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We're Stronger Together (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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July 16, 2021 8:00 am

We're Stronger Together (cont'd)

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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July 16, 2021 8:00 am

The importance of getting and remaining connected to others as we follow Christ; based on Romans 8:28,31, and 37 as well as other passages. (Included in the9-part series The Power of We.)

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God was the sin people in the life to help you with your positive areas to maximize your gifts your potential, but also people you gotta know their job is to tell you the truth you need some of those kind of you for minute you got some. What about you, do you have any can I see you for a minute people in your life hello and thanks for being here for today's destined for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard is always good to have friends will encourage and lift us up. Sometimes we need someone who will admonish us challenges correctness.

A godly friend who isn't afraid to bring us back down. Today's message is straight ahead so stay with us or listen to the podcast on demand.

Pastor called that's Pastor let's join Pastor Paul for today's destined for victory message were stronger together online. Bless your life, because she was gonna bake the cake like that.

Bake some nice wonderful and she went on Facebook as he tried to get on Facebook and Twitter can bring me some folk to help me prepare all the social media can come to do, nobody would help her in the various stages of propelling that meal but all that was nice and hot you know we don't know how to do that anymore. God bless you your healthier and then we still eat bread. God bless keep you straight and you know you you are wonderful you pray for us bread. Pray for now, listen when she would show up to help prepare now here they come with a plate you got that in your life you got leaders did not friends their leaders will help drain you of your resources.

I will eat your I will do stuff that help you only helps me. I came to tell you those people are not friends.

According to the word of God because you are a mixture you have wonderful things about you and we celebrate what is wonderful about you, but we also need to say friendship is for adversity. So you have wonderful things and your friends to celebrate you and those things and you have jacked up to mess you notice one of my words jacked up to mess. I know there are great things about you that are jacked up things about you and God wants the sin people in your life to help you with your positive areas to maximize your gifts your potential, but also people you gotta know their job is to tell you the truth when you develop the right kind of friendship.

In many cases you will have to tell these folks not your job when you see me tripping to call me on this. Some folk you may have to tell but I promise you some others who are asking you when I see you trip and I will speak up. You need some of those kind of friend this I see you for minute if you really cannot see you got some new. Gotta find some you know I don't know the people in charge or maybe I'm not such a social I'm an introvert social so what do people like me do find the people you know what I would love to get you some so we can communicate by text or something like that is okay we exchange information and see which of those relationships begin to yield you some sense that if I nurture this it will be a relationship that helps me and helps that person. Let me just go a little deeper so all the way to find this special someone in terms of a romantic relationship that is not the first significant relationship you need to bill because until you have a good platonic covenant brother or sister you had that quick trying to find love your life because you're unprepared for love.

I know I just hurt your feelings. You're not prepared for love, so quit looking for that special someone close right now.

If they are not some uses is still waiting for the printer ride down the road of life with his white horse was a mighty scoop you up all beside the road put you behind him, put your arms around his waist and all ride off into the sunset. I know what you looking for I know all romantic have led you to believe that's what you mean you what you need right now you know why you would do with this function and put it on them all. This is good.

You just take all been waiting on you here looking for a partner that I can know but I got a hold all that is challenging you I need you want to develop real relationships okay how introverted you are just fine some brothers your brothers and sisters just come to the meeting and just connect you already have the phone number your exchange and meet and greet, or one of those things and actually text hey how you doing what's going on in your life. I cannot be praying for you.

Just start. Can we get together for Starbucks. Whatever you got you got to see some good ground decide that a relationship that will remain for the rest of my life is worth nurturing, you gotta spring up suddenly best friend.

That's not the way it works. You have to you have to let somebody know I need you to check it only sometimes I'll be doing that which you just talk list is how you doing what's going on. When I ask you, how are you I don't want fine control acquaintances.

You need to nurture relation to the point where we summarizes how you doing just checking on you. You say, and this is a horrible day I'm having a crazy time while fighting off depression on feeling like is not worth it whenever you have to tell them where you are because people can help you when you won't even admit what you are and so you need to know that in your life because all of us. We have wonderful things about us and we have jacked up things about us.

I know you mad that I'm calling you jacked up, but I love you enough to tell you I love you yeah I know you got some great things about yourself. I'm so proud of the good things about you, but I also know that you are jacked up as well come on jacked up some stuff while we all have highs and lows will have function and dysfunction. We also have great giftedness. We all have great jacked of goodness. It dwells in the same person all the folk you been Ambien you been Ambien the good stuff about them. You don't know the bad stuff about them because they never let you see that that's why all this social media is much as it can have some positive things you gotta make sure you look through it and sift out the essentials and one is you don't know somebody from the profile. The profile is the best of the profiles the best.

That's as good as it gets.

What you just read from is going down on trying to help somebody when you get to read my profile and you read and you going out. This is not going on.

I can't wait to start summary all to be told I Michael Mike admitted out in front of her body so meal didn't want to make it to the whole meal you really wanted somebody your real friends say would you do me a favor call me and tell me that I need to leave right away, mostly all gold plated you know you at least want to just say oh well this is one of my close friends.

Right now the will be right back with more of today's destined for victory message from Pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor at destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California listen to the broadcast on that's Pastor There you will find a host of great resources in our online store now for more on the power of godly friendship is rejoin Pastor Paul Sheppard for the rest of today's message were stronger together you get your close Facebook friends are not necessarily friends I got thousands of Twitter followers I would tell those people the real deal did not. Therefore the wonderful things because we all are a mixture do you remember Elijah one day first Kings 18 he's on a mountain, Mount caramel the unknowing strip and offer him. This is a showdown. The false prophets of bail those prophets had a chance to show if they serve the true and living God. And Elijah said hey if you God answers bonfire. He's God you know that story and then it came his turn.

He said what this is too easy for God as a bonfire and consume the sacrifice with fire that's too easy water barrels of water and just pour it until it was a little mold around the sacrifice and it was then called on God bonfire God not only consumed five I looked up all the water and everything and then he had those prophets killed the be glad you live in the New Testament the old and no more. Only way to kill send is the kill set our respective when you got that kind of power that, knowing you call on God and the next day Jezebel, who was the king's wife is the crown, she ran everything, all read about it was the king of record. Jezebel was the real Queen in charge and Jezebel heard that he killed her false prophets. Let me show you how bad this girl is Jezebel said go find Elijah tell him that what he did make God do that or worse to me. If, by this time tomorrow.

He's not the you know you bad when you put out a contract on somebody and you actually give them a 24 hour notice when you put the contract out on somebody you not supposed to know you want to be thinking they live in their life doing a regular thing than regular routine was so bad she said no. Tell him they come in for you and they don't kill you. I will show you two things live in us the good and the bad, the power, the anointing and then the jacked up goodness in the dysfunction you somebody who yesterday had God answering bonfire would be so full of faith. The next verse would say, and Elijah said oh please read and Elijah said girl by bringing up the 21st-century and Elijah said please go to church. The battery is when he got that message. Instead, all the girl by old please get out here.

Why burn her up right now. None of that was his response. His response was, thanks for letting me know he took off he told his servant, stay here somebody when him. He was so depressed, he was so scared he was so disillusioned when the day's journey away and he sat under a tree and he started saying that God won't believe this all to serve you only want to laugh so dumb all by myself with a cervical that's where we sometimes mad you by yourself and you sent her body away and he sitting on the tree about loan.

It's enough just let me die for.

Just let me I can't do it anymore I will go to sleep more.

Don't let me wake up here. We wake up in your presence. Take me out here is what he wanted. He wanted out. I just don't buy myself. I'm the only true prophet left. That's where you can be with all your greatness. You can be depressed with all your greatness. You can be disillusioned with all your greatness. You can have more questions than answers with all your greatness. You can say is not worth it.

And yet God wants to connect you with people who will make sure that you get where you're supposed to go so I need you to understand that true relationships need to be cultivated, identified the potential people don't tell me about your temperament God wants to connect you despite your temperament. Don't tell me I'm not a people person.

When I talk about people in general we talk about a couple of key friends, key relationships stop running people off.

Summary all the professional runners off you get mad at the drop of a hat because somebody disappointed you and your done. What you need to do is congratulate them that they love you enough to tell you about yourself, won't go so we all can only handle fans. My friends friends are people who flatter you the professional flatterers and usually people who do that to you for minute and you have decided they speak truth to you and you if you don't like it, that's fine.

If you are going a little strike for a while go here on my new business.

When you get through, still be telling the truth. And if you that's why you in the mess you in the prayer by some folk such a bad place. Well, who's to help ran off on your house and you sent the house clean people on a vacation you got to in to do what God scolded so we got to discover the power of weakness. That's your key I got to go from high weakness or people around me to be pulled in God's called you out like he's called them out sin out of the life in the world. But now I gotta get called into thanks so much for joining us for today's message were stronger together. I'm happy to have Pastor Paul join me now from a studio in California pastor were sharing this series the power of we by who had love that title tell us about these messages and speak to the fact that God never intended for us to live life alone living for Christ really is not an independent exercise. We are called from day one to be interdependent with of course our Savior but also with the body of Christ. In fact, the Bible says that by one Spirit we have been baptized into the body of Christ.

What that tells me is the moment you got saved. Whether you knew it or not you were in a family and God put you in that family because just as a child doesn't grow well if there left to their own. Neither does a child of God unless he or she gets involved, committed and connected with other believers who are going to walk with them as they walk with the Lord. So it's my determination to help the body of Christ through this series understand that we are a family and we've got to live together. We've got to serve together were also an Army I talked about the fact that we are a flock and I talk about the fact that we are a body all four of those analogies talk about weakness, so I think it's going to be a great blessing to the listeners. I can't wait for everyone to experience the entire series and I trust that God will speak to us and remind us that we've got a stay connected, one with another. If were going to be all that God has called us to be and this is why the church is so important. This is God's vehicle for that togetherness is absolutely we are not supposed to be lone rangers and I've said it for decades. I won't stop saying that because it's always true. Even the Lone Ranger wasn't alone. He had the good sense to have tonsil with him and when he got in trouble. There was somebody who could ride to town and get some help or whatever was needed and we got too many Christians out here right around with no Tonto and their lives are the worst forward. So we've got to get back to biblical Christianity which does not come in a do-it-yourself kit. It is meant to be lived with other people involved. Thanks pastor. A good reminder that God never intended for us to do his work alone.

Speaking of working together destined for victory depends on the prayers and financial support of friends like you, especially during the busy summer months when donations do tend to decrease for your generous donation to Destin for victory will be glad to send you by request Pastor Paul's booklet finding strength in tough times.

This is a great companion guide to the messages you heard earlier this month, one that explores the life of David. During one of the greatest challenges in his life that's finding strength in tough times. A booklet from Pastor Paul in our gift to you by request for your gift to Destin for victory. Just call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make your safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538.

Again, the addresses Destin for victory 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 of us can do it alone. When you read your Bible every body and there was used of God is a person who found the right connectedness in their lives because we can do the will of God. But we cannot do it alone.

No person is an island.

No person walks alone and accomplishes God's will, we must be connected with the right people in our lives.

That's next time in Pastor Paul Shepard's message. We are a flock.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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