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Lessons from the Pasture, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard
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June 3, 2021 8:00 am

Lessons from the Pasture, Part 2

Destined for Victory / Pastor Paul Sheppard

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June 3, 2021 8:00 am

Examining the life of David to understand how God prepares His leaders in obscurity before He elevates them to their calling in His own timing.

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This about God. God why the same as you until you're ready to be sent. God is not just be revealed.maybe it's time hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of Destin for victory pastor Paul Sheppard's favorite sayings is that God prepares you before he promotes you he did it for Moses who waited 40 years before God sent him to free the Israelites for Joseph was sold into slavery and falsely imprisoned before rising to second in command of the house of Pharaoh and for David was anointed as King at 817, waited 13 years before he ascended to the throne. So if you're waiting on God to promote you, good company to this message is straightahead, but remember, you can stop by Pastor any time to hear today's message or any recent testing for Victor message on demand. That's Pastor you can also subscribe to the podcast that Google podcasts bona fide or whatever you get yours, was doing pastor policy shares today's destined for victory message lessons from the pasture. In our previous message. The opening message in the series, we looked at the fact that David's life speaks to us not only about the history that led to his becoming king and ultimately to what God did in Israel through his writing, but this passage speaks to us even about his early life and about our walk with God today. Remember that things written in the Old Testament. Paul said in Romans 15 are written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. And so when looking at David's early life to discover what are some lessons that you and I can take away from it and applied to our own lives and our own understanding.

The first lesson we saw in the opening message is that there are some God ideas for your life and the challenge is for you to not just think in terms of being about some good things but make sure you are about doing but God thing. And what we meant by that is that God has ordained everyone of us in the family of God to make a difference in this world for him.

There are some things that he wants to get done through your life. In fact, the reason that you are saved is not just so that you can go to heaven but so that you can be a blessing and I help to other people and you can take some company with you when you go to be with the Lord God wants you to make a difference for both time and for eternity and the key to doing that is to discovering God.

Ideas for your life. We talked about the importance of making sure you are about the business of doing what you're made to do. It may or may not be related to your vocation. We said that your vocation is what you're paid to do. But your calling is what you're made to do and so you want to make sure that as you live your life you are fulfilling your calling in God. Now the second point is where we left off, which is don't worry about being overlooked. We saw all that just as it was God who said David is the one chosen to be king. We also saw that the challenge was getting him in front of Samuel pronounced that he was God's anointed.

Why because it is all dad, Jesse looked him when he got one of my sons is going to be the king is going to succeed Saul PO so that was his biggest his brightest, his best, and in fact his oldest son stood before Samuel and Samuel said that's not the one you're making a classic mistake. You are looking at the outward appearance, but God doesn't choose people that way.

God looks at the heart. Many are glad that God looks at the heart. God looks at the heart of the matter. Some of us wouldn't measure up some of us wouldn't measure to other people's standards and other people's ideas come from the wrong side of the tracks come from places where people say good day, from where you come from, but God knows that he loves taking those things that are often over looked by and he will so that when God uses the same out and had to be God did by the fact that you shock some people. When God gets a hold of your life. You have the testimony of his power and his grace and Jesse overlooked David Heep seven of his sons by Samuel and Samuel said, none of them are the one God has chosen, don't you have any others, and finally Jesse said well I got my youngest buddies out there with the seat and Samuel said well I'll stand right here until you bring him and when David stood in front of. Instantly the Lord spoke to the prophets hard and said annoyed him. That's the one I'm here to tell you not to sweat it when other people overlooking you about it when they don't think much about your potential what God can get done in your life because God knows how to get his will accomplished in your life and you need merely as much of you to be impressive to man as he needs you to have a heart that is fixed on doing his will not be an overlooked sweat it when folk aren't impressed with you all.

Your job in life is not to impress people. Your job is not to be a mover and shaker in the attention you know when we go down that well. We will often miss God. God didn't call you to go around trying to show people who you are and what you can do Pete called you to simply start him him his will and let God who calls us to pull ourselves exalt you in due season and so you gotta be about the business of doing the will of God. Worry when people over milk you about the Cinderella syndrome.

Cinderella was left at home while God's assistance, went to the ball but all the fairy godmother had a plan to God speak to you through a fairy tale. The guy just began in a number ways when I want to see God see God made God godmother and she said no I have for you and our future sent to the ball pumpkin into a carriage. All you had to do was get there by midnight test of obedience you learning test of obedience and she went all those folks who thought they were entitled to the Prince. They dance with him and what have you tried to get his attention.

When Cinderella showed up. He looked up.

Don't remember. He looked up at the top of the staircase and he danced with her and he enjoyed her company and then when the clock began to strike while well keep and she died because he had to be obedient about that. You do whatever you have to do is obey the right hand offends you want whatever you got a new slipper, but how many know God works all things together.

He'll take you know looking for except what I slipper the kingdom saying whoever belongs to. That is, the woman of my dreams. That's the one I spent that evening with that enchanted evening and that is the one I want to make my wife and they tried to see the devil tried to keep her from being seen all gotta learn how to watch this devil tried to keep my side, but how many know the devil can't stop what God is doing in your life and see so and he put that shoe on prickly and they lived happily ever after being overlooked because God knows what he's up to in your life. Stay with us the second half of Pastor Paul Shepard's message is coming right up. We want to thank all of you who support testing for victory with your prayers and financial support, gifts that help Pastor Paul share the joy of the gospel message with the growing audience destined for victory is supported entirely by friends like you and today as we enter into summer time when donations to the ministry often decline your support is very much needed. So please prayerfully consider making your best gift destined for victory today during these critical summer months. Give online safely and securely from our website. Pastor or give us a call at 855-339-5500 again that number is 855-339-5500. Jesus said he who is faithful in little will also be faithful in much. Something to remember. If you're waiting on God to promote you just Pastor Paul addressed today's message lessons from the pasture lesson we learned from David's early life. Number three. Not only are there got ideas for your life. Secondly, don't worry about being overlooked but number three handle well your responsibility handle well your present responsibilities. Notice now.

16. What David was doing that caused him to be overlooked is that he said I never thought about it because he is been the sheep that he was tending the sheep. He was not on the hillside messing around and around he was about the business of taking their own his father's sheep see God looks on the heart. God watches you are watching you.

God sees you when other people don't see you. So many of us are making the mistake of trying to impress people, and then when we get outside of the presence of people we really don't care what we do. We don't care what we say we don't care what we think we don't care how we act, but how I came to tell you, God cares about it all and was on the hillside, but he will know he was in his father's sheep. David wasn't aware of it but his work in the pasture was actually preparing him to eventually Shepherd God's people, Israel had no idea that what he was doing with please see was preparation what God would have him doing with his own people. Some of you don't know it, but God is setting you up right now in your life for things you haven't yet imagined. He knows what he's up to and what we must understand is that what's going on now is actually a proving ground actually preparation season.

God knows what he's up to in your life and I've come to tell you that this is a season of preparation because in God's wisdom, he prepares off before he promotes us to get this you gotta understand this about God is wise enough to not send you until you're ready to be sent God is, why not reveal your gifts to the world you already to be revealed. God is not been before time when you read your Bible, you will see phrases like this sometime.

God is not in a hurry. God wants to get it done right and so God will convenience you now to prepare you better for your future, and so some of us have to learn this and we have to make sure we understand that today counts God will teach you valuable lessons in your season of preparation. Now I want you to look at where you are now in your life and what you're doing because your style your station your circumstances.

All that is part of your preparation for the future. How you handle it. What you do with this time really matters to God look at it in the life of David tending sheep. But God said you know it, but I'm teaching them something while he's hanging out with the sheep and all of us know at least part of Psalm 23 read that Bible can give you little bit of Psalm 23 the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. They might be done, but they got.

How do we know Psalm 23 we know Psalm 23, because God used shepherd boy and his sheep to teach him who he was. David learned about God. Would she pin that is because one day God took his circumstance and taught him now, just like you shepherd.

Please see I want you to see that I am your Shepherd that I am actually guiding your life in the same way you are guiding the sheep.

What does God do same thing to shepherd the Lord is my shepherd, first of all, and that because he is my shepherd is going to take care of my need to learn that because he realized that when when it comes to the sheep.

They are helpless. Gotta lead them in the greenback.**Make it not been for themselves. It is up to me to take care of them and so God is doing the same thing with me. He leads me into the greenback leads me beside the still waters.

Restoring my soul. God is the one who keeps me in peace. God is the one make sure I get the rest I need and him. God is the one to make sure I don't lose my mind over fear and frustration and just like I'm taking care of my daddy sheep looking out for my best interest unless God used his presence. Arkham stands as a shepherd to teach him about himself.

He said also found out that just like I make sure as I am leaving my daddy sheep sometimes do some treacherous places I make sure that they know they're protected and I discovered that God even though I go through the valley of the shadow of death, God has shown me that is not really a place of their day, though I walk through the valley of the shadow learned that is not as bad as it looks not as bad as it feels. Why because the shepherd of bear with me sometime you think you can't make it season.

You all can't make it many times have you told God you couldn't make it. Just so you made it made it happen. You yes me the sheep to Shepherd was also what she experience the same time was a lot I can think of this trial right now. Then I woke up and found that some how it was just a shadow of doubt scary like this is a crisis.

But God saw how got me through it.

Somebody like it, but God meet we got you got you through it. I get through disciples when they were out in the midst of that store. And Jesus will sleep on the boat.

The Bible says that it was taking on water and that they all sank everything when your nobles sink everything when you're almost lose everything. But God loves taking us to almost point because things you learn about God, almost laying that you don't learn anywhere else.

So God let you get to the brink of before you see the shadow limits which are going to get you through this.

Those nights whenever you have those times in your life when you say I can't take it. God I can't take it. Go to sleep I learned that I learned that because the Bible says he gives you grace every day.

Morning by morning new mercies we received from the hand of God of grace and mercy…… Shop at Cosco but got no because you that God ought to give you some size blessings.

Why would somebody need that much stuff but that's how they make their money by selling Balkan people love the savings go stand in the word about the trappings of an old warehouse going there and get excited about autosave but I learned that… Shop at Cosco.

You can't get grace today is grace and mercy for birthday.

Jesus taught us this day our daily bread, not only for food but everything I need and they Lord give it to me.

Notice the prayer give me today's word so late at night I can make it go go to sleep when you make it easy as you have come close to running out of your daily allotment of grace and Marcy may go because the you wake up you will find that new day God will give you the grace to get through that. You know when the Israelites were on the way to the promised land, God gave them their daily bread in the form of manna from heaven. It was enough food for one day, no more no less.

And he did it all over again each morning.

That's the way God often provides for us even now put your trust in him today without fear or worry because he is promised to supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus you need prayer today. Visit Pastor click contact us and let us know how we can pray for you while you're there, be sure to ask for pastor Paul's monthly letter of encouragement which comes at no cost or obligation. Well, it's a brand-new month and that means it's time for new special offer and this month we have two gifts to share with you two resources from Pastor Paul that will be a blessing to you and your family as you stand with us financially with your best gift during the summer months. The first is pastor Paul's book why God created dads in insightful and inspirational look at the subject of fatherhood through the lens of Scripture. The second is the audio CD attribute to my dad a message delivered by Pastor Paul following the death of his father. Men and women alike will be inspired by these timely resources. That's why God created dads and attribute to my dad a gift to you this month for your best donation of $25 or more to Destin for victory.

So just call us at 855-339-5500 or visit Pastor to make a safe and secure donation online or mail your gift to Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 once again Destin for victory. Box 1767, Fremont, CA 94538 in such a way that God one day you're going to see the result. See the result of God season of preparation into your season of promotion because you come from man promotion comes from the Lord. That's tomorrow in Pastor Paul Shepard's message lessons from the passenger.

Until then, remember he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion. In Christ, you are destined for victory

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