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Dealing with Labels (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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January 20, 2022 7:00 am

Dealing with Labels (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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January 20, 2022 7:00 am

Refusing to be limited by the negative labels imposed by others; based on Mark 10:46-52 and other Biblical passages.


Some of you all are voiceless. Some of you all are suffering in silence and that's no good if you're not going to help me charge your hurting somebody needs to know regarding so they can join you in prayer and walking in faith hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Destin for victory with Pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. You know, one of the signs of genuine strength is being humble enough to ask for help when you need today.

Pastor Paul wants to encourage you if you are suffering.

Speak with your hurting hardware as part of what the church is for to pray for you to encourage you to build you up when life tears and today's message is straight ahead stay with us now are stop by Pastor any time to hear today's message. Any recent Destin for Victor message on demand.

That's Pastor you can also subscribe to the podcast a Google podcast work wherever you enjoy your podcasts but let's join Pastor Paul. Now he shares today's Destin for Victor message dealing with labels is learned. Yes, it's true, I can say right now but my good and I just heard some good news, Jesus is on his way through town and I want to have an opportunity to encounter him if you saw label that somebody other then the Lord on you and you might want blind people. People born by. Okay fine, but the label done have to define you the label simply expresses some aspect of your life. Now do not accept a definition for your life that God didn't give you and your conditions are not your definition. So you gotta learn to maximize what you have bottom is maximized. First of all these hearings. Secondly, he maximized his voice. He maximized his voice.

Keep looking at verse 47 of March 10. Not only did he hear that Jesus was common but then it says he began to shout, he began to shout. He said I can you say, but I can show how and he began to shout. Why because I need to get Jesus attention and I'm going to holler. He shouted inside. Would someone please let Jesus know that I'm over here. No no no shout. This is my chance to encounter about shouted. So your data. Maximize your hearing and you gotta maximize your voice while you quiet about that. You need to be hollering about in your life what's going on in your life that needs some attention and you need to put your mouth on whether you need to speak hope over something hopeless or whether you need to call out something that's wrong that's happening around you. Whatever it is, what is happening that you need to put your mouth on to accomplish something better than what's happening right now. So he maximized his hearing he maximize his voice. Some of you all are voiceless. Some of you all are suffering in silence and that's no good. If you are not going to help me charge and your hurting somebody needs to know yardage so they can join you in prayer and walking in faith. I want to encourage you if you are one of the local members are one of the key members of destiny anywhere in the country anywhere in the world. We are a church that cares and we need to know what was going on. I got prayer warriors who can play you through something we can help you. Sometimes we can help you in some practical ways depending on what the situation is don't suffer in silence while being a member of a church. The complete waste of your when you sat down and wrote out okay.

I'm a member of destiny to fill out one of the forms back when we were here in the sanctuary right now you can do it online but it's a waste of time for you to say I'm a member of a church and I'm not going tell the people would stop drawing because I don't want to.

I really don't want to disturb him. The times you got a hollow meal. I lost my job. Pray for me. My house is on the foreclose of what may somebody messing with me for me spiritual warfare is affecting me.

My kids acted like the devil raise the gotta learn the holler. So somebody who knows how to get up and somebody who can encourage you and walk with you and hold you accountable so you will do some crazy reasons are why you want to join a church like destiny and so do not suffer in silence. Don't be a member under Pastor Paul's membership and we don't know when your hurting those.

It was also spiritual. The Lord audited you know God is not talking about that you talk about that because of the super spiritual stuff. I hear what you yes about Holy Ghost you on using a design earned it. Were they getting defined as learn what that me Trevor. That's what they going to seriously trip it so listen to learn to speak. He heard Jesus was nearby and he started hollering he began to shout body mass maximize his hearing he maximize his voice. Third thing he maximized his conviction. What did he shout's Jesus son of David, have seen on me Jesus so, have mercy on me.

You said with conviction because he had heard about Jesus, but just because you hear about somebody that mean that you're convicted that what you heard was right, I wrote about a lot of things and a lot of people and I don't believe there right I don't believe that legitimate, but he heard about Jesus and when he hollered. He told Jesus and believe you are exactly Buddhist said you would be when you showed up.

You are the son of David Bible tells you when you look at the genealogy of Jesus does go to the beginning of the New Testament.

Matthew's gospel chapter 1 gives you the genealogy of Jesus and it said even though I'm so best man said I won't tell Jesus that I believe you are the Scripture said you would be the son you're not just some religious man.

You're not just some group somebody was just trying to make a living pulling people that you are who you did not know. I believe that you are the son of God, the Savior of the world. I believe you're the one that came down from 40 in two generations to die for our sins. You're here on divine mission and I see that you are that some of David soul sends him talking to you and acknowledging that I have a strong conviction about who you are asking you to have mercy on me, but is expressing his conviction. What are your convictions. That's what I will ask you who labor and under label people trying to make you what you're not trying to speak into your life, what they want you to be people trying to define you with their mouths and so you gotta be very careful to they get to define you been day to own you, because their definition now watch you in to their perspective of who you are and I came to tell somebody's time to shake off the shackles of people trying to miss define you. You are not the one who owns me. God is the one who decides my beginning and my middle and my and that's not to. Don't let anybody you you are looking for love relationship and you meet somebody on eHarmony on or whatever you want out there in the social media world me to find you. You decide you are not going to in me. Yes, we go to dinner yes we go to Starbucks, yes we can have a picnic show you want me I am who God said I am I can be who God said I can be who you look cute.

If you lose weight by little define what happened to me when I get on the scale. I don't need to hear your opinion about go somewhere you need to figure out it is time for you to live by conviction. I am who God said I can do what God said I can do.

I'm going to be all that God has destined me to be in it while I'm doing that if you happen to come along and your life's journey lines up in your values lined up at your convictions line up, and you love Jesus, then maybe we can hang a little bit but nobody's live in the me to never letting these people just think like they are. They are God's gift to the world around them. You got rejected out of hand. You are who God said you are so body mass look at what he did now to maximize what he had. He couldn't change his site. The fact that he was cyclist when he he used what he had his his voice and his conviction. He knew Jesus was the one goal anybody back him down for that. I believe Jesus is the son of God these days. Those of us who are walking with the Lord. We gotta speak loudly and clearly. I believe in the son of God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I and he is who he said is I believe that the historical account verify that Jesus not only live but he was the son of God and just take your time and read from Christian apologetics and all your questions answered about who he is and and all of that so that you can operate in this world with conviction that a lot of nonsense around the trying. That was so silly and we are so idiotic because we believe in Jesus know that I believe in Jesus the son of God the world stay with us the second half of Pastor Paul Shepard's message is coming right up.

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Pastor or give us a call at 855-339-5500 again that number is 855-339-5500 by Timaeus was a blind man who refused to suffer in silence. He maximize his hearing he maximize his voice. He maximized his conviction returned to a story next and the rest of today's message dealing with labels once again his Pastor Paul Sheppard. I believe in God the father.

I believe that we are created universe. I do not believe that the universe just is.

I believe that in the beginning God created because for me to be in it as I have to believe in the beginning bang and I can account for where the stuff came from that banged, and to me that's not the ultimate in intelligence.

Don't try to back me down like you're smart and dumb, but I believe in God you believe in Bay mine has a personality mine as being this yours get bang you Michael back down off of that. So I want to love the Lord and serve the Lord and worship the Lord and do good in his name all the days of my life. So I'm going to live by that conviction.

And you not going back me down off of all right, let's look at more of this passage sold by Timaeus didn't have side, but he maximize first is hearing set in his voice and his conviction in the Portland he maximize his audacity.

His audacity. Look at verse 48 maybe rebuked him and told him to be quiet, but he shouted all the more so, have mercy on me, you see that audacity by any shouting and info come over you because I don't know important people around here. They don't put things in Jesus and you know he's very important you need wide that anything you Jesus is coming out the down need what only he can do if you want to quiet down because you gotten in the but I want to talk to that man who came to change everything around him, starting with the hearts of people and he said not going to take advantage of this opportunity and he was on Jesus and he said I KC but I can be audacious all the more you said so, have mercy on me to come over Dubuque and him trying to get him to be quiet remind me of those old church us is back in the day come over to the cave. We would give me once will be made to North the Cornish and hush but no fees and no think I have around that because I got that I got to get his attention and he shouted all the more. Let me ask you what you need to be audacious about what you being polite about that.

You need to be bold about you who have a label to shake off. You gotta be bold if you will shake off a label. You remember Gideon Didion was a coward.

He hide in a wine press hide from the enemy but the angel came and said I'm I'm going to change things starting with the late want to give you a new way to identify yourself. He said well get in your mighty man of valor, get a look.

Layla might imagine that nobody manages me. Since then, again, is wondrous. The angel said I will call you, not what you acted like I'm a call you what God made and you don't even know God major because I gotta put the label on your first and then I got to help you become what he destined you to be just what is what God is doing in your life. So we all laughed and very unlike what God has made you, but I will let you know God is not upset he just said okay I'm going to work to make you what I've already called you to be and saw Melissa my newest happy to be audacious, some you need to stop being timid. Some of you need to stop being fearful, some you need to get out there and do and say and be what's in your heart is a lot ahead of you. You gotta get out there and make it happen.

Audacious audacious decisions you got to decide I am going to put all I'm going to do what I've never done so I can get what I've never had it's time for you to stop this and that. I still wish somebody would live so resume I would help make sure was about as it was a handsome medic is over all credit and gold to something audacious to something that would make a difference to something that heaven will respond to Didion first will try to shake off his timidity and his coward ass.

He said well I if this is really the Lord calling me and he will have to prove it. You know he put out his little fleeces and God honored to fleeces that we in the New Testament narrative shall be put. Now fleeces trying to get God to do to convince you that you're called to do so know just about that by faith. But the Holy Spirit leads you and you do what's in your heart. Man and woman out of the good treasure in their heart brings good things. Get it out of you and get it out there and bring it forth all right.

The fifth thing so he decided what he maximize his hearing his voice. His conviction his audacity. Finally he maximize his faith. Look at verse 49 Jesus stopped and called him and when he called demand a single decent going to go about it. He threw off his coat. He jumped to his feet, went to Jesus to Jesus. What do you want me to do for you. I love that one would assume he knew know you be audacious enough to tell me I need some I do tell God what you what you believe in for. Tell God what you are asking for and he said what it what you want me to do for you and and without hesitation, Bart said Rabbi I want to see just bold. I want to see the request will get it. Granted, you ask God as every prayer exactly the way we want no but you want to ask exactly what you want and if he has another plan.

He'll reveal it to you but he said I want to see and look at the next word Jesus ago.

Your faith has healed you. Your faith that it since you been bold enough to use everything that was available to I want to let you know that you has gotten you to a better place in your life, and he received his sight. And Jesus along the road and to every indication is that there would be no reason for him to discontinue following him, and he continued to follow the master throughout the rest of Jesus journey to the cross of Calvary. I need to let you know that God has good things in store for you, but you will never experience them letting people put labels on you and letting the labels that you have just by virtue of the way you exist on this planet show God didn't give you label and even if your label is because of a physical infirmity that you were born with. For instance, blindness in his case, perhaps, but you need to know God's going to have the final word about everything in your life so don't you decide on your own.

I'm never going to be much I'm never going to do much on that. You see, you see the side of the tracks. I was born on the side of the tracks you were born to the other side where you know people in my neighborhood don't do much with the rest of the way out. Well my gender unity over the glass ceiling ceiling ceiling as I was eight. They don't like people like me Dillard who is what they like God before you, who can be against you. Yes, folk will be against you, but what Paul said when he said of God before he made you just got to do the comparison delegates to wait till God jumps on the side of the scale and it shifts all the way God before you, who can be against you I told you many times before when I grew up playing basketball in the playgrounds of Philly we go along the side of the gate side of the fence way for the people that are planned for one team to lose than you did to your team on the side and I often think of when I think of God before us, who can be against us about those days as a child, hoping to put together a good team could you when I got got to be the one that out there and you would be anybody else that challenges you got if you got a bunch of scrubs along the side when I go with weep when I can win one game with them to go pick temperature way for semi-good to come to your womanly And you put together a good team well what Paul said right now if you ask God's call. Granted gym bag comes along the side of the fence and I look at him sick. Can we want to get his usual monthly mark.

We got there will got the ball did not the way and manner of an NBA All-Star team is out there. When God so it's different than you need to live your life, you got a practice thing and say Lord I don't believe you that labels won't hinder me again in my you know everything we do here at Destin for victory is designed to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Every song, every sermon is sung or spoken with that in mind, you can take part of this mission with Pastor Paul and all of us at Destin for victory, but becoming a Destin for victory partner for as little as $20 a month in light of some severe challenges these past two years or so people are eager to hear about the hope we have in Christ, and many are getting that message to the Destin for victory broadcast. Please prayerfully consider joining Pastor Paul and his mission to share the light of the gospel to all people, even to those who have grown comfortable in the dark is our way of saying thanks for your partnership will send you if you think you gifts including one of Pastor Paul's most popular CDs. The best of let my people smile, call 855-339-5500 and find out more about how to become a Destin for victory partner make your pledge over the phone or mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. You can also become a partner for my website. Pastor if you can't become a partner, but would like to send a generous gift to the ministry today would love to share with you a gift of her own. Pastor Paul Sheppard's DVD message influencers for Christ. That's the DVD influencers for Christ our gift to you this month by request for your generous donation to Destin for victory are the afflictions of the righteous. Yes, the Lord will bring us out of them. But you're going to go through them before you get out of what we have to learn to do is to worship God, wow. We're going through difficulties. That's tomorrow and Pastor Paul Sheppard's message dealing with disillusionment.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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