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What Are You Waiting For?

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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October 22, 2021 8:00 am

What Are You Waiting For?

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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October 22, 2021 8:00 am

Guidance for those who anticipate the Lord’s return; three directives regarding how to live as we wait; based on James 5:7-12.

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Sensor to the new looking everywhere you like something that would you be to trip up God's spirit is with you all the time he got a message to get the newly knows how to speak your language. God knows how to speak this summer in my life. Tell me will sometimes search for significance could take you want to search for soon. Hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard if you're listening today and you already know you're calling in Christ God is given you a purpose.

He's revealed his plan in your following his plan and that everything seems to be falling apart. Pastor Paul has a word of encouragement for you when things go wrong, it doesn't always mean you've done something wrong more often than not that's the enemy talking to you trying to settle you with guilt and self-condemnation you want to stay right here for today's message but if you can't always visit Pastor to listen on to me, that's Pastor or subscribe to the podcasts modify podcasts from many other places. Now here's Pastor Paul. Today's Destin for victory message. What are you waiting for some of you have a decision to make it to be a life-changing decision decision, but you stay focused like a farmer focuses on making sure the crop is properly laid down and then wait for God to do what only God can do this in the right. That's where some of your summary all try to wait on God you not right away to Jim going to work time. Stay focused. Stay focused.

He also talks about focus.

In verse 10 where he says brothers as an example of the patients in the face of suffering, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord. When you read the Old Testament you see profit after profit he stayed focused once a prophets job to speak on behalf of God messages one always popular the message is often not popular but a prophets job is to not take popularity contest poll of his job as the say would God put in their mouth to say. Sometimes it's popular sometimes it's just another example of what it means to stay focused. Sometimes you have to witness the people who are pleased with what you tell the truth to people who don't want to hear the truth.

You want to share what you got a site called the Lord's coming back and he's going to ask you. Did you compromise call somebody didn't want to hear what you have to say you have to say you have to say you wore parents every parent has some things you need to say your Savior walking with Christ you have kids who need to know what you know and you have to say I'm going to be my kids friend and friendship happens as a byproduct of you being a parent that's great, great idea making enemies when you make friends that he.

But your job as a parent is not primarily your job primarily is to be the parent say here's the way walking here mistakes I made. Avoid call somebody.

Here's the way you want to handle your money. Here's the way you love like the way you handle this business of romance and excited about other people. Teacher wanted is right for all my love, married babies daughter follow that order.

What you would like. That's why I'm telling you about platform. I'm speaking way. God provided right but some of the pitfalls. Don't be afraid to tell them what you got some work to do so.

Stay focused on the assignments God is giving you assignments when working with relationships in the kingdom of God. God gives you want to be using to advance the kingdom to help your church and ministry center serving the Lord down to the business of doing what the Lord is told you to do. Stay focused. The second directive. As I look at verse seven through 11 of James 12 is these were jotted down, stand firm. Not only stay focused but stand firm. Look at verse eight of this passage you to be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near. Verse 11.

As you know, we consider bless those who have persevered Job's perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy. The second directive. I boiled this passage down to is not only the stay focused but to stand firm. There times when you have done your planting. You have done your work God. You've done everything you know to do this point. Now what you have to do is stand firm that can be difficult because sometimes you done everything you're supposed to do and you're still not seeing your results yet and we are very impatient generation.

Imagine if they needed this word in the first century A.D., much more do we need it in the 21st century A.D. standing when you generation we want a quick when I do I want results tomorrow is the generation technology has cars but is also a curse because we see in the technological world. That's why companies exist to make your life easy and simple and let you do things efficiently. Remember when the Internet first started amazing that with my grandkids. I remember when there was no one get you like UK space without the member back 1999 days and handsome staffer Susan Richard was a pass on what you come up to. I want to show you some day, and they sat me down in the computer lab and show this is called in and I didn't know is that right well what do you explain the idea goes back to your website but they just were getting used to the concept and show him up before long. If you didn't have a website you want. Nobody I passage is to build a website for the church. It's okay website know what that was, and just a couple years back.

The big thing was just a good Yellow Pages Yellow Pages sit down and shut your turtle stand that we can give you 1/2 page in color, and that was back please money because we're building a website and then came then Google came out and get yourself in the search list when they come to you change right before our and things aren't the way they used to be, and it's a blessing, but if you're not careful it'll be curse occurs because if you think all your results in life to be quick and efficient, and easy. You got another thought coming, the farmer plants and doesn't work in the farmer has a just stand for and wait. Make sure nothing comes to the starter what's under the ground. You can see it yet but it's the end that's what you have to do in your life sometime. You've done all that God called you to do and you just gotta stand firm.

Joel didn't understand why he was going through hell that in the heavenly that was a conversation between God and Satan and Satan that said they got no reason Job is blessed like he is is because you won't make tension got a hedge around him, and God said, I must show you that I have some folk when they don't understand why what they have to go through you and you 21st century may not be as critical as what you've done all your planting you and your waiting on the promise of God and instead of getting getting worse God's will and all hell breaking loose in your life. At the same time because they were built. We want evidence that when God's will to be blessed to just flow will sometimes the evidence rings will is all hell was breaking. Joel went from being what would be a billionaire in our economy.

We look at what Job had in the day in which you live Joel Abrahams that he was before the law and when you look at where he was in the things he had Joel would be a billionaire, he'd be on the floor 500 list. In today's economy.

Number 27 Joel he was a billionaire in his day, the law shall use Satan that he is not serving me just because of how blessed that he's got a heart for me. The when he doesn't understand. He'll stay true and stand for when the enemy got through touching his stuff reading his book in the Old Testament. He lost everything and then the enemy came back and went after his family. He had 10 big strong wonderful children, seven sons, three daughters, and when the enemy got through. They had all and his wife enemy Lied to say, let me see if I can use her to just tempt him to do something that God would want to do is use the bus on all the time preaching God Alive because she got her husband she said honey sums wrong here. Why don't you curse God so you can die and get on this misery is like The rest of today's testing for victory message with pastor Paul Sheppard first we want to thank all of you whose prayers and financial support help pastor Paul share the gospel all over the world. Your donations do make a difference.

So as God leads prayerfully consider making a generous gift to Destin for victory today. You can give right now by calling 855-339-5500. That's 855-339-5500 or give online securely at pastor know it's never a bad idea to examine yourself to take a look in the mirror and see if there sin in your life that needs to be corrected. Sometimes bad things happen in your own mistakes have nothing to do with it.

Pastor Paul addressed today's message. What are you waiting for your help on curse God. Take yourself out of the situation. She was trying to be helpful, but Job looked at us that you're talking like a foolish person. He said the Lord gave the Lord is taken away. I don't know why but I will bless his name.

Anyhow that's where some of you are now.

You don't know what you're going through what you're going to keep trying to figure out where you stand and where you went wrong and what seems search always got people in your life like Job's three friends came along and tried to three friends came and sat there with them for days and that was good when your friends or loved ones are gone. When you say just be there with can I get your pillow can somebody I'll just feel like you just got to bump your guns and rental. Pardon me, you don't just shut up so you just feel obligated listen when someone is going to know how you feel since the last I feel internally and if you're not really there, just beating him pillow.

Just say I love you pray for you that that's all. Just be all your presence is sometimes better than your words, you think about it talks about when somebody showed up mildly ill.

By the time they leave. You are gravely ill.

Don't be that person when they see you pull up.

Did you get out your car is old Lord I'm already had. They come to finish. Be a blessing if you can't be a blessing. Just pray from we stay focused stand stand don't let anything shake you what you got to go through. Don't let anything shake you stand. You know to do this and you serve a God who knows how to convict you don't want to send search. If you've done all that you believe God called you to do and during that season. We just got stand firm, because nothing happening or what's happening is negative and seems to be going in the opposite direction. And you know, our tendency is to send just like Job's friends were llamas. It isn't wrong and we going to send search sensor to you everywhere you like what you did to trip up God's work of the Holy Spirit is with you all the time if you got a message to get to you. He knows how to speak your language. God knows how to speak well on this some in my life tell me he will keep you up at night if we have to know that you been out of God's will and you know you couldn't get decent sleep wake you up in the middle of the night I got like sometime could you talk to me like a 10 AM are you sleeping eyes wide open Holy Spirit will talk knows how to get to. So if you don't understand what's going on just for wait on God.

Then the last directive stay focused stand firm number three stop fussing when you get that verse nine verse nine don't grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged. The Judge is standing at the door you understand that one of the ways the enemy loves to trip us up is when we are going through various things waiting periods manifestation hasn't come you think you've done everything right and you still waiting on the right results, you started that minister of that business or you started that educational process and and things seem to be more wrong about the flunk out your one of those trying seasons. The enemy loves to get you to get in the scraps with people who don't have anything to do with your destiny. You have to be careful about grumbling. You have to be careful.

I'm learning in this season of my life.

I'm learning that piece is of a high premium and that I don't have the luxury of fighting, and few would folks over petty things so y'all have got to decide in this season of your life down your weapons of and quit having these arguments would people about things that Amy really don't matter you married all this stuff and try and come face to make sure that's what this house itself is they started on you. They say something provocative you is you. How you respond to. You have to learn that sometimes less is more.

You have to learn something they have the bed. Then I say something it wasn't kind it wasn't sensitive or you you did something that they want to do and they came home and found it when you come home. They waiting on you in line and wait all been there, male and female. We've all been there, ready to councils about kids. I told you just wait, and they barely passed the test that going full cost of the school. They come home bad for you, learn to walk in wisdom to be a place of peace ought to be a place where peace dwells and sometime you sweetie has been a bad day this talk about that. I see this on your mind. Can you give me a few moments.

Let me just settle down and you will be playing quietly, get yourself ready to make sure this then turn into world war three: the battle over something that when you look back on it later. You say so we have to learn to crumble a certain point you got understand pieces what God wants you to walk in God wants you to have peace. In the final thing I want to point out is verse 12 where he talks about swearing people in our day, which look at that and say do not swear what is it me is what he says above all my brothers do not swear by heaven or by earth or by anything else, let your yes be yes and your no no or you will be condemned. What is about all I want you to notice that that echoes the words of Jesus in the sermon on the mount look at real quick and Matthew five now be done.

Begin in verse 33 Jesus said again you have heard it was said to people long ago. Do not break your oath, but keep your OC you may before the Lord, but I tell you, do not swear at all, either by heaven or by God's throne, or by the earth, or by his footstool about Jerusalem. Ford is the city of the great King and do not swear by your head, for you cannot even make one hair white or black. Simply let your yes be yes and your no know anything beyond that comes from the evil one. You see how James echoes the words of Jesus and the idea was back in the first century A.D. centuries before that people were not credible people who were not truth tellers would often try to bolster their case and make you believe that what they're saying is true by swearing against something. The idea was that on try to convince you that they are telling the truth when in fact these people had no credibility because they had no character, so the idea was swearing by heaven or by anything else, was the way that some folks with no credibility would try to get you to buy him to what they say and so both James and Jesus are saying if you don't have credibility. Don't try to borrow false credit.

The problem is you personally don't have credibility. The problem is not you trying to swear by something else. And so the word to us. Here is don't try to borrow against credibility you don't have instead let God make your credible person. Thanks so much for being here for this Friday addition of Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepard's message. What are you waiting for what God has a purpose, a unique and specific calling for each of us, but our highest calling as disciples of Jesus Christ is common to all of us and that is to go out into the world and make more disciples. A great way to do that is by partnering with pastor Paul Sheppard and the Destin for victory ministry in light of some severe challenges these past two years or so people are coming to faith in Christ all over the world.

Many of them through the Destin for victory broadcast is our way of saying thanks for your partnership of $20 or more a month will send you if you think you gifts including one of Pastor Paul's most popular CDs.

The best of let my people smile so please call us at 855-339-5500 and find out more about how to become a Destin for victory partner or mail your gift when there's no we wish to become a partner. The address Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 also partner with us through our website pastor but you can't become a partner, but would like to send a generous gift to the ministry today would love to share gift with you of our own pastor Paul Shepard's DVD message get your hopes up. That's get your hopes up a gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to Destin for victory. I want somebody to know that you are not accidentally say you were handpicked by God himself handpicked you and you are he is intentionally, I need you to know that God had a plan for you before you knew him or knew that he had a plan that's next time it Pastor Paul's message chosen by God. Until then, enjoy your weekend and remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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