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Lessons from the Pasture, Part 4

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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June 9, 2021 8:00 am

Lessons from the Pasture, Part 4

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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June 9, 2021 8:00 am

Examining the life of David to understand how God prepares His leaders in obscurity before He elevates them to their calling in His own timing.

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I tell you that God will use you some gifts to you but it is up to you to give God a return on his investment for natural and spiritual potential abilities and endowments we must take them and develop them.

You may have a piano, but that doesn't make you a piano player hello and welcome to Destin for victory with pastor Paul Sheppard got me not a blessed you with the ability to play a musical instrument, but he has endowed you with certain natural and spiritual gifts is up to you to develop them to nurture them to become an instrument you can use for his as we continue looking at the early life of King David. Today close attention to the way he honor God by developing his gifts as a young man several years before he became king. Today's message is straightahead, stay right here or visit Pastor any time to listen to Destin for victory on demand. You can also download the podcast to Google podcasts or wherever you get yours now. Let's join Pastor Paul for today's Destin for victory message lessons from the past. I want us to continue our journey of discovering some practical lessons we can learn from the life of David.

Even in these early stages of his life before he became the great King that is well known to be. There are lessons to learn from his early life we have covered a number of them in the first few installments in this series.

First of all, we discovered that there are some got ideas for your life. In the case of David, the Lord sovereignly appointed him to be the next king, the one who would succeed Saul and it was a choice of God and likewise there are some God ideas for your life. There are some things that God has ordained to do through your life. And so we challenge you from the word.

Make sure that you are in the process of discovery, not only good ideas for your life but God ideas for the life secondly we said no not being overlooked.

We saw that David wasn't even invited to the sacrifice because his daddy assumed that the Lord shortly must've chosen my eldest son, or one of the other sons and so Jesse invited seven of his eight sons to the sacrifice. When Samuel looked at him. He said no, none of these have the Lord chosen and finally Jesse said will have one more somebodies out there with the sheep. But when Samuel laid eyes on this overlooked son.

He said he is the one. Don't let anybody make you think that if you're not on their radar.

You're never going to amount to anything because I have come to tell you that God knows what he's up to in your life. It doesn't matter who's radar your own, or you are not on if God has a plan for your life. All you have to do is please him and in the right time and in the right way. He will bring his will to pass the word about being overlooked. We saw in the most recent installment this lesson handle well your present responsibilities handle well your present responsibilities. The fact of the matter is, God has a plan for your life for your future but your future is being decided, in part, by the way you behave. Now your today is significant as you move towards your tomorrow and we took time and the second installment of our series, and looked at the fact that you have got to pay more attention to what you're doing now because you're not going to go to bed a blunder and wake up. I wonder you're not going to go to bed and wake up a success. There is no sudden turn of events that is going to change your life.

You gotta begin to move in the right direction and it is the willingness of walking with God. The deadliness of obedience in the matters assigned to your hands right now that will turn things around for you and position you for what God has in store. And then in the most recent installment, we saw 1/4 lesson which is wait your turn. The fact of the matter is David was anointed on that day that Samuel came, but the fact of the matter is, he was anointed, but he was not yet sent to be the case for what happened the spirit of the Lord came upon him, and after that the Lord sent him back to do what he had been doing, which is the 10 to his father's sheep. You gotta understand that God has a plan for your life, but it is not just the lot that matters. It is the win and sometimes we get the walk right when wall and so in the last message I took time and explain that God wants to use the season you're in now to finish preparing you for what he has in your future. We talked about the wilderness and the fact that there are some wilderness seasons. We have to go through and you feel ready to jump out there and claim your promises and fulfill God's destiny for your life. But the first thing God may do is send you to the wilderness and there some lessons you will learn in the wilderness and some of your gotta master your wilderness before you can fulfill your destiny. Some of you have great plan and great expectations but the reality is just like in the case of Jesus he was filled with the Holy Spirit on the day he was baptized by John Moore first drove him into the wilderness to be tempted and tested because until you are proven by God, you're really not ready to fulfill your purpose and there are some lessons you only learn in the wilderness. There are some lessons that only triannual and proving will teach you some of your believing God for great things, but my question is I can you handle the greatness that is ahead of you and the way you know you can handle it is by letting God take you through your wilderness season and so I want to encourage you to wait your turn. Don't cheat sure season but wait on the Lord.

Now I want to pick it up and look at two more lessons here in chapter 16 of first Samuel lesson number five. Develop your strongest gifts. Develop your strongest gifts. One of the things that I am struck by when I look at the life of young David is the fact that here is a young man who took the time to become accomplished in preparation for the way the Lord would use him in his future. Look at what I mean when Saul realizes that there is this evil spirit, now you gotta get the context because a lot of people revisit what the world would God give an evil spirit.

The King Saul.

I don't make sense. Why would God "boots with an evil spirit. When you got understand Saul is now living out the consequence of his disobedience to God. When you read the chapters before he had every opportunity to obey God and do his will and he disobeyed the Lord, the Lord gave him clear instruction and clear opportunity and he clearly disobeyed God and so he is living out the consequence of his disobedience and one consequence is that the spirit of the Lord leaves him and instead an evil spirit now is tormenting him this is a sign that God has rejected him and while we live in a different dispensation, and you might be relieved to say all I'm so glad that I live under grace and no longer under the Old Testament. Let me help you understand something you want to be a person whose life is characterized by obeying God, whatever you do you want to be in the center of God's will. When God tells you what to do not plan and is not given suggestion.

God doesn't give suggestions he commands of the Lord, and you want to be in the place of blessing. And that is the place of obedience, but Saul was experiencing the consequence of his disobedience.

So this evil spirit is coming upon them from time to time and torments him and his attendance say we know what you need to find someone who will play skillfully on an instrument and perhaps that will give relief to UK and he said good idea, go and find someone who plays well.

Verse 17 so someone says well I know somebody who plays well.

It is the son of Jesse a Bethlehem, he knows how to play the heart. Not only does he have expertise in his musical endeavor, but look at the next sentence. He is a brave man and a warrior look at the next sentence he speaks well and he is looking now to have more you know, but you can maximize what you have time and make sure that you coordinated and looking good and you might not have a great call your hair. You can watch your face and picks up something without one plea that thou blood was shed for me as old him but his house that was the least significant things in the sentences because you have a more you know, but these are the things he was intentional about was intentional about learning to play the Hartwell intentional about developing bravery.

He was intentional about being a good warrior come to tell you that God wants to use you, and have given some gifts you that he might use UN goals, but it is up to you to give God a return on his investment. Coming up next. The rest of today's message lessons from the pasture with pastor Paul Sheppard, senior pastor, destiny Christian Fellowship in Fremont, California.

If you've never stopped by her website pastor, I'd like you to do it when you have some time to find all the pastor Paul's recent messages on demand plus a host of great resources that are online store, including books, audio and video messages from Pastor Paul and more pastor is a great place to learn more about the ministry and all the great things friends like you are doing through your prayers and financial support and be sure to subscribe to pastor Paulette YouTube to watch some of his best video clips for more details and links to all the social media be sure to visit pastor If God is gifted you with certain areas. Music teaching or intercessory prayer is because he wants you to use those gifts for his glory is pastor Paul with the rest of today.

Suggestion for victory message lessons from the pasture go God gave me the thing to be a teacher, but I had to learn how to get God back that practice through prayer and study, making myself available to learn from other people, so that God could get a good return on his investment and the same is true in your life. There are some gift things inside of you. God has given you certain abilities and he calls you now to develop those gifts. David had musical ability him what he had to marry that natural ability that natural music with the discipline of study.

But this plan of practice the discipline of development, so that you see so that he could learn to play well. A lot of people play but not a lot of people play well some of you have taken piano lessons. You can play some little to but the question is do you play well some of you have certain abilities that are God-given and can be used for his glory.

But the question is what kind of return is God going to get on his investment in you I come to challenge you if you want to be used of God.

The blessing is going to read your discipline to develop the gift things that are inside of you, David decided I want to give God a good return on his investment.

So I'm going to develop certain abilities when it came to his music he studied. He learned to grow. He practice so that he could become an expert on heart and I want to challenge you. Whatever God has placed inside of you. There is potential but you must maximize it through your own deliberate effort now I broadly worded this point.

Develop your strongest gifts because that some people who focus on their weaknesses and spend all their time trying to make a weakness strong. Now when it comes to matters of character what you want to do you want to develop a character. God will give you the ability to develop the character but when it comes to gift things.

Don't waste your time chasing a fantasy when you can read about being a genuine dream, but difference if the dream is tied to what God has truly given you have potential but fantasy is just something you want to do. Somebody aspire to one of saying and record CDs but they don't have a voice worth listening to. If you don't know them I can introduce you to some folks see music they love to hear good solve a lot they hear a good artist form, that's fine.

But listen.

Your role is to be in the audience when they are performing here. Somebody's got a CD that you're calling CD that somebody else recorded it sounds good and you'll get to enjoy the music. When you buy somebody and then only one don't know that they can think and an ICD is on and you will enjoy it, but they are singing along with the artist and it is disturbing the only place you legitimately do that around and praise and worship in church.your time. You know why because when we are in the time of praise and worship all of us are collectively worshiping God and singing to the Lord and it doesn't matter that you can hold it to you sing the God anyway because we all sing and now if you can't hold until only God is good. Appreciate the sound now only God is appreciated. Your neighbors struggle that's all right you are singing the struggle next week and see what you sit and make sure that's all it is all good Lord God, I'm glad you enjoyed the sound, but it will bring the Lord but don't say God make me an anointed singer will God make me the next CC Winans not going to sing in CC. He put something else in you. We gotta find what else is you give God a return on that because that is where he will bless you and that is how he will use you.

David developed his skillful music.

He also developed his bravery he developed as a young warrior he dated got a return on his investment. Here is my question to you as we learn this practical lesson from his life.

What is in you that God wants you to develop for some of you it is a passion for certain vocation and you can work in that location in a way that will truly glorify God and help other people. So what you want to do is develop it. I believe we believers ought to be the most gifted folks on the planet absolutely believe that we ought to be at the top of our profession, no matter what it is when not all called the same way we don't all have the same skill sets or spiritual gifts. But however God has gifted you. You will aspire to give God a great return on his investment. If you are a mechanic be the best we want, we can trust Mary skill and integrity promise you Gotto use you. Even as a mechanic. We got all going around trying to find someone who has expertise and integrity. We know when you take on the God I don't find exactly what is wrong to tell you what it cost to fix it.

They will make their profit but they will not rip you all. God knows we need some folks who are committed more to God than to make money at our expense.

God will raise you up.

I believe that God will raise up his people and you'll start your own shop and God will give you a great business if you will, madly diligence and integrity to the gifting God has placed inside of you to be white-collar only listen to Be white-collar people like me. Oh, I am challenged in matters of fixing things God has gifted me to help fix people's lives and all of that.

I'm good at sitting down and crafting a message that God will breathe life into battle helpful. Give them direction put a lot and I constantly hear God is using you to transform my life work.

Praise God, but not if you need me to help you in your house you got a problem on your names called there and go to bed.

My manhood was not the ability to fix things around my house. I want to challenge you to challenge brothers and sister showing me in that place of peace once and for all. Don't let anybody say you are not truly a man unless you know how to be handy around your house. I have settled once and for all. You can't trick me with that anymore. Maybe go back read my lips with the furnace. My wife would for dear life.

You see how scampering down the street pleading the blood of Jesus. I don't go into walls is not my calling.

I learned long ago not to be, and we got a buzz around it and you got me in every area that is just for fun Down and Then Build It Back up the Car. The Houses Got Held down but about God. That's My Goal for Brother God Bless You in My House.

I Now Have a New Sense of How I Make Myself Feel Good As a Man I Have the Ability to Pick up the Phone and Call an Expert Is a How Soon Can You Be Here When It Gets The Problem. I Will Go Do Something Is Important to Me and What I Will Write a Check That Will Not and Send Them off Long before David Became King, He Began Developing His God-Given Gifts Gifts That Would Help Him Years Later When He Ascended to the Throne. If You Find Yourself in a Season of Preparation Today Waiting for God to Promote You to the Next Level of Your Christian Journey. Let Me Encourage You to Take a Lesson from David Discover Your Gifts Develop Your Gifts so That When Your Season of Promotion Comes You Be Fully Equipped to Fulfill Your High Calling in Christ Jesus. In Psalm 107.

King David Writes Then They Cried out to the Lord in Their Trouble, and He Delivered Them from Their Distress.

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Until Then, Remember He Who Began a Good Work in You Will Bring It to Completion. In Christ, You Are Destined for Victory

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