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Live Free! Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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December 13, 2021 7:00 am

Live Free! Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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December 13, 2021 7:00 am

Our spiritual right to walk in freedom from every bondage that would prevent us from doing God's will; based on Isaiah 61:1 and other passages.

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Bondage into your Christian experience when you say you already have somebody do in your life and if you don't let me make sure you understand every bondage falls away from the light. How can you go from bondage to blessing find out next on this Monday edition of Destin for victory hello and thanks for stopping by for today's message with pastor Paul Sheppard even after your saved you still need to go through the process of sanctification and you'll have some tough times along the way struggles with sin battles with bondage. Today pastor Paul explains how you can break free from your bondage and how you can help others break free from their they were here to visit Pastor to listen anytime on demand. That's Pastor you can also subscribe to the podcast of Apple podcast. It's bona fide, or wherever you enjoy yours now is Pastor Paulo, today's Destin for victory message live free or live the power to pull all you really are. Let me help you understand it this way police officer will patrol their police force doesn't just send them out and tell him stop people when they're breaking the law and just tell him and say when you see people now.

You really shouldn't do that. Why that would be totally unaffected. So what they do. They send them out with two things and he sent them out with power juicier and they said about would numerous legal right is represented by the badge when you are a police officer.

The badge means not coming to you on the basis of who I am personally coming to you on the basis of who I represent the bad says don't mess with me because the mess with me is the mess with the entire force that I represent.

So when someone stops you and shows you there badge and it is a proper bed representing their authority from an agency you think twice before you get back with them because it's not about them it's about who they represent.

When I go out in the world badge is in Christ Jesus to get to me. The police officer is not only would exude the limits they got a whole host of me making future in the Christian Future. In Jesus name Bible school.

Back when I was young, and one professor was talking to walk in self-defense against self-defense.

Don't misunderstand, when Jesus talked about if they snapped on one side of your face turn your cheek, he said, don't misunderstand that that doesn't mean you can't bend yourself against genuine attempts to harm you just means that passage means people trying to humiliate you as the Roman oppressors were in Jesus day and he said Sean your bigger than that by letting them slap the other side. He said that's not attempt to harm the humiliation and so you can show on that. Your bigger descent, but not all. If you sell your say we were aspiring ministers and I class you need to know. You have every right legally sell. So he said you know where you live, you know that the cop always respond get one will aspiring preachers we had never heard a guy say that in church that you could shoot one student raised his hand, but job is to lead people to Christ. You don't get it done if somebody is in the professor said when you what is my note just send them out with my wood done on their day, you can beat him in Jesus name. You can start a Morte zoom in Jesus name you give in Jesus name. Wow because of work necessary to execute your authority.

Now let's bring it down to your life and mine.

There are areas where all of us can get in the bondage you brought bondage into your Christian experience when you got saved you already have somebody doing your life and if you don't know what let me make sure you understand, just because you get saved doesn't mean every bondage automatically falls away from the life that's just not reality you get saved as an alcoholic. You are truly saying but even still, have you. You have every right to say and believe God through the hall, control the rest of my life and so you say Jesus came and so not only do I want to give you want to give you also want to give you freedom and so you stand and you believe in God.

Whatever process that's going to take you through believe God is using your power to break. So that you won't be alcohol the rest of your days to about it right and we were saved to stop beating people up because they have bonded the Church of God to become a safe place for people to find acceptance and love in the process of getting free from bondage so sick of Christians who have nothing but condemnation and people you know you need to give up all that easy.

Now you know next subway holiness. Sucking on a cancer stick well okay already know the message that is not good for them. What you mean them. Nobody gets condemned in the transformation.

You can't people long enough until well you know what they made me feel horrible. So they going to get free. No, you people from the help they need is what you show is that you're condemning to the environment in which I can find freedom for my many condemning churches.

We wonder why people coming to Christ, you mean holy people with you on your faith people in the chain, the more we need to be.

Sometimes we picked peas and those of the sins we preach against and talk about all the time while we ignore other sins drinking and smoking and being bound by those kinds of habits. Meanwhile, get some of the sins in their own life.

Christians behind people's back. The thing that will save Bible sin verbal sin request. Sometimes we need to pray for Judy as you know, was he doing the life, let's talk about the boat you should know was going on, listening to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California, second half of today's message comes your way. Next, so stay tuned to listen anytime.

Be sure to download a free mobile app. The app allows you to select from any of pastor Paul's recent messages you can order some great resources from our online store and you can even take notes for the daily messages right on your mobile device and the be waiting for you the next time you stop by search for Destin for victory in your App Store and download it today. Romans eight verse one tells us that for those who are in Christ there is no condemnation, but there is conviction. This pastor Paul with the rest of today's Destin for victory message live free to send it now like Dragon all know if something means you can get free even when it is you will and guess what all is in the only bondage when it comes to drinking bound by Starbucks is a bondage drink 2 cups or 1 g days download terms I don't drink coffee that is not a religious thing, all I drink coffee for years. What a certain time of restaurant drinking coffee years ago years and enjoyed it.

I was sitting down drinking it sick and so I just awoke the next time I went somewhere else and I order coffee and drink it sick and see what my body is trying to tell me that for whatever reason I can't drink this coffee and you know what I learn to listen to my body. When your body is talking to you drinking I would do it I just had to stop at a certain point, but my point alcoholic.

Why don't you get down on yourself. Drink 2 cups of coffee with you is wrong which you and you need to say Lord deliver me that I got a drink 2 cups before I can be sweet to believe that the devil you know what is never right. God there is no conviction is different from condemnation conviction says God has a better plan for you is not going to let you stay happy you got to do what it takes to get free cell free only Christian bondage.

Some Christians can walk past the refrigerator when I see because sometimes we go through those little seasons too much and it's not season and you're frustrated and sometimes you emotionally honest people of the most connected what you see some seasonal whatever to me are you so we all know what the people hungry and so is the size you're already in your power to condemn other people to set yourself free help other people find freedom from somebody else in their and you can get free because I there sometimes our habits say things like, nor drinking or cigarettes is that sometimes you have an anger issue that is out of bounds, but you will see if you can tell I'm talking about somebody has an anger issue and anger goes way out of bounds by itself as the Bible says be great but don't send, don't let the sun go down while you keep the issue you an address and probably that's what the Bible says of your brother sins against you rebuke, you have the right to tell folks that what you did was up and said what you said. I don't appreciate being treated like that, you have every right to say that God smile all the time to be saved.

Somebody space that will not take that off hellfire mother you just read.

Don't go perpetrating a fraud about you know when I go out of bounds when your family sees your angry at a certain level they all backup know you can't be trusted. Kind of bondage. You need to be free from your cell blanked out control. If you know what you something you need to get in Jesus name I want to be free to so you want to be free to be a way you anger is appropriate and I don't have to worry about anything anybody else have the worry, we don't know the real Christian holy is the you will know you can find you don't find this… Bring to me whether not you walking in the spirit all the time people soon as you do so spiritual that you say what you drive on the freeway freeway. You job it we saw you at your house. You don't write their summary all darkness as we just seen you in the class and environment play with you until knocking you know you all you can imagine them in a certain environment.

Fact of the matter is we check ourselves with you so you away. Some people showed just get to your room.

If you have a spouse or somebody in your family who hates silence. Some people will punish you with silence when I'm mad at you begin right past him in the hallway coming from the bathroom you going to the bathroom in the morning is a good morning what they're punishing you to.

If your spouse is nudging you – you didn't call you punish people that way if somebody you tell them what you walking around some chili breathing.

We need to learn to get ourselves on the control of the Holy Spirit in every area of our lives. God will give us not only like he will give us freedom. We already have. Now we need to learn to walk in this newly let me encourage you today.

Take a personal inventory and see if you're living in bondage bad habit. Wrong attitude, a wound from your past that you can let go identify them, confess them and then allow God to help you overcome them by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thanks for being here for this Monday edition of Destin for victory in pastor Paul Shepard's message live free listen to any of his recent messages on that's pastor were almost out of time.

But before we go I want to thank you for all you're doing to help pastor Paul share the love of Jesus through the Destin for victory broadcast your prayers and gifts that help turn this into a growing ministry with a growing audience, but we don't want to stop there. Taking a cue from Philippians chapter 3 verse 13 we want to press on towards our high calling in Christ we love to have you join us by keeping us in your prayers and by offering some financial support in appreciation of your generous gift of $25 or more today. Pastor Paul will send you his brand-new book lessons from the vineyard you know God has asked all of us as believers to go and bear fruit, but because we each have different gifts. We will be there calling in different ways in lessons from the vineyard pastor Paul shows you how to lead people to faith in Christ and to help them grow and that faith that's Pastor Paul Shepard's brand-new book lessons from the vineyard.

Our gift to you today by request for your generous donation of $25 or more to Destin for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift.

Of course, to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, our address is Destin for victory.

Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 Delaware Valley is bondage where you do things that are against your will.

You wish for me to not always practice a certain thing or not.

Always have something that is a big to be in your life got good news. Jesus came to make sure nothing could be an addiction in your life except glorifying and praising his name that's tomorrow in pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message live free until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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