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Keys to Receiving More from God

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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November 30, 2021 7:00 am

Keys to Receiving More from God

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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November 30, 2021 7:00 am

Questions that help us discover how God wants to use us; experiencing guidance, favor, fruitfulness, and protection from the Lord. (Included in the 5-part series "The Jabez Journey".)

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Write a prayer of Jabez and I encourage you to do it say Lord what I want to do is just make me healthy, wealthy, sexy and wise.

Amen. What about stuff that I want to be honorable hello and welcome to this Tuesday edition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, Senior Pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California, wherever you are and how are you may be listening for making this part of your day for first Chronicles chapter 4 we meet a man who made the decision to break free from his past and move forward into the abundant joyful Christian life. God wanted to give him his name was Jabez's story and his prayer come your way.

Next stay with us now or stop by Pastor to listen on to me, that's Pastor Paul… Here is Pastor Paul.

Today's Destin for victory message keys to receiving more from God. I pray the prayer of Jabez and say Lord enlarge my territory. Please understand that it means you're saying God I want to make a difference for you.

Now we gotta talk then about kingdom first living. I have used that phrase for decades in my preaching kingdom first Christians, we need to be kingdom first Christian you know I say that because a lot of people in this world who call themselves Christian. It is the largest religion.

If you want to look at just that permits the largest religion on earth Christianity but you, brothers and sisters that there's a good number of those old I'm not going to venture a guess that a percentage but there is a troubling number of people who call themselves Christian, who are anything but kingdom first followers of Jesus. What I mean when I say kingdom.

First, I'm referring to what Jesus said in Matthew chapter 6 verse 33, when he said, but see ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and you leave will be added to you, seek ye first. Jesus said looking for folk who are going to put the kingdom of God ahead of everything else realize that they are born to serve the Lord and not born to goals and to make themselves happy to God.

God will bless you with happiness and thrilling opportunities along the way.

The reason of your be on this to make a difference for the kingdom of God from us who are kingdom first Christians.

In fact, treat God like Santa Claus's job is to give me what I want. Treat him like a bill.

I do spread the bill.

Give me a card and give me some money not what prayer is about the kingdom is about making a difference for God glorifying him and being a blessing to others in his name and so if you're going to pray the prayer of Jabez and I encourage you to do it to an understanding that Jabez will say Lord what I want to do is just make me healthy, wealthy, sexy and wise. Amen. What about stuff he said I want to be honorable. I will be no want to make a difference for eternity. I want to leave people better find them I will make a difference for your namesake so we gotta get back brothers and sisters in the 21st century church. We've got to get back the kingdom first priority enough for this is about me know. It's not about you it's about the kingdom what you want is what God's and Jesus promised if you seek first the kingdom. There is a whole lot you will have access to. That's what this prayer points to say Lord I live my territory give me more responsibility give me more to do in your name.

Give me the opportunity to make a difference to being noble and blessed me with the process that will lead to that in so we gotta make up in our minds were gonna be kingdom first Christians we are to make up in our minds that God's work. Some things into us and we gotta work them out of us. I'm referring when I say that the Philippians chapter 2 your member chapter 2 Paul said in verse 12. So then I want you to work out your salvation and fear and trembling.

Then he said in verse 13 for it is God who is at work in you both to will and the do of his good pleasure was that me upset over the years. That means that God has worked some things into you. It's your job now to work a lot of you for his glory kingdom first living. Let's talk a bit about what God is worked into you. Years ago I created what I call the ABCs of discovering God's will just use the first seven letters in the alphabet to give you seven principles. Let's revisit those principles and plug them in to this prayer of Jabez.

The a stands for ask ask what are you asking God for that fits the kingdom first agenda what you asking God for that will glorify him and bless other people in his name, what are you asking God for that's what you have the right to pray for. If you're going to truly fulfill what God's will is for your life. The be stands for the word burden burden. The question is what burdens has God placed on your heart that you need to seek to live out for his glory for the sake of the kingdom of God. What burdens you know what burden is it means something troubles you so deeply that it's often on your mind. People see trouble in the world and they say all want us to shame and the removal when God gives you a burden you have to do something about what you see, that's the difference. Everybody cares when you see trouble you see so much see an accident see some. Oh what a shame you know maybe should've a quick prayer or or extend a verbal wish and you move on but burden is something that you can hardly get away from it never gets far from you. It's always there.

Some of the best organizations of the best charities in the world war started with somebody having a bird about some population that was underserved and somebody said to do something see a lot of folk typically say somebody needs to do something about people in a burden.Somebody they say what can I do. People who have burdens of people like Nehemiah he saw all the exiles returning from captivity to a city that had a torn broken wall earned wall. The people safe and Nehemiah couldn't just say oh what a shame burden. It had to do something about control. See what has been conferred upon you that you need to do in Jesus name.

Sometimes God confers his will upon you people speak his will into your life.

Sometimes people see God moving in your life before you see it they see God's hand on you and I don't talk about his hand in a moment before you see, Timothy had Paul and other presbyters laid hands upon him. Paul talks about it. In both letters to Timothy.

He says the gift that was laid on you how the laying on of our hand. We put some things in you. We spoke God over you.

Some leaders looked at Timothy's life was a young man is Saul beyond his shy demeanor. They said God is going to use you as a leader and you got a star up your gift and young Scheid Timothy, who had to be told. God didn't give you a spirit of timidity you gave your spirit of love and power and about sound mind that timid young man ended up being the bishop of the church at Ephesus. Why because it was conferred upon him. The elders saw God's hand on him and said, no matter what your temperament is you don't look like you're likely to be a leader but God's hand is on you to be a leader. I often say when praying. People talk to you listen to.

Sometimes they been talking to God and God been talking back to them will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard to listen to any of Pastor Paul's recent broadcast. Be sure to stop by Pastor to listen on demand. That's Pastor and stay with us after today's message Pastor Paul joins me to talk about his new booklet yours this month for a generous gift to destined for victory. First, let's find out how to discover God's will for our lives.

In the second half of Pastor Paul's message keys to receiving more God look at what's been conferred upon you. What has been bestowed on you that you need to execute work out in the name of the Lord. That's the sea, what they stand for. Ask must be burden what see conferral devious dreams. Here's the question what dreams has God given you a God given dream is different from a personal fantasy personal fantasies of fine but don't expect to become the past necessarily gives you your fantasies if you can make it happen glorify God cool go for. I'm not going about your fantasies onto God's dream for your life.

The bottles in the last days. He reported spirit upon all flesh and it says young men were dream dreams old men would see visions. God gives you dreams and visions that come from heaven. They don't come from you.

You can work them up your income because you saw some movie or read some story and you you so I want that to happen. Everybody wants a fantasy. But Estes usually does need to wake up you'll come on get real welcome to earth and earth would welcome the earth. God is not in the business of fulfilling your fantasies. You are no plans, no life, no dreams, no goals and you want to meet the most fascinating person on earth and spend the rest your life with him over. They want to do what you say your fantasies a nice little respite lies. No change of pace every night everything come on back to reality as they do in my life here and now that I can make happen by my proactivity. I'm not waiting or dependent on somebody else to make it happen. What dreams has God put in your heart that will bring him glory, and bless others. E stands for exposure exposure.

Here's the question what has God exposed you to for his own purposes.

I declare to you that you've been living divine appointments all along the way.

The reason why you're listening to me right now is because God ordained it so God put you in touch with this ministry so that it could touch and change and transform your life.

I'm hearing from people all over the country.

I'm getting letters from people in prison regularly saying I'm in prison I'm locked up. But God is using you to change my life this so when I get here I'm going to live a life that glorifies him. God · orchestrated is not haphazard get haphazard your brain. You are a child of God and you are called according to purpose the people you meet, you were supposed to meet places you go when you knew somebody was supposed to watch because you're God's agent. There when you belong to God, he says, you're my property.

I want to use you for my glory, and he sets you up with divine appointments. The other day I was flying home and lady sat in the seat next to me. I don't know what the nationality but she was on her cell phone before they close the door and you had to turn your cell phone on 2000 and another language very quietly and she was just very sort of sober and what have you but always make a point when I'm get on a plane or whatever to speak. The folk make it a point to speak to people.

Don't ignore what the world is it's easy. People just ignore each other three hours which you right here and I'll say hello makes no sense.

So I just got a bonus, and I said hello.

She said hi and also we made that connection. I know how much more talking we could do was go to got that one done and then we took off my pad started looking at my message, or something like that and she saw something I guess I caught her attention and she said what you do.

I said I'm a pastor. She says that what had you in San Antonio which was flying from a said yes actually I just spoke there was there and in the convention and I said what about yourself, what, what, where you going.

She said I'm headed to name some country. She said my brother was killed yesterday.

Instantly, I knew that was a divine appointment, then just assigned her that seat God assigned her. Nancy so I could pray for her and encourage her and help her through that crisis exposure principle is powerful sometimes you catch some things some things are caught not taught. Some things are caught not taught you catch it by exposure by proximity. By allowing your heart to be there and engage their what's going on.

Sometimes there's a blessing in a certain atmosphere that is blessing associated with a certain ministry.

That's why you want to get into a church where God wants you where there is anointing where there is blessing from him because you don't catch the blasting associated with administering some things ahead of us and you got a beer can be exposed to it to catch it and God will exposure to certain things in certain people. Listen, you don't just show up somewhere you sharp as God's agent and you gotta be speak to people because God might need to talk to him. So quit looking at folk and then determine who they are, noting that me and open your mouth. Sometime the devil put the wrong thing in your mind until years ago.

Mr. Brady is now going to be with the Lord is a big job is really about 350 pounds guy so we always flew first class just for the size seat and he was in first class. Decades ago, and he said I was there big black preacher and he didn't have his clergy shirt on or anything though and they said the man got on tall white gentleman with big Texas hats you know what they call those 10 gallon hat got him 10 gallon hat is a took all that had flew it up top slid in so I go to see us together in first class. In immensities, he looked at it just kind grunted and I'm not a real hello Jesse and he said we didn't say anything to each other and bishops that looked at him. He didn't look like he like black folk just in his head just you know just didn't appear positive thing that 10 gallon hat is only probably old prejudice readmit you can size people. If you're in your flesh, he said, so we took all these and it was one of those flights where we talk often and it was rough. You know that turbulence as you wind up every now and then you know just the heiress is like that. And so it can take you a while. Sometimes acetylene the smooth air as if it was this one. Those rough take all we did bouncing around getting up to cruise and out to finally we got up Janet and settled down. He said soon as we settled down, I just sighed thank you Jesus wanted that amazing what you said thank you Jesus.

You got a problem with that because now is that you not only now he's a prejudice is when I said I said thank you do them as it will pastor someone so in Houston, Texas shipment talking about the law what he was doing ministry that we all know they said CK bicep is everything okay said mine looked at me brother one chocolate one, but no said he would twist the knife a little boys in the same one of the greatest lessons we can learn as believers in Christ is to let go of the past.

If you are still looking forward to things that are behind you, maybe it's time you turn around right now.

I'm pleased to welcome Pastor Paul Sheppard from the studio in California pastor want everyone to know that you've written a great booklet that we want to provide for those were able to give a generous gift this month is called turning your test into a testimony. Now most of us don't go through life thinking that tests her crate way to have a testimony. But God specializes in taking the tough times and turning them into something good doesn't tell us about this offer. This booklet that you've written. Absolutely Jabez is a guy who, as I mentioned in times past. You only have two verses in the entire Bible that tell you about the guy to verses yet those two verses teach us a lot. If we read between the lines and just let the Lord because us to get the truth the revelation if you will yeah these are not just words on a page. I think God wants us to know this. That's right. And here's a guy who started coming talk about starting out behind the eight ball. His mama named him after the pain of childbirth, like the world was she thinking she and her husband gave this boy the main causes pain.

Yeah, that's what happened and he had to live all of his early life he had to go to school first day of school and the teacher is calling names and she said cause pain where you because they raise your hand. The ridiculous fact is God help this boy grow up and understand I may not be able to change what they labeled me, but I can change whether I continue to live up to the label and so this booklet is my way of helping people understand you might not like where you are. You might not like what you had to go through but God can help you to be overcome or and at the end of the day. We are told in those two verses. This young man became more honorable than all of his brothers who were not so named and so we've got a learn that God can get you from where you are to a much much better place if you just walk with him.

This booklet will encourage people and give them some practical handles on how to do just that. The booklet is called turning your test into a testimony is our gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory today is the final day of the special offers will contact us right away. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 again that addresses Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538, when your faith pushes you quit pushing back say Lord lead me as I move in this direction.

Lead me, give me clarity move in this direction, but you know what faith cannot continue give it something I don't that's tomorrow. It Pastor Paul Sheppard's message keys to receiving more from God. Until then, remember he who began a good work and you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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