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Choose to Re-Engage (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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August 17, 2021 8:00 am

Choose to Re-Engage (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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August 17, 2021 8:00 am

Making the decision to respond in a positive and proactive way after unfortunate things happen in our lives; based on Gen. 4:25 and Gen. 21:14-21.

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The world is not fair. And believe it or not, God is, and always fear, at least not by our definition of fairness coming your way next Pastor Paul Sheppard talks about the importance of perseverance is destined for victory message choose to reengage, but before he gets started he joined me now from a studio in California past Ruben, asking our listeners during these critical summer months to be as generous as they can and giving so many people become very generous and we thank God for them, but you know during this post pandemic time ministries like destined for victory sometimes get forgotten. It strikes me that's what partnership is all about talk about our partners. We look at them as the lifeblood of this ministry, they absolutely are. We have occasional donors and I appreciate goals who from time to time so you know what I want to be a blessing to Pastor Paul and destined for victory.

I don't see my way clear to give every single month but I do give occasionally I want to let you know we see it we needed and we appreciate it and I want to encourage those donors who can step up to the next level and become partners. Those are the people who are the lifeline of our ministry because they give month in and month out $20.25. Some of them give more to make sure that we can continue to bring these messages your way and then we have 1/3 category of people that I am so grateful for they are our legacy builders. These are people who are committed to giving $3000 or more every year. That's too 50 or more every month so that the gospel goes forth from destined for victory. All three categories are absolutely important.

However, the Lord leads you. I want to thank you for partnering with me because you're giving, we're able to reach a dying world with the living message and the good news of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your partnership.

I look forward to more joining us and I pray that God will bless you as you bless the kingdom of God through your giving as our way of saying thanks for your partnership will send you a few thank you gifts including want to Pastor Paul's most popular CDs. The best of let my people smile.

So call us at 855-339-5500 to find out more about how to become a destined for victory partner for as little as $20 a month and you can make your pledge over the phone or mail your gift letting us know you wish to become our partner. The address is destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. You can also become our partner from our website. Pastor know if you can't become a monthly destined for victory partner but can make a generous donation to destined for victory would like to send you Pastor Paul Sheppard's booklet you're in God's Army. Now that's your and God's army now requested when you make a generous gift this month will die physically because of the fall. Sam brought destruction to the matter is we live in a fallen world. God called us by his fallen world and you will choose to reengage, you're going to see that his purpose will prevail in your life. Nonetheless, we live in a fallen world, but we have a risen Savior today on destined for victory. Pastor Paul reminds us that Jesus Christ is overcome the world and that his purpose will ultimately prevail in your life as you choose to persevere through life's challenges. Now here's Pastor Paul to base destined for victory message choose to reengage where all die physically because of the fall man was created man to leave. Sam brought death.

Sam brought destruction matter is we all tomorrow. God called us by his fallen world and you will choose to reengage your gonna see that his purpose will prevail in your life. Nonetheless, yes, life has brought you a number of misfortunes.

Yes, life has often been unfair when people stop expecting fairness in this world you will go to a higher level of affective living. If you're looking for fairness is not it best world is not fair. God isn't even fair. I said it. Yes, God is not fair. God is just. This means you get it again.

God is not very just got a get one person thought there was one, two and 11 that's not fair. If you think fairness is about you, but it's not a biblical value.

God is just, he does in accord with his will. You and I need to recognize yes I dealt with a lot of unfairness in this world that with a lot of misfortune.

So we all feel like that old gospel course on bait myself and never heard it was almost heard a low gospel course back in probably the 60s and 70s. I been live alone cheated.

Talked about mistreated and you been scorned talked about show is reborn I been up I been down been almost leveled to the ground long as I got King Jesus over my helpful mid as one of my millennial's enhancing and it must state manage all right about mistreated you. Yes, you have no child of God is all happen and was right but God who saves you the God who do the God who called you he said yes I know about all that stop you. You will stop your life based on the and start living your life that you do you say that God's got us coming your way. But in order to get there you gotta reengage me could have chosen to sit around never made love again just sit around morning look at pictures of able.

When he graduated from preschool side.

You gotta say, but enable is gone and come back to us, but we do right.

We will go to him and you gotta have clarity and you make the choice to reengage. I know people who died when a loved one died and I physically like a loved one. But emotionally, psychologically, in terms of plans and dreams and hopes. They died. I know people who never reengaged after a tragedy or loss.

My brother, my sister, that should not be God's got plans for you in the rearview mirror is where you been in the front windshield is where you're going, you gotta make the choice to reengage if you don't guess what you spend your life in the rearview mirror go where good it will be like you dispatch a bag, sit by the doorway for Jesus but God's got plans for you. God's got a future and hope for you now in this last 18 minutes.

I want to go with me to Genesis chapter 21 and I want to make the second case study so many made love again and God bless them with Seth. He knew his wife. That's the Bible version of it by the language of it. That means they were intimate physically intimate in the same way that resulted in a table in the same way that resulted in Kane became a murderer became the murder victim only your psyche can tell you, don't bother trying to make another when you see how this worked out.

You can't listen to the worst that is spoken to you and think you will get somewhere good to know that you serve a God who gives you hope and a future. God was there with you and God's plan will you he went to their you have me tell you many times repeating it. You have a pulse, you have a purpose and you got to say okay, time for me to reengage Genesis chapter 21 verse 14 on her son Ishmael put out by Sarah. You know that story, I will walk you through the whole thing. You know that back in chapter 16, Hagar and Sarah had some issues because Hagar was the woman Sarah brought into their family to produce an heir for her husband Abram and you know the story that she actually engaged this plot let's bring Hagar and I'll make sure your wife will be the madam of the house, but she will be another wife because she's young and shall produce the air that God said he was going to give you that was Sarah's idea. We all know that.

But then Hagar came in and start feeling herself at a certain point when she got magnet seized on active a little attitudinal. She's got start and Sarah started mistreating her back in Genesis 16 really good chance mistreated. She ran out the house. Seems I am trying to run away not realize where you going God. God told me to win you all when you look in your will not only stop just like each did help Hagar in Genesis 6 where where you going, and Hagar completed I will see what happened and God said no you did wrong.

You gotta go back submit. Humble yourself. Go back. My plan is still working out to hurt feelings.

You gotta go home and so got sooner back.

She went back beg pardon, so sorry I was tripping because I got pregnant. Please forgive me, please let me back Sarah little back. Things went on to get down to this passage. Chapter 21 of Genesis. By now the real supernatural work has been done that Sarah herself has gotten an head air.

The child of promise, Isaac.

You know the story merely part of chapter 21. They are having a weaning celebration, which in that culture probably meant that Isaac was about two years old.

He was being weaned from his mother's breast, but Ishmael the child that Abraham and Hagar came up with is a young teenager, 14, 15-ish. He and his little teenage buddies you can you can just picture it. If you been around those young teenager cut not making fun of the little weaned baby, but that little weaned baby Sarah's baby Sarah 90 years old this her first child, and you will knuckle has lost a settled in and mess around Sarah so okay walk told Abraham said that boy has got leave this house maybe don't know know Hagar glad you brought up Hagar. She got a go with him. Abraham read it when you get a chance that I came up with because I listen and read it when you get chance the Lord do what you want to listen to your wife that Scripture is underlined in a number of lives Bible to look at the Bible you will see that's on the line to your wife just listening to her and explain all this. He said Harkin to the boys of your wife you wish and tell you put them don't go away were only about halfway through today's testing for Victor message with pastor Paul Sheppard was senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California. If you love listening to this program, we know you'll enjoy some of pastor Paul's best video clips subscribe on YouTube today or for more details. Be sure to visit pastor that's pastor you can also listen on demand recent messages or find a variety of resources that are online store. We've all made mistakes that any of us, with God's help, have the potential to do the next right thing is pastor Paul with the rest of today's message choose to reengage bringing this up to say you have experience life much like Hagar did some stuff from yourself.

Don't don't what you been perfect, but you did right after you did wrong, she submitted, humble himself came back and seems to get along good. From chapter 16 all the way.

The problem here is a little teenage boy and he got on the Sarah skin is she's okay times for this. I got the child a promise he I am nine years old.

My first baby, she had to be a mother and a grandmother all wrapped up in one you uncovered for my child get away with this lady and her son got ago so you all feel like I've made some bad choices. After anything to deserve punishment or banishment. Some of you can say all try to do is help people and they don't open before bottom line is Abraham has to give them rations of food. I don't know how long that lasted when he gave them and water and he had to put his first son, Ishmael, and that son's mother Hagar out your case they in the back house is no house back.

Y'all gotta go. Don't know where you going, but you gotta go. Sarah said you're leaving and God said this in the center now so you all don't understand that about God. Why would God take see you all think God is supposed to straighten everything out. Let this happen.

Why, because although it seems unfair although it seems you haven't is what happened in your God says I'm still at work. They get out there read this when you get a chance here in Genesis 21 they get out there where we could do this, and so on.

This is not right, eat the food until it's gone. Drink the water until it's gone wandering in the wilderness. Imagine the day that she's got no food to give her her son no water for him to drink.

She has no food in the water for herself is starting to look and feel desperate. God is saying nothing.

Imagine the moment when her son is so weak she's not sure he's going to make it.

She puts them under a bush no doubt that she'll the sun, and she walks away could see it start to think what and she walks a stone throw away the boy is crying. She walks away disillusioned. I'm talking to some people more disillusioned right now in your life you can relate to Hagar. You have been perfect, but when I was wrong.

Got to make it right.

I got right done the best I could. Since then, some of these immature he mocked the child how to child Joe see when you can try to make makes you just puzzle yourself and frustrate yourself more and more, because God said, let it happen.

Some of you if you're going to become stronger, wiser, better. You gotta stop second-guessing what God allows.

And you gotta trust him even when you can't trace this boy only created an environment where God could do what he was already planning to do what you mean by that pastor God have said way back in 16 chapter 16 to Hagar go back and submit them to make a nation out in the sun and I she wants away so she doesn't have to experience it, and if she would want to know I said I thought God has said he will make a nation out of the boys about the diamond. When God speaks, he's not trying to make it happen. It is so the Lord spoke to her in that moment, said Hagar was the matter and he says to her, lift up your eyes do not see and everything needs to see you see the disillusionment you feel the pain. You don't understand the unfairness but you gotta keep looking. You gotta keep looking for me and it and he lifts her eyes and she sees that God has given them water in the desert supernatural provision understand how God does it just got a know we serve a God who does it and he blessed them to survive that moment. Blessed to find blessed them to travel to a city blessed them to establish their lives in a new place and the next thing you know, the boy grows up and becomes a responsible young man who takes care of himself and his mother and God blesses him with a wife and God makes a nation out of them. God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or even imagine missing if you plan to get stronger, wiser, better quit trying to figure out how God is going to do it. All you have to do is walk in faith and in obit when it doesn't make since the last God makes.

Just ask God to be and do what only he can do, you'll find out that God is able to make a stream in the desert. God is able to make away wilderness, God is able to get you from the Jack place you are to the place it's in the place of prosperity, in the place of blessing in the place of that he had in mind for you stop asking God to give you what you want and start saying God I thank you that you're going to give me what your willingness because in his way to lose everything you need him and his will.

Are blessings that you haven't even thought about.

So you've got to be willing to be like Hagar, why did I use the second case study besides Saft being born because Seth was born because they were willing to say I'm not going to focus on death we still have each other.

Let's make love and out of that came Seth God, watch this, he said, has appointed that's what he named himself. He's an appointment some appointments for you. You don't know what some of them are. I'm sure you will be shocked by one or more of the things in your future.

I never saw this coming. God and that he was gonna preview everything. Sometimes we get dreams and Joseph dream or to gossip sometime you either way you serve. Who knows what he has in mind even when you don't know that he knows so you gotta walk by faith and not by sight. Thanks so much for joining us for today's message choose to reengage to find out more about the destined for future ministry or to contact us for prayer sure to stop by our website Pastor that's Pastor

You'll get stronger, wiser, better automatically. You don't grow old just because you get all the only thing that happens when time is you get all it's up to you if you also grow while you're getting older that's tomorrow in Pastor Paul Shepard's message junk removal for the sole.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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