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Perspective Is Everything (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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August 11, 2021 8:00 am

Perspective Is Everything (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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August 11, 2021 8:00 am

God’s declaration about Corinth versus what Paul could see in natural terms; learning to adopt God’s point of view as we pursue a God-given dream; based on Acts 18:1-11. (Included in the 6-part series Making Your Vision a Reality.)

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People of vision often do not see what's right in front of them. They're too busy looking beyond just a few moments on Destin for victory investor Paul Sheppard shares his message.

Perspective is everything. Before we start.

He joins me from a studio in California pastorally been asking our listeners during these critical summer months to be as generous as they came in their giving. And so many people have become very generous and we thank God for them, but you know in this post pandemic time ministries like Destin for victory sometimes get forgotten and it strikes me that's why partnership is so important so talk to her destined for victory partners.

There are the lifeblood of this ministry.

Everything they absolutely are. We have occasional donors and I appreciate those who from time to time so you know what I want to be a blessing to pastor Paul and destined for victory.

I don't see my way clear to give every single month but I do give occasionally I want to let you know we see it we needed and we appreciate it and I want to encourage those donors who can to step up to the next level and become partners. Those are the people who are the lifeline of our ministry because they give month in and month out $20.25. Some of them give more to make sure that we can continue to bring these messages your way and then we have 1/3 category of people that I am so grateful for they are our legacy builders.

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All three categories are absolutely important. However, the Lord leads you. I want to thank you for partnering with me because you're giving we are able to reach a dying world with the living message and the good news of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your partnership. I look forward to more joining us and I pray that God will bless you as you bless the kingdom of God through your giving and as our way of saying thanks for your partnership will send you a few thank you gifts including one of Pastor Paul's most popular CDs.

The best of let my people smile, call 855-339-5500 and find out more about how to become a destined for victory partner for as little as $20 a month, or mail your gift letting us know you wish to become a partner.

The address is destined for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

You can also become a partner for my website. Pastor and if you can't become a destined for victory partner but can make a generous donation to destined for victory today would like to send you one of Pastor Paul's booklets you're in God's Army. Now that's you and God's army. Now request it. When you make a generous gift this month. I came to tell somebody to give you an like a miracle, but you have to get short of telling God you get all your pain and you say this is what God is telling me to do if you're facing obstacles to your destiny. If you have a promise from God in something or someone is standing in your way. Today's message is just for you pastor Paul wants remind you how important it is to maintain perspective to see things the way God sees them. The first step in changing the way you see is changing the way you think. So here's Pastor Paul. With today's destined for victory message. Perspective is everything God uses the uses the Holy Spirit speak to you and he will say something to you that's not in the Bible but it doesn't contradict it lines up with the precepts and principles of the Scripture give an example in my last formal pastorate. After years of working hard so when faithfully in ministry into this vision with the Lord had said to me, I came to California because the Lord said to me through this passage and others. I have many people in the Bay Area and I called you to reach them when some of them and disciple. Some of them Lord used for thousands. I still have a recording of a meeting I had with about 40 people in 1989 I came to town to figure out whether I was going accept their invitation to be their pastor. I to this day I have a recording of that meeting and you can hear me talk in 1989 to about 40 people about the Lord saying we were gonna reach thousand we cemented little teeny church now happy as they think I'm a be the next pastor and I said I may but I need to know how you are looking to respond to this word, I have from the Lord.

I shared with they say we've always been little church got a sandwich and become a picture they embraced it. Now the thing is, the Lord gave me the vision but he didn't tell me when the thousand and you have to learn about God not give your vision, you have no idea when it's going come to pass.

What you going to go through between now and later the MO you get a good part he show you the reality of the vision will be to get your you now you have to go through this, help, and they don't do this to you and are you still as we give you before you ever get started about thousand rejoiced. He's got good seven years in seven years in we've gone from 34 to 250 that's great growth by average search than a great growth. Most churches never get past hundred that we went from 3042 57 year amazing.

I was disappointed, confused, bewildered God, you play too much. I was sitting pretty in Philadelphia heir apparent to my dad's ministry. We already had a thousand members in Philly. Some of them couldn't wait for my dad to resign so that I could come and take the church to the next level and you send me out to California to 34 people and tell them thousands are coming in all of us for seven years and wondered whether thousands give an altar calls on preaching my best sermons on everything I know to do the best I could come up with his 257 years had to decide at that point my going to keep the perspective God gave me and keep on preaching.

Don't be silent. Don't leave or my going to follow my thinking. My thinking told me every Sunday is my wife and I drove home from church I think is you need to get out here need to go back to Philly. Ptolemy made a mistake whoops I'm sorry they would've embraced me all the more SENSE most to be with the Lord.

By now, but still plan back then that God would send me whole. You come home home over a century now is in California. That's what God took me like that, but you rate warehouse after someone in tears for seven years would begin to reap a harvest harvester started growing by leaps and bounds from one service to to be that impressed Willow building but we did. We went from one service that one service and overflow to services to an overflow three and overflow highly foreign overflow we needed another building and we started looking around and we found a beautiful industrial facility that we could lease and converted into a worship center city gave us approval. Okay we don't do it. Finally, have a nice large facility where we keep growing and as we are in that process. By the time the building is beginning to be under renovation and we looking forward to moving in months from now. I had two experiences within a week or two of each other that God one was.

I spoke at the Crystal Cathedral in its heyday. I was a speaker in a successful church Institute conference, and Dr. Schlitt asked me to come he heard me speak about speakers in another conference. I didn't know he was sitting in my session, but he was and he was impressed with what he heard is that having for my Institute invited me and I came in on their starstruck ladder Crystal Cathedral on a beautiful glass and pipe organ. All men I knew I had made it after I spoke with Dr. Schuller's people came. Dr. wants to meet you for lunch up in the tower. They had a talent power over Orange County hardly eat looking to slick. It is a wonderful life. I was therefore I went to another guy session and I had come back for that session from the hotel and I ran out so quickly. I left my wallet were taken the offering. They pass the offering around at that time in these little bowls that were not completely transparent but you could see through them somewhat enough to know when a doll is a lantern and when is not in the boys were coming, went to school money and I wanted to give but I didn't have. I really wanted to give us some felt bad that I couldn't give then I felt even worse that people don't see that I don't give this because I just spoke earlier in the day. That would leave the session and and I'm a speak. I want them send me gave me but I had to pass the ball when it came away something then within a week or so of that group of pastors and I have this habit once a year will go visit the site visit. Also church it has a really great ministry really rebuilding whatever wheat we spent some time sharpening each other and learning from other models went to a church in Fort Lauderdale had not, 15, 16,000 people and we can attendance beautiful campus as he walked to the building taken the store I noticed these kind offering boxes, said asked the guy what was this about tell us where people give you me, like when a late and you know they just offered his best when we give the soul take off or going to service before they give during the give.

After Weber boxes come from a mindset with you going get people to give you better watch it will be right back with more of today's testing for Victor message Pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California listen to the broadcast on or watch some of pastor Paul's best video clips by subscribing at YouTube. You can find more details on that in all of pastor Paul social will also find a host of great resources in our online store. Let's rejoin pastor Paul for the rest of today's message. Perspective is everything come from where preaching is only let you pass it in the church is walking walking often church marching music singing music. So today see you, bring the money right now and a standard that's all I had ever known and build on the past is to this day that you, but do not want the people.watching the different mindset. I came from the world came from. So we passing offering bags of time I got here and after I got home from those two experiences. One morning on land in the bed begin to speak to me this way I can describe it is the Holy Spirit began giving me a download of his will was a mental download. Is he just downloading information and when I saw his remember how self-conscious you felt at the Crystal Cathedral because you couldn't do member how that felt.

How almost humiliated and disappointed that you couldn't participate and then do you remember those boxes.

I showed you and the other church he said that's the way I want you to have people give when you move into your new facility. We were months for mood. It was under construction at the time CSA will cause them to be honest with you. At that point in our ministry. We need a $75,000 a week to meet budget how much we've grown from the 250 is 75,000 a week to meet budget and all my financial people that's projected based on what the overhead is going be at the new facility and based on the staff. You will have to hire based on estimated we were going to instantly need 100,000 and here I'm laying in bed and God is telling me I came watch and he did that was Gary that was scary but I listen to God. I asked the people to send me the dimension of their boxes from that of the church is sent to me. I gave it to one of subcontractor over here so I need you to build these for me to place the ball over that building and I was scared and the next Sunday so I'm laying in bed during the week and here it is next Sunday. I got proclaim this to the church and I get up I had had pictures from the church in Florida put bubble screen we have for service elected Bhumibol for services explained just a small version of what I told you about. The Lord said this deliverable did we no longer pass anything for the rest of my pastoral ministry. They'll be no offering baskets and stuff. We just will give you just place it where the basket of epoxy and every time I made that announcement of people broke out a lot applause all for services that the and the devil. So you know any implored in the hundred thousand dollars when the scariest thing the Lord is one thing that you sometimes your vision is going get real scary before becomes a reality. But if you're following God. You leave all of that to him. You just do what he told you to do hundred thousand a week but if God said it in the bills and his problem. Tell you what happened.

We moved in and instantly attendance went up 700 people a week from totally attendance jumped up 700 people that don't mean a 700 people who give you is always trying to walk by sight, but instantly as the bills went up the attendance went up the income immediately went up and in the five years I pastored in that building before leaving that church in the five years after I left that between moving in and leaving that church. We never had a financial close call.

Never there was never a week that was never week when we say well I will know they don't get the paycheck this week when I had to wait never happened.

Every bill pay and I needed to watch these days but only that much yet, that they may come back. But these days most of our people give online I really KC that pops in the account. Thank you Jesus.

But you know how I love it because I learned how to walk by faith, sweating is God knows how to pay bills. Different buildings five different sounds, church were to stay around stating existed, had to tell them to go to find a place to go to church in amazement.

Not supposed to happen, they stay together and in this time they have identified a building lease that had to pay rent for God knows how long, and now they renovated 2 1/4 million dollars cash look in my God's perspective. By faith and obedience. Don't try to answer questions and I qualified to answer the questions I have the questions you will have a way past your pay grade. You'll never figure out the stuff but you just do it. I tell you, so you will be doing things you amazed yourself you is going to be God in you God for you to change your perspective.

Don't be like the blind person who goes back to comfort me okay would be in scared that it was scared when he was 300 people are called to go up against hundred and 30,000 of the enemy. He scared me scared.

We always try to fear. What is the ideal fear not. You let you just taken you try your best to just shaken doing scared and scared one day he was at his house and his on his laptop working this grandson came in the room on the play came up coastal grandfather why when one is you mostly come back. I did that couple times I need to finish doing my work on. If you keep coming back side to anointment On typing. Make sure he got right in my site finally what scared me again. You will scare you again but would you like to visit.

You will just scared again you have to do things that don't always make sense.

The carnal mind we just learn to walk in faith and obedience and see it from God's perspective on God your print timeline might not matter.

Joseph dreamed of being permanent when he was 17 member.

He had the dreams that said, his family were about him you know the day that they came to Egypt and bow down to him. He was 39 and most of those 22 years between vision and reality were hell slavery long imprisonment for crime he didn't commit a felony attempted rape didn't do it.

How do what he said but he probably will give you time so you have to stay focused and again listen to what he says and don't create your own version of what he said make your vision a reality by walking by God's perspective, this is what the Lord put in my heart.

This is what I'm going to do.

I promise you, brothers and sisters I'm a living witness, and if you just follow got keep your raggedy friends opinions out of your head. If I listen to a lot of people. I never even moved to California, but God said, go West young man go West great opportunities in Philly, but I have called it a state called to go there. There are thousands in the kingdom because I said yes there people hear me on the radio and podcasts all over the world.

The Lord showed me a radio ministry in 88 when I was still in Philly and I got came sin be on the radio and today we hear from people not only throughout the country Africa Asia Europe listening to God is using you to change my life. Why, because I decided one day I will God make the vision that's what you gotta do in your life.your business about your career but your family whatever is in your heart to do one day you will see that vision, it's not always easy to push through life's challenges. But one thing we know for sure is that with God all things are possible. If you've already received God's purpose. Maybe now is the season to gain God's perspective not only the challenges in front of you, but on the victory that lies behind. Thanks so much for joining us for this message. Perspective is everything. If you'd like more information about the destined for Victor program work this month. Special thank you gift for your support. Be sure to stop by our website Pastor that's pastor God wants to bless you like but you have to position yourself to be blessed by making better choices often live calls for each of us to make choices when it calls for us to make them up to us to take advantage of the opportunities that are given to us Whose whole new back crying about, you know, this is an unfair world building on fair world that's tomorrow and pastor Paul Sheppard shares his message examining the choices we make. Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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