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The Power of Perseverance (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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September 21, 2021 8:00 am

The Power of Perseverance (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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September 21, 2021 8:00 am

The diligence that allowed Paul to reach people for Christ in Corinth; understanding that the will of God is not done easily or automatically; based on Acts 18:1-11. (Included in the 6-part series Making Your Vision a Reality.)

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And he told me during that time, he said, by the way, you are never going to be on radio again. Personally I said, well, we'll just see what God does hello and welcome to this Tuesday edition of Destin for victory wherever you are and how they may be listening. Thanks for making this part of your day. Well, as you heard Pastor Paul Sheppard say just now there was a time when he was told he never again have a radio program but God had other plans and today many years later Destin for victory is a thriving ministry, one that with your help is transforming lives all over the world. At the end of our last broadcast. Pastor Paul began telling the story of how Destin for victory got its start. It's a tale not only of faith but of perseverance and a lot of hard work and it continues today. So stay right here or stop by Pastor to listen on demand.

That's Pastor special Paul now in today's Destin for victory message the power of perseverance victory just started. They said what do ministry so we start at one resources but it was a clear indication that we might have to go back and listen to the man in my head. Well-meaning good Christian brother buddy from the old boys club, you will never be on radio again found myself starting a radio ministry after being told.

I'll never be on radio again. So how does that translate to you and your vision is what people say listen what's in your heart you know what you going to do is John 311 speak what they heard, testify to what they see when telling you what they think you know what that means. That's what they think this only means it can apply to religious, not all of these Apple devices is because one day a couple of thieves taking computers out of the big mainframe sitting up in a big huge industrial office and said why don't we put a computer in front of everybody one that they can work and get real stuff done and make a difference and matter what other people they send Apple before you bought your first Apple. Everything has to creations. The first ration is the vision before it happens happen and you call it something you have to see what is not as though it is. That's why what people the more successful in terms of money monetary things that we want to pray about something we need to be doing something about all prior in that case on a few you to step out in faith and do what God is to be successful. Somebody walks with God and knows that God is a miracle so you make it happen and ask God to help you and bless you as you know we own the station got a radio ministry is One of the brothers announce myself I wouldn't base it will show me what you saw when got Mike and I set up I don't have a booth all have recordings. I just went in my library and put the mic in front of me and I started announcing: welcome to Destin Kristin for victory minister Pastor Paul Sheppard glad to join us for today's broadcast may or may be cute seven people and I need a stamp station had to do with all you gotta step out and believe that you heard from God and get it done get it done what's in your heart, and his heart brings good things and it takes perseverance and we persevered and would make sure that space. But now they get some that happened in Houston and then message and then ending and ending. I have some money and the money starting some investors got investors that we all know about now started out getting somebody partners people started sending Jack's ministry and station said I was driving through the first was in San Antonio.

They call that, like all was long people make up stuff about me is ministry. All he still is Salmon's now try to sell you an insurance policy. First thing about that world stuff that I just haven't some essay and getting arising so we got a ministry make it happen. You gotta find investors gotta create the business plan is no, which should make it do you bring it to pass.

So go figure it out.

I don't know if you don't know Marie James want to ask of God give you wisdom you don't have good I'm getting the CD myself more knows about is about Alaska where I was when you out in the word is available. I know you want to, but is available at listen you got to make it happen and perseverance means you don't take no for an answer because this is a good thing start up in my heart. Gotta bring it to pass. So no option changing course is not an in the past God called me to 1988 that I would have a radio ministry associate pastor. The church in Philadelphia that church had a radio ministry weekly radio ministry Sunday night, but the Lord showed me a daily radio ministry and I'm not even a senior pastor I know would be named enduring truth. I knew the theme song in 1988 the original theme song came to California with that vision. None of it was gone be a reality automatically will be right back with more of today's Destin for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard listen to any Pastor Paul's recent broadcast. Be sure to stop by Pastor listen on demand. That's Pastor

Stay tuned.

After today's message when he joins me from a studio in California. First let's rejoin Pastor Paul for the second half of today's teaching the power of perseverance. I started pastoring in 1989 I went to the leading Christian radio station in the Bay Area at the time.

I said local pastor and doing daily radio. Do you have any info sheet you can send me information on how much it costs one broadcast once a week. They said no we don't want to see daily. We show you weekly on the weekend cutlery possible church. It was out of the question but I kept on station to station that was located out in the valley but the signal came into the Bay Area and it was not a highfalutin station but then they looking for broadcasters and they so they drove him to meet with me. They had desperation I needed to get on with no money so they sent out my little office.

We could barely fit in there, barely fit in the low side office at Saratoga Avenue on some of and reset in there and they said to me when I gave him samples of my preaching cassettes back in the day y'all cassettes they listens.

It will require a preacher. They were impressed. So what we looking for, and basically put you that I'd love to get on daily, but I don't know if the cost is prohibitive and they said the all right. We want to put you on what can you give us. They asked me what I could give them. I said well you know you see where small church. I said I'm going to raise the money for whatever is not in the budget for the whole budget was $60,000 a year.

The whole budget for the whole church and 24 that was my income and they made me promise when I first got his we pay you 24,000 a year. We noticed not pastor just work with us since you got this big. You say that the Lord said you said, the Lord said that thousands will go come visit pastor when the thousands come we don't hook you up to somebody visit against them like so so what happens is I simply don't read. We don't have money. What can you force it with. I could see if I could get you $200 a week. I just thought that out. I thought it will laugh and start negotiating $40 a day $200 Monday through Friday $200 a week half-hour broadcast.

They were desperate.

I was broke. Perfect match to be on the lead and Stacy wanted to be on their so get on somewhere else completely have on seasonal to humble say publicly I'm competing they had on Chuck Smith at the half-hour on the big stage that they will give me on the little station I will produce Chuck Chuck Smith was at the center of the 1960 do you know we started hearing from people said you know I used to listen only to okay what's what's his name and then finally I just one day I was surfing I heard you say you and then we started getting visitors to the little church got me some of what you present the big church that was gone be made one day. Just hang in there. Stay with us in the small town be like the little red hen go through the whole process with us way to you all set up dinner is almost certain y'all come here y'all come me some folk who will help me with this week and help me with this harvest can help me with this people came in the old days when it was not an impressive all came in those days when people didn't say I came in this prison say God made me a soul where I was making all the calls every week. Nobody didn't say I just call just for spite.

I knew nobody didn't say right now to register this course not less than what you doing the same: the week I had to get people to get that week. If I get to y'all to give me in the sense okay great. Glad that I turned on the radio as an extra for the bow ties and often they gave every week send it to the place and then finally after doing that. The big station called we been hearing about you that I called the first time going to respond ever got was anywhere we heard about you. We are doing and you noted a lot of farmland in this business people we only other hand, we are reaching.

They show me so it's interesting to me. I think I'm some sort you have in mind when we do lunch and we can discuss it. Long story short I started on this Sunday night at 8 o'clock weekly broadcast weekly broadcast on their one half hour Sunday night call substantially more than 200 I would get everyday on the station, but it was the opening of a new door, and God will call me Sam, fortunately, secular people about our signal. We no longer be broadcasting Christian's argument to get opposite. That's okay.

I appreciate the time I was alone and wish you all well. But the truth was I was going pull off anyway because I dated a lot more money to go on another station number. Perseverance. I want to build everyday but that took it to another level of recognition finally called back when we have 1/4 hour slot daily in our lineup. Would you be lunch and talk then that money for our leading Christian station in the nation 15 minutes in broadcast terms 15 minutes means 12 minutes of the three exam attacks, so I*12 minute broadcast first house mold announcer picture bird, my friend. If you're the ones just shooting the bailiff Petry Hawkins bird boy. He was a much respectedin the little that he would be wrong with me will write back I can come through so I was doing the voiceovers and Petry have been a voice connected me to come in here he come to my house and use the microphone recently. We were something more surely will, perseverance, addiction and week 12 minute broadcast picture in open.9 minute not have missed preaching close and asked for money not 1/2 preaching.

I was just rolling to come. Petry tomorrow. People know my people started calling mad manifestation. They were mad at me you go off again. I hear you Sir, I'm so sorry.

Back in those days when you call the number. My house be killed is called you gotta do what you gotta do.

No, no, thanks so much for being here for today's destined for victory message the power of perseverance look for any of pastor Paul's recent messages online on that's Pastor Pastor Paul Joyce me now from a studio in California pastor know your heart is encouraged by so many of our friends were listening and letting us know that destined for victory is having an impact in their life tell us and remind me why are you so committed using media as a part of this ministry will way and I'll tell you I'm sold on the fact that if we're going to fulfill the great commission and of course that's our job as the body of Christ to go into the world to make disciples to baptize people and teach them to observe all things that Christ commanded to do that I am more convinced than ever. It demands that we take a strong fresh look at how to use technology in every other resource. To that end. In other words, we gotta realize we were boomers.

I'm a baby boomer born between 46 and 64 that our generation me to and I realize that we were the last generation in American history that was typically raised in church or in some religious training, and we've got three generations under us, and now there's an emerging fourth generation they are still being developed. There known as generation alpha my first grandchild is an alpha and so I realize that with these three. For generations we've gotta preach the gospel to. They are not inclined to come to church and hear the gospel if you will, but the vast majority of them are probably going to have to be reached where they are before we can get them into the life of the church so technology is very important to the end that we can reach them with the good news of Jesus Christ. That's what it's all about pastor reaching as many people as we can with the gospel. No media can often go where missionaries can't into the homes of elderly shut-ins are those who have no way of getting to church it can travel into remote areas of the world that are often hostile to the Christian faith. Just one more reason why your gifts to destined for victory are so critical for the cause of Christ and for your generous gift to destined for victory today would like to send you a booklet from pastor Paul Sheppard that goes hand-in-hand with this message. Junk removal for the soul inside these pages you will discover practical biblical advice about setting aside some of the habits from your old life in order to embrace the newness of who you are in Christ is our gift to you this month by request for your generous donation to destined for victory.

Call to make a safe and secure donation online.

You can also mail your gift to destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, our dresses destined for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 save all the way I'm tied to see it halfway Christian wall in the world and so you need to be all land for Jesus. And when you are he can use you life in a significant way. That's tomorrow and pastor Paul Sheppard's message finding joy in strange places. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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