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Finding the Right Partners, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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September 15, 2021 8:00 am

Finding the Right Partners, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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September 15, 2021 8:00 am

The role companions played in Paul’s fruitfulness in Corinth; the importance of interdependent relationships in the plan of God; based on Acts 18:1-11. (Included in the 6-part series Making Your Vision a Reality.)

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You what you can do it alone you can but you can't do it by yourself. You are going to need partners.

There is no one thing that will allow you to do everything that's in your heart by yourself. Jesus had them so did Moses. King David and the apostle Paul finding the right partners on today's destined for victory hello and thanks for tuning in. Will the apostle Paul spent three years in virtual solitude training. Which you learn how to be a disciple of Christ.

None other than the risen Christ himself, but when it came time for Paul to go out and do the task for which God had called him, he surrounded himself with like-minded partners who shared a common goal. You need partners to what is important to find the right partners and that's what today's message from Pastor Paul Sheppard is all about. Stay with us here or visit Pastor to listen to this or any recent message on to me is Pastor Paul.

Today's destined for victory message finding the right partner all by vocation by trade was also a tent maker so when he comes up with them.

He joins the team and he makes himself some money while even Coram by helping them in the tent making trade which means not all ministry efforts are going to allow you to be solely vocational in that one area for some of the things that are in your heart you may be by vocational that's the way Paul was in the season he made his money by making tense working with Priscilla and equipment for this season.

That was the way he earned his income while he's incorrect beginning to build relationships and preach the people about the Lord Jesus Christ.

So you see two partners.

He has linked up with Priscilla and Aquila. Look at verse five of acts 18 when Silas and Timothy came from Macedonia. Paul then was able to devote himself exclusively to preaching, testifying to the Jews that Jesus was the Christ man after his other companions, Silas and Timothy came they took up the money making and they allowed him to be free to exclusively fulfill his calling, but notice it didn't happen that way right away. At first he had to work full time. We would: and then minister as he had opportunity. A lot of the things that are in your heart may not be vocational may not be paying jobs for a season either a short season or long season. Or maybe your entire life.

Again, you might be a volunteer in some ministry helping them fulfill their vision and might not always mean that you can make money from it. What Paul knows what it's like to have to work a regular job and been minister as he could, but the partners made that possible. Priscilla Moquila made that possible for him to work with them while he was getting it done and then later on to more partners, Silas and Timothy come along and they allow him to be freed up from the tent making so he can spend his days connecting with people beginning to share with Jesus. Then of course on the Sabbath.

We are told in verse four, every Sabbath, he reasoned in the synagogue, trying to persuade Jews and Greeks about who Jesus was and that's the way it is and I know I know about that part of the journey. When I first started on the ministry team as a volunteer in our church. I still had to work after high school and after college I still had to work. I was just volunteering when I taught Sunday school they were paying before that when I was working, helping, being an associate minister they were paying me for that All Saints taught you to prove yourself first and we gotta get back to that. We got a generation of all-natural, but other people I know who, if they do anything they want little most of that pay and I don't come from that generation. We were taught you make full proof of your ministry because it's a calling, not because you get something out of it. I started preaching in churches and not have to be real Sunday afternoon service a job in the church where they have like a 330 4 o'clock service and little handful of folk come out for NASA's day. They call it the earth Thursday and mergers would have an innate March total summary altered folk made March only, and I'm sitting up there in the big chair.

You know you Priscilla churches lit up when a speaker sitting look like a throne I'm sitting up on the throne in late March and in for their annual earth Thursday and finally to get to me and I preach my message after I would preach before they would dismiss them. I would always come up with that with a little envelope. One of the archers will come up with envelope and called Weigle: I guess speaker to come up not stand up there and you need all had the same speech on the when he went to learn the speech so we all can say it with me right now. They say we we not trying to pay you for your ministry but we thank you for taking the time to come to us. He had greater Ebenezer hello somebody, all greater Ebenezer Church of God in Christ, Episcopal, or Lord, hold my mule lash out Baptist Church and we really appreciate you coming in and it's and this is just a token token of our appreciation and I go back to my seat, I stick it in the pocket way to serve as low I get to my car and opened it up and I saw they would not trying to paying me one learn from sometime they would ask him to preach and he said no I'm busy when I send you my son and he would pick out that she engagements send mail but I was being trained. I would been trained because if you can't be all over the token of appreciation. Somebody be of appreciation See to it, you never get to the place where you can get seriously reject places now I just say variously hooked up because I'm pleased that I know the message with the bow, but my training rates money you got your calling, we grope associate minister, not George. No date send you anyways and just just give a little five-minute exultation in the middle of cramming and you will witness well really be preach for 30 minutes.

With the five minutes and be on time don't have is looking at the clock and they will teach you go stretch out on me not also what Holy Spirit tells me to say some else speaker disrespect what the people asked him to do the same at what they told me that I was only supposed to take 20 minutes got four more points and I believe God, you're in the wrong church that some churches been up I been to churches where they sat the preacher down, he in high gear today say all right, all right, you done is over goblet so you might start volunteering just doing whatever you can. Some of you have some in your heart you don't know how to do it and if you have mentors in your life or you can find the mentors you got to get up under them and let them teach you everything they know some people who will train you for free, will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California broadcast on that's Pastor There you find a host of great resources or online store.

When you study the life of Christ to see him feeding the multitude from time to time 4000 here 5000. There one thing all those people had in common. They were hungry. This Pastor Paul with the rest of today's message finding the right partners. Some people will help you do what you feel called to do and if they see hunger. Hunger as your tuition know I been blessed to know many people who will mentor you actively job if you're hungry enough where you are now those who master particular crap we've learned and whether we learned in school and business school graduate school of business or something like me. I became a CEO.

Along the way I studied and trained along the way I read good books I read behind the Jack Welch's and the people who know how to do it. I didn't get to go to bed school, but I passed on the best people in a given week. You need to read this and if you are hungry and what master something don't want to do is try to feed you and you not even hungry because you're full of junk and my life.

I'm just tired of people who aren't ready to learn aren't ready to submit aren't ready to glean what I got in me. I got stuff to make that will bless you for the rest of your life. But if you junk and folio self gotta be all way you get this treasure I'm pretty good.

You just don't know it. One day someone to succeed me in this ministry and I promise you will be somebody who was so hungry either directly under me or them under somebody else right now.

Eventually got married together but is gotta be somebody who's hungry. This church was birthed in a hunger to do the will of God at the lowest point in my life that God said when I bring you through this season which you and I need to get back out there.

What I put in your heart and I had to be no way for the naysayers. No what people thought I had to be hungry enough to get a job and we want to do is hear you say well done wanted to go somewhere else in the country know what you in California we want to just transfer your anointing somewhere else, please where it's easier when you're detractors are hunkered down when you have to.

You have to build in the presence of your lease.

That's not easy church on campus and they want me to be the past.

Jesus, the campus church in Louisiana called me and said, would you be our candidate lights on that letter she sent to Louisiana she's I think I could get in the southern life already like Asian food.

I believe, but we know said no not with you so you gotta get back in there and build all over again. Let me tell you something so you have submitted your your heart what you will have to find focal can help you partners who can mentor you partners who can teach you some of you will have to get some formal training so you want to go to some vocational training environment. Whatever it is you're going to have to lay the foundation and people like me in your life.

We can encourage you lay the foundation you know that being faithful over a few things done. Feel great. I can be tiring and tedious but it's preparing you.

You have to study when other focal goofing off, but it'll be preparing you. Your friend already friends, yet we go live. We going to Applebee's. We all last day I came last the game got a study I gotta pray I gotta think I gotta read this I learned how to create a business plan to do some work. You can't go to bed a blunder and wake up. I wonder gotta get to work. Gotta get it in when you see these great basketball players and then you know and it's amazing just wake up and shoot like that. They spent hours and hours, not when when you're watching them when nobodies watch tell you when I was a young man my best friend was training so he could keep his dream was to be in the NBA. He signed a contract. He died of a heart problem at the age of 23 but when he was training he can go shoot and he would come pick me up. We go to some gym clothes who have resources looking for hungry folks and it was a gym owned by a man who knew he was hungry to be a problem and he gave them the key to his gym, whatever you want to after hours.

He ran a new program to date, but at night. So whatever you want to go whenever we not in that you just gonna let yourself lock it when you come and he told me to some gym and when they sign up to get a winner so we don't play one on one full-court partly one full-court piece. I will do you.

I just meet you down there where you got a shoot, he said, but I want you to be me up line. The line in China try to take this on the best the run down and he shoot it and he said mind touching the rim.

It won't count is is gotta switch if I should make it, but it bounced around the captain because he was going for something at another level, and so after about his third trip down.

I'm ready Fulbright and just anywhere in Montana when you signed a contract we both spend some money just so you understand, just so you understand we both will be broke all but he was walking toward a vision that was in his room when he got where he was going to leave his friends play ball players and some football players in the greatest college players in the part of the country he know all, so one Saturday, likable, completely ready for us to go shoot back in the day Reggie played. He was a star player for the Bolzano bat. Trust me. Another time we got to take me a jellybean go play jellybean to get him and him and Colby Brian's father Joe would bring Brian McKnight and he play for the Sixers yet manageable go shoot and I just sit and watch holiday and it was wonderful when he played them I would get my toe and I just wanted biblical heart heart heart heart was based gotta know that the brain that you can be sitting around dreaming about how much money you will spend one day when the got a contract put in the work in the time and the same is true for you. The principle is true for you, whether what's in your heart as a volunteer thing or business you have to establish or certain career change that you have to be part of your gonna need partners do you hear the partners in the stories partners. You can't get there by yourself. You gotta find the people gotta ask the questions the dumbest people are the people who do the most talking without asking questions I've learned over the years. The smart folks spend their time asking questions Jesus at age 12, was sitting in the temple and the Bible specifically says he was asking questions of the temple leaders, Jesus been going at each other, you know why I and Matt 18 years all y'all don't know my name, I will be the and at age 12.

He is in the season where you can listen when you gotta learn you like to read you will have to read like it just got the information in your audiobook when everything now because we try to stress in our culture, we tend to make people think their shortcuts sometimes we don't hear she's an actress when she was in was just hanging on the praise team went so bad. So what you say in one day I will be just like you learn by getting a little place finding ways make your way.

Gotta make it happen medically start out God's people.*You are your favorite actresses started out waiting tables at a restaurant so that they could go somewhere and take acting courses from somebody who wasn't impressed with you see what I'm saying that's what you have to do partners Paul built the charge of this particular occasion, and what he started outdoor when he first got to tell he was making tents and disconnected with people as he could. Overall, the building and building blocks getting don't spend your time dreaming dreams without doing the work of laying a foundation. Thanks so much for being here for two days destine for victory message finding the right partners, look for any pastor Paul's recent messages online on once again that's Pastor investor Paul Joyce me now from a studio in California pastoral ministry to us each day and the radio and with the various online sources of destine for victory. So encouraging and one more thing that you do. You feel very strongly about this is the monthly encouragement letter that goes out to everyone talk about that for a moment. Yeah, absolutely. The one letter I feel strongly about making sure we produce every month is an encouragement letter and so I take some time and based on some teaching of that month, and occasionally is not related to the teaching just something that got put on my heart and that particular time I write a letter to let people know. Not only are we preaching messages but were really trying to impact your life and help you with application because again, our ministry exist to help people know God's son apply God's word and fulfill God's purpose in my encouragement letter is designed to help you know him apply his word fulfill his purpose and so I feel strongly about it and I will encourage people who are not on our mailing list to please take a moment and let us know. Hey, I'd love to get the letter. It's absolutely free is no obligation for no obligation at all.

We will take care of the stamp and everything.

All you gotta do is let us know. We can reach you. We'd be happy to send it to you. We can also send it to you by email. And it's important for you to be encouraged month by month and so please let us do that get in touch with us. Give us your email and your mailing address so we can get in touch with you on a monthly basis. Well, the word encouragement means to give someone support confidence or hope. Sometimes all three.

And that's what Pastor Paul seeks to do each month with these letters of encouragement. Sign up and I think you be glad you did. Destine for victory exists only through your prayers and faithful financial support and when you make a generous gift today. Be sure to request a booklet from Pastor Paul based on his message junk removal for the soul. This is our gift to you this month by request for your generous gift to destine for victory. Call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to us. It destine for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 again that addresses destine for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 is also important that even if you run into problems with some of your partners, you still need to let God help you raise up some that's tomorrow. Would Pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message finding the right partners. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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