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The God of the Comma, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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November 4, 2021 8:00 am

The God of the Comma, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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November 4, 2021 8:00 am

Four challenges we face in the course of doing God's will; understanding God's provision for each challenge; based on 2 Cor. 4:8-9.

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If ever a man knew what it meant to suffer for the cause of Christ. It was the apostle Paul pastor Paul Sheppard explores his life and his legacy. Next, as he shares his message, the God of the, but before we get to that pastor Paul's been kind enough to join us from a studio in California pastor want everyone to know the written a great booklet that we want to provide for those were able to give a generous gift this month is called turning your test into a testimony melt. Most of us talk with your life thinking that tests are great way to have a testimony.

But you know God specializes in taking the tough times and turning them into something good to tell us about this offer. This booklet that you've written. Absolutely Jabez is a guy who, as I mentioned in times past. You only have two verses in the entire Bible that tell you about the guy two verses, yet those two verses teach us a lot if we read between the lines and just let the Lord cause us to get the truth the revelation if you will yeah these are not just words on a page. I think God wants us to know this. That's right. And here's a guy who started coming talk about starting out behind the eight ball. His mama named him after the pain of childbirth, like the world was she thinking she and her husband gave Ms. Boyd the main causes pain. Yeah, that's what happened and he had to live all of his early life he had to go to school first day of school and the teacher is calling him names and she said cause pain where you because they raise your hand is ridiculous, but the fact is God help this boy grow up and understand I may not be able to change what they labeled me, but I can change whether I continue to live up to the label and so this booklet is my way of helping people understand you might not like where you are. You might not like what you had to go through but God can help you to be an over comer and at the end of the day. We are told in those two verses. This young man became more honorable than all of his brothers who were not so maimed and so we've got a learn that God can get you from where you are to a much much better place if you just walk with him.

This booklet will encourage people and give them some practical handles on how to do just that. Well, again, the booklet is called turning your test into a testimony is our gift to you this month my request for your generous gift to Destin for victory call 855-339-5500 or visit pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 did you get that Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 want you to put a period after your challenges I came to let you know you serve the God of the, you are going to go to the challenge. But God says I'm not gonna let that be the end of the story.

I'm going to give you a divine provision so that you can go through it successfully. He was beaten he was thrown into prison, he was left for dead.

And yet, despite these trials, the apostle Paul story was not yet complete and neither is yours today on Destin for victory time reminder that your past mistakes were not the end of your story and your present suffering won't be either. The page will eventually turn because in Christ, you are destined for victory is pastor Paul with his message, the God of the, Paul's second letter to the church at Corinth chapter 4 and let's look again in verses eight and nine Paul says this we are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed perplexed, but not in despair persecuted, but not abandoned, struck down, but not destroyed. We are looking at the fact that the apostle Paul as he made his case to the church at Corinth. His spiritual sons and daughters. He made the case to them that I'm a legitimate apostle and that God is indeed at work to my ministry. The reason is I said in the last message why he had to make that case is because the Judaizers had come through program after Paul had left the last time and they had influenced the church negatively and they were making two false claims. The first was that Paul wasn't a legitimate apostle because he didn't follow the Lord during his earthly ministry and the second claim was you can't be saved by grace alone, as Paul preaches you have to be saved also by following the law.

Also they had come through when they had influenced the church with these false teachings.

Paul hears about this, and even before his next trip to Coram he writes them to say listen, don't be troubled by what you heard, because it is not true and he makes the case that I am a legitimate apostle and one of the ways he says you can know I'm legitimate is by everything I am the other apostles are going through in order to fulfill God's calling on our lives. Any talk specifically about four areas of challenge that all that he is doing the will of God. And when I look at those four areas of challenge. I realize that not only did the early church and its apostles have to go through those areas, but so do you and I and the fact of the matter is, some of us are going through those same areas of challenge and as we do. I want you to know that Paul didn't just talk about the challenge, but he talked about God's provision so that they could keep on doing what they were doing and I'm entitled this series the God. But, because I want you to know that after every challenge. He mentions MBs versus there is a, rather than a. The enemy wants you to put a period after your challenges but I came to let you know you serve the God of the, you are going to go up the challenge.

But God says I'm not going let that be the end of the story. I'm going to give you a divine provision so that you can go through it successfully left off in the last message talking about the first of the challenges Paul said we are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed.

I want to pick it up there just let you know we are hard-pressed, and just because you say doesn't mean you're not going to be hard pressed boneless in the candy store theology, taught by people who would make you feel that if you're really walking with God, right, and I don't have any trouble. Of course you don't have trouble going to have to hard-pressed on every side, sometimes sometimes you're going to say boy if it will become one of the time I could deal with it but here I am dealing with financial trouble one side and then I got family trouble on another side and I got marital trouble one another side and I got some challenge. I'm facing personally on another side. It's coming on every side and it's trying to cave me and but Paul said we serve a God who puts it, Baron says yes, you're going to go through challenges that have pressure coming in on every side by going to see to it.

You are not crushed. I will let somebody know you're not going under. I noted challenges.but you're not going under. We do face challenges of various types and not only do they come at all. That one sometimes. But there are different kinds of pressure you deal with the different seasons in your life that some questions that you young people have to watch for some precedent comes at teenagers and you gotta watch for Paul told his his young spiritual son Timothy flee youthful lusts that something you have to deal with because you're young your molds are moaning and some pressures are going to face as a young person was given your life to the Lord is not always going to be easy. Pressure is going to really comment on you in a strong and significant way. Don't make you feel like you say, because you're feeling the pressure. The press is going to come but I came to let you young folk know God is going to put a comma there and if you put your trust in him you say yeah I feel the pressure to do what everybody else is doing, but I am not going to let it cave my life in I'm going to serve the Lord as a young person that some pressures you make that phase in life you are young adults. Those teams are in your 20s you in your 30s and you feel a certain type of pressure you will feel of the president got married. Some of you in your 30s, 40s, you fill in the present in a semi-good and I thought I been read by now for some of you at the bar somebody left you walked away from you earlier and you thought by now that you have a second, and here you are alone. You are feeling the pressure from your say in my biological clock is ticking and I want to have a baby and and and the Lord said anybody in my life and the pressure that summary all the feeling is depressing to catch the next train down the track all but God is in this word while you still own the platform.

What a word. The word is just because the train is coming down that trap me mass you are trying why came to help somebody. Now listen to me don't know my word. I don't receive that you received this. Not every drainage will try just look at regional transit system here in California you're listening to this message on the broadcast CD revelation, but here in Northern California. We have barred Bay Area rapid transit and it's a train system and elevated train systems and I was on the ground but a lot of places it's aboveground and it's a wonderful traits of the will get you all around Northern California in the greater Bay Area but when you stand in on the Bart platform. You all know when this is that not every train coming down the track is you're trying to look up on the main action and telling you where the train is going to coming down that track and summary all my life. Don't regional signs to good you just see her trying, you look down and you see you get happy you get happy and so we all got on right now in your life to the station: all but God's word and let you know you got to look at the pain. I don't care how pretty the train is in the door is opened, you will walk through every open door and trying not show trying to wait till the door shuts, and you stand there and letting Paul.

Even if a tear falls down your face will all hello but that was a tough time trying to pull all galling all trying to help you now.

I know some of the trades of good-looking trains, but is not train some use. This is all he has shoulders just like I like him I sent you can tell he been in the gym saps all ginning carrying on, get all good summary, all is the complexion you want. I love was your chocolate flavor summary all like light skin, and that was your and you saw what you been thinking about that mean that you're trying trying to help you now. Some you're dealing with that pressure. Pressure of wanting to be in a relationship in the right one hasn't come by yet and you are feeling that pressure is the pressure in the middle years of life. Man-made life is no joke here is no joke. I just talk about me like when I was a young man in a combat midlife where they talk about what's all talking about you spoke with Doc in the driveway in the middle when you are we not all, but we know young anymore. We just talk in the middle and that middle season has its own challenges. You can ask, but in the middle. If you're not careful you can make some of the worst decisions of your life. If you're not careful and we got plans God make a mistake moving forward will go away were only about halfway through today's testing for Victor message with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California destined for victory is not only her daily and great radio stations and networks across the country, but it's also available on demand. Visit pastor to find out about our free app subscribe to the podcast get the program delivered automatically each day. You can find is that Apple podcast or wherever you doubtless rejoin pastor Paul for the second half to base destined for Victor message the God of the, this way teach us to number our days that what he said in Psalm 90 Moses teach us to number our days, Lord, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom. I need you to give me some wisdom made enough mistakes to last a lifetime Lord will be out the mistakes but I want to make. I want to get it right the rest of my give you whatever you have and whatever middle-aged you are, whatever you give me more more more. What does the I'm not trying to make any more mistakes.

I'm not trying to get it wrong. Teach me to number my day. Teach me to know me to be okay with this new season. I'm not young anymore when young folk will challenge in them. You can wear all how you see me but I'm telling you to give you a run, but you're not back in the day you know I'm not giving anybody around God bless you always.

You all go. I met a new season you gotta learn how to work this season all fall energy and stuff contest to everything they wanted to get out there and do everything I want to pace himself at this season in life-run all job now working this this fitness thing running all hard just to get my lab.

I was at him when you spread by now you look at me I'm right. Good going all when I see you go away you go on taking my time, young folk and go fly bath.

They want to see all God bless you. Love the password you can run ball basketball used to be quite a joy. I grew up on the playgrounds of the love you hope it all the time. Plan had a nice decent Jake shoot that thing left-handed man dismissible got tried to shake them and bake them and roll all of that bacon right now not going crazy people playing college ball pass, because I am by my faith going in for slamdunk sneakers come by my Lord teaches them, you minimize a job.

Be who you are where you are but in your shirt all the way down to your gut trying to impress somebody back in the whole day. Now trying to help you, trying to help you.

Same thing with your sisters. Once the colors you let people put in your here at this season in your life when you are young you could do all them special colors if you now you just all looks so so just make the adjustment is a very creative people.

When you go to be so very creative people. You gotta let them know what your limit is when you see the chart of the colors don't take you off as you come in here with we will know what to say we don't want to live so he doesn't get to.

I'm not going to say all kind of that. Wow kids you invest some mouse so you gotta monitor. You gotta watch season alive. You are seniors brought about. We got some of the coolest seniors in this church. I love the seniors in this church. They are: one of things I like about them is they have.

They know the way they been around the block that coming back from where most of us are going to see this season did make sense that not all inquiries can be all for yourself and like all somebody want to know everybody else and you know you ought to know better by now you said and disseminated to you what I know better by now and still acting crazy snow some old folk who you don't want to be that as a child of God and so you got pressures and that season the life some your pressured seniors to be old and bitter. You got a cast-off bitterness.

Yes, some things didn't go your way just simple did treat you right. Yes, your family might not always done right by you have from folk took advantage of your goodness and stole your money or whatever it is, but at this point, you got cut so that you don't have what the old folk taught us as bosom trouble you don't want to carry people around in your heart have trouble unresolved issues you all. You might check out here before you know it, you cannot live like that. You gotta be ready to die and so you gotta watch the pressures that come with all the various stages of life impulsive were hard pressed on every side, but when the crust is not going take asunder and said were perplexed, but not in despair. Listen, I come to let somebody know that no matter how close your walk with God is there going be times when you are perplexed you know what that means. That means times when you just don't understand me why God is allowing to happen what he's allowing to happen, listen, it is not a matter of how strong your faith. These you can have a wonderfully strong faith and still be perplexed why look at the man who God is using to write this inspired letter, the apostle Paul is the man the Holy Spirit you to appear in the vast majority of the letters that you find in the New Testament.

Most of the letters were written by God through the apostle Paul is the man used as a vessel God breathed on him and he wrote these inspired matters is the guy who same with all anointing with all calling of God on my life. There are times when I don't get it and listen if Paul can be honest and say that at times when you get it you need to quit perpetrating you need to quit. You always understand all the movements of God in your life you always understand why he allows everything. Listen, there are going to be some unsolved mysteries as you journey through life.

God has given us everything we need for this journey on earth. And as we grow in our faith.

He gives us a little bit more, but only in the fullness of time when our Lord returns in power and glory will all things be revealed. For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face.

That's all the time we have today for more information about destined for victory this month.

Special thank you gift for your generous donation. Be sure to visit Pastor that's Pastor

You will have to get all your questions answered to be free from despair. You can be free from despair. While you still have questions you can answer.

God let you know that this is optional. That's tomorrow in Pastor Paul Shepard's message, the God of the, until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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