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The Power of Your Words (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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November 23, 2021 7:00 am

The Power of Your Words (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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November 23, 2021 7:00 am

Learning to speak words of faith, conviction, and encouragement to ourselves and others. (Included in the 5-part series "The Jabez Journey".)

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But sometimes will come from a friend who's helping you. He may have to tell you some this heart make sure your words are full of grace to make shortest season with salt. Consider the words of James the brother of Jesus. The tongue is a small part of the body. And yet it boasts of great things.

See how great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire hello and thanks for stopping by for today's destined for Victor message with pastor Paul Sheppard all throughout Scripture we learned that our words have the power of life and death of healing or harm which is why it is so critical that we learn to measure them carefully what does it look like to be graceful in our speech does it mean to season our words with salt. Find out next today's message from Pastor Paul. So stay with us now. But remember, you can always visit Pastor to listen on demand. That's Pastor and subscribe to the podcast it's modifying at Apple podcast or wherever you get yours now here's Pastor Paul. Today's destined for Victor message the power of your words. We can all think of people who spoke words to us that were very helpful and we can also all think of another category of folk who spoke words that hurt deeply words that wounded and we remember both categories of people you might've gotten a hold of you run into July time, but those two categories, you will remember the folk that helped you what they said and the folk that harmed you, I can think of Encouraging Word so can you. Somebody said something timely and they said it right shift over now to Colossians for the next chapter over verse six and you'll find Paul say let your conversation be always full of grace. Season with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. That's the target learn to speak words of faith and conviction.

One of those. Those are words that are full of grace and their seasoned with salt. I love that term, seasoned with salt.

He's saying if you want to speak right make sure grace because God is full of grace, he said, and make sure it's season with salt.

Make it palatable for people you don't want to use your mouth as a weapon you want to use it as a toll that helps people that inspires people seasoned with salt about your phone, you just throw some in water. The water and photo your plate will not broccoli. She seemed to get some lowball is that my condition would best seasoned with salt, full of grace. When a meal prepared right it goes down better goes down but you can eat that morning we grew up in church whereafter church.

We ate at the church and sometimes they would let various people cope and we knew who the cooks were in the church to season it right all couples only I can sleep some witnesses in the house. You know we got so cold in the day is also the Melvin's analysis to my right there we going to know how to put the Machen J called those names with a mild doing all you some cereal. I don't know the day and need to be part of the people, something that people can you loose and posted, make sure it's full of grace my short seasoned with salt, because we all know words can hurt words can heal my wife and I we were on a trip nearly part of our seasonal transition and very very low very down and we went to visit Mr. Copeland and we pulled up at the church and before we saw Bishop one of his assistants came and met us.

They looked at us and a big smile broke out on his face and he throw his arms out wide and he hugged us both and he said, welcome your whole know how important that was to feel welcomed and loved.

Debbie just in place, the city said you know how that lifted us, but our seasonal word, full of grace can make the difference in your life.

One of my lowest days of my entire life.

My wife was in the shower that morning and when she came out of the shower as she was Tylenol season, honey, while I was showering the Lord told me that you're a man after his own heart and that he's going get you through what you're going through what those words did to me but they took the man that was dying on the inside and gave life and I found what I know to be true, but sometimes you can know true, but it just seems to militate against what you know is true in the somebody that you want to know so I can make a difference in your life you can remember in your life. Somebody who spoke a word of affirmation somebody who spoke a word of encouragement. I asked her to do good quote it now tell me why because it meant that much to you a teacher when you were growing up, treat you like you're an idiot but you have one teacher that told you your smart not feeling great about the way you look with some adult combined call you handsome all you girls pretty much a day.

I remember Stan in the schoolyard. One day when all facets goes all jumbled about this old we all here as we live in the schoolyard, also your line of student school we all and the teachers would come out in the schoolyard and walked a lie and say good morning to you remember Ms. Howard will buy me as she's a good morning handsome words make a difference. So since I can heal it.

You might as well make up in your mind. I will speak words that he doesn't just begin words, full of grace. Season with salt. Sometimes a bad place and you can't really speak you can speak about when you see you in your future and you will end up all right with the kids. You can always talk about where they are not in good terms. Somebody right now don't have much to say good about where you are doing your best knucklehead imitation you can speak about going and we need to learn to master speaking about the obvious. That's what they specialize in speaking the obvious leader. Tell me what I already know you you gay them. Maybe going through some season some psychological when you go into some trouble getting all your life okay witness like some way challenges just sit there because you can relate to been 137 pounds old life where you just sit there. Mind your business while we, what you eat everything in sight. In terms of increased weight will complement the level you want to.

Some people in the service. You say you know you look great. God bless you style you went to the right guy. How I was wondering where you were going to get you to give you a call to the plate, go, go, yes he went to some trial is going going through still have the second half of today's Destin predictor message with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. First we want to thank all of you who sustained Destin for Victor with your prayers and financial support, gifts that help pastor Paul share the gospel all over the world destined for victory is a listener supported ministry. So as God leads.

Please prayerfully consider making a gift to us today.

Give online or call 855-339-5500 Proverbs 1821 says death and life are in the power of the tongue must learn how to speak life and the rest of today's message the power of words. Once again, here's pastor Paul speak.

That day was threshing wheat, which means he will raise up Israel pressing them for years. But God is ready to bring any chosen man named Gideon but notice that God refuses the calling what is acting like so the angel shows up and said hello mighty warrior, the Lord is with you is what you gotta learn to say Chris I know wimpy thing: the mighty warrior because that's the way God sees him: strong because that's way God sees that the week say I'm strong and strong.

If you tell a mistrial before they think their strong and we have to learn the art of speaking words of faith and conviction times when when you do have to speak hardwired the people absolutely drew the Bible says in the book of Proverbs fable on the walls of a friend, but when a friend cuts you they cut you to heal there like a doctor there cutting you to perform surgery that will make you better when you then cut you to kill you. So you have to learn don't think everything negative is coming from an enemy. Not everybody will catch you hate you.

Not everybody who complement you love you or I just went deep sometimes, but sometimes will come from a friend who's helping you heal and they have to tell you some this heart but how you do it to make sure your words are full of grace, you make sure this season with salt. You say something to farm and before you say something cutting say I love you and believe in God's best for you. You mean a whole lot to me. I thank God for you. You say something that's helpful so that they can know clearly where you all what angle you come in from I believe in God's best for you. But this something I need to talk to you about the desperate ministries you don't do surgery without anesthesia.

First, you will come a good shoot me with some first ever did want to do it. There is so busy talking to a friends of mine in the room and go to a feeling all men to just talking and she shot me with a little bit of Novocain. What have you and you will get a little time to settle in and always instruct my dentist I like paying. So shoot me as much as you want. I don't want to do so. I don't want to be numb to log. I know you probably got another appointment a couple more about it. I will mumble to them you shoot me what you need to shoot me with because when you done what I can handle the meal meal is not a problem when you're done I don't want to feel a thing you're doing. I want to bill to go to sleep.

I don't need you want to know you little bit not to keep as she shot me for about a minute and then she started keep the trail away from me to you. Give me some most of shoot me with what ever you and the deeper you got a goal.

Shoot me all the more.

Take me to within an inch of my life. I don't care just and you do that when you say hurtful things are challenging things to your friend, your brother or sister in Christ, what you doing at the flipping paper. You want to get better. You want them to be more what God wants them to be and so you're trying to be helpful in this process.

That's what you want some essay blow smoke and you make people feel great all the time. There times you have to say something cutting but make sure it's full of grace. If you got it rebuke somebody make sure you're not doing it from a place of superiority like you all that you never had a trouble to be saying yes a caning understand. Don't treat people like that, haven't you been through some of you what you got some stuff that's like I know what it's like to know what it's like as much as you can be superior does act like you're all in. From your approach of perfection you're looking down on them and so learn to relate to people.

That's what Jesus did. He got down on their level. He could relate to complete touch with the feelings of their infirmities to represent him. You gotta learn how to do that with people but he learned from Jabez's mother. We want to learn to God's grace is sufficient and we want to learn to change the way we speak.

Stop speaking.when you need to speak faith you got us sister or brother who struggling with an illness in the doctors not given great all reports and all that sort of thing. What have you don't show up. Tell them you got uncle died with what they have is not going to help say listen, I don't care what the doctor say we thank God for dead doing it, doing the best I can but I just don't believe got finished with you yet, so we'll pray and we don't believe God that he will bring you through this thing.

I believe you got some more years on you when you see somebody trying to die prematurely because sometimes they lose hope and you see him checking out and you gotta rescue them from that don't die when you can't help it but less live to coalesce believe God get it done.

This house call. Let's take a walk, let me take you somewhere, something some hope put some life into them. They don't have yet got despair don't bring more that it will have you written out your program for your funeral yet speak life over people that die don't need your help.they need somebody to speak complement people just aren't being nice.

The Christians second mean Christians where you think you represent and certainly not Jesus.

Publicans and sinners and sinners that phraseology was a group of sinners, call centers, window center friends as you go to church and Jesus was a friend when they saw Jesus they were running, but when we see Christians a lot of times you see them coming old and new. You want to reverse that you will people run from you what you want to run toward you all let me go see that sister because she always has something good to say always want to play one, encourage one to help one strengthen what you want to be in that category were focal love what you have to offer what you his life and hope you know Pastor Paul said something today that I think we all need to hear again.

Sometimes we need to talk to people about where they're going, not about where they are when the people in our lives make a mistake and they know they made a mistake. They don't need to hear what they already know. Instead, they need to be encouraged to be forgiven and to be reminded that this is not the end of their story know if you need prayer today. If your story has taken a wrong turn. The destined for Victor ministry team would like to help, visit Pastor click contact us and share your prayer request so that we can join you in prayer while you're there, be sure to sign up for Pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement. Yours, at no cost or obligation. And we have a great resource to share with you today. Pastor Paul Shepard's booklet turning your test into a testimony, God will often use your challenges, even your own mistakes to draw you closer to him and to equip you to help others who have trials in tough times of their own. When you cling to your faith during tough times you find that your mess will become a message in your test will become a testimony that's turning your test into a testimony about the from Pastor Paul in our gift to you by request for your generous donation to Destin for victory. Please call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online.

You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, our address is Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 well, if you've been building monuments to misery instead of offers of adoration to be all you need is a wardrobe change is Pastor Paul for you going to give you a crown of beauty to give you the oil of gladness to give you a place now. What's your job, you have to take off what you got on now so you can put all what he's got for you. That's tomorrow. Would Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message in need of a supersized blessing. Until then, though, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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