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Built to Last, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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June 25, 2021 8:00 am

Built to Last, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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June 25, 2021 8:00 am

The importance of cultivating the right relationships with the people God sends into our lives; seven building blocks for strong relationships.

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Destined for Victory
Pastor Paul Sheppard

Building block for searching and doing as well the ability to walk with other people in this when two people get married.

The Bible says they become one flesh, but the concept of oneness applies to other relationships as well. Hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Shepherd, Senior Pastor destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California was a pleasure to have you with us does it mean to walk in oneness with another person you achieve this oneness while maintaining all the things that make you answers come your way.

Next is Pastor Paul takes us once again to be early life of King David in particular his close friendship with Jonathan, the son of the man, David would one day replace as king of Israel. Be sure to visit Pastor recent testing for victory message on demand. That's Pastor you can also subscribe to the podcast.

It's bona fide at Apple podcast or whatever you get yours now is Pastor Paul. Today's Destin for victory message built to last. I want us to begin to look at what happens with David.

The Bible says here that blesses David to be several significant relationships people have, as a young and older adult.

This is the first significant relationship that is going to have. Now take a good look at what happens here. The Bible says that David finished talking with Saul. Saul came to David after seeing him defeat this giant and inquires who are you, David doesn't want just the son of one of your servant's name Jesse that he now has the attention of the king and the king moves them into his palace for the purpose of becoming his armor bearer David begins now live a life in and around the palace. He becomes exposed to a young man named Jonathan who is Saul's son and Saul and David began to get to know one another thing happens.

The Bible says that the two of them become on in spirit. It says that Jonathan and David become one in spirit and that Jonathan begins to David as himself. He becomes one with Jonathan interesting language for a Platonic relationship and to be sure this is a Platonic God honoring relationship.

I know we live in days when you gotta stop and explain it. There was a time you would just sort of take that for granted but no longer no longer. We gotta stop and explain that God has a plan and purpose for us to be a meaningful relationship with people. Some of those relationships will be persons of the same sex, but they are to be Platonic God honoring relationship will did not redefine marriage will not change God's standards.

God has a plan and a purpose for us to live our lives.

He wants you to be intimately involved with people of the same sex, as well as if you want to get married a person of the opposite sex, but there is a clear teaching in the word of God is the how we are to live our lives and honor God. As we deal with people in relationship and it is not to be sexual in nature outside of the compounds of marriage. Be very clear. This is a God honoring Platonic relationship. But notice the intimacy of it. The Bible says that these two young man red blooded man have a wonderful affinity so much so that the language used is the language that we are accustomed to thinking of in terms of marriage. We of course know from Genesis that when God created the institution of marriage. He said I am going to have it sold that a man leaves his father and mother and cleaves to his wife and two will become one flesh where accustomed to thinking about in terms of marriage I want you to see that here the writer uses the same language to express the intimacy between these two young men. This is the first of several building blocks that put together a relationship that was built to last, not only for a lifetime. But we are going to see that the relationship between Jonathan and David lasted beyond a lifetime and long after Jonathan was dead.

David was still blessed seeing him by taking care of her of his descendents, and I'm here to tell you that as you do the will of God. God is going to want to bring a number of relationships in your life and some of them have gotta be built solidly because they are going to be intended by God to last a lifetime. Were talking about marriage or even a nonmarital relationship now in the marriage is designed by God to last a lifetime and we gotta go back to God's ideal and claim that because these days we have disposable everything and unfortunately a lot of us have the mindset that marathon workout.

All well you know make me happier well I'll just dispose of you and keep on, and we need to see no in the plan of God. When you marry it is to be not only for better or for worse sickness and held rich or poor, but it is also to be till death do us part.

That's God's ideal. Yes, there are biblical grounds for divorce. Yes there are times when it doesn't work out, but you should seek to live your life fulfilling the will of God and where Matt is concerned, we are to do everything possible to make sure it is built for a lifetime.

But whether or not you're married God's going to bring some people into your life who are the be there through thick and thin to help you to bless you to be part of what God is doing in your life.

So I want to examine with me some of the building blocks for such a relationship. Here's the first 11 nests one nests. The first building block for some of the relationships God to bring into your life so that you can do his will is you're going to have to develop the desire and the ability to walk with other people in one nests that need to learn to walk with people in community now unity doesn't mean you and a son unity means that two individuals come together around the same God honoring purpose and they blend their lives in such a way that they walked together in the same in stride in connectedness to accomplish God's purpose for both of them. You do not surrender who you are.

In order to walk in unity with someone it takes. In fact, to individuals, but she unity is not being exactly alike between theodicy is both having a deep commitment to follow altogether. So here's a keyword you want understand what the Bible means when he talks about oneness or unity as a keyword. The word is harmony.

Harmony now will help you see that harmony is God's plan for relationships that are built to last because a lot of folks don't understand this and a lot of people and I'm sure some of us listening to this message right now, you're accustomed to thinking that the only way to achieve unity is to make the person think like me and as soon as you get with Graham we can walk together to say that there are people who are like that and believe that that is the case and let me help you. That's exactly why all your relationships are jacked jacked up because you don't understand that God's purpose for bringing people into your life is not for them to conform to your image you are not created by God and authorized by God to create people in your image and after your likeness. God already created them. He knew when he knew what he wanted out of their lives. When he made a game on the temperament they have the personality has been shaped and molded. It has been influenced of course by their environment and experiences that had grown up, but believe me when I tell you the people in your life. All who they are and God doesn't bring them into your life so you can change that is very important understand because if you think the goal is to change of the body be frustrated constantly asked to mindnumbing your relationships are working out and I'm here to shed some light into let you know that the key to unity is harmony. Now what is harmony. Harmony means that we are going to have difference with different impact difference can be a wonderful blessing. It is designed to be wonderful blessing should not be threatening difference should be appealing. Let me help you. Let me say something might hurt Belinda, her good God is actually doing you a great favor when he brings into your life. People who are like as you bring in somebody who is different than you up next the second half of today's destined for victory message with pastor Paul Sheppard.

We want to thank all of you whose prayers and financial support help pastor Paul share the gospel all over the world and right now as we recover from the pandemic committing the challenges of the past year. Your support is even more critical today more people than ever before are looking for answers and only Jesus can give so Scott please prayerfully consider making a generous gift to destined for victory. A wise preacher once said, if all of us were like only one of us would be necessary with more the power unity in your relationships, your Guinness pastor Paul with the rest of today's message to last all know it Jubilee is something different than yourself so it's meant to be seen.

Go back to the original as the marriage when God in Genesis 218. Instead is not good for man to be alone I will make help suitable for him. Why did God say that because Adam as wonderful as he was needed help and that help needed to be suitable to complement where he comes short to help him where he needs help and assistance to straighten him to encourage him to build him up. He is great but alone he is in a perfect when it comes to certain things. So God says I'm going to bless him by making help suitable unity to allow God to bring people into your life. Bless your heart because you need help help now.

But some of you know, relatives, friends been trying to tell you that flow is confirming word you need not be put off by that don't get mad to say we all got the devil in a small we telling you you need to know God gave them God did not create a second Adam saying thank you Jesus I really went up from the divine and esthesia is pretty job God had formed. She looked different. She was clearly human but she was different in form. Had some things that he didn't have me now we get a stay PG help me help me get play even though the message so stick with me.

There was some complementary parts and that was some things that just last he said I'll call her woman before she is clearly a human being, but she has a she is built for something he's not built for gospel to bring some people in your life.

Whether were talking marriage that's the ultimate form of companionship, but not the only one God is going to bring some people in the with something. Some get some understanding some sensitivities that you don't have and I'm here to tell you it is to be a blessing to you by different but difference is going to bless your life and this woman was a blessing Adam and that began the process of seeing biblically what it means for people to walk in harmony but is not always an American situation as in any relationship that God ordained God will bring mentors and mentees into your life. God will bring people along side of Jonathan for your David. He will bring Elisha for your Nigeria bring the Joshua Moses he will bring people into your life to help people bring disciples to every person who needs that help. Even Jesus Christ needed assistance of people in his inner circle. He needed the Peter, James, John, Mary, the mark of these people were necessary in order for him to fulfill God's will and God will bring some necessary help you, but don't expect it to be like you. It's about harmony, they would gotta learn to harmonize the will of God. Doug the guy get used to harmony you gotta get used to difference that flows together.

That's the key differences go difference should not create division same if we will make the decision to become a lawn without asking people to sacrifice who they are one. The difference between unity in unison. The limit illustrated on the piano unison I'm going to play a song that you probably recognize the song is that amazing Grace.

Now you recognize it from its melody because that's all I played was the melody and I took two notes part and played them but they were the same note just one octave apart essentially the same tone. One octave apart and so you recognize it because that was the melody while you recognize that there was no difference in it. The melody is what it is but you have heard that song sounds different and is plated but it didn't seem have any anointing on the anointing that was missing is actually not a spiritual anointing that all it was the blessing of harmony limited play the same song again so many different notes intentionally different notes and says we're not going to sacrifice who we are what we going to reach the goal together making this song sound good and you take the difference and you calls it the flow in the same direction to the same end to the end that a better result is achieved, then unison can ever get you and I'm here to tell you that's what God wants to do in your life bring people more different intentionally different. Thankfully, different venue, different interpretation of certain issues, different sensitivities, different temperament, different personality, different take on something and it's meant to bless your life and so we gotta learn to work together.

Some of us have thrown away already in our lives the way people that could've been a great blessing because you would understand this principle.

You despise difference and in some cases alienated and marginalized and dismissed people who could've actually been a wonderful blessing and I'm here to tell you that God's plan is that moving forward you will no longer dishonor anyone that God brings into your life for a good and godly purpose, but instead you will make the decision, like Jonathan and David did to be showing together in spirit and in purpose now. This takes work. Unity takes work. Unity is achieved easily married folk know that very well. Unity is not achieved easily because you know we just come at life from different perspectives. One time we had a big fight over Sarah early in our marriage was over, the temperature outside the sub had been in the refrigerator and she had good reasons you had explained to me something I don't know what is. Yet in the refrigerator and didn't play cold Sarah on hot cakes and she thought the big problem is been in there but the case is what you need and she brought it out and where we just didn't like the times when times and we get into a marriage over Sarah because when you don't have the rights of the 70s and the right commitments to stay in sync and to keep money flowing quickly because you no longer becomes the issue. While you go off into other mentions. Now the next thing you know you can have big the most trivial matter, which is other buttons that you want to know the directions, and that we were in the summer and that was a chilly breeze in the summer in our little apartment you know Jesus came to earth, not only to die on our behalf, but to show us how to live in along the way he showed us how to walk in oneness with other people by forming an inner circle of trusted friends. Jesus encouraged them taught them.

But he also relied on them facing imminent death of Jesus took Peter, James and John with him to the garden of Gethsemane to pray for him and as he hung on Calvary's cross.

He asked John to care for his mother Mary after he was gone. If Jesus who was perfect needed strong relationships with others. How much more we are imperfect need to surround ourselves with other believers and learn to walk in oneness as we seek to carry out God's will for our lives. What we have two great resources to share with you today. Yours for your best gift of $25 or more. The first is Pastor Paul's book why God created dads in insightful and inspirational look at the subject of fatherhood through the lens of Scripture. The second is the audio CD attribute to my dad a message delivered by Pastor Paul following the death of his father. Men and women alike will be inspired by these timely resources again. That's why God created dads and attribute to my dad or gifts to you this month for your best donation of $25 or more to Destin for victory in summer is a critical time in the life of this ministry, so please be as generous as you can. Thanks in advance for standing with pastor Paul as he seeks to share the gospel call 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online. You can also mail your gift to Destin for victory PO Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 again that address is Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 three will remain different people but God wants us to walk together, play together grow together serve together so that together we can get more done than either one of us can get done alone. That's the will of God for your life. That's next time it pastor Paul Shepard's message built to last until then, enjoy your weekend and remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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