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We Are a Body, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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July 22, 2021 8:00 am

We Are a Body, Part 1 (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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July 22, 2021 8:00 am

Understanding how important connectedness is if body parts are to function properly; based on Romans 12:5 and other passages. (Included in the9-part series The Power of We.)

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Because we we are called the body. The body is all healing was in him and we have the responsibility of being in this world, what he wants.

When was the last time you needed someone's help to ask for it. Hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, senior pastor of destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California pastor Paul said a moment ago we body of Christ are called to be what Jesus was when he lived under we have an obligation to reach out to those in the to serve one another to help one another and to ask for help when we need it is a great reminder for calling in Christ to help others when we see a need and ask for help when we have needs of her own. Today's message is straightahead.

Stay with us now or stop by Pastor to listen on demand.

That's pastor there is Pastor Paul.

Now today's Destin for victory message. We are a body I want you to understand that you should take heed to the wise words of mama Joe. That's my next point. Write it down, take heed to the wise words of mama Joe Yousef who in the world is mama Joe. Let me think all the women in the Bible, mama Joe, Joe nobodies come in right because she's not in the Bible. She's in a movie called soul food. It came out in 1997 a movie called soul food. This was old sister with her family gathered around her around her table for Sunday dinner so we don't know how used to be back in the day. Some of us older folk in school we all used to be a time when families would have Sunday dinner. Now is the only day of the week when Bennett didn't happen at dinner time. Come alone in traditional church life in the black church. We said it was better and he was numbered about 130 2 o'clock. Also, I need some help up in here.

One 2 o'clock, but that would last week to battle. We went to church about all the way church church was early prayer is the Sunday school Sunday school kids got out of classes and went to the store in my neighborhood. You went to the store right around the corner from the church that was an Asian man who opened up a store called the black keys look when the God we will everything behind the glass and we just look at that would put my dirty fingers on his glass. I also live in the I was on now. Later I will know I will. Some show some lifesavers and yes shifts they come out with the next month going that man was making money hand over fist hand and we then we go around backgrounded charts cause 11 o'clock church starts at 11 back in the day we can have Otis 830 and 11 is the second service with no second service back in the day it was and that started at 1045 from churches I was with 11:00 AM when Jesus was coming to church back in my day to show up at 830 Jesus came out of somebody we become, the choir would come around well so many different so we come this far by faith that they would sing. What a fellowship. What a joy to watch it in their roles always to be came in and we know it in my home church nicely one hour church? We know nothing about that one out, which is only grown close all church one hour sometime I got happy and free. So close to an hour by himself and noticed single and oldest friend and they to read all the announcements and then all in the sick and shut it and all that stuff when alone.

So when we got out we got started at 11 130 church and then we have Sunday Sunday dinner was going on in soul food. Mama Joe has a family gathered around her table for Sunday, and here's what she said. On one particular occasion the movie to come back to her family and their being, not in step with one another, not in sync with one another. All legal spats and in fights in the family and so mama Joe wanted to get them straight and she said one finger won't make an impact, but you ball those fingers into her face, and you can strike a mighty blow. Then she looked at him and said, now this family to be that this I came to tell you something if you want to get the revelation of the church being body you must understand what she said you by your self will not make the impact in this world that God wants you to make you all will not gifted you are. I don't care how special you think you are you by your self. People who are wrapped up in themselves all a very small package, but if you find the power of synergy. Just in the natural. If you find the power center. Do you have something but when when you're talking about the kingdom you're talking about spiritual synergy synergy when you take what you have together we take and we ball them into a mighty mama. Joe was talking about can't do anything somebody would show farm and see what happens when you when you ball into a you get all your strength and energy in size, please use the fight you don't even know this analogy, but I need some folks some former fighters to weigh in on this mindset and before I was a brawler before I got somebody I know. I look cute. Think about now, but trust me when I tell you if you still remember me from childhood to scale something that would when we will mama day and when I got there. I have never forgotten me. I need some former brothers to say yes, I can testify that we just balled up to make an impact is going to change things and I will let you know that that's the way we have to be as the people of God. We've got to be connected and we've got to get our break and places healed so we both connected and where healthy and we strike a mighty blow against the works of darkness. Things are going to change you can do that in your life you can do that in your individual life. Get some prayer partners something in me that I need to go.

I need Joe to come on and T-Mobile me in prayer we will rebuke the devil we don't command him to get out this area of my life so that I can be 40 to serve God, not only in your personal life, but in your family. You need to get some prayer warriors who can put you through your family drama. Anybody have any family drama family goes through some stuff and you got a deal with these people and you are ready to see some things change you to connect with the power of kingdom's energy to get some combining with your faith does not all saints who taught us how to pray.

They want to pray where the trouble is, will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard to listen any of Pastor Paul's recent broadcast. Be sure to stop by Pastor to listen on demand pets. Pastor Esther Paul joins me in the studio after today's message right now. Let's join him for the second half today's teaching.

We are a body rebuke and come up to me in Jesus may, you have no authority. We are the children of God in Jesus name we curse you and send you back where you came from and in Jesus name some demonic activity in my house this new name of Jesus you can think of a played against him.

Rebuke in Jesus name. And I'm screaming out of somebody I'm talking about what God can do. The power of kingdom's energy. We gotta learn the same with other people of like precious faith. Don't take foolishness off the devil you don't have to do that you don't belong to him.

You are God's property. What does the Bible say about you.

Greater is he that sent me then he that is in the world. So we all need to figure this out.

You don't have to be scared of the business being scared of the enemy.

You have power and already we are in Christ we have power and authority to say what the significance of that well all means you have the legal right to do something when a cop has a bandage or something on their shoulder uniform that tells you who they represent. That speaks of the authority and you gotta understand that means they have the right to confront evil so Can be physically small and walk up to a vehicle driven by somebody 280 pounds and all muscle and I can walk up and they said give me a registration or license some time to get out the car you sell what basis the scrawny person to be full of muscles person to do something and expect the answer is authority.


That means I have the legal right so don't think about messing with me, not because of who I am but because of whose I learn about demonic forces. They might not like you, but they have to respect you because of the authority you been given by Jesus. I have spiritual already. You in the name of Jesus cast demons out of people and they speak to the person so you can cast me out. I said somebody told you wrong somebody told you I can cast you out person asked me to come over here and help them with them you if you want to get delivered evil never get delivered because they had made friends with what their bondage. Let me tell you something that I want to take what you could rest your life. God promises to deliver you from your enemies in the Bible to the upper promise to deliver you from your friend so we all can get delivered call this your friend.

The bondage is your friend. The addiction is your friend, your bad attitude is your friend. You use it to get people up offer you you're not sick, are you sick of people, but you gotta get sick enough for you to let God authorize you to change your cell and then he will bring about his power for your deliverance so authority you have that in Christ. The Bible says in John chapter 1 he can do is all data and receive them.

But as many as received him, to them gave he King James his power, but check the Greek it's a Greek word exudes you, which means legal right, authority, to them gave he legal right to be children of God. So when the soul says you can cast me also know I have the authority to cast you out, so all of us were in Christ we walk in divine authority. If will take it.

Not a problem is something have it, but they don't use it, and then we can figure out you know I'm not going anywhere I been in your family for generations.

I'm not going anywhere.

All are addicted. That's just how we roll. That's just how we do in the Wilson family and them in the whatever family that's how we roll. You got to have the authority said somebody told you I have authority to cancel this addiction right here right now.

It will not go into my children behind me because I'm walking and kingdom authority now not only do you have authority which is good, but every now and then the cop walks up to the car, and 284 muscle guy gets outside the cop up and is not doing anything you say and I know I'm not giving you my license given you my registration. No I will not put my hands on the car you can't make me. So don't just sit in the police and Highway Patrol. Whatever it is, don't just send them out with a batch UK simple criminals to show the bad you. So they send them out with the batch, but they also would do this Greek word translated power such as you shall receive this power when the Holy Ghost comes through to set up that bad. They sent them out with a holster and doing the thing. Come on, the pistol on the they can start you when doing this they got a club to beat some doing this. No, don't miss and you if you are a spirit filled child of God. You say how I get spirit filled to the Holy Ghost away and enrolling your life, the Holy Spirit and filling all week with the spirit to spirit filled Lord Spillman somebody I want to let you know you will and kingdom authority and power and you get that by making sure you have connectedness with others when you're put in there praying for you so successfully because there are people who have plans every time I know you're preaching.

They told me over the years. Every time I know your preaching limbs at your home to somewhere else. I'm on some people's prayer list every day when we know you're preaching. We're pretty. That's why preaching would power is not just merely what I do in my study is not just merely do what I've learned how to communicate the years. Yes, all that's important but dynamic that happened, but legal and life-changing because the get together. Thanks so much for being here for today's destined for victory message. We are a body for any of Pastor Paul Shepard's recent messages online. Listen on Pastor what we have a special resource for you this month titled finding strength in tough times, but just before give you the details and how to receive this as a thank you for your generous gift during these critical summer months.

Pastor Paul has joined me from a studio in California pastor we've all had some tough times during this past year, and here's what we know from Scripture, though there will be more to tell us about this booklet and why finding strength in tough times is so important to everyone listening. Yes sir I don't know anyone who would argue against the idea that we have endured tough times over the past year and 1/2 that none of us would have predicted. I said it last year but I'll repeat it again when I went into 2020. I was so deep about the idea of going into a new decade man. I couldn't wait for the 20s to get here and I was so excited, but boy three months later we were scratching our heads saying what in the world is going on and the bottom line is tough times have always existed. We've experienced unique tough times over the past year and 1/2 and there are going to be more in the future of one sort or another. So the bottom line is I believe that we must take the word of God as our lamp to our feet and a light to our pathway. One of the people who helps us do that in the word is a man were all acquainted with name David close.

Boy did he go through some tough times, the very king he was trying to serve was trying to kill him. And so, in the book of first Samuel we read about David being on the run.

He's a fugitive from a man he's done nothing but love and it's not for days, weeks or months. He's a fugitive for years and all he's done is try to help this guy talk about tough times. David went through them and he tells us how to get through them just by his very example. So this booklet. I'm really excited to share this month because I want people to understand there is strength we can find in our tough times. If you donate this month. I'd love to send it to you and I know it will be a great blessing in your life.

That booklet is called finding strength in tough times and it's our gift to you by request for your generous donation to Destin for victory this month. Speaking of tough times.

The summer months are always a difficult period for ministries like destined for victory. Your prayers and financial support are critical during this season of the year.

So as God leads. Please consider sending a generous gift today. Call us at 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online and if you prefer, you can mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 again destined for victory 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 life-changing changes and come easily to be convenient to mass to help the wholeness. I'm getting better my life. It's because they went. That's tomorrow and pastor Paul Shepard's message. We are a body until then. Remember he who began a good working you will bring it to completion.

In Christ, you are destined for victory

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