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Stay Positive! Part 1

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

Stay Positive! Part 1

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

How Paul maintained a positive attitude despite the opposition and abuse he experienced in Corinth; the importance of responding to God’s promises with positivity and faith; based on Acts 18:1-11. (Included in the 6-part series Making Your Vision a Reality.)

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If God before you can be against the Giants and walled cities. When God has promised and so the point here is that you have to stay positive about what God has put in your heart to do. Sometimes we get so caught up in the when we forget about the hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard who senior pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California God always keeps his promises, but he may not do it overnight if you're going through one of those seasons of waiting, today's message may be just what you need to give you strength to make it through the play should focus not on the obstacles in the way of the promise.

But, on the one who made the promise stay with us now or visit pastor to listen on demand pastor Paul You can also subscribe to the Destin for victory podcast. It's bona fide, or at Apple podcast or wherever you get yours is pastor Paul. Today's Destin for victory message. Stay positive. Look at your neighbor and tell them stay positive. I need you to understand that if you're going to bring your vision to pass in the midst of dealing with what's going to come up between now and the fulfillment of what's in your heart, you're gonna have to learn why it is important that you stay positive now. Throughout this series I been using Paul's experience of establishing the church in Corinth as our case study in acts 18 and I will go back to that passage in a moment, but I thought I would start this part of the series by looking at second Corinthians 120. For this reason it is there to help us understand that there's a role we play in bringing God's promises to fulfillment in our lives now the reason I read it from the English standard version is because many of us first heard.

Second Corinthians 120 from King James, and here's what it says and King James it says all the promises of God in him are you gay and in him Amen, unto the glory of God by us nothing wrong with that translation, except that if the King James version, which means it is an English version from a century long ago.

We don't speak quite like that in so you can easily miss what Paul was saying if you read it in the King James so I read it in another verse in the let you know that all the promises of God, find their yes in him. When God makes your promise. Paul said it is always yes, God never makes may be promises God never makes well you not working all summer and if everything works out all lines up we might have some does not. God as your uncle, your relatives might talk like that. God never says he's working on some of the really trying to pull it all came. I can say for sure now not as strong but is not God. Your your God says if I make you a promise. It is always yes if I promise that is yes not maybe not hold so when God makes a promise. It is always yes. But Paul went on to say, but be a man has to be spoken by us ever that means the W thinking. I've heard people say all my life over the path of the God IANA men is that Goss is in both but when you look at what Paul said. He said God says yes you have to say amen get when God makes a promise and says yes looking for somebody to grab a promise and say amen. Which means, so let it be. I synchronize my cell with your promise. God, I say yes and I cooperate with what you promised.

So in that sense, what you have to learn is that the promises of God are somewhat conditional in this sense, only many of the promises of God. He's already said yes but it takes our faith and obedience to bring it to reality.

Now let me prove that I Never Heard and Found a Truly Biblical Art Finally Prove It to You.

You Remember Israel in the Old Testament When God Had Given Them the Promise to Inherit Canaan Member That so Moses Was Supposed to Get Them Out Of Egypt and into Canaan.

He Got Them Out Of Egypt, but They Got Stuck Somewhere between Egypt and Canaan. We Call It the Wilderness or the Desert and the Only Reason I Got Stuck There Is Not Because God Had Promised Them. Canaan Because They Didn't Have the Faith and the Obedience to Claim Their Promise and You Know the Story They Got Stuck There. They Start to Complain about Everything under the Sun. They Got over That Is That Where the Water over Here Is One of Bitter May Complain about the Water Did Not They Had Not Want to Got Cleaned up the Waterfall. They Said Where the Food over Here and Lead over Here and God Gave Amanda and Wally Got Sick of the Medicine.

We Also Meet Todd Is Manna Used Time after Time. The Factory Has Gotten Really Want Freedom in the Wilderness Because He Had Promised Wilderness Promise Them Canaan, Which Was a Land Flowing with Milk and Honey Gonna Stop Worried about Whether Food Was to Where the Food Was What They Got Stuck and What Should Have Been a Journey of Less Than a Month inside of a Month, They Could've Been in the Promised Land, Eaten All the Fruit of That Wonderful Land and Instead What Could Have Been Just a Matter of Weeks Turned into 40 Years Going Nowhere. Not Because God Had Promised It to Him, but Because They Didn't Say Amen Numbers Chapter 13 Beginning about Verse 26 You Will See That What Happened Was Moses Said Some Spies from the Wilderness over to Spy out the Land Moses Was Hoping This Would Catch Fire. The People Would Have Faith That They'll Have To Hear about That Will Read Numbers 13 When You Get a Chance to Get around Verse 26 and You'll Find That the 12 Spies Moses Sent over Came Back with Two Different Reports to Came Back with One and to Joshua and Caleb Came Back with Another Which Means It Doesn't Really Matter What God Has Promised You. If You Don't Have the Wherewithal to Say Amen You'll Never Receive It Even Though It Was a Promise.

So Here's What Happened. They Came Back in the First Part of the Report. All Agreed to the Came Back They Said What We Went over There and That Land Is Fraught with Milk and Honey Is Just like God Said It Was All It Is Nice the Fruit over This Wonderful If I Get Brought Back Some Samples of the Fruit and They Said Here Is the Fruit Show the People They Passed around Here Is What It Is Really Good and They Said One Word This Where Breaks off and the 10 Bring Their Report and Here's the First Word That the Team Said after the Park, They Can All Agree on the 10 Said, but I Came to Tell You That If You Want to Experience Everything God Has for You. You Gotta Get Your Butt Out Of the Way.

Now Let Me Hasten before You Believe He Said at the Pulpit, Let Me Hasten to Say I'm Not Talking about the BU TT. They Said BU T. It Was a Construction of Unbelief. It Was a Statement That Prove Amen Wasn't in Their Heart but Was in Their Heart. If You Want to Insult God and If You Want to Keep Yourself from Ever Fulfilling What God Has for You, Receive His Promise and Respond to It with, but That Insults God. There You Hear Me Promise You Something and Then You Come up with a Reason Why It Can't Happen. That's What They Did but That Place Is Full of Giants and Walled Cities As They Compare to the Tribes and Walled Cities.

We Look like a Bunch of Grasshoppers. They Said We Look like a Bunch of Grasshoppers to Them What They Look like to the See What Happens Is When You're Walking in Unbelief. You Will Began to Magnify All the Wrong Things When You're Walking in Faith. You Don't Magnify Wrong Things You Magnify God. You Say My God Is Bigger Than Mountains Walled City Giants. He Created a Giant He Can Knock Him off If He Wants to.

That's What Faith Says, but They Had so Much Unbelief in What They Said. Until That Unbelief Caught like a Cold and and Ran among the People, so That When You Get down the Numbers 14 You Find That the People There Unbelief the People Begin to Weep in an Marmon Complaint Is Signature The Second Half of Today's Destined for Victory Message with Pastor Paul Sheppard. We Want to Take a Moment to Thank All of You Whose Prayers and Financial Support Help Esther Paul Share the Gospel All over the World and Right Now during the Busy Summer Months When Donations Often Declined. Your Support Is Especially Needed so As God Leads Prayerfully Consider Making a Generous Gift to Destin for Victory Today. Give Securely or call 855-339-5500.

That's 855-339-5500 are you waiting on God to make good and one of his promises. It might be that he's waiting on you is Pastor Paul was arrested today's message stay positive, not just one. Caleb tried to quiet them. At one point at the end of the 13th Caleb spoke up for just one himself, and he said no we should go over and once we can certainly possess that land but their faith language was drowned out by the language of doubt and unbelief. So God had promised the land, but that whole generation with the exception of Joshua and Caleb died in the wilderness. I'm speaking to you so that when God makes you a promise of these major number promises in his word by his spirit as some of you know good and well by what's in your heart. God has promised to do something for your life and you can either be like just one Caleb and get it done or you can be like the tenant die in on fulfillment. It's up to you and I'm preaching with the hope that this message will finally convince some of you all to get up off of your blessed assurance and do what God has put in your heart to do and stop making excuses. If God be for you, who can be against Giants and walled cities. When God has promised it to you.

And so the point here is that you have to stay positive. You have to stay positive about what God has put in your heart to do and the other thing you learned from Numbers 13 is to make sure you don't let negative people influence you see some you want to go somewhere but the folk in your life. The folk who have your ear are people who speak like the 10 days of the season in my life where I don't let any tins hang out in my inner circle. I promise you that's why I am in the season I got a lot more in my heart to do and I don't know how many more years.

I have to do it so I will get the rest what's in my heart done and all that is get my crown divided all to go hang out in my inner circle are people who I hear from the most the people speak to me the most, but the tank I can kick a ball out of my life. I can make sure to not in my inner circle at the season of my life. If you attend you and get my cell phone.

My personal email address and I'm not happy with it. I noticed you had and give me your cell number. I noticed that you think I am crazy.

I noticed that the reason why you need a 10 ring in my great theologians we brought it up. I got to attend beginning the father along as he got the wrong talking to you. You believe in God for healing and you got people telling you what you have told me was that God was believe in God, which I was turned down the other day and declared your healing the these 10 people. If you want you will go nowhere fast. Gotta stay positive in the time that remains me just give you two points and I'll pick it up in the next service. Here's the first of the two points I will make to you about staying positive. State positive despite haters jotted down a positive despite haters now. This brings me back to my main text for the series. Acts chapter 18 where Paul is and Karen. He's just being a missionary just been an apostle did not work for God. He's in a hostile environment and look at what is said in verse six of acts 18 but when the Jews apparels Paul and became abusive. He shook out his clothes in protest and said to them, your blood be on your own heads. I am clear of my responsibility.

From now on I will go to the Gentiles. Then Paul left the synagogue and went next door to the house of tidiness just as a worshiper of God crispness the synagogue ruler and his entire household believed in the Lord and many of the Corinthians who heard him believed and were baptized. You'll see what happened. He's there being an apostle did not work for God, and it becomes increasingly hostile and people began to oppose him very openly and vocally, and they even became abusive and what he shook out his clothes. He refused to let negativity get on him he stay positive despite haters that were around him so you all have haters they hate what God is doing in you. They hate that you want to rise above your circumstances. They hate that you want to see God get a lot of glory out of your life. They hate you trying to aspire to something to be the first in your family to do something significant or whatever it is they hate that they are going nowhere and you are going somewhere or they hate the message they hate the gospel is whatever it is we all have to deal with haters.

You will not get your vision fulfilled without dealing with haters not going to happen. There is no such thing as I hate her free life in the kingdom of God. If you in the kingdom you will have haters missing a promise somebody all are in denial; denial because you're so busy focused on but I'm such a wonderful person who would bother hating me.

What have I done to anybody in your LinkedIn will bless your heart.

I came to set you free. I know you are wonderful. I know you can imagine why somebody would be opposed to you, but general, it is real.

It is happening. We may frown when a woman is all of the back of because they actually do hate you, trying to help John now yes you are wonderful, but yes they hate you and found out about haters that don't even have to have a good reason around here alone enough to know haters don't even have to have a rationale for hating you something just looked at you one day and they said no just sent out a loan no and mess around and give them a reason I hate you don't look in shop when they want you to be brought down now you're really in trouble.

Stacy know you play solitaire up trying to describe bother wasting energy on somebody you don't think much thinks he found that my baby you think you somebody asked why you hate and you not as cute as her so you can tell you're faceup like that; denial doesn't do you realize it, but you're still in shock.

You realize you got haters but you still in shock and I need to get over the shock as a pastor I always know when somebody is in shock and it really dawns on them that they have haters because they just omitted it blows him away to get as a passive half will come in my office.

Over the decades and just come in just crying telling me about they found out that some folks were talking about and they just crying, it's not Lincoln renal and I just learned of the passages handling the tissue when they get through and blow the nose real good and dried up a little bit. I said I need to tell you some. They hated you before you just now found out about. I got help someone understand what they said. This desolate and frantic and you described, you heard us all babe two months ago I heard way worse.

About you you like I do. I tell you exactly what they think of you. Get over it, haters, haters. Anybody who's ever done anything but God had planned to be a kingdom person you accept the fact that you got haters. But here's the point I'm making. Gotta stay positive despite your haters.

Paul shut down his close go man depressed and crime on the shoulder for the notes I get all started way before Taylor Swift so we don't really know what I just said I'm so I'm sorry I'm sorry I realize that we don't only listen to Jesus, keep me near the cross is fine. Do you do you is good. I Michael Judge Woodall also christened only they can only listen to Christian music. They said all the stuff to come back somewhere to come to an unhealthy place and you do what you need to do strong enough where I can listen to my gospel and I got printed gospel to my iPod and only that I got all the great songs of not only this decade but all the previous decades I go way back hundred class when he was purse out touring. I got all dead and live hot air and with Hawkins and them I got all that them all and bring it all the way up through the 70s through the 80s through the 90s 2000 I got them all some of the stuff in their head on and be honest. I got some other stuff and then you know it. It helps me insert you to know is not a word for you. I'm just saying don't judge me. I listen to some of the stuff I make sure it's not you know the crazy buck while stuff but I listen. Sometimes that's what I feel like and tell you truth when you walk with God. God can use anything encourage you and one day one day tell you I am almost sure one day God used tables with in my life. A day where they would just talk about me and mess with me and I heard Taylor Swift say hate hate hate hate hate hate to say get off Saginaw that I believe I hear God speaking to me Buddhist job that's their job is what I do. He say get all if you are in a season of waiting today pastor Paul wants to encourage you to wait the right way. As we read in Isaiah 4031 they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. Well before he ascended to heaven. The last thing Jesus told his disciples was to go into all the world and make more disciples. That's our mission at Destin for victory. We depend on friends like you to partner with us so that together we can reach the world for Christ as his way of saying thanks for your generous gift to Destin for victory today. Pastor Paul would like to send you his booklet you're in God's Army now.

It's a great companion guide to the messages you heard earlier this week. I'm destined for victory, one that explains how to be an effective soldier in the Army of God. That's your and God's Army now booklet from Pastor Paul. Her gift to you by request for your gift to Destin for victory. Just call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538. Again, the addresses Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 I came to tell somebody stay positive. You may have humiliated yourself. You may have messed yourself up.

Stay positive like we think is not always shoe it is redemptive.

That's next time and pastor Paul Shepard's message stay positive.

Until then, enjoy your weekend and remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion in Christ, you are destined for victory

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