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Dealing with Disillusionment

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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January 21, 2022 7:00 am

Dealing with Disillusionment

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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January 21, 2022 7:00 am

Lessons drawn from Job, Joseph, Mary, and Martha as they dealt with seasons of disillusionment; based on various Biblical passages.

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Sometimes on top of the world. Sometimes the world hunt for you if you're facing one of life's challenges today than stay with us now and destined for victory as pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message dealing with disillusionment. His message comes your way.

Next, but first he's been kind enough to join me from a studio in California pastor.

I know your heart is encouraged by so many of our friends were listening and let us know that destined for victory is having an impact on their lives. Tell everyone and remind me why are you so committed to using media such a big part of this ministry will way and I'll tell you I'm sold on the fact that if we're going to fulfill the great commission and of course that's our job as the body of Christ to go into the world to make disciples to baptize people and teach them to observe all things that Christ commanded to do that I am more convinced than ever. It demands that we take of strong fresh look at how to use technology in every other resource. To that end. In other words, we gotta realize we were boomers.

I'm a baby boomer born between 46 and 64 that our generation me to and I realize that we were the last generation in American history that was typically raised in church or in some religious training, and we've got three generations under us, and now there's an emerging fourth-generation there still being developed. There known as generation alpha my first grandchild is an alpha and so I realize that with these three. For generations we've gotta preach the gospel to. They are not inclined to come to church and hear the gospel if you will, but the vast majority of them are probably going to have to be reached where they are before we can get them into the life of a church so technology is very important to the end that we can reach them with the good news of Jesus Christ. It's what it's all about pastor reaching as many people as we can with the gospel media can often go or missionaries cannot into the homes of elderly shut-ins are those who have no way of getting to church.

It can also travel into remote areas of the world that often hostile to the Christian faith. Just one more reason why your gifts to destined for victory are so critical to the cause of Christ for your generous gift to destined for victory today would like to send you pastor Paul's DVD message influencers for Christ. Call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, the address destined for victory.

Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 are the afflictions all like to suggest the Lord will bring us out of them. But you're going to go through them before you get out of what we have to learn to do worship God while we're going through difficulties before God can lead you to something will very often have to lead you through something today on destined for victory pastor Paul Sheppard was to encourage you to learn to praise God in spite of your circumstances not because of them. Let's listen close emails. He shares today's destined for victory message dealing with disillusionment dealing with disillusionment now this whole business of hallelujah anyhow is my way of helping you understand that worship can always be glib and just an expression of happiness. Happiness is great when you're happy milk it for all it's worth.

But we all know there are times in our lives when the way things are going you're not happy, but you can still learn to worship God and spite of the lack of happiness. And that's my whole suggestion here. We have to learn to respond well, not only when life is great. We have to learn to respond well when life is challenging when life is difficult. The fact of the matter is what the Bible is very, very clear about the fact that just because you say mean you're in heaven. We gotta get that I still still wanted and the Christians who expect because they say everything is supposed to be wonderful. No, no, read your Bible carefully. Your Bible is full of people dealing with challenges in dealing with difficulties in dealing with all sorts of things on the afflictions. All the righteous. Yes, the Lord will bring us out them, but you're going to go through them before you get out of what we have to learn to do worship God while we're going through difficulties hears us saying I want you to write down.

I want you to notice.

You can be in the center of God's will and yet experience all sorts of trials and difficulties that you don't understand, keep that on the screen for 30 seconds about a running trend in you can be in the center of God's will and yet experience all of trials and difficulties that you don't under stand the matter is just because you say God's will goes well. Some gospel artist wrote the site's place in the whole world is in the will of God. But just because it say mean it's fun sometime in the center of God's will and I'm having a horrible time sometime in the son of God's will and going from one trial into another one is willing to sit as well and people's and the fact of the matter is saved, you can be in the center of God's will. And yet experience all sorts of trials and difficulties that you don't understand in both the Old Testament and the new you'll find this illusion.

Men and women who serve the Lord. They don't think this illusion only life but they go through seasons. They go through Valley seasons they go through difficult times and we have to learn that the proper response can be hallelujah. Why, because God is not just worthy of praise when we're feeling great. He's worthy of praise will be going through all kinds of stuff we talked about dealing with frustration. We look at Hannah.

We talked about dealing with labels we looked at Linebaugh, Timaeus, and people who will put them a label on you and make a difficult life even worse. I thought about all the folks who carried the wood. God delivers them. People still call about what they used to be. Rahab the harlot since they hardly we still talk about the Holland Linebaugh to make blind bonhomie maven was a leper. He got leprosy. So we just gotta learn to get delivered from these things and say hallelujah anyhow you when your frustration even when people put labels on you so I just want to walk you through very quickly.

The examples there are many in Scripture.

Three examples of this illusion people. Example number one is a guy named Job guy named Job. Now, this part of this message is for those of you who are saying, I did nothing to deserve this you are going through something, whatever that something is and what you're saying to yourself is God I'll get it I'm saying I love you and I'm doing your will and I deserve this matter as I came to tell you stuff go to deserve it. How wonderful would it be if all the right things you don't go through any trouble.

All the people going through trouble, who did some dull now you can have crossed 3.done everything right all week all month all year and you end up going to somewhere you say I did nothing to deserve this. This first point is for you. I want you to know the Bible says about Joe chapter 1 his book says he was blameless, he was right that Macy was morally sound and he God and he's evil all the things I said about him blameless right God shown the evil, and he had seven sons and three daughters dispossessed of the 7000 sheep, 3000 camels, 500 yoke of oxen, 500 female donkeys, a very large household that is service day, Joel would be a billionaire not a millionaire was was rich he was he coming his hands, hung out all the time they were trying to meet one of the houses billionaire by today standards dysfunctional. Emily verse one tells you for some peace in their homes on the appointed day, and this is the family and they will send invite their three sisters become family. The boys have a please call… To say I don't wish they would like. Emily well some of y'all are going through a season where you say I don't get it I will sleep with the way I'm living I'm doing the best I can do I can mention that I deserve this you live life based on what you deserve life deals you the handbills you and so you will have to play that hand and so his life is going well for him for his family.

In fact, he would sacrifice to the Lord on behalf of his kids. He served as a priest of his home in case they messed up.

I don't want God matter and he would offer sacrifice on behalf of his children. Functional family and you know what happened to Joe on the way through what happened to Joe the met with the sons of God in the heavenly and Satan was just, you know, hang out listening to what he can do to get into something and God actually enticing to consider my servant Joe is blessed is and saves all you will let me get doing and you know the story. Bottom line is God said fine. You want to go stuff and the resources that on his family, should you serve me just because everything will be right back with more of today's destined for Victor message from Pastor Paul Sheppard who senior pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California listen to the broadcast on that's Pastor will also find a host of great resources that are online now. Here's Pastor Paul with the rest of today's message dealing with disillusionment and so when you got involved you know what happened. Storms come all Joel's possessions are lost, broke from happy kids to know children can you imagine but look at verse 20 of Job 1 then Job arose for his role shaved his fell to the ground and did what and worshiped function of feelings. Gotta be a function of he said the law gave the Lord took away know that actually Satan took away one party to what happened in their but he knew God had much of life is God and the devil did God let them do it because he knows that if you were not sure you'll learn the worship not only when you're excited you'll learn the worship when you are going through hell with gasoline drawls on you that God has called his people to live in 1/2. What I'm going through, but I'm going bless God any some of us have to learn to bless God just recalls sometimes you bless God make the devil may he sit and wait to see you curse God and you got a blast God instead of cursing his name and say Lord I bless you any I worship you. Anyhow, I'm not worshiping you because of all the time.

Sometimes at the worship you in spite of what I'm dealing with brothers and sisters we have to learn the lesson of Joe and I need you to understand that those of you were saying I did nothing to deserve this quick thinking life has to do with what you deserve some of your gotta stop that. I didn't even deserve your single deserve a good man all praise the Lord. I would love to be a companion of a godly quality paid but don't get to you will be pleased that God had no way where you come from places where marriage is arranged see what your parents and your and your relatives can can hook you up with one time I was present seriously.

Let me know if you want a passable range of merit is we love you and all I think I will pick now listen life because honestly we all will be in worse shape than we are right now God to give you what you deserve it. One time I heard a minister say God what they were going through a tough time is a God my life and give me what I deserve. My life and do that please join your bass when you wanted to people to be safe God. The look on my life for me. According to my whole life.

No, no, no, thank you for your grace have have so so what you deserve. Thank God for the unmerited grace of God. So for those of you who said I did nothing to deserve this. I want to look at Job's example and realized. Gotta praise God.

Anyhow, it's not about what you're going through.

It's about the one you need to get you through. He alone can get you through. So you gotta worship him, don't get mad at God because you're going through. Don't gonna strike I'm not used to go to church but that my life took a turn for the worse last night by going to church is because you like to turn for the worse.

It strikes first one in his right in the building. I sit in my seat and wait because you need the Lord, the Lord, when you're going through that when you have a good time to time, but when your life breaks out in all kind of trouble.thank you supposed to get mad at God. That's the time that you gotta say Lord I need you now like never before. Let me take you to number two example number two God talk about a lot in the Bible. His name is Joseph now those of you who need to follow Joel's leader. People who say I did nothing to deserve this. Those of you who need to follow Joseph sleep are people who are wondering when will this nightmare end some of you are going through a nightmare season right now and that's what's on your heart. Okay, there are seasons of trouble this season this year. This is all here's been going through this trouble.

When will this long drawn out and wake up nightmare in some of you there right now.

When this is going okay so try supposed to have an expiration date on this child has no expiration insight for those of you were feeling that way on what you consider Joseph Joseph starts out a spoiled brat favored son of a prominent man named Jacob. He is spoiled their families pay doing well. Father bought a horse's sake: Bob's a coat of many colors and his father's quarrels and so much in love to mourn his other sons that the boy actually goes out and check on your brother see how they doing in the business on the supervisee, the youngest one site you will supervise an old occasional work, but God was setting something up his brothers had told him and said I'm going use the power and glory. I can tell you, sometimes what you're going through. Makes no sense to. But God knows exactly why he's sending you through the and so bottom line is you know the story read in Genesis 37 brother save masculine board that's killing and throwing in a dry well in a pit that he can get himself out of school leaving the dock and then they said no, let's not shed his blood, we just will get rid of. So ultimately one of the brothers pulls them out of the pit says no brothers were not going to leave him to die. We are going to sell merchants coming down the road. They pull out Joseph and drag him to the merchants and say you can have him for an amount of money and they make money selling the brother what they don't know is that they were foreshadowing something in redemptive history that Judas made money to sell Jesus but anyway they made money and I went back home thing. Okay, whatever. This will spoiled brat and always will be well. Merchants taken to Egypt where they sell them to an official under federal named conifer and he becomes a servant, a slave in Potiphar's house, but the Bible says about it, but the Lord was with Joseph. I can tell somebody feeling like a slave whose feeling you been thrown aside a forsaken out done along the betrayed Jones and you know all the details of what people did want to spend in your rehearsing what somebody did in the fact of the matter is, there will be such people throughout your journey on earth.

God what anybody happy which you never love this person. There are some full and if you have Mitchell as yet they come not put anything on your true your enemies a coming they lined up all stage you'll see a stage in your life.

But just as sure as you get to a Certain Pl., God will see you go out and they come out and read your life played a role medical golf and that's what happened with Joseph finds himself in Potiphar's house is a slave because the Lord is with them. He works his way up and he becomes the chief servant in that house.

So what started like a dark and difficult. I believe it's taking a know of a positive terminal where he now was in charge of many things in that home all is looking good on the path comes off side of the stage comes into the picture.

Yay though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Let the words of King David comfort you today God is with you and because he is you never have to be afraid. Thanks so much for being here for pastor Paul Shepard's message dealing with disillusionment if you'd like more information about Destin for victory in our special thank you gift for your generous donation visit Pastor that's Pastor, something you servant God, you will never completely understand favor trying to figure God can assail me now. Love you may make no sense to you at all. That's Monday would pastor Paul Sheppard continues this message dealing with disillusionment. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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