled for having trouble waiting on the Lord today. Doubt and fear are competing with your faith. Pastor Paul has an encouraging work for you. If God has promised it. He will deliver you just may not get there overnight stay with us now or listen to the broadcast on demand investor that's Pastor Let's join Pastor Paul for today's Destin for victory message would fear takes that we thank God for his thank God for God's got a second chance you can make a second chance. Why you want he's got another chance and I don't think that after missing the key back Paul, come on, let's say that sales through a few times. Don't keep this writer got a reminder, don't push it now guaranteed to go. Keep on bailing you out I get back to Genesis 21, where the verse is that said fear not.

Now let's look at the context and leads even up to that now you know what happened after a while, Abram and his wife Sarai. This specific word. I will give you all a child and that child I'm go to begin the process by which I bring salvation to all of that so they can get the specific word that God is going to bless them with a child. But once again emotions. In this case, it wasn't fear, but a negative thought of doubt seed fear is one of them talk about the series but all kinds of negative things that can short-circuit what God is trying to lead you directly to and so one of them is when you get into doubt and unbelief.

It can be such a detrimental thing and you know what happened when they realize they gotta have this child.

Then they said well I will have a chow hall old and we supposed to have a chat and you know what happened.

So I said well baby the Lord clearly has allowed me to have a child. What she should've said is he hasn't allow me to have a chow yet yet so we all got together yet in your vocabulary.

Just because God hasn't done that doesn't mean he's not gonna do it.

In fact, if he said he was going to do it when you stop worrying about when this will happen and shall sell, say, because he promised he would and she should've said yet all she said was what you know God has blessed me to have a chow close up my womb so I tell you what.

Since we got had his baby then perhaps the way God is going to do this is he's going to give me a child through a woman that I give you as your second like this back in the early days of the Old Testament you know that polygamy was never God's will never ever in the history of mankind has never been God's will, but it was permitted in those days the hardness of people's hearts or whatever it was permitted brothers. It is no longer permitted his way in the New Testament now and so we don't need to quench representing home and then bought out his balls squint trip you know you got your hands full with wanting to hold somebody some brothers to be honest you got your you are mad to handle three full story, don't you, you doing well on what happens. I'm trying to show you the negative consequences of letting the wrong things into the driver seat so we already so clear almost got him in trouble. In Genesis 12 now.

Later on in the succeeding chapters. Once God says all right it's time for this child to come, they put the brain in the golf business and what blows my mind came up with the idea she will give you my handmaiden, Hagar. She's young and she's in childbearing years and I will give you her as a second wife. That way I can have a family through her, but that goes to show you if you let negative emotions drive that can take you some places where God had to be in heaven, you gotta be kidding. Some idea when you are not my baby. I will get this straight. I'm sure he regretted they didn't have recording things yet there was no way to record this on repeat back to you teacher in counseling sometime you repeat back what your spouse said to make sure the communication is right. I now let me repeat this back, you will see if I get this right you want me to have Hagar as a second wife and you want me to sleep with her for the purpose of having a child that that's the way God will give you a child through her sleeping with me. Is that what you see. So yes, all now she really wanted the will of God, and clearly she didn't want the will of God but because you want the will of God that mean you are crazy God. Every instinct was well as do most women would say what you what God will give us a child through me.

He has locked up my will, why couldn't have one in my 20s, my third, saying yes and God will be chow Hagar to sell five and if you think I will let you have so experiment faith right away… Is he doing this to me.

I believe in God then we going to bed right now we don't believe John run down the copyright and we don't get this done house elves don't know what to go this woman so wanted God's will that she said, and after he confirmed this is what you want. Then they went on and they came up with a baby she don't get presumptuouswhen God then wanted to happen. He just blocked it. Don't live like that.

God didn't want me to be with this person make him leave me alone on repeat fortunes I'm really fortunes when I said that I felt it.

Somebody was somebody right now I will know God. If you really don't want this. Don't put God in a position that's being presumptuous, he can break us up, got you break us up. It is not going anywhere. Well I will leave you let your do you and I will do me and will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. You can listen to this broadcast on Pastor we find a host of great resources in our online store. Dominoes may promise to be at your house in 30 minutes or less. But God is not delivering pizza is delivering a promise and the timing often depends on you. Stay tuned. After today's message from Pastor Paul joins me for studio California.

First, the rest of today's teaching when fear takes the we got to say no say goodbye sometime the most anointed word will speak goodbye set. Stop making God. He is not doing you do it the top of the mountain lot. If you want me to die when I jump off the trail that got you up there, so I'm going back down to the ground level.

They came up with a child got but is not the child of promise. It's a child created because of doubt and unbelief is the other thing you understand, get the Hagar eventually I'm trying to set the stage for you because we gotta learn how to live fearlessly and has now given them a promise.

They responded horribly came up with a child and you would think God would immediately speak up say what have you done with the matter what you read it when you get a chance you will see chapter after chapter between 12 when he first is called out down the 21 where we are now and you will find God said nothing for most of those chapters God can be more silent than anybody on sometimes he'll just watch you so here's this child now. Now he got two wives was useful to have one. I got two wives and he got this boy growing up in the house and this is his son. He's bonding with them is the only Chinese guy and he's bonding with them and all that and you know also been Hagar and Sarai got into that little thing because now Hagar has some up on the woman and she got this child and so she so bored just running everywhere look over it you'll know if you want to get under somebody's skin don't know exactly how to do it just like you don't know what I'm talking about same man can't do it like women can do it when you want to get when you get mad a man usually is done how you out of women want to die a slow day. They just pop in your right I want you to think about it while you die. You all know, one of Hagar was going home.

Did this arise at one. Sarai said she said she forgot who is the woman of the house just because he lived here told me she owns it.

Let me show how who's in charge. She went to her husband's and I'm putting this woman and she treated her so harshly.

She ran around, ran out just treated her harshly and Hagar had noted to leave home crying and God had to chase it down into and said that was the problem was he just treat me so horribly.

I yeah right. And the Lord told her go home submit yourself like you got some sense you started this now you got to go back and do right. God called her up and she went back home. So, I'm so sorry to Willow Street when writing.

Please let me back in the house and I do whatever else do came on back in and so so I feel like okay I let her back in she know now how deal with things but now the next crisis comes when God speaks up 13 years later, her son, Hagar son, Ishmael is now a teenager when Sarai God has now changed their names to Abraham and Sarah. She now has the baby of promise. See here's the thing if she had cooperated with God she could had the baby when she was in her 70s now here she is 90 still got that had a baby so you got time to make your life easier when got what to do now is getting pregnant. 90 was the baby but child promises either when you get to this text in Genesis 21 child of promise verse eight has grown to the place where he's being weaned in their day. That means he was probably right around two years old so Isaac is two years old he's being weaned from his mother's breast. Abraham made a great feast on the same day that Isaac was weaned. So they feast on all their love ones are coming over this the winning party and verse nine and Sarah Saul, the son of Hagar, the Egyptian, whom she had born to Abraham scoffing scoffing isn't the best translation of the Hebrew word there a better word would be mocking saw him mocking saw him making fun you know belittling that the little two-year-old boy because the fees is about the boy also made motherboard so he does little bratty teenager who wants to steal somebody attention so he about 15 years old and so he's over there mocking and acting with his low friends and I don't know how to use the between eight and he's mocking and Sarah looks up in the midst of all this and she sees that as he said all the commotion.

We all the Gestapo go to holy place only verse 10.

Therefore, she said to Abraham Tessier for minute. She said cast out this bondwoman and her son for the son of this bondwoman shall not be there with my son, namely Isaac, and the matter was very displeasing. That's another not graded translation of a word in the Hebrew the better word would be distressing. It was displeasing or distressing in Abraham's site is a member Abraham now has spent all of these 15 years with this boy that's his son he's glad to have a two-year-old but he's bonded with the 15-year-old but Sarah is like deficit you know what I went through before with her. This is not a conversation with the negotiation and maybe we ever had a conversation with not negotiating anything here. I'm telling you was got to go down now. You figure out how well you will respond to what's got to go down if you know what's best for you, then you will handle this right you will say okay baby and so she's telling him but he knows that's why he's distressed.

He knows he got to have a leg to stand on here and he's distressed and so belittling verse 12. I love this. The Lord said to Abraham, do not let it be distressing or displeasing in your site because of the land or because of your bondwoman. I'm sorry. How come she might bondwoman next verse is underlined and automated women's Bible is already whatever Sarah has said to you.

Listen to her voice. Look at your wife you already got that underlined listen to the voice of your wife for an Isaac your seed shall be called and look in verse 13. How awesome is our God yet. I will also make a nation of the son of the bondwoman because he is your see he's not the sum of promise, but because I know how much you make a nation out a him even though he's not the son of promise. God is better than you think he is God will do you think he'll do your favor… Do you a favor when you God is good. Thanks so much for being here today for Pastor Paul Shepard's message when fear takes the wheel well. One of the reasons Pastor Paul loves being in ministry is that he gets to do it with you are destined for victory. Friends and partners and today as we do every week you're in the broadcast like to invite you to partner with us by making a monthly pledge of $20 or more. Please consider joining Pastor Paul, ensuring the gospel of Christ all over the world and is our way of saying thanks for your partnership will send you a few welcome gifts including the latest edition of the let my people smile series exactly call the best of let my people smile and I've asked Pastor Paul to join me in the studio. Pastor, what are some of the reasons why we put the series together. I like making people laugh because I think you can laugh and learn at the same time so I prefer to do that. I don't think we should bore people with the Bible and I enjoy sharing my sense of humor.

It's a gift God gave me the preacher's kid. My dad was a crackup in the pool. And I tell you if anybody ever heard him and then they hear me they know where my sense of humor came from. It came from my dad but I'm glad to be able to use something that comes quite naturally and use it just as a tool to engage people so that I can tell them the truth. Some of my listeners and some of the members of my church say, you know, it's not unusual for you to have me laughing and crying all in the same setting and that's got a good because we need to be challenged but at the same time.

It's okay to laugh and I appreciate the Bible says laughter is like medicine and I think we could all use some good medicine every now and then I couldn't agree more.

Thanks Pastor Paul friends when you become destined for victory partner by pledging a monthly donation of $20 or more will send you that CD as a thank you gift along with a few special gifts. Call 855-339-5500 and become a destined for victory partner. That's 855-339-5500 or sign up if you prefer mail. Just let us know you wish to become our partner when you send your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 9453. If you are unable to become a partner. Today you can still have Pastor Paul's booklet trusting God and scary times for a one time donation that's trusting God and scary times requested today. When you give your donation to destined for victory. Somebody driving a car in this whole time looking in the rearview mirror while they are accelerating moving forward.

That's a disaster waiting to happen and it as it isn't driving so it is in your life. You cannot spend another day of your life thinking what it forgets or what is. That's next time. Would Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message when you need a favor from God.

But until then, remember he who began a good working you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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