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How Much Can One Meal Cost? (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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January 12, 2022 7:00 am

How Much Can One Meal Cost? (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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January 12, 2022 7:00 am

The importance of getting in touch with how you feel; avoiding costly quick fixes; based on Gen. 25:27-34.

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Identify what you need because you leads are not always your actual need to identify the felt need and then see if you can, with some real thoughtfulness go from here is what I feel like I need here is what I actually need the difference between felt needs and actual needs on today's Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard hello and thanks for stopping by.

So how are you feeling today jealous, angry, lonely problem with emotions is not that we have them, but that we sometimes make decisions based solely on the way were feeling today. Pastor Paul takes us to a familiar Old Testament story, one in which a man's feelings led him to purchase the most expensive bowl of soup in human history.

Stay with us here or visit Pastor to listen to Destin for victory on demand. You can also download this as a podcasting Google or wherever you enjoy your part is Pastor Paul. Today's Destin for victory message. How much can one meal because you learn identify what do you mean because you leads are not always your actual needs. So, identify the felt need and then see if you can, with some real thoughtfulness go from here is what I feel like I need here is what I actually need.

So how are you feeling right now is one question. The other question though is, what are you craving right now what you craving I'm talking to you Kristin holy godly love, Jesus got Bob a big enough to choke a meal. What are you craving are you craving food are you craving attention. Are you craving section. Are you craving sex are you craving a high I want to just escape how I'm feeling right now.

I would love some sort of high. Another different kinds of highs that are the highs that some people get through drugs.

There are the highs of some people get through alcohol on the highs that some people get through shopping. Oh, spending money, you have no business to because you want the whole of taken home something new brand spanking new don't mean it some cases you can afford a new shipment hoarded in some cases because you got other priorities you need to be paying more attention to what my question was what you craving and in order for you to live your best life. You gotta learn to get in touch with how you feel and what you're craving again let people be in your life who can help address these areas for you because just because you crave it doesn't mean you need it, doesn't mean it's going to bless you, help you now. Some things you can do in moderation. And it's okay as long as you have the capability of being moderate, but how many of you will agree with me. There have been times in your life when you knew you crave something not something simple, not something that would take you straight out of the will of God. I'm talking about craving something that in moderation would be fine would be the end of the world. Sometimes, for instance, you want to eat something that maybe her doctor said you need to stay away from that removed from your diet and you maybe you have removed it for the most part, when you bless a bit but have you had a day when you wanted something you knew your doctor said that's not a good idea for you because your blood pressure your Visio that you really need to avoid that. But you wanted you had that dessert or that when a fried food. Whatever it is for you. Different strokes for different folks. Have you had things speak to you like bowling and talk to you and just tell you, here let us hang out Meadows fellowship, will not be don't be honest you sitting there at your house. I can see you but I need you to be honest with yourself and sometimes you wanted know I shouldn't have it now been warned against it but wanted right now to get in touch with you craving and if it is something that in moderation is not going take you over the top, then perhaps that's a choice you will deliberately make okay I'm going to indulge and get this thing out of it against that craving to the point where drives you just about in same sometimes better off just eat the pizza cake or the pie or the five from whatever it is even be done. Could you sit there you wrestle in your rock.

Then you just carry on. So you gotta get in touch with your cravings is if the food didn't check it out. What can I have without taking myself all the way all my plan.

Whatever my craving attention craving attention. Now I gotta say when I get this attention at what price is this attention that my craving affection or what kind of hire my craving get in touch with that stuff. Sam trying to show you had a soul really examined how we felt and really examined what he was craving.

If you let someone speak to them from inside the house because he showed up in the first person he ran into was his tricky brother Jacob's very name tells you he was trickster deceiver some plantar con artists get over God Destin. We ran into when you have felt needs and when you have cravings that you want to talk what you want outside tricky house and talk to somebody else but your feeling sometimes make you rich wrong assumptions and your cravings reach for the wrong thing then that takes us to point number three which is this pay attention to who's cooking and to the price of the meal was cooking I become in your hot your sweaty you're tired you feel like my brothers cooking the meat is going to get some. It is still no ask yourself who is my brother.

Now, the more the twins he has known his brother all his life.

He's known his brother as much of the loan himself, born literally at the same time one just a few minutes before the other.

He knows Jacob Boardman tricky all his life.

When I came out the loan. The Bible says that Jacob was home alone. The Esau's heel when they came out he lie, we get you together exactly who Jacob is Saints of God. Let me tell you something. When people have shown you are why don't you believe that's what I are what they say and pay attention to what they do okey-doke, you know, our by what they do. So when people show you believe in you, not a popular saying I think my Angela was the one who made it popular at first but lot of us know it when people show you who they almost the rest of it. Believe the first time believing the first time don't make it again and so you just got to get in touch and in this case Esau should've paid attention to who was cooking w00t S2 smells good, but look at the cook Mr. tricky himself and in the moment. He's find out because when he says to whatever extent please show just sign over your birthright.

Now you and I don't come from that culture. So let me help you understand. He said I'll give you some stew. But you as the firstborn because Esau came out before Jacob came out there born the same day, but Esau was the first down through the birth canal out into the world. Minutes later, his brother comes so technically Esau is the firstborn and against the inheritance and the responsibility the blessing and the responsibility of the firstborn. What is that in this culture of the firstborn male is the one who got twice the inheritance of any other sibling and they had the responsibility of carrying the family name visit had to be a male in the family enterprise into the next generation just that culture so Esau came out first. He now is entitled to twice as much of an inheritance of any other siblings. So in a family where there are only two.

Then the father would divide his his wealth as he prepared to depart this world he would divide his wealth by three and give the firstborn son two thirds and give the second born son one third you get it.

So if you got four kids in this society, then you divide your inheritance by five and the firstborn son gets to fifth and then the other kids. You see what I'm saying.

So that's what he's asking for you read me out but I want what you're entitled, that's the price of coming up next. The rest of today's message.

How much can one meal cost with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont California.

If you've never stopped by our website pastor I invite you to do so when you have some time. You find all of Pastor Paul's recent messages on demand clusters a host of great resources that are online store which includes books and DVD messages from Pastor Paul. Learn more about the ministry but all the great things friends like you are doing through your prayers and financial support. Go to pastor and be sure to watch selected video clips by subscribing to pastor Paul on YouTube to find more details and links to all the social media visit pastor may seem silly that Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of soup, but what about you, but all of us often if we pay far too much and gotten far too little in return. Pastor Paul explores the question next to the rest of today's message. How much can one meal costs continue I ever have some wonderful stones and soups and shouters in my life, clam chowder, sore.

I love great clam chowder I traveled some of the best places it up in New England when I priest up in the Boston area and Rhode Island all that they take me to the best seafood place that had the best chowder I've enjoyed cattle all over the country where people really know what they're doing when it lesson I have never had a chowder or stew or soup or bisque or anything else that was worth all inheritance of the first, are you missing.

All you that was great.

You can sop it up when the bread till all of this all out the bowl, sop it up every day is that the dry would you get because you just every morsel of gas. What in a matter of hours you will be hungry so if you gave up lifetime a blessing for a moment to rail you made a really poor decision numbers is just as you know, this message is not about student is about you. What have you been willing to sacrifice that you can't get back because in a moment you didn't get in touch with how you felt you didn't get in touch with your cravings and you didn't make the right decisions based on the truth of the situation. Some of y'all have sold out for student has a first and last name you know what I just sent you sort out for us to do stew a woman stew under the table money stew poor choices of various types and you sold out and some Jacob in your life helped you doing cost. Have you ever had somebody help you think that a good decision that a poor decision is actually a good one.

If you got people I got in your ear you need to get rid also get them out your inner circle.

You need people who will tell you – just to leave it there.

Do not pick up that bowl.

Go in the house get mama to make you some or just landed this tree, get to some water, rest together the new goal cook whatever you want for yourself.

You may people speak truth to you somebody who can help you in the past what the person looks like and help you get old. What's the cost.

You don't just look at who's cooking you also look at the cost it's not worth it.

Somebody doesn't is missing right now and you said my goodness, I believe this man is preaching this right now in my life.

Given what I'm get rated to get what I'm thinking, get set, not right now in my mind. I should never have listened this message. First truth is, you should listen to his message for God major business message first be mad at me all you want but have been used of God to try to keep you out. That still get because if you wait that's too is gonna cost you pay. It's going to pledge you longer than you want to have to deal with sometimes stew will cost you 18 years of child support 18 years of raising a child. Oh yes, the Charles, beautiful, wonderful, praise God, you know, there are no illegitimate children. Back when I was growing up people: illegitimate. There are no illegitimate children. What was illegitimate was on the adult side of things, let's just be honest and children are wonderful. They can be beautiful and Sebastian supplied to the ones I noticed that the children born out of wedlock are some of the most beautiful children that were I said well I never really noticed it, but I'm sure they are some doing that the child is blessed children who were bought out when I do, dedication always appears ready commit themselves to raise them in the clear intent of the Lord.

We blossom back in 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